How To Create A Blog With WordPress Step By Step Simple Guide

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How To Create A Blog With WordPress Step By Step Simple GuideLooking to learn how to create a blog with WordPress but not sure what to do?  My step by step simple guide below will show you all you need to know.

If you don’t know, creating a blog with WordPress is actually the easiest part building a blog, there actually a lot more to it after that to make it successful.

I’ve been able to take my blog from $0 to a 4 digit online income in 19 months so I know I can help you do the same if not sooner but there is so much for you to learn in the meantime.

In this simple guide, I will outline everything you’ll need to do and know to not only create a blog but also be successful at it and I’m going to be telling. you about the business model I use to make money with my site.

Let’s now check out the following sections:



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You are very lucky to be creating blogs in this day and age because these days, you don’t need to know much about coding or the technical aspects of how to build a blog because it’s a lot of point and click.

The available tools at our disposal these days will only take you less than a minute to create your blog, literally.

I’m going to show you two different ways of doing this: one way is with who I web host with for years now, HostGator, and the second way is through a more one stop shop training platform called Wealthy Affiliate which could be more easier for some who like everything at one place, this is where I learned how to build my blog (the one you’re on now, at.

Where you want to host your blog is really up to you, with HostGator, you do get unlimited domains to host if you choose their “Baby Plan” or “Business Plan” under Web Hosting which is what I used to have.

I am currently on their Cloud Business plan which is much more powerful but as a start, their Web Hosting plans are great and is what I have personally used for 9 years.

You can use my special coupon code “WORKANYWHERENOW” for 60% off!

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can get free websites with either their Free Starter or Premium memberships and only the Premium members could host 25 custom domains but their hosting service is superior to that of HostGator’s.

I’m currently doing both because I like the fact that I’m not tied to a platform and so I like to be independent in that sense but I primarily use Wealthy Affiliate for affiliate marketing training and making money from their affiliate program.

I recently earned the title of Super Affiliate on there and making a 4 digit online income from their awesome training so yes it works!


The Cost Are As Follows:

HostGator – $2.75 – $5.95/month (if you buy 3 years at a time, otherwise, $10.95 – $16.95/month if you want to pay month to month) unlimited domain hosting if you choose the right plan, SSL included, unlimited email accounts.

Wealthy Affiliate – Free Starter members only get 2 free websites, no custom domain hosting, 1st Level of training.  Premium membership is at $49/month or $359/year, includes free sites, SSL, Private domain registration, complete comprehensive training on how to build your blog and make money with affiliate marketing, weekly live webinars, live chat, unlimited email accounts, and much more.

Cost of domains themselves are extra for either option which is an annual cost of about $12.95 – $15.95/year.

I’m currently using both of these services and that is why I am recommending them, they both have given me great service and they are definitely essential to the success of my blog.


Before Starting Your Blog

The 3 things you’ll need that are involved in creating your blog are as follows:

  1. Picking a Niche
  2. Buy a domain or get a free site on a subdomain
  3. Determine a blog name

Picking a niche is very important, you want to pick something that you want to work on day in and day out.

You wan to pick something that you know you can help people on or at least like researching about it because you don’t have to be an expert in your niche to start.

You just want to be willing to work in such a topic that will motivate you to work hard on it everyday or every week.

At the same time, you want to balance with the types of products you want to promote on there.  The products within your niche should be $50 – $300 to make it worth your while.

Once you have picked your niche, come up with a domain name that is brand-able and not just keyword rich, it will help with the value of your blog later on and growing a brand gives you the following you’d want.

Your domain name could be the same as your website name, at least they should be similar.  I feel shorter names are better for people to remember and to type into a browser.

Buying a custom domain is always the best way to go because it looks more professional, it ranks better, and better visually all around.

You can use free websites that sits on the Wealthy Affiliate owned domain as test sites or to test ideas, and if you like it, you can always very easily transfer your free site on to your own domain later.

This way, using free websites is good if you’re not sure about your niche or domain name, and can wait on that until you figure out a good domain / website name.

Once a domain is bought, you can’t change it but website names can be changed.

Once you have figured out what your niche is, your domain name and website name, now we can go get your blog created.

I will first go through the steps for HostGator, and then Wealthy Affiliate.



Step 1: Create Your HostGator Account by visiting here

Then, click on the Web Hosting or Learn More orange button under “Powerful Web Hosting”.

HostGator home page


Step 2: Select a Hosting Plan

Select a hosting plan that fits your needs. (Normally, if you are just starting out I recommend the Hatchling plan but, if you are really serious about this and want more resources & power, go with their Baby or Business plan).  

If you only plan on creating 1 website, choose the Hatching plan.  Or if you have multiple domains and plan on creating multiple websites, go with the Baby plan!  Keep in mind, you can always upgrade later on.

HostGator Web Hosting Plans

Click the “Buy Now!” button for the plan you want to start with. 


Step 3: Domain Name

As I mentioned above, you can register here with HostGator your new domain name.  You will have to have your own domain name if you go with HostGator, there are only free websites on Wealthy Affiliate.

HostGator sign up form step 1


Confirm hosting plan and billing cycle on this step.  The biggest bang for your buck is on the 36 month term, but you can always choose monthlies, 12 months, and 24 months billing cycles as well.  *Note, HostGator will charge you upfront for the entire term.


HostGator sign up form choose hosting plan


For account creation purposes, enter a Username and Security PIN.  Don’t forget to right this information down, you’ll need this later.

Fill out your billing information, pretty self explanatory. 


HostGator Billing Info sign up form


>>>Sign Up at HostGator HERE!<<<


HostGator very generously gives you a free SSL at no extra charge to you.  Review the Add-ons below and decide if you want to add additional services.

HostGator 6 Additional Services


At this step, don’t forget to insert my coupon code: WORKANYWHERENOW for a 60% OFF discount!!!   

HostGator 7 Coupon Code


Review your order details below and accept the terms.  

HostGator 8 Review and Pay


Congrats, your hosting account has been created!  HostGator will send you a welcome email confirming your Hosting plan, Control Panel link, Username, Domain, Password, 1st & 2nd Nameserver connected to your account.  

HostGator 9 Order Complete


>>>Sign Up at HostGator HERE!<<<


Step 4: Install WordPress

Within the HostGator Customer Portal, visit the “Hosting” tab and find the WordPress Icon “Get Started with WordPress Today” for a 1 click install.  

HostGator 10 Install WordPress


If you have multiple domains, make sure you are installing WordPress to your preferred domain name.

HostGator 11 Install WordPress


Make sure every field gets filled in here.  Blog Title, Admin User, First, Last Name, and Admin Email.  

HostGator 12 Install WordPress


Success!  WordPress has been installed to your domain.  Make sure to write down your username and password you’ll be needing it on the next step. 

Now that WordPress has been installed, let’s login to the Admin Area so you can start creating the website!  In a new tab, type and login.  For example,  This will be the easiest way to access your WordPress back end.

HostGator 13 Install WordPress


This is WordPress below after you login, see how easy it is to create your blog just like that with HostGator?

HostGator 14 Install WordPress


>>>Sign Up at HostGator HERE!<<<


Now, let’s see how easy it is to create your blog on Wealthy Affiliate and so you can see the difference on what to do here.



For Wealthy Affiliate, I’m going to show you how to create a new free website and then show you how to transfer it to your own domain afterwards.

Step 1: Create your free Wealthy Affiliate Account here.

Step 2: Go to their SiteBuilder which is located on the left menu, click Websites, then click SiteBuilder:

Wealthy Affiliate's SiteBuilder


Step 3: Fill out the information asked on the SiteBuilder.

1. First you will select “On a free domain”.

Wealthy Affiliate SiteBuilder On A Free Domain


2. Fill out a subdomain name, the whole URL of your free website will look like

3. Enter the Title or Name of your blog, could be the same as #2.

Wealthy Affiliate SiteBuilder Steps 2-4

Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder - Step 5

4. Choose a WordPress theme which gives you the look and design of your blog.  This can be changed anytime so just pick any theme will do.

5. Click that GREEN “Click Here to Build This Site!” button on the bottom and build your new WordPress blog now!


That’s how simple it is to create your blog on Wealthy Affiliate!

Now, I’m going to show you how fast this process is in a video I created and you’ll see how easy it is for you to transfer your free site to a custom domain in just a matter of a few clicks:



Isn’t that pretty simple to transfer a free site to a custom domain name?  But yes, you need to be a Premium member to do that.

But if you really want to be successful in this blogging business, it is best to get the training there to learn all the things you need to learn which I’ll go over next now that you have created your blog.

Try it for yourself now:




Creating your blog is just the very first step, next you should be laying out the foundation of your blog website and build pages like About Me page, Privacy Policy page, Contact page, and a Disclosure page.

There are templates to those pages on Wealthy Affiliate for you to use since this is all in their Level 1 training with 10 lessons that are all free to anyone.

You’ll need to learn about search engine optimization and know how to rank on search engines as that is what will bring you traffic to your blog.

You will have to learn how to make money with your blog if that’s what you want to do with it and using affiliate marketing is a great way for beginners to start using for blog monetization.

But before thinking about money, your first priority is to produce high quality content that will help your visitors and the people who are searching for things in your niche.

If you could provide answers and solutions to the things people are searching for in your niche, then you will be very successful in your blogging journey.

Providing value builds trust, when you have trust, the money will follow.  This is why building your site with a priority of helping others in your niche is a must and how you will succeed.

You will need to learn how to write to your audience and how to engage them so they convert into customers of the products and services you’re recommending to them.

Then there other things to think about like social media, the importance of them, how to use them, etc.

If you like step-by-step instructions, then the training at Wealthy Affiliate will be very good for you as it’s organized like that in 5 Levels of training with 10 Lessons in each.

With 50 lessons, you’ll be taken through every step it takes to learn how to build this affiliate business properly with your blog.

Yes, the training works, I know it works because that’s where I learned too and still use to this day because they have weekly live webinars I still learn from and now I help others build their blogs too.

I started with them in Sep/16 and here are my 2 year results:

Income vs New Posts Graph


I’m known as “littlemama” on that training platform and you can verify my progress on my profile as I have documented my whole journey on there.

My success posts on there will have some of the income proof I know you all seek.

Just look at my 2 year results though, it’s very cool to see and shows exactly what it takes to make money from a blog using affiliate marketing and display ads.

Three quarters of my monthly income comes from affiliate marketing and display ads make the the last quarter.

Once my site hit 1.5 years, it started catching that snowball effect in free organic search traffic and my income soars from all that traffic.

Sorry the traffic graph is not above, that one above is income (blue line) vs my work effort (red line).

But, my traffic line’s shape is the same as income as you can see here below:

Traffic vs New Posts Graph


My traffic seems to have taken off after 12 months and I just love how it looks!

This is the power of SEO and the traffic you could get from Google, it’s amazing to watch as my work effort stayed the same if not lowered.

I’ve been enjoying a 4 digit online income since my 19th month of blogging and I just started my 3rd year not long ago.

I owe all my success to Wealthy Affiliate!

If you want to build your blog right from the start and serious about learning everything you need to learn about building this online business, then I strongly suggest you take the same training I did because it really was the missing piece for me.

I tried blogging years ago and didn’t know what the heck I was doing so that failed big time with nothing to show for.

With Wealthy Affiliate’s training, I get to work from home or on vacation which I did this past June in Mexico or anywhere else that has a wifi connection and make money online with no boss.

There’s really no better way to learn all at one place and you get all the other services that you can read in detail here to make sure you have everything you need for your new blogging venture!

You could check it all out without even pulling out your wallet, so set up your account now:

Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here




Know Your Niche

This is why picking a niche (topic or group of people to serve) is very important, how are you going to help?  Who are you going to help?

What are the pain points of your niche?  What do they need to solve those pain points?

What else do these types of people in your niche search for on the internet?

Pick a niche that you know the answers to those questions or at least a topic you like researching about if you don’t have all the answers.

You don’t have to be an authority right away, you will become one as you and your blog grow, just like how I have.


Have Patience

There is really a lot to learn and Google won’t give new blogs the time of day so you will get frustrated and wonder why nothing is happening and all you’re doing is working.

This is how blogging goes.  If you want traffic in the beginning, you will have to go out to get it like on social media, guest blogging, blog commenting, etc.  Or even use paid traffic but I highly don’t recommend any of this, especially paid traffic.

If you could diligently work on your blog and create high quality content that people will want to use to solve their problems, then you will have a successful blog in due time.

Google and other search engines take their time but in the meanwhile you need to make sure your blog is ready for that traffic when it does come.

So this is what your first year of blogging is for: learning all the how-to’s, failing and learning from mistakes, creating valuable content for your visitors, etc.


Be Consistent

When you start blogging, make sure you can be consistent with your work effort.  Start out slow so you can be consistent with what you can produce.

Eventually as you learn more and more, you will get better at creating blog posts and will do more of them to increase your publishing frequency.

Search engines love consistent fresh new content on blogs, don’t let your blog stay idle for too long or else you will start to lose rankings.


Never Give Up

Your first blog doesn’t have to be a home run.  Remember I tried blogging before and failed, so this blog you’re on is technically my second blog but first one with Wealthy Affiliate.

Your first blog will have a way better chance of success if you learn from Wealthy Affiliate, I really have no doubt of that.

So right there, you have already increased your chances.

If you find that it’s STILL not working for some reason, you can try a different niche.  The principles and skills learned at Wealthy Affiliate applies to any niche.

You don’t have to give up if a blog of yours doesn’t do well.  Find out why, you can get TONS of help on Wealthy Affiliate as there is a very active community inside and how I got help throughout my journey.

You will really have the highest chance to succeed if you went through the training course on there because you’ll be support by a whole community and myself if you want it which I’ll explain more below.




With my experience and how well I know Wealthy Affiliate, I can certainly be YOUR Personal Coach if you sign up to the platform with any of the links or buttons found on this or any page on my website here that leads to Wealthy Affiliate.

I will send you a message on your profile shortly after you sign up to explain how you can claim your bonuses of which one is my free personal coaching service.

I’ll be your first to contact to ask me any questions about the training, or how to do something, or review your work and see if you’re on the right track.

I’ll guide and lead you to the path of success as well as keeping sure you don’t veer off.

If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your blog today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to create a blog with WordPress using the above step by step simple guide or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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  1. Thanks for this guide, it was very helpful to me, I really like the two options and how you explained each one. I think I like the hosted option at the training platform since then I can have everything just at one place. Learned a lot.


    • Hi Vicki, Appreciate you and glad you will be using the Wealthy Affiliate training platform, it’s your best bet really because you’ll need the training if you want to learn how to build your site in a way so that it attracts its own visitors.

      Their training is really good and comprehensive, it works since I’m making a 4 figure online income with it which you can see in my free guide here.

      Anyway, I’ll catch you on the inside!

  2. then how to attract visitor to my website i built , when i don’t have may to upgrade the premium means that i can’t run up? if am poor

    • You can do it on YouTube then if you don’t have the money to learn how to build your website but having an online asset like a website is awesome as it gives you several ways to earn from it.

      But yes, you’ll need to learn how to drive traffic and that’s the powerful skills you get to learn by paying that Premium membership.



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