Ad Copy Pros Review: A Scam Or Easily Make $500 A Day?

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is Ad Copy Pros a scamAre you checking out Ad Copy Pros and wondering if you should go for it or is Ad Copy Pros trying to scam you silly?

This Ad Copy Pros system is nothing new and I’ve seen this kind of scheme before with all the reviews I’ve done in the past, so I can tell you if this is any good in my Ad Copy Pros review below.

Most times, they tell you how easy a system is but it’s never that easy when it comes to making money online.

Let’s check out what Ad Copy Pros really is in the following sections:



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Ad Copy Pros Logo


Program Name: Ad Copy Pros


Price: $35 – $135

Recommended? No

The Ad Copy Pros is a system where you can join for as little as $25 to access the system by buying ad packages and then all you have to do is copy their ads and place them on social media to find others that will join the system as well.

Once people see your ad and join from your ad, you’ll be able to earn 100% commissions if those people sign up as well and buy the ad packages.


Ad Copy Pros Home Page sales video


You earn commissions only on the packages you have bought into yourself, so if you only bought the $25 package only and don’t buy the $100 package, then if the person you brought into the system buys the $100 package, you don’t get that $100 commission, the next person above you in your up line who qualified at the $100 level will earn it instead.

They also use a “Reverse 1Up” compensation plan to qualify you in this system where everyone’s 2nd sale goes up to their sponsor and then every sale after that goes to you.

There’s also a $10 one time fee which I guess the system owner will take as their fee.

This all sounds easy to do and seems you can make a lot of money with but I caution what this system is really doing here.

You are creating nothing of value, you’re just passing money from one new member to an existing member via “ad packages” you buy.

There are no outside sales, no retail sales or customers.

This is a small scale of a similar system that got shut down by the FTC earlier this year, where they are using high ticket digital marketing packages instead and the amounts are much bigger.

This system has also been done as Best Easy Work and Easy 1Up which I’ve reviewed and didn’t recommend either for those programs.




The one good thing going for these guys is that they explain how it all works quite well in the video and all the costs involved.

You may think this is an easy way to make some money and I’m sure you will be able to make some money with this system.

However, this is not a long term method of making money online.  If you’re always pasting ads, you’re going to run out of places to place them since you can’t just spam all over social media all day.


Ad Copy Pros Income Hype


No one will be clicking on your ads or pay attention this way and you’ll always be chasing the money instead of having the money come to you like the way my online business works.

Also, if you don’t have a huge following on social media, you can only bug your friends and family for so long before they stop following you too on social media.

The other option would be buying ad space by placing ads on Facebook or other social platforms or on Google, but dang, paid traffic is one of the most expensive things!

I don’t recommend that for anyone starting out in making money online since there’s a lot of testing you gotta do to ensure your ad copy is converting high and all this testing costs you money to find out.

People easily spend hundreds of dollars a month in advertising, if not thousands, so if you can make a profit using it, then all props to ya!




Thumbs DownI don’t believe this is a scam but it’s sure not a business model I would go for because it resembles too much of either a pyramid scheme (cuz there are no retail sales) or a cash gifting scheme hiding behind these ad packages.

These types of business models are high risk of getting shut down by the government and it’s best to stay away from.

You’re also not building an asset or any value as you’re just passing cash around, I mean, is it even a business you’re building?

Just recruiting people to join a system that then makes that person to go out to do the same thing.  No one is really building anything or learning anything.

A system like this will not earn you much money in the long run, you may make a few commissions here or there, but you’ll never generate a consistent online monthly income with a system like this.

Others will see right through it too that it’s one of those pyramid or cash gifting schemes so you’ll have to know how to recruit massively to get the kind of people that will join you.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Ad Copy Pros.




One last thing about Ad Copy Pros I wanted to mention is that you’re not going to be getting much online marketing training with your $10 fee.

If you don’t understand how online marking works then you’re not going to find much success with Ad Copy Pros or any program.

This is why anyone trying to make money online needs proper training to learn how the internet works and how online marketing works.

If you know how that worked, you’d rather build an online business like I have so the business can drive it’s own free targeted organic traffic instead and build something of value that will help others while also making money doing it.

I have done just that and you can find what method I use and business model that I love using to build my online business with in my free guide here:

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Getting people to see what you’re trying to promote is the number one thing you need to master if you want to make money online.

In order to do that, you need to learn how to build an online business using techniques that will help you bring people to your online business.

My guide shows you where you can learn all this and use the exact training I used myself to make my 4 digit online income.

Building an online business does that some real work effort, you’re not just going to be copying and pasting anything.  That’s not a real way to make money online.

So expect to learn and apply the techniques you learn, and build something of value that will help others.

Stop wasting time on risky business models like Ad Copy Pros and start building a real online business today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Ad Copy Pros is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



4 thoughts on “Ad Copy Pros Review: A Scam Or Easily Make $500 A Day?”

  1. I think we all know about wealthy affiliate too; they have so many of their newbies running around making reviews, that is for sure.
    I can tell you for sure that I set up the Funnel X Project with David and it is real, nothing scam about that one. Yep, i used to be at WA too.
    Here is one you should really check out tho; This Is Not MLM. I’d sure like to see what you have to say about this one.
    They are in the middle of offering members how to make $100,000.00 online in 30 days or less but the cost is $2,000. Mr. Hutchinson claims to be a multi millionaire but he sure is fast to yank up on that old money chain. It seems that he is letting his members offer what they can afford to pay to join in if they don’t have the two grand. And with his weekly program? The newbie pays $25 per month to admin and $25 per week a person that referred them. It seems all quite simple and on the up and up. That is until you start running Mr. Hutchinson’s name in Google; ewwie, pretty ugly and scary stuff if you ask me and the mentor who put me in the program.
    Please do a really thorough job? We’d like to see what you find out and then what you have to say about him? Maybe you could get an interview with him? Thanks.

    • Hi Margo, I’m not sure why you came on this post to say all this stuff which has nothing to do with this product.

      I have reviewed Funnel X Project and I didn’t say it was a scam, yes it can work but you’re always buying traffic aren’t you? I don’t pay a dime for traffic. Also, you have to promote a car membership, no thanks.

      You obviously didn’t use the WA training while you were there. I make a 4 digit online income with it now so the training certainly works.

      You’ve already Googled this so called Mr Hutchinson – all I had to read was $100K in 30 days with cost of $2K to know it won’t be worth your while.

      You also haven’t given more info on him than “Mr Hutchinson” which is a pretty common name so I won’t be able to do much with this.



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