13 Types of Things To Write About On A Blog

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13 Types Of Blog Posts To Write AboutAre you often having writer’s block?  Fear not, here are 13 types of things to write about on a blog that you can keep in mind for your next writing day.

If you have this list of post types for your blog, then you will have an easier time knowing how to choose what to write about, especially when you have a writing schedule.

I will also let you know several ways on how to find topics to write about as ideas are all around us.

So let’s get to it with the follow:




No matter what topic or niche you’re writing about, I believe these 13 types of posts will apply.

Just know that you may be more comfortable with one type over another but with 13 types, you will always have something to write about! 🙂

  1. Lists – This post you’re reading is a list type of post.  In this type of post, you are writing about a list of something which could be a Top 5 or 10 post, or Best of, or Types of things.  People love reading about lists because it’s easily formatted, quick, and straight to the point.
  2. Post Series – You may have a series of posts on a big topic.  A topic that can take several posts to finish so you can be teaching someone how to do something in different steps or a story that has 2 or more parts to it.  It can also be something you’re describing, a topic so big that you can break it down into several posts.
  3. Social Media – With these days, social media is all the buzz, so you can give updates about your social media status, or what others are saying, or a round up of what the latest buzz is on a certain topic in your niche.
  4. Motivational – Everyone can use a pick me up once in a while so having one of these posts maybe once a month would be worth a shot.  You never know who you’ll affect and something you say may give someone hope to do better.
  5. Personal – This kind of post is directly about you.  If you have a personal blog already, this may be a little hard, but you can always get more personal.  For my, I use a category called My Ramblings to talk about my personal, family, and work life.
  6. Reports – Think of these posts as progress reports on something you’re working on.  For me, I use Income Reports about how I’m doing with this blog which is very different than what I talk about in My Ramblings about my work life.
  7. Case Studies – Who doesn’t love to read about a case study?  I love following case studies to see how things go with a certain situation or experiment.  I think they are interesting and you get to see the results from the goal you’re trying to achieve in the case study.
  8. Interviews – I need to start doing this type of post myself.  This is a great way to fill up a post fast because most of this post is pretty much written up by the person who you’re interviewing.  There are always people you can interview in any niche.  Just reach out and you never know who you’ll get, you can even get your idol one day!
  9. How To’s – The top reason why people go on search engines is to find a solutions on how to do something.  Whether it be how to fix this or that, how to do increase/decrease something, or how to make something, you can offer a lot of solutions in your niche.
  10. Tips & Tricks – Who doesn’t love learning about life hacks, right?  If you can offer tips and tricks to make people’s life easier, this would a great post for your readers.  These are little things you can offer that makes doing something a little easier.
  11. Videos or Podcasts – This post can include a video or podcast instead of a long written post that you make yourself.  Or, you can have a post of different videos or podcasts you’ve found that would benefit your audience so they don’t have to search them out.
  12. Product Reviews – Writing about products could be a great way to not only help your readers but also to make money from your blog.  If you use affiliate products, you can earn a commission when someone buys from your recommendation.  You can compare two products and give your opinion which is better so you can educate your audience.
  13. Sponsored Posts – These posts are different than #11 because these posts focus on one product and it’s usually paid for by the company who made the product.  If you have good traffic to your blog, this is another great way to earn money from your blog.  Sometimes companies will reach out to you or you will have to go out and ask for sponsorship.


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With a list of different types of post you could use, you will have less problems figuring out how to choose what to write because you’re going to plan it all on your writing schedule.

Having a writing schedule, you’re able to plan out the different types of posts you should have and that’s already a big start on knowing what to write.

Writing Schedule on Google SheetsFor example, assuming you write five days a week, week 1 can be planned with these 5 posts:

  • Day 1 – Lists
  • Day 2 – Social Media
  • Day 3 – Motivational
  • Day 4 – How To
  • Day 5 – Product review

Week 2 can have the following posts:

  • Day 1 – Post series 1
  • Day 2 – Post series 2
  • Day 3 – Post series 3
  • Day 4 – How To
  • Day 5 – Personal

I think you get the idea and if you want, you can do certain types of posts only once a month like the Report, Personal, and Sponsored Posts.

Easy Blog Post Schedule TemplateThe other types like How To’s, Product Reviews, and Tips & Tricks could be weekly since you may have more to offer in these areas.

Whatever you do, planning out the posts will be a huge stress reliever on figuring out what to write.  I know it’s been less stressful for me every since I started a writing schedule.

For more details on how to create a writing schedule, you can see this post here which has a video to explain how I do it and you can use my template. 🙂



How To Find Topics To Write About

You can literally find topics to write about all around you.  You don’t need to look that hard or go that far, so here are some suggestions for you.

Ideas on How To Find Topics To Write About

Your House:

First, start with your house, whatever niche you picked for your blog, it must be something that you love or have an interest in, so your house must have something that has to do with that niche that can give you ideas.

For example, if your blog is about mountain biking, start with all the different equipment you use for it that you have in your house.  You’ll have your bike to talk about, the tires you use, the reflectors, the helmet, the clothes you wear when you bike, the gloves, etc.  This can also be extended to where you bike locally, what days, what time, what kind of weather is best for it, etc.



Secondly, you can look for books in your niche to give you ideas.  Books are awesome because they all have a table of contents.  Go through the table of contents to give you tons of ideas of things to write about.

Just think of all the different types of books too in your niche.  There are how to books, enthusiasts, guides, stories, and so much more.  You can get many ideas from books which you don’t even have to read.  Just look at titles and table of contents.



Thirdly, other blogs in your niche can also give you tons of ideas.  I’m not saying to copy them, you’ll get penalized by search engines anyway if you do.  Again, you don’t have to even read the actual posts, just look at the titles of their posts and you can already drum up your own spin.

This is also a good way find out if you’re missing anything from your blog.  If you have a vegan blog, there may be another vegan blog using an ingredient you haven’t thought of yet.  With that one ingredient, you can now probably come up with several posts on that one ingredient like recipes, benefits of using it, or where to find and buy it.


Social Media & News Outlets:

Finally, the last places I’ll suggest are your social media and news outlets.  There are many stories out there to share and anything relevant are shared first on either social media or in the news.  This is a great way for your blog to stay relevant and be in the know.

You can also get news alerts set up so whenever a story that has your keywords for your niche, then you’ll get them in your inbox right away.




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6 thoughts on “13 Types of Things To Write About On A Blog”

  1. Great post Grace! This post is so informative and so detailed. Every dedicated blogger struggles with topics at some point because we are constantly writing new posts and it’s hard to keep the ideas coming. I just recently started writing lists and people are really loving them!
    Thank you for the post!

    • Awesome to hear Olivia, so glad you like the ideas I have here. Yes, everyone loves lists because it’s easy to read and you get a lot of information with this kind of post.

      People do struggle with what to write so I hope this list of things to write about will help others jog some ideas. 🙂

      Best of luck to you!

  2. Ahh! I would love to have interviews on my blog. I don’t want just any person, though. There is a small group of entrepreneurs who I would love to interview and have on my blog. People that have risen to the top of different niches and started from nothing. They have some powerful stories and I would love to consolidate all of them into my blog for my readers!

    How much traffic to my website should I have before I ask them? How should I go about asking them?

    • Hi Kurtis, Yes, the interviewing idea is a great one for anyone to have on their blog. You can probably go about asking when your blog is at least six months old and have around 150 – 200 visits a day. I’m only guessing here, so you can try before that too. I’m sure those entrepreneurs would be able to tell anyway if you’re not telling the truth about your blog stats.

      You would approach them by telling them you’ll love to feature them for your “_________” Series and how they would totally fit and why they would be a great candidate.

      Best of luck to you!

  3. According to okodork by analyzing 100 millions post they found list posts and infoghrapics get more share on social media,

    It means, list posts generates best result and people love to read and as you have said list post are straight to the point.

    It was a nice read, enjoyed.

    • Hi Zada, That’s very true what you said about lists posts and infographics as well. I haven’t been able to create any infographics yet and the ones I’ve seen are very nice and I’m not sure I’ll be able to replicate such quality yet. However, they get shared like crazy, especially on Pinterest.

      I love Lists posts because it’s easy to write about for me and easy to read for my readers. It’s also a quick read too which people like.

      Thanks for visiting!


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