How to Get Paid to Write Articles Online and Work From Home

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How to Get Paid to Write Articles Online and Work From HomeThe first question many are interested when they think about starting a freelance writing job: How to get paid to write articles online and work from home?

As you embark on this online journey, you will come across many ways you can earn money online and writing articles online is definitely one of them.

A lot of freelance writers work full-time from home like that. Many of them are making a stable income and don’t have any serious problems when finding clients and landing jobs.

Unfortunately, there are more writers who barely earn enough to replace their office jobs. They are struggling, stuck, and clueless on how they can land a decent writing gig.

Writing is a service you can offer to others when you’re just starting out, and there are platforms that can help you get real paying gigs to write articles for others.

In the long run, you may want to write for yourself and STILL get paid by using monetization strategies that I will go over in this post below.

Whether you write for others or write for yourself, you will find that learning how to write in a way that gets you paid will truly define whether you’ll be making an online career out of this or not.

So, how do successful online writers do it?

Let’s check the following sections:



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There are actually many places you can go to get article writing jobs online but when you’re starting out, you will have to set your rates a little lower so that you can get some experience and build up your portfolio.

The opportunities for online writing jobs are endless and there are many platforms that allow writers and those looking for your service to find each other easily.


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You can find so many websites that offer writing jobs for freelance writers but you can also be posting your writing services on these websites as well.

In order to be successful at this, you’ll need to have some sample you can show potential clients your past work as well as get some experience under your profile so that they can see ratings from your past clients.

This will take some time to build up, but if you’re consistent enough and focus on landing these writing gigs, you can really produce a stream of online income like that.


Here are some of the writing platforms that are out there for you to use:

  1. – Freelancer is an online platform where professional content writers are hired by online businesses to strengthen their online presence, credibility, and expand their exposure. You can sign up here and find countless writing offers that pay relatively well.
  2. Article Document – This platform is a community of article writers who have different levels of skills and experience. They are both looking for by-line writers and ghostwriters to pass different types of articles for a particular fee.
  3. Writers Domain – You have to submit an application and a work sample if you want to apply for the content writing position. They will also require you to pass a grammar test. Once you’re accepted, you can either write for Standard or Premium-based content, which the staff will review. If your work gets approved, you’ll get paid.
  4. Upwork – Upwork is one of the largest freelancing platforms on the internet. It features different kinds of freelancing work, like writing, admin work, graphics designing, web designing, social media management, and more. Before you can land jobs here, the site must accept your application first. They are quite strict with their user profiles. So, if you want to join, you must work hard on your application to be accepted.
  5. Fiverr – Fiverr is another freelancing platform that offers many writing gigs. It really depends on you how much you’re going to charge your clients, but most gigs here start at $5.
  6. Fiverr Pro – With Fiverr Pro, you can actually make a lot more money writing but you have to go through a very vetted process in order to be a Fiverr Pro freelancer.  So, you may not qualify for this in the beginning but wanted to let you know about it since that could be something you can strive for.



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Start A Blog

Most successful online writers have their own blogs. Besides using it as your portfolio, having your own blog offers a lot of advantages:

  • Develop your credibility in your niche
  • Make a lead generation magnet (which means attracting more prospects to you)
  • Give you more confidence as a content writer
  • Help you make money through monetization methods
  • An outlet to showcase your creativity

However, if you’re wanting to get paid for writing articles online on your own blog, then doing a “personal” blog is not going to be making you much money.

When you’re blogging for money, it’s a whole different ball game because you need to make sure that blog will earn you money and blogging about personal stuff ain’t going to cut it.


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Your writing will also be a lot different than if you’re writing for a client or writing for pleasure but a blog is the way to go for you since writing is what drives blogs to thrive.

A blog website is the perfect vehicle to start your online journey with because, if you’re do it right, it can really build you a full time online business.

Here is the path you will need for a blog to make money:

  1. You need a niche for your blog – What is going to be the topic and make it one you love to write about because that is the majority of the work, writing, so make sure you are comfortable writing in the niche of your choice.  Focusing on a niche will bring you a targeted group of audience which in turn will allow you to serve better this way. 
  2. Building content for your blog – This is going to be the part you love, writing.  How you are going to write though is what’s important here.  You will need to learn how to write with keywords and learn SEO, because that is what’s going to ultimately drive traffic / visitors to your site.
  3. Attract visitors – If you build your website right, it will start attracting its own visitors if you have the right SEO strategies in place. You can also attract visitors in other ways like promoting your articles on social media and help others in your niche on online forums.  Like my blog gets over 45K visitors a month, all for free!

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  1. Make money with your blog – once you have all that in place, you’ll need methods of monetization and there is nothing better than using the affiliate marketing business model for your blog.  My blog makes 3/4 of its income from affiliate marketing.  The other 1/4 is from display ads you see on my site here.  As you move along and grow, you will be able to monetize even further if you develop your own product.


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Affiliate Marketing Explained

When you have a blog website, you can earn money by monetizing it. This means that you can use sponsored posts, ads, or do affiliate marketing.

If your blog is still new, then the best way to go is through affiliate marketing. Doing sponsored posts and display ads will require your blog to have higher traffic and connections.

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of other people’s products and then making commissions on those products if you make new sales with your affiliate links.

So, let me go into more about how you will apply this concept to your blog to make this a full time business.


How to Use Affiliate Marketing To Make Money On Your Blog

To get you started, find out if what you have is a profitable niche. Take note that not every niche is a high-paying one.

With that said, I also don’t recommend that you choose a niche that is too competitive. You will find it hard to compete with well-known brands and marketers.

However, if you want to go into a competitive (it’s good to do so as well because there’s money to be made), then you just need to look into a sub-niche of that competitive one.


Conquering Misconceptions: Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money?


Where a niche is highly competitive, there’s going to be money made so find pockets of sub-niches that will be less competitive.

Like “health and fitness” is a highly competitive niche, you wouldn’t just go into that, you would break it down and zone in a particular vertical of that niche to something more narrow like “vegan cooking for diabetics”.

Next, you’ll research the niche of your choice to see what kinds of affiliate products are available and what price points those products are at.

I recommend that you choose something that you already know or currently using. This way, it will be easier for you to make content about it, and you can help your audience better.

If you choose products you haven’t used or tried, it’s okay as long as you will be doing extensive research about it.  You want to choose products that are:

  • in the price range of $50 – $200
  • membership or subscription type so you can earn recurring commissions without doing more work
  • digital products as they offer you higher commission rates

Once you have your niche, your affiliate products, then it’s time to build your content and building content starts with knowing what your audience is searching.

If you know what they are searching for, then you can write an article in that particular subject and offer valuable information for the people in your niche.

The most effective way to attract more prospects is by being helpful. You can achieve this by providing them with useful content and engaging with them.

Always update your blog with fresh and helpful content to entice your readers to come back regularly.

Engaging with your target audience can be done in several ways. It can be through your comments section by always replying to their questions and concerns.

It can also be through your social media accounts. You can join Facebook groups or participate in Facebook pages and discussions. When someone asks something, you can jump in and answer them.

Once you have established enough trust by providing value to your visitors, then that’s when they’ll start clicking on your affiliate links and that’s how you’ll get paid to write articles online on your own blog!

You’re really going to love to work from home as a blogger.

This is actually what I do, I make a 4 digit monthly online income from my blog and I didn’t know how to do this on my own, no way.

I got help, I learned how to build this blog and make money from it from this affiliate marketing training platform here.


Getting Training Is Necessary

Thumbs UpTo be completely honest with you, affiliate marketing may be the most effective way to get paid to write articles online and work from home, but it’s harder than it seems.

I tried doing affiliate marketing on my own before years ago, 2011/2012 around there, and I failed miserably because I didn’t know what I was doing.

That’s why in 2016, when I wanted to try affiliate marketing again, I wanted to do it right and I wanted help.

Yes, you can learn a lot through Google search, but not everything you need to know about affiliate marketing will be provided to you freely.

Also, why jump all over the place when you don’t even know if the info you’re getting is correct or obsolete.

When you get training, you’ll learn all the things that you need to know in this business in an organized path for you to follow, not only about content writing, but using SEO strategies that you’ll need to know to get traffic and so much more about affiliate marketing.

You can check out my free guide here, so you can check out the training platform I use.

It’s the platform that has helped me get to where I am now, so I’m hoping that you’d give it a try.

They have helped me become a Super Affiliate and given me online success that I’ve worked for so long.

I learned a lot from it and you will surely too, not just about how to get paid to write articles online and work from home, but how to make your affiliate marketing business thrive in a very competitive industry.


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If you have any questions about writing jobs, affiliate marketing, and anything about working from home, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below! I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now

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