What Is CB Passive Income About And Why You Need To Stay Away

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If you’re wondering what is CB Passive Income about and not sure if you should buy into this program, then let me tell you the truth about how this works and why you need to stay far away from this as you can!

There are many versions of this and this post is specifically for CB Passive Income 4.0 launched in January 2017.

To someone new to internet marketing, this program sounds great because everything is “done for you” but I must reveal what this really means and how it will affect your online endeavors.


CB Passive Income 4.0 for 2017 Logo

Here are the ways I’ll explain this program to you:



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The official name:  The CB Passive Income License Program 4.0

Launched: January, 2017

Creator:  Patric Chan (not a spelling error, he doesn’t spell Patrick with ‘k” at the end)

Website: cbpassiveincome.com

This is program that allows you to “clone” his internet marketing system that promotes Clickbank digital products.

Patric offers you to use his marketing system to make affiliate commissions for yourself on auto-pilot.  He claims that all you have to do is give away his free products or courses and he’ll do all the work for you after that.

You are hoping that when you give away his free product or course, people will subscribe to an email list via an optin page.  After they subscribe, Patric will do all the work for you.

Then, you sit back and collect affiliate commissions.  Sounds too good to be true?  Let’s take a closer look.




This program works in three steps:


Once you sign up with the program, you enter your information on a form in his marketing system to create your “secret page” (Patric refers your optin/landing page as a “secret page”).  The “secret page” that is generated will have your affiliate link.  This will be the URL and web page you’ll be promoting.

There is no secret to the “secret page” as everyone who joins gets the same page.

CB Passive Income Step 1



After you have your web page, you will promote that page using free and paid traffic to drive people to it.  The web page will tell people what they will get for free if they optin and subscribe to the email list.

CB Passive Income Step 2

After people optin and subscribe, Patric Chan will start sending them emails that will be monetized with your affiliate link in it.  The emails will all be branded with and sent under Patric Chan’s name.  He makes this part sound like he’s doing you a favor using his name.



You will then collect affiliate commissions as people buy from the emails sent by Patric because the emails will have your affiliate links in it so everything bought from people will be tracked back to you.

CB Passive Income Step 3


This sounds awesome right because Patric will be doing all the things you won’t need to do like:

CB Passive Income Imagine What You Won't Need To Do List

All you have to do is send traffic to your “secret page” and then sit back and make money.  When it sounds too good to be true, it is.  Read on!




CB Passive Income PricingThey have a weird program cost structure:

  • $47/month OR
  • $97 one time payment

Plus other upsells like if you want those emails that you collected, it’s going to cost you.

Why he has these options for payment is that he knows you won’t stay with him longer than two months.  That’s why the one time payment is about the same as two months’ worth of the monthly cost.

Although, he has a 30 day guarantee and can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied.


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The many things Patric won’t tell you on his sales page:

    1. Getting traffic is the hardest part of this business – in fact, it’s the hardest part of any online or offline business because without it, your are dead in the water.
    2. Free traffic is hard as well unless you already have a huge following on your social media accounts – if you don’t have a huge following, it’ll take you months to build.
    3. You won’t own the email list you’re building – everything will be branded with Patric Chan’s name so even if you buy the upsell and get access to the emails you’ve built, you’ll have a hard time convincing people that they are on YOUR list.  People will immediately opt out thinking you stole Patric’s list.
    4. Everyone else will have the same “secret page” as you – anything done-for-you is not good because that means everyone who buys this program will all have the same web page as you.  How will you differentiate yourself?  You’ll definitely not get any organic traffic as Google penalizes sites and pages with duplicate content.
    5. You won’t know what are in the emails he’s sending – will you know what’s in those emails Patric sends out?  Nope.  You won’t know what kind of products he’ll be promoting and if they’re from Clickbank, it’s most likely low quality.
    6. You won’t know how many affiliate links in those emails are yours – because you can’t see those emails, you won’t know if he’s actually sending your affiliate links out or his own links.
    7. You won’t know how many emails are sent in a month – will you know if he’s sending enough emails a month?  No again.
    8. You can’t change anything in the emails or pick what products you want to be sent to your email list – You will have absolutely no control over your list and what exposure they will have.
    9. You can’t change anything or customize your “secret page” – You won’t be able to brand yourself and make it look like the page is yours.
    10. Paid traffic is very expensive if the sales page you have doesn’t convert – one customer complained about buying 14,000 clicks ($0.40 – $1.10 per click) and still didn’t get one sale and he was in the program for several months.

CB Passive Income Customer Complaint

Of the 14,000 clicks only 159 opted in the list and nobody bought anything!

CB Passive Income Customer Complaint 14,000 Clicks & No Sale


Other red flags I want to point out:

  • Training is super light: Can be finished in a day or two with no continued training of fresh ideas or topics.
  • Paid traffic is not for newbies: He aims this program at new people coming into the internet marketing industry and paying for traffic is very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Support is by email and don’t have a community to network with:  Any questions you have will not be addressed in a timely manner.
  • Facebook group he has is not active nor engaging.
  • You don’t own your own business:  You work for Patric and you are paying HIM to work for him and build HIS list.  This is the worst thing about this program!!




If you truly want to build an online business, there’s a much better place where you can:

  • Own & build your own website;
  • Enjoy included high security hosting for your sites;
  • Customize & design it as your heart wants;
  • Brand yourself in the online space;
  • Own your own email list if you wish to build one;
  • Learn how to use affiliate marketing to monetize your website;
  • Learn how to build your website;
  • Learn how to write content that brings in FREE organic traffic;
  • Learn from a very active community where you an get help instantly;
  • Learn from two main courses and weekly video training for fresh topics;
  • and much more!


The awesome place where you can do all the above at is called Wealthy Affiliate (<< read my full review)!  They specialize in training people on building online businesses with the affiliate marketing model.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to build a true passive income stream and not have to spend thousands of dollars in product development or buying inventory.  You just promote other people’s products on your website by recommending them to your readers.

You will gain knowledge on how to write your recommendations and how to find high converting keywords that will bring free organic search traffic from search engines like Google.

You will be building a true online business that is 100% owned by you.  You will be able to choose the topic of your website, one that you’re passionate about, and have full control of your business.

Best of all, you can start for FREE as they have two membership options.  You can test drive the platform for the first 7 days, and if you don’t feel like upgrading then you stay a free member for as long as you want.  You’ll be able to upgrade later too if you wish.


Let’s take a quick comparison of the two programs:


You will find so much more details about this platform in my full, detailed review of Wealthy Affilaite, just click the green button above.




Buying into CB Passive Income 4.0 will not get you an online business, you will be paying Patric to help him build his email list.  Kind of smart of him but that’s the biggest scam if you ask me.

Wealthy Affiliate is the honest choice, and you will be in full control of your online business.  You will learn so much from their step-by-step training and have an active community to lean on if you ever need help.

I cannot say enough about the members in there because I get to learn so much from them.  I recently improved my site speed score from low 40’s to the 90’s if it wasn’t for a member letting me know about my low site speed score!

I’ve been a member there since September 2016 and have an annual membership.  I will be there for many years to come as I want to keep building my online business with the help of not only the community but also the owners of Wealthy Affiliate too!

Kyle & Carson are the most genuine people who care about their members as they continually update and improve the platform for us.

I hope to see you on the inside and make the best decision for yourself!



Let’s make money online!

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10 thoughts on “What Is CB Passive Income About And Why You Need To Stay Away”

  1. Yikes! You give a pretty comprehensive list of reasons to consider other options, and they’re all good reasons, Grace. That’s a very thorough review, clear and easy to read and understand. I hope it helps the people that are doing their diligence before they jump into something simply believing what they “hope” is true.
    Great work. Keep it up!

    • Hi Kevin, Thank you for your lovely comment and yes that program is not good at all. Patric Chan is making it sound like the easiest part is for you to get the people to subscribe when in fact that’s the hardest and most expensive part.

      As well, you won’t own that list! That’s the whole point of building a list so you can send them emails the way you want it but you have zero control over that.

      Stay clear away from this CB Passive Income!! Wealthy Affiliate is a better option if you want to learn how to make money online, legitimately and you’ll own everything you build! All efforts are directly put into your own business.

      Thanks for visiting and your kind words!

  2. Grace, I thank you for the warning about this scam artist, Patric Chan minus the K. Same ole ‘get rich quick’ scheme with a little different twist. Actually, a very good twist because as you said, it looks like Mr. Chan is doing all the work for you. All you do is send him the clientele and he sends you affiliate commissions. He doesn’t tell his victims (affiliates) that the most expensive part of this whole operation is the “getting traffic”. I can’t believe that people fall for this con. But then again, when I was first getting started I also fell prey to the “get rich quick” scheme.
    The moral of the story….. When it sounds too good to be true, then walk away. In the case of Mr. Chan, as you said, “Run away!”

    • Yup, that’s his scam, Kenneth, glad you see that too! This is truly one of those programs that make you think you have the easy part of the deal, but in fact, you are doing all the leg work to build HIS list.

      When he uses his name and brand to send out those emails, you’re pretty much screwed. The done-for-you pages are awful too. You will never get organic traffic with that crap.

      Yes, stay away people from Patric Chan! You’re better off building a real online business with Wealthy Affiliate, read all about it here!

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. Thank you SO much for this valuable information. I have seen this program around for many months now and have always been interested to see how it works.

    You have done a lot of reviews on these type of systems, so I will take your word for it that it doesn’t actually work as good as they claim it to.

    So they claim that it’s as simple as sending traffic to your “secret page” and making money? Well this is simply not the case as you have clearly stated.

    I’m all for exposing scams, and you have done just that! I also like your alternative – the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s good to see in the comparison table that WA completely dominates CB passive income.

    Great review as always, and keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Brandon, always to a pleasure to have return visitors! πŸ™‚

      Yes I have to continually expose these programs because a lot of people who are beginners at making money online will not know the difference and fall for these scams. I need to let people know what to look out for and what makes a good opportunity.

      My opinion is always well researched and honest.

      I hope you will stay away from these weak programs and stick with good ones like Wealthy Affiliate.

      Have a great day!

  4. Awesome review. I have had this product (older version) and you are right, their system was a scam! I couldn’t get access to the subscribers I paid for unless I pay them even more money. It was such a waste of money and time!!

    • Thanks for your confirmation on this nonsense program! I hope you will try Wealthy Affiliate instead as it is 100% legitimate to teach you really how to make money online and not working for them. You will be in charge of your own online business and customize as you please! You will be in full control and learning so much!

      Best of luck to you in the future,

  5. Thank you Very Much for the honest look into this. It’s great to see that there is legitimate business out there but you have also shown that this is not the greatest opportunity in the world, even though, Patric has great credentials.


    • You’re very welcome and glad I can help.

      You’ll have a much better chance at succeeding if could build your own online business which is what I did back in Sep/16 and now making a 4 digit online income with. You can use the same training I did to learn how to build it, see my free guide here for all info.

      Best of luck to you!


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