One Of The Best Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories Is My Own! Reached Super Affiliate Status!

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One of The Best Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories Is My Own! Super Affiliate Status Accomplished!For those of you who follow me on here, I have the best news to share with everyone!

One of the best Wealthy Affiliate success stories is my very own, though I might be a bit bias, but hey, I worked hard enough for it to give myself that “pat on the back”. Lol

I have one of the best success stories at Wealthy Affiliate because I have taken their affiliate marketing training and worked hard with it to achieve what I have in just under 2 years.

As well, I’m one of the few women that will be attending Wealthy Affiliate’s all-paid private annual Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas in Jan or Feb, 2019 (date to be determined)!

To be invited to that prestigious private party, one must make 300 new sales in a given calendar year, and I was able to accomplish that in just under 8 months this year.

However, the work did not just take 8 months, nope, and I will explain more about this as well as give you more of my success story below in the following sections.



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WHO IS “littlemama”?

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since September 7, 2016, and I achieved Super Affiliate status on August 23, 2018 by helping 300 hopefuls find the best training platform there is to build an affiliate marketing online business.

I’m known as “littlemama” on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and was surprised that username was available as there were already over 800K members who’s gone through there by that point.



They have well over a million members now and continues to grow daily as affiliates like myself continue to introduce this great platform to more and more people.

I’m a stay at home mom that’s been wanting an online solution that will give me the following:

  • Earn a consistent long term passive income
  • Be location independent
  • A place that offered support, real support if I were to ever get stuck

Before I found Wealthy Affiliate though, I tried affiliate marketing on my own a few years ago and failed horribly.

Then I went on to create two handmade online shops: and

It was not concurrently though, I had YBG first then JD, however, neither of them offered me what I really wanted in an online business.

More over the online shops made me wear too many hats, manual labor was involved, so many aspects to watch out for and, worse part of it, it was constant promotions to get traffic to my shops.

I also wanting something that could scale easily without having to buy and store huge amounts of inventory.

So even though I was making money with my online shops, it didn’t give me the freedom I wanted, and the income that I made from my shops can’t compare to what I make now.

I would have had to make 3 times my full capacity of dolls in order to make the same amount of money I make passively today.

After doing my doll shop for a year, I knew it wasn’t the answer and I continued to hear about people still making lots of money with affiliate marketing.

That’s when I decided to give it another try as it would give me the things I wanted in an online business but this time, I knew I didn’t want to do it on my own.

That is when I found Wealthy Affiliate and I was so pleased when I first landed on their platform!  Like a breath of fresh air!

This is because, during my search, I almost got pulled into MOBE, which got shut down earlier this year by the FTC so I would have lost thousands of dollars in this high ticket program.

Next, got suckered into buying $300 coaching to learn how to spam people via an email list to send them products to make commissions on but nobody talks about the crappy products being sent to all those people?

No thanks to both.

Once I entered the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I knew my search was over and it was the best decision of my career!




In my experience, there are really so many great things to say about this affiliate marketing training platform that has given me so much but I know you don’t have time to listen to all of it, so I will briefly give you a glimpse of the four big items.


#1) Evergreen Strategy For Long Term Earnings

Most important one I feel is about their training, without it, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training focuses on an evergreen strategy that teaches you how to earn search engines’ trust with your website so you could rank high on their search results.

Ranking highly on search results like on Google is the number one game to any online business, you want your online business to be searchable so people come to you instead of you trying to get in front of them.

If you have this strategy working behind you, you won’t need to use any paid advertising for it and you’ll be getting free targeted visitors to your online business which means more money for you.

Their training is working right now because you’re on my post and I didn’t have to pay a penny for it.

Their 2 core courses are comprehensive, step by step video style, and detailed so you could build your online business doing the right things at the right time, all systematically organized for you and your progress is tracked.


#2) Thousands of Resources & Business Tools To Use

You’re not just getting Wealthy Affiliate’s core courses but a platform full of additional resources made by thousands and thousands of members.

Each time a member blogs on their platform, someone out there will pick up a tip or two.

Each time a member creates a training on their platform, these members will earn WA credits for creating the training while other members learn from their trainings on specific tips that will help you build your online business.

Each week there’s a live webinar where you could learn about trendy topics from an industry expert and interact live with him as well as others.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers you business tools to use like a website builder that can create your site in under a minute and keyword research tool to get find your traffic magnets.

Of course, the training will take you through these tools and teach you how you could use them in your online business.

You also get benefits like free SSL certificates, free private domain registration, unlimited custom emails, and much more.


#3) Highly Affordable

Look, any business you start, there will be some expenses and that’s just a fact.

With Wealthy Affiliate, the deal you get is really unbelievable if you think about all that it includes but you don’t even have to think about paying anything when you first start because they have a FREE Starter membership.

Most free or trial memberships elsewhere don’t give you much, but at Wealthy Affiliate you get a lot, you could literally have your online business live on the internet with just the Starter membership because you will get 2 free websites with it.

You will also get 20% of their main courses, plus a wealth of other resources on the platform.

The Starter membership is free for life but the first week, you get to test out some Premium features so if you’re not ready to upgrade after 7 days, you still have access to the training and all resources for Starter members.

The Premium membership is the way to go as it opens up the entire platform to you for a low price of $49/month or $359/year (less than a dollar a day to learn this great online business!!).

You have a special discount for your first month, if you sign up through any of my links in this post. 😉

Besides your education, you probably want to get a custom domain name at some point which you could buy anywhere but you could also buy it on Wealthy Affiliate for about $15/year.

That’s all the expenses in the beginning of this online business, compared to a lot of other businesses, this is really not much at all.

I’ve been doing it for almost 2 years and my expenses are about $120/month currently and I make a 4 digit online income so this is a highly profitable business you’re going into.


#4) The Community

Even though you’ll learn about my coaching services below, I cannot leave this point out from this section as Wealthy Affiliate’s community is a major part of my success.

You really have access to experts and people who know what they’re doing at your fingertips.  The knowledge I have gained from various members is truly priceless.

You cannot buy a community like the one Wealthy Affiliate has created and it is with their great effort on their part to build a community where all members have a common goal and a “pay it forward” attitude.

This “pay it forward” mentality is so on the forefront of Wealthy Affiliate’s community that it makes getting help on the platform super easy and with lightening speed while other programs/systems have little to zero support.

It is because of this reason I will always pay it forward on the platform by helping as many members as I can as well as creating new trainings for members to learn from me.




When you join Wealthy Affiliate (free or Premium), you automatically become an affiliate of theirs but you do NOT have to be an active affiliate.

They are the ones teaching affiliate marketing, so it’s only natural that they have an affiliate program as well.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is not just to train you to promote their platform, no, you could pick ANY topic you wish and many members have tons of success with many niches.

I’m starting a new niche myself real soon in which I’ll use the same techniques I have used on this site and apply it to this new one.  That’s the power of their training, sky’s the limit here on out!


Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories - Super Affiliate Announcement


Anyway, to become a Super Affiliate, you have to build your online business around promoting Wealth Affiliate and there are several niches (affiliate marketing, MMO, blogging, etc) you could go about this which is taught in their Affiliate Bootcamp training.

Anyone promoting Wealthy Affiliate will become a Super Affiliate if they could drive 300 new Premium sales in a given calendar year.

If you could do that, then you’ll be invited to their exclusive all-paid Super Affiliate Conference the follow year in either January or February.

Well, I just did that not long ago and my confirmation is this:


Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories - Super Affiliate confirmation


Now if I get to 3,000 sales this year, I will win the Rolls Royce treatment while I’m there!

Well, I think that kind of challenge is for another year!

I’m in a “take a breather” state right now having able to achieve the 300 sales this year, it was not easy and I will be sharing my 2 years with the whole community very soon.

Once August is over, which is very soon here, I’ll be doing a 2 year in-depth analysis of my business as a new training on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, to show members how I did it and became a Super Affiliate.

So if you haven’t joined yet, this is the best time to do so!


If You Want To Be Coached By A Super Affiliate:

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I think most people will be very disappointed when they read this section because there are really NO secrets to success but plain hard work.

However, people still like to know tips on how to be successful and I will tailor these tips to this specific business:

  1. GET EDUCATED – This a big one for me as I tried this blogging affiliate marketing thing before and it didn’t work out so well since I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know how to blog even though I thought it seemed easy to just blog.  I even let that domain expire which I’ve regretted.  Once I got the right guidance & technique down, I was on the path to success thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.  Using affiliate marketing with any other method/system is only going to get you so far, the techniques learned at Wealthy Affiliate cannot be compared to any other product out there, and I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of systems on my site here so I have seen quite a lot.
  2. SUSTAINED CONSISTENCY – What search engines really like is a website that consistently churns out quality and valuable content for readers.  Most bloggers start out strong the first month of two but then they fizzle out in month 3 or 4 or 7.  This is a huge mistake.  I never took one break in my two years and only increased my publishing frequency throughout my journey. You really could never have too much content.
  3. TIME & PATIENCE – A lot of people don’t know the nature of this online business and don’t understand how it works so they quit if they don’t see any results happening.  However, that’s just how this business works, you really don’t earn anything in the first few months because search engines aren’t going to give you the light of day til you’ve proven that you’re worthy.  Meaning, they are weeding out the quitters and only want to rank the sites that offer consistent quality information.  As your online business matures, your website and your income could increase at a much quicker pace once it catches the “snowball effect” that everyone talks about.  My online business did just that and my income soared this year and I’ve been making a 4 digit online income since March 2018.  You will learn a lot more about when I earned my first dollar and such analysis in the trainings I’ll be creating on Wealthy Affiliate very soon.
  4. SUPPORTIVE NETWORK – There is definitely no way I would be writing this without the support of the many members that have helped over the time I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate.  It is not easy to trek through this internet marketing business if you don’t have help and many people fail at making money online because they don’t have the right support system behind them.  From my supportive family to the members I could in contact with, your support network is very important to your success.  There’s no better way to get that support than to join a community like the one inside Wealthy Affiliate.
  5. NEVER GIVE UP – This website, Work Anywhere Now, is my fourth online venture and my fifth business venture since 2008, before that I was in the corporate world doing accounting things.  In 2008, I was building a photography business as a baby photographer but then our own babies happened and a few other major life changing events.  Then, I tried blogging, then one online shop, then an even better online shop, and finally, arriving at where I am today with this website you’re on.  I heard once that failing is just a step towards success so fail as much as you can, as fast as you can, so you could get to success.

In all my other ventures, I did it on my own.  It was not easy at all but am proud of what I had accomplished back then but today, I feel my biggest accomplishment in my career is this website!

Not only the money, but the freedom to choose my own hours, no lugging of heavy equipment (baby photographer), no products to create, no inventory to store, no customer service, no active promotions or having to pay any money for visitors, and I could work anywhere now when I wake in the morning, never tied to one place.

My undying believe that I would make it and accomplish this Vegas goal one day also played a big part of my success I’m sure.

It was not easy to hold that believe when I was going through months of draught while I thought I was already working hard.

But what I learned was that I needed to work even harder, and from that point on forward, I believed 100% that I will make it to Vegas and I pressed the pedal to the metal, sort of speak!  And never looked back.

The result is my invitation that is still to come, I’m sure it will be sent out some time later this year.  I cannot wait to meet the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and the rest of the Super Affiliates!

It’s going to be amazing!




I really enjoy helping others, I mean, this whole website is dedicated to helping people like you build your very own online business to make money online.

It’s only naturally for me to offer coaching services, meaning I will be your dedicated person to ask questions to, guide you in the right direction, and offer you the right information you need at the right time.

I don’t need or have to offer such coaching services because, in affiliate marketing, all I have to do is drive sales, I don’t need to mentor anyone or even talk to anyone if I don’t want to and lots of affiliates don’t offer this.

However, I know what it takes to succeed in this business, which is with support, and I want to see people succeed!

So join me, take the next step today to create your FREE Wealthy Affiliate account here, and I will let you know on your profile how you can be eligible to have me as YOUR Free Personal Coach:

Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


If you want to learn more details about Wealthy Affiliate, I have everything detailed out here in my free guide.

If you opt-in to my email list, you will also learn more about the way this business works as I go through a 6 day email series and also giving you tips on how to succeed in it.

Otherwise, I’ll see you on the inside!


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding Wealthy Affiliate success stories or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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