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Grace @ Work Anywhere NowSo excited you have decided to consult with me on a private consultation session!

All my private consultation sessions are made via Skype.

This way, if need be, I can share my screen with you to show you things and we won’t need to exchange any private info like phone numbers as I respect your privacy.

Skype is free to use and you can set it up with just an email address.  Set your Skype account up here if you don’t have an account.

Below, you will be able to book a private consultation with me for a 15 minute session or a 45 minute session.

You will see available dates and times in booking calendar below, my availability should be able to accommodate people from around the world.

All date and times will be shown in your local time zones so there should be no confusion when your session will be on.

The consultation session you book with me will be more effective if you tell me specifics of what you want to learn from me.

This private consultation service is only for people who are wanting advice on affiliate marketing and/or want to learn how I have built my full time online business.

If you have any questions prior to booking a private consultation session, please contact me here.

I very much look forward to helping you in a private consultation session! 🙂





Why Work With Grace?

I’ve been working as an affiliate marketer since September, 2016 and have built my online business from $0 to a 4 digit monthly online income in 1.5 years.

I’ve continued to work hard at my online business to maintain that level of success as well as striving to go to the next level.

Many people I work with are also affiliate marketers / bloggers or people who have no idea how to make any money online.

With a private consultation with me, I can offer you a direction you can follow and a clear path of what needs to be done to get you on the right track to building your own online business.


Indika Testimonial on Coaching Call


Where I started, and where I would also recommend you to start at, is at Wealthy Affiliate, they are the leading affiliate marketing training platform there is.

I actually offer FREE coaching on the Wealthy Affiliate platform if you sign up with this link but, if that’s not enough help, I offer private consultation so I can really dig into your online business and tailor a plan for YOU to implement.

On Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve reached Super Affiliate status and I’m also an Ambassador of theirs, so I know my way around. 🙂

My knowledge of how to make money online is vast, I’ve tried various methods before and affiliate marketing is by far is the best business model that continues to make me money everyday.

Having a website that generates thousands of FREE visitors for me every month is what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate and what you can learn as well.

It’s powerful to learn online skills like that which you can take with you for the rest of your life and promote whatever you wish.

Without traffic, free organic search traffic, you’ll have a hard time to sell anything online. 

If you buy traffic, not only you’ll always be buying, you’ll need to know what you’re doing or you’ll waste your money away fairly quickly.

It takes longer to get free traffic, but it’s totally worth it to get all these people to my online business for 100% FREE, no ads:

Work Anywhere Now Jan19 Traffic


Once you have a consistent flow of traffic, that’s when you can start making money with it and that’s where you can monetize your website with affiliate products, ads, guest posts, your own products, etc.

The affiliate marketing training course on the Wealthy Affiliate platform is easy to follow, organized in step-by-step lessons, and tasks you can take action on to build your online business along side your learning.

My income proof, Super Affiliate status, and my Ambassadorship could all be confirmed under my “littlemama” profile on the Wealthy Affiliate platform as I have documented my entire journey on there.


How Much Have I Really Helped?

I’ve offered so much help in my tenure that someone wrote a post about me without me knowing one day:


DaleMaz's Wealthy Affiliate post about littlemama


I was floored and humbled by this awesome surprise!

I never knew what an impact I can have on a community with thousands of members in it and that the help I’ve given has truly helped others.

Here are some of the reaction to that post:

Comments from DaleMaz's Wealthy Affiliate post about littlemama

You can read the entire post right here, and also see my reaction to this awesome surprise, as well as the rest of the community’s testimonials about my help in the comments underneath the post.

So, I know I can help you too!

If you have no idea what niche to pick, what to do, or how to improve your online business, then book a private consultation with me above.

I look forward to your private session and wish you all the best in your online journey!


Grace in Vegas for the Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference

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