The Residual Income Code Review: Scam Or Make $567 Per Day System?

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is The Residual Income Code a scamAre you looking at The Residual Income Code and wondering if it’s the real deal to make $567 a day or is The Residual Income Code a scam that’s waiting to take your money?

Luckily, you have landed on my honest review about The Residual Income Code and I will show you below how it all works and why this may not be the best way to make money online.

There are many systems out there that are like this and I have reviewed many of them, so I’m able to tell you things that you may not understand or know about.

I will also tell you why such a system will always make you go after the money instead of letting the money come to you.

My review of The Residual Income Code will be detailed out in the following sections:



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The Residual Income Code logo


Program Name: The Residual Income Code


Price: Free + LOTS of Upsells

Owner: Jon Moss

Recommended? No

The Residual Income Code is a free marketing sales funnel that you could use to promote with and earn commissions on.

This model takes on the affiliate marketing business model where you could promote different products for commissions if you could drive sales for those products.


The Residual Income Code sales video


Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model to use, I know it well as I also use this for my online business, however, what I do and what this system does is totally different.

In The Residual Income Code, you are to use their marketing funnel to promote with, meaning you’ll be using the same site that got you to sign up to The Residual Income Code in the first place.

Then, you’ll have a few products in the system that you will sign up for as well so that you can access your affiliate links to these products.

Only 1 of the 4 products is made by The Residual Income Code, the rest are tools you’ll may or may not need for the system.

As you go through The Residual Income Code’s system to sign up for all these accounts and pay for some of these products, the person that sent you that initial The Residual Income Code landing page will make money.

You see, everyone that signs up with this system will use the same The Residual Income Code landing page you were just on so you really don’t know who you’re signing up under, which doesn’t matter.

The point is that you will get your own version of the The Residual Income Code’s landing page to promote with as well.

When the people you show your landing page to signs up, then they will be clicking on your affiliate links on that page and if they buy, you will earn commissions.

That is basically the system but there’s more to what’s going on here and it’s the products inside I will speak about next.

There are other marketing funnels like this that I’ve reviewed before like Funnel X ProjectInstant Income Method, and Wifi Wealth System.




Once you set up your account at The Residual Income Code, you’ll be taken along to set up your own landing page with all your affiliate links in it.

You will be taken through their members to sign up and (maybe) buy the following:

  • Engagely$27 one time fee – Copy and paste done for you little headlines and word snippets to help you with your social media game.  This is the product that Jon Moss also created and it looks like everyone MUST buy this in order to get an affiliate link.
  • Online Sales Pro$25 – $37/month – Lead generation, marketing automation, and direct sales software tool that again you MUST buy in order to get an affiliate link.
  • Aweber$19/month+ (fee increases with your list), free trial available – This is an email autoresponder tool that you’ll need with this type of system, so whether you buy through Aweber or not, you’ll need one.  However, you don’t need to be a customer of Aweber’s to be an affiliate, anyone could just sign up for their affiliate program for free.
  • Easy 1 Up$25 – $2,000 one time fee – This is what they call their high ticket offer on the “inside”.  You MUST buy in here to be an affiliate.  High ticket programs are very risky and are prone to get shut down by the Federal Trade Commission, see MOBE and Digital Altitude for examples.

Then there are even more costs involved with such a system which is a tracking tool called Clickmagick ($17 – $97 per month) and of course you’ll be using paid traffic which they want you to sign up to 2 platforms for that.

For paid traffic, plan for $500 – $2,000 a month.


Why I Don’t Use This Kind Of System

I would never join this kind of marketing system because of the following:

  • I would be forced to buy things I don’t want to.
  • I would have to promote the things he chose, not what I want to promote.
  • Engaged with a high ticket program that is viewed as highly risky at this point, no thanks.  Once they shut down, so will your entire business.
  • Expensive – My online business doesn’t cost anywhere close to this.
  • Paid traffic, expensive, and you’re always chasing the money.
  • Weak training – Training is almost non-existent, the only thing you get is how to set up your affiliate links.  Sure that’s important but more important is how to get traffic, how to use paid traffic more specifically since that’s what he wants you to use.

With what I do, I don’t have to chase the money, the money comes to me as I don’t have to use any paid promotions and such, just like the way you landing on my page today with zero cost to me.

Paid traffic could be so frightening, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will lose hundreds easily without seeing much results.

The entire training available in the members area is LESS than 25 minutes long total for only 6 videos.

So, basically all he is giving you is a system but doesn’t really show you how to market it or use paid traffic.

I highly doubt anyone could make a success out of this system based on this weak training inside.




Thumbs DownThe Residual Income Code is not a scam, it is a marketing funnel you can use freely with a catch which is signing up to all those products you may or may not want to buy.

Could you make money with The Residual Income Code?  Sure, you could, if you could bring yourself back in the black that is.

From the looks of it, you will have a lot of expenses not only in the beginning but on an ongoing basis.

If you’re going to get into The Residual Income Code system, you need to go out there and make sure you learn how to use paid traffic or else that budget will depleted pretty quickly.

Finally, the last thing I want to mention why I don’t use such done-for-you systems is because it’s not mine, this is his system and products like this come and go like the seasons.

If The Residual Income Code were to go away one day, so will your entire business.  Your work, your money, your time, all down the drain.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend The Residual Income Code.




When you build something yourself, you don’t have to depend on anyone and you could still make the kind of money The Residual Income Code claims.

I have done just that which I had started to do 2 years ago and it’s been making me money all year long in the 4 digits a month.

I also use affiliate marketing and the way I feel the way this business model should be best use is to do it with your own online business where people could come searching for you.

You could be building an online business that attracts its own online visitors without you having to pay a single penny for traffic.

I get almost 2,000 visitors a day here on my site and I don’t pay anything for it.

Where I learned all this is the key to my success, I had real, comprehensive training that showed me everything, step by step.

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The best part is that you could get onto that training platform for FREE to check things out first before you have to even touch your wallet.

You will be able to get quite a lot with your free account as well including lessons, business tools, and community help from others just like you or others like me who’s been in the business awhile.

However, even better yet is my coaching services that I’m offering to YOU for FREE as well.  See my guide for details on how to get me as YOUR Personal Coach!

Stop wasting time on other people’s system and start building your own money making asset today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Residual Income Code is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now


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