A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start a Travel Blog and Get Paid

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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start a Travel Blog and Get PaidDo you have a travel bug in you that makes you want to travel around the world all the time?  What if you knew how to start a travel blog and get paid for it?

I mean, does this sound familiar:

After visiting several places, you realize that you want to travel more. You want to explore the world and go to other countries and experience what it’s like.

However, in order to achieve your travel goals, you need to earn more money! Can’t be just traveling all day, everyday and not make any money.

So, how are you going to do that? By starting your own travel blog!

Today, I’ll show you the right way on how to start a travel blog and get paid in the following sections:



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Step By Step Guide On How To Start A Travel Blog

There are many ways and places to start a blog but where you want to get start one is by doing it at a place where you’re going to get help.

Starting a travel blog and earning money from it is not easy task, you’ll need to learn how to blog for money and how to get traffic to your blog by using SEO strategies.

If you’re always traveling, then you want an online business that attracts its own visitors don’t you?  Or else, you’ll have to manually go out there to promote your blog and that’s just not the point of having a blog.


Do You Write Blog Posts? Maximize Your Earnings


You want to be able to work on your blog for a few hours a day wherever you are, then be done so you have the rest of your day to explore your new destination.

But, you’ll need to learn how to do this as this is not something you can just wing or just know about.  Don’t be like me and try blogging on your own, it’s not going to happen too well if you’re going to do it on your own.

I did that several years ago and failed miserably because I didn’t know how to get my blog to generate its own traffic.

So, now that I’ve learned how to and that it WORKS, I can confidently tell you to do the same thing for your travel blog so you can have success with it.

Here is the post I wrote about the training platform I use and still use because of all the resources on there and support I get.

But, here, I’m going to give you a general outline of what you’ll need and the steps it takes to get it started.


Step 1: Pick an Interesting Name for Your Travel Blog

This might be easy, but many bloggers find it hard to pick the best name for their blog.

Once you make the decision, make sure that this is the name that you want to be known to people because changing it is just out of the question.

Here are some tips when deciding your blog’s name:

  • Look for a way to stand out.
  • Make it classy.
  • It should be easy to remember.
  • Forget about hyphens and numbers.
  • Check social media channels to make sure the name is available.


Step 2: Create Your Travel Blog

Creating your blog will be the next big step for you as you start this journey and the training platform I show you here will have a Site Builder that will create this for you in under a minute, you can see the video on this page here.

The Site Builder will create the travel blog for you without having you install WordPress since it does it for you as well as gives you the 2 plugins you’ll need to start with.

You’ll be able to use free sites (which sit on a subdomain and looks like: yourwebsitename.siterubix.com) or use your own custom domain as you’ll be able to purchase a domain for your travel blog as well on the training platform.

Just remember that whatever name you choose for your domain (the URL of your website), you won’t be able to change this name once created/purchased so be careful of spelling mistakes, etc.



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Step 3: Pick an Appropriate and Attractive Theme

Picking your theme should not only be about how aesthetically pleasing it is (although this is still important), but also its functionality.

You can choose free themes for now from WordPress, but if you’re really serious with your travel blog, I recommend you get a premium design once you start earning from your blog.

Professional blog themes from WP cost between $25 to $80, and all of these designs can greatly enhance the appearance and functionality of your blog.

Themes are changeable in an instant so you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong theme as you can switch themes very easily.


Step 4: Install Useful Plugins

Plugins are effective enhancements for your blog and adds functionality to your website as well.

Most plugins from WP are free, but some are not, so take a look around and see which ones are worth putting on your blog.

Here are some examples of useful plugins for your travel blog:

  • All-In-One SEO – This is a really useful plugin for optimizing your blog posts for Google search.
  • Akismet – This is protection for your blog from spammers who leave unnecessary comments on your posts.
  • Imagify – This plugin will optimize your media library photos automatically for faster loading.
  • WP Rocket – A Plugin for caching to speed up your blog.
  • Easy Social Share Buttons – This for your blog posts to be shared easily on social media networks.


Social MediaStep 5: Connect to Your Social Media Channels

Social media channels are very powerful platforms on the internet. If you want your travel blog to be widely recognized, successful, and profitable, you must share your content on social media.

When setting up your social media accounts, I highly recommend that you use the same username as much as possible.

This is to make your readers remember you easily and to prevent them from getting confused, especially with other blogs that almost has the same username as you.


Step 6: Build an Email List

Building your email list is one of the most important things you have to remember when you are just starting your blogging career.

Basically, what an email list does is to develop a relationship with your audience, you want them to get to know you and the products you are promoting.

This will build trust and if you can build trust, then people will want to buy from you or will be more inclined to anyway.

You’ll need an email autoresponder to manage your email list and the one I love to use is Aweber which is the leading brand in the industry.

Building an email list is a crucial part of any online business.



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Step 7: Start Writing!

Now that you have set up your travel blog, it’s time to start filling it up with useful content. An effective way of how to start a travel blog and get paid will always involve creating unique and helpful content.

You can start by publishing two to three blog posts each week. Make sure all of the posts are unique and helpful to your readers.

Don’t forget to tag your content with the right keywords, and share them on your social media accounts. Ask your friends and families to share it too, and overtime, you’re going to build a following.

You’re also going to take a long time to write your articles in the beginning and practice will make you write faster in due time.

Not only you need to provide valuable content to your readers, but also you need to be able to write for SEO as well.

Remember earlier in the post, I talked about your blog website being able to generate its own traffic (visitors) and how you’re going to do that is by blogging correctly.

Blogging correctly means you’re using low hanging fruit keywords and making use of a few ranking factors in your posts to get you ranking on first page of Google and other search engines.

If you don’t know how to use keywords or know how to build your blog so that it attracts its own traffic, then you need this training platform now!



How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog

Most people start blogging because it’s an excellent outlet for them to express the things they love to do, like traveling, photography, food, fashion, etc.

However, monetizing it is a completely different story. It is more complicated and may involve a lot of challenges.

Nevertheless, it’s still totally worth working for free until your business starts making money itself, which is the really exciting part.

Here are some ways on how you can earn from your travel blog:


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways people earn money from their blogs. These days, anyone can be an affiliate marketer for almost anything.

You just have to be creative, hardworking, and consistent with your blog.


Conquering Misconceptions: Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money?


Here are some great sites where you can find excellent products to promote on your travel blog:

  • Amazon
  • CJ
  • Rakuten
  • Groupon
  • Etsy
  • Hotel booking sites like AirBnB
  • Travel insurance sites
  • Clothing sites (you can recommend your readers the appropriate clothes to wear when visiting different places)

Affiliate marketing is also 3/4 of my monthly online income and is the best way to get you earning without having to develop a product yourself.

All you have to do is drive traffic to the products you want to promote and when someone buys, you earn a commission!

The training platform I linked above is actually an affiliate marketing training platform and that’s why I want to tell you to learn from there as you can really build a full fledge online business with it.


Sell Your Own Products

Another effective way to monetize your blog is by selling your own products. This could be an ebook, course, or the photos you took from your travels.

Photography plays a huge part for travelers, so it’s safe to assume that you take really good pictures. You can sell these photos online.

Make sure to include all your pictures on your Instagram account, where a lot of businesses will take interest in them and will probably contact you for paid work.



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Sponsored Posts

When your blog is receiving high traffic, there’s a huge chance that companies will contact you to make sponsored posts.

These posts are actually more like an ad in some sense, but they are written in witty and entertaining articles, when in fact, you’re actually promoting a brand.

When writing sponsored posts, you have to be honest as much as you can.

You can even mention the drawbacks, if there are any, as long as you state there clearly that they don’t outweigh the benefits your readers will get once they avail the product or service.


Get Paid to Travel

Influencers who have a high following are sometimes invited by company owners, like hotels, resorts, and the like, to travel to their place and make a review about it.

Most of these influencers have millions of followers, so it would take time to get this achievement. But, once you do, you can expect to receive a fat paycheck regularly.



How To Succeed With Your Travel Blog

Setting up your own travel blog is a great way to start your online career.

You have to remember that while it’s easy to learn the methods on how to start a travel blog and get paid, like building your website, it will take time before you can earn from it.

People need to first recognize what your blog is all about and even get to know who you are before they will start to follow you.

Some have been doing this for quite a while now and they just started to earn regular income.

However, some others have been managing their travel blog for about six years, and they are already earning six figures annually from it.

It’s going to be different for each one of us, but one thing I can assure you if you make the right decisions, exert hard work, patience, and time, you’re going to make really good commissions!

But, before you earn your first dollar, one sure thing that will help you reach closer to success is TRAINING.

I really can’t stress this enough as I have been doing this for 2.5 years now and know what it’s doing it without training.

With training, I was able to reach Super Affiliate status for the main product I promote within 2 years!

Yes, it also means I make a consistent living online with my blog here at Work Anywhere Now which is a direct result from the training platform I have been telling you about.

If you want to travel the world and be a digital nomad, then my free guide is for you:

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If you have any questions about how to start a travel blog and get paid or anything I have discussed in this post, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below! I always reply to my readers!


Thanks for visiting!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now

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