What Is Funnel X Project? Is It A Scam Or Simple $300/Day System?

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is Funnel X Project a scamHave you been “invited” to check out Funnel X Project system and it seems too good to be true?  Is Funnel X Project a scam system or will it work and make you $300/day?

Who doesn’t want to make $9K a month right? But this system is not as simple as it sounds and you can run into more costs than you want.

There’s a lot of moving parts in this system so I will go over everything with you so you are clear about what you’ll be getting yourself into if you join them.

Don’t worry, I’m not promoting the Funnel X Project system so this is just an honest review of what it is through the following sections:



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Funnel X Project Logo


Program Name: Funnel X Project

Website: funnelxproject.com

Price: Free

Owner: David Dekal

Recommended? No

The Funnel X Project or System is put together by Davide Dekal who claims this system has given him $18,000 a month in his 4th month of using this system.

You are led to believe you can use his system and make yourself $300 a day doing the same thing he does which is just promoting products and services through his Funnel X Project system.

The system itself is free because once you’re inside, he makes money (affiliate commissions) from you signing up 5 different programs, tools, and services you’ll need to make this system work.

This is often called affiliate marketing and it’s a legitimate way to make money online and something I use myself everyday as well.

Through all the products/programs I’ve reviewed, and I’ve reviewed hundreds, I have seen affiliate marketing used for the good (helping people) and the bad (scamming people).

From what I can see, David uses this system to help people out but at the same time, I don’t think he’s recommending you to use the best programs to be promoting because he wants you to sign up to a MoneyLine Membership and Motor Club Of America (MCA) which are not so great programs.

I will get into what those are in a bit, but you’ll also need to sign up for 3 services you’ll need to make this system work:  ClickMagick, Aweber, and Udimi.

This system is very much like an email list building system that so many other products also promote but I don’t find this business model a good one because you have to use paid traffic which I’ll explain more about later.

Once you sign up to everything and have the back end set up properly, you’re ready to start earning… I mean, start spending on advertising so people can see the landing page that you will be promoting.

This landing page will be the same or similar to the one you were emailed and you’ll be finding others who wants to make money online using the same system that got you in and your referrals will also do the same thing you’re doing.

When people start signing up, then you’ll be making commissions from the same programs and tools you signed up to, so that’s how the system works to make you money.




Here I will explain a bit about the two programs and the tools you’ll be promoting with this system because you should know what you’ll be getting yourself into and whether you want to recommend other people into this system as well.


MoneyLine Membership

This is basically a leads generation system where you join as a member and everyone that joins after will be your downline that you can access and promote to.

It’s a very spammy site (globalmoneyline.com) with tons of people there just to promote things to others and when you buy the memberships you get to send more msgs at a time.

But the real reason why you want the memberships is because you can earn from the people you personally recruit in and from the people they recruit in as well.

The memberships run from $20 – $500 and you have to pass up your first 2 paid referrals to your sponsor then you’ll start making 100% commissions after that.

This type of MLM is not legitimate as they are making money based on recruitment and there are no real product or retail sales.

Anyway, you can check out their website and see all the details before you decide whether you want to join it and have others join it too, but someone had tried to recruit me awhile back and I didn’t like the site at all.

Making money on just recruiting is not for me as that’s a risky business model that could be shut down one day.


Motor Club of America (MCA)

MCA is a better MLM because it offers other products and such to customers and it’s not just making money from memberships, so this is more legitimate than MoneyLine and has been around for years.

You will be joining the $19.95/month membership and if you get others to join in, you will earn an $80 commission for each referral.

The membership is like the AAA membership where you will get roadside assistance but at a higher cost.

I don’t know about you, but this is not something I’d like to promote, kind of a weird thing to promote quite frankly when there are millions of other programs and products online that you could be promoting instead.


Other Costs

Besides the memberships to MoneyLine & MCA, you’ll have monthly fees for the other tools that are needed for the system.

$12 – $97/month – ClickMagick is a tracking tool so you know where your clicks are coming from and whether it was effective or not, so this is quite important to have.

$15 – $149/month – Aweber is an email auto-responder which gives you the ability to collect emails, set up & send follow up email series automatically, and send broadcast messages.  It’s a list building tool that you’ll need for this.

$1,000’s/month – Udimi is a place where you will buy your traffic from others who have huge email lists and paid traffic will not be cheap which is about $0.50 to $0.60 a click.  Depending on your landing page, if it doesn’t convert well, it can be quite costly.

No matter what system you have, if no one sees what you’re promoting, it’s useless, and this system uses paid traffic because you’re basically just promoting a landing page just like the one that was sent to you.

A landing page is like a one page website but here at Funnel X Project, the landing page is hosted on their Funnel X Project site, so you won’t need your own website but that also means no control over your own business.

Anyway, my point is that you can’t get people to see landing pages without paying for it because it’s just a static page and static pages get buried by search engines so they are not seen by anyone unless you pay.

Unlike my website which is very dynamic with new content produced on it regularly and seen by hundreds of people a day (about to be thousands a day) and I don’t have to pay a penny for anyone to come see my reviews.




No, I would not consider Funnel X Project a scam because you are giving a system that will work if you can follow the steps and get the right people to join.

However, that’s the thing, you will need to find others who will also want to join a spammy site like MoneyLine with a risky MLM structure and also join a motor club of all things.

I also don’t recommend paid traffic for newbies because money is wasted quite easily if you’re not careful or buy from a bad source.

The Funnel X Project is like many systems I’ve seen where they sound awesome and amazing but reality is, these systems aren’t going to be as good as they sound or as easy to make money from.

You also have no control over the system since it’s not yours and you don’t know how everything works, which is not taught to you either.

I understand a lot of people love done for you things when it comes to making money online but it’s actually a disservice to you not knowing how things work.

If you just took some time to learn how to build one of these systems or learn how the process of making money works online, it would benefit you much more and for the long term if you want to make money online far into the future.

At this point, I will say that you may make some money with this but I do not recommend Funnel X Project.




If you want to learn how to make money online, it’s really best to learn it from the ground up so you can understand how things work.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Funnel X Project is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



2 thoughts on “What Is Funnel X Project? Is It A Scam Or Simple $300/Day System?”

  1. Dear Grace good morning,

    I am a newbie here and I do not know much and I am trying to find something to make money on line until end of October Because I have a serious health problem and I am raising my two children. If I do not due what the doctors my kids will not have a mother and I am not kidding around with my health. So please urgently somebody has got to help me.

    Please be informed that I live in Athens Attica Greece which do not have a lot of money to spend or they cannot lend you money and that is a guarantee.

    Please help me out. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but I am a very hard and dedicated person.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Olga, I’m sorry to hear about your situation but you cannot make any good money like what you want on the internet in such a shot time. Products like Funnel X Project or many other products do not really provide that solution to you either.

      Building a business online takes time and it will take 3-6 months just to start generating some money, but you may not see 4 figures til 12 months or longer.

      There is no way to make money fast like that, check out my free guide here to see what I do, and you can check this post here to see how long it took me to make my 4 figures a month.

      I wish you much luck and I hope you will find the answers you seek.



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