How To Work From Home With A Blog And Make Money From It

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How To Work From Home With A Blog And Make MoneyWanting to learn how to work from home with a blog so you can make money with it?  I’m glad you’re here today because I have done just that in a little over 2 years.

I’m where you want to be so I’m able to provide you with a realistic look at what you can expect, how you’ll be able to make money from your blog, and ultimately how to succeed with it.

Success is very subjective and can be defined as numbers or intangibles so you will have to define that for yourself.

For me, having a blog that generates a 4 digit online income for me month after month is success!  You can go here to check out my income proof.

In this short tutorial, I will go through the following sections:



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It can be a very fun experience but you won’t be experiencing that til much later in your journey.

Yes, what you should expect in the beginning is a lot of learning, waiting, working hard, and doing a lot of leg work to build your blog up.

It’s going to be work, work, work, work, for basically nothing for months, if you’re willing to do this kind of work, then you can have a very profitable business.

You see the way blogging works is that you need to build trust with the search engines.  They won’t even give you any good rankings until your blog website is about 3-4 months, sometimes earlier or later.

It will take some patience in this blogging business before things can really take off.

A lot of ground work needs to be laid down, meaning content, you will need to be writing consistently on your blog to show the search engines you produce fresh new content X times a week.

Then there’s the content, what will you be writing about?

This is where you’ll need to learn about keywords and how they are your starting point for each of your posts.

You’ll need to know how to find them, use them, etc.

Keyword research is a big skill you should develop and learn as this is what will be the elements that drive tons of traffic to your blog.

To give you an idea how the traffic works, check out this graph which is my 2 year results of recent:


Traffic vs New Posts Graph


The red line is my work effort, number of posts I wrote each month.  The blue line is number of visitors per month.

You see how the traffic works, very slowly and gradually until it starts to snowball and the traffic takes off!

Same with income, what you can expect for income is very slow in the beginning.

Expect nothing for the first 3 months but by 3 – 6 months, you should be starting to earn a little bit, and then gradually growing slowly until traffic really takes off, so will your earnings.

Again, I will show you my 2 year results but this time it’ll be comparing my work effort with my income:


Income vs New Posts Graph


The red line is the same one as the first graph above, representing my work effort.

The blue line is my income and look how it took me A YEAR to start earning 3 digits but by 19 months I hit 4 digits and it continued to grow as you can see with my 2 years ending with Aug 2018 making $4.9K.

A lot of people going into blogging don’t understand this part of the business, how every blog starts very slow and gradual, and so most will quit in the first 6 months.

This is another reason it takes so long to earn your rankings, search engines want to make sure you’re going to be around in the long term.

There are millions of abandoned blogs because most people will not understand how SEO works, how to use keywords, how to use affiliate marketing, how to use different methods to earn money with their blog, how to write, what to write, etc.

This is why if you really want to work from home with a blog that makes good money, this is the kind of work you will need to put in.

It’s a lot of learning but I did it so I’m sure you can too if you use the same training platform I use that is.

There’s no way I could be enjoying my 4 digit income without their help, I had try this blogging thing years before and couldn’t make much with it, abandoned.

With the help of real comprehensive training, I was able to learn everything in one course and built my website along side the lessons.

Building a blog is not as easy at it looks, there are a lot of things you need to learn, especially if you want to make money from your blog.

The training platform I use teaches you how to build your blog in a step by step manner and how to use affiliate marketing to make money with your blog.

It’s a comprehensive training platform that includes business tools for your to use, web hosting, domain registrar, SSL certificates, free websites for testing purposes or use it for real, live chat, live weekly webinars, and much more.

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There are definitely multiple ways to make money with your blog and the best one to start out with is affiliate marketing because of the ease of it and lowest cost (free).

For example, the amounts you see me earn in the above graph is made up of affiliate commissions and display ads.

Both of which won’t offer much income in the first year of your blog but you can earn SOMETHING in your first year if you build your site right, just the income in your first won’t be too stable yet and can be sporadic.

Affiliate marketing offers you a solution to promote products and services without owning or creating any of it and earn commissions when you drive new sales for the products and services you promote.

Affiliate programs are free to join, I would be suspicious of those that ask for money to join their affiliate program.

Affiliate commissions account 3/4 of my monthly earnings and display ads make up the last quarter.

Display ads don’t really earn you much until your site has a lot of traffic, then you can get into ad networks that pay for quality blogs.

That is what I did so now I make a 4 figure income just on the display ads you see on this site and the best part is that it’s totally passive.

I only had to set it up once with their help and the ads take care of themselves.

Also, my settings are on the lower side too so I could be earning a lot more if I turn it up but I wouldn’t do that because it gets annoying with too many ads so you need to find that fine balance.

Down the line, you can create your own digital product and sell it through your blog because by then you’ll have some authority in your niche and have a following.

Money will come if you are first and foremost providing value to your readers before all else, this should be your primary objective for your blog.

Then you need to know how to build your blog right so that is SEO ready on all levels and this is where education really is important to learn how to do all this with the training platform I use because they specialize in it.


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Taking from my personal experience and knowing what I went through, I want to offer you the key elements that helped me achieve the success I have thus far.



I really can’t stress this point enough, I can’t just tell you how to do everything, it would take me hours.

You need to know how to build your blog correctly and ensure you know all the how-to’s you’ll need to know to build this online business.



This is going to be a very hard one and you will need it especially in your 6 months – 12 months period when every doubt in your mind is screaming at you while you still keep moving forward to get over that hump by continuing to keep working hard.

This is what it will take to succeed as a blogger.  You must keep working even without earning much in the beginning, you can see my graphs above on how traffic and income works.



Your blog must provide value and help to people in your niche.  Why you need to do this is because that is how you will earn people’s trust and when you earn people’s trust, that’s when you make your money.



Don’t let your blog be still for too long with months of not blogging.  Your rankings will slowly drop if you are not consistent with your work and you will have to earn it back.

Whatever weekly schedule you think you can commit to then stick to it, so make it realistic especially in the beginning when you are still in the learning phase.

You will slowly and gradually increase your weekly frequency as you get more comfortable with blogging.

Being consistent is very important so starting out with a slower schedule is better than to start with a heavy schedule and then get burned out after 3 – 6 months.




I know I can help you because I have done it myself, I know how to work from home with a blog that makes money at 4 figures a month, thus far.

If you check out my guide here, you will see my income proof and can access the proof from there.

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I will be able to help and guide you through the training and offer you extra tutorials if I see you need them.

There are so much to learn in this business and I will be there to help you along the way!

If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your future today!

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to work from home with a blog or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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    • I’m going to call you sneaking Pete instead since you tried to sneak in your affiliate link on my blog pretending to be someone who’s asking for advice.

      I don’t know what reviews you’ve read on that linked product but that’s not a good one as I have reviewed that myself, you can read it here.

      You’re better off building your affiliate marketing business properly with the training I used instead of leaving these fake comments on people’s blogs while you’re just trying to promote affiliate products that aren’t even good.

      You have a lot to learn, George. I can help you learn it as I give free coaching on that training platform. If you build it properly, you won’t need to do stuff like this.

      Best of luck to you!


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