Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It in 2019? $40K Results!

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heckyesLast updated: April 4, 2019

In two words:  HECK YES!  This post will tell you, in my honest opinion,  why Wealthy Affiliate is so worth it!

Okay, maybe you want more than the “Heck Yes!” two words.  LOL  I can use those two words because I’m a Premium member since September 2016, so I can tell you first hand why I love learning at Wealthy Affiliate and what it is all about.


I’ve Been Where You Are

I know there are a lot of online scams out there and you are searching to see whether this is the real deal.

I hear you, I’ve been there!

When I first found Wealthy Affiliate, I knew right away it was the right place for me because I’ve been buying the worse products that give false hopes and have been scammed enough times to know the real deal when I see it.

I was certainly relieved and happy when I found Wealthy Affiliate, a training platform that offers much more than their two main courses.

My review below will show you that this training platform is like no other, and I know you will see the value in it if you want to build an online business like I have.

This website is the result of their training and I know you can build one too in the topic/niche of your choosing that you’re passionate about.  They have all the training and business tools for you to use to make it happen!

It’s up to you to use their training and take action!  See success stories and much more below to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.


Here is how I’ll walk you through this review:



My 2018 RESULTS ARE IN! $40K!

I have full access to the site so let me take this time to give you a full tour of the platform so you can see for yourself how much you can learn there as well as enjoying being in an awesome active community!

With Wealthy Affiliate’s training, I was able to become one of their Super Affiliates in 2018 which I got to attend the Jan/19 Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference, which was totally paid for by them!

I was the only female Super Affiliate there, and a bunch of guys… so ladies, get to it!!  See my full video reel of the Super Affiliate Vegas conference here.

Hope you’ll enjoy this video:

If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and of course:





Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform where you can learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing, step-by-step!

Remember my goal for this website here is to create passive income?  That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate will teach you:

  • Learn how to build a website from zero knowledge
  • Build a foundation for your website
  • Teach you how to write high converting content
  • Teach you how to get traffic to your website
  • Monetizing your website
  • How to scale your business to make more money
  • And much more…


The platform takes you from the very beginning stages all the way through to making money online.

You can imagine how many steps there are in between those two points of any online business and Wealthy Affiliate takes you through each step with easy to follow training materials and tasks at the end of each lesson that you can take action on with your website.

You can do the lessons at your own pace and be able to build your website along side while you learn.

Not only do they have the best training in the industry which I’ll talk about more below but they have highest quality web hosting optimized for your WordPress websites that’s included with your membership!

You can get two free sites using their Site Rubix website builder to start your online business with.

Creating a website is fast and simple at Wealthy Affiliate which you won’t need to know any coding!

See how I create a website with Wordpress installed and have it live on the internet in less than a minute in a video shown here!  That’s the power of Wealthy Affiliate’s website builder!

Try and create a website in less than a minute for yourself now with this:


At Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn everything about building an affiliate marketing online business:

  • How it works;
  • How to build your website;
  • Where to find affiliate products;
  • How to use affiliate links and affiliate programs;
  • How to use keywords to get your websites ranked on search engines like Google;
  • How to convert your readers to customers;
  • How to make money with affiliate marketing!

As you go through my post below, you will see the amount of high quality training and tools you’ll get at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will have everything you’ll ever need on that one platform to succeed in your new online business!




The Two Main Courses:

 1)  Online Entrepreneur Certification5 Levels10 Lessons in each level.  This course is for anyone who wants to pursue their own chosen niche.

You’ll be able to build your business on a topic you love and passionate about.  You’ll learn from the 5 levels how to build your website in an organized, systematic manner, step-by-step and at your own pace!

The Best Training On Affiliate Marketing Is The Online Entrepreneur Certification course


2)  Affiliate Bootcamp7 Phases – 10 Lessons in each level.  This course is for anyone who wants to pursue the make money online niche, promoting Wealthy Affiliate or other make money online products.  For a full review of this course, read this post here.


The great thing about these two main courses are the tasks in each lesson.  You are able to take action on your website side by side with your lesson so you can apply what you learned right away.

If you don’t take action, then how will you remember what to do right?  What better way to learn how to build your website than doing it while you’re going through the courses?!

The courses are systematically laid out in an organized and logically manner to help you build your site out correctly and properly from the beginning.

That’s why it’s advised not to skip around the lessons or skip tasks – or else, many have had to re-do their site and start over, or go back and do what they were supposed to do a few lessons ago.

So, take it from me, you do not want to skip anything… just go through the lessons as organized and learn the process of how to build a foundation for your online business.


Classrooms and Live Video Training:

13 Classrooms | Work Anywhere Now

If the two main courses aren’t enough training, then they also have these 11 other Classrooms for more lessons on specific topics, see image on the left.

Yes, if you count them, there are 13 Classrooms in all but the first two Classrooms are the two main courses I mentioned above.

All these Classrooms and training are at your own pace, you don’t have to worry about too fast, too slow, which is great for someone like me who really needs to absorb the information.


Live Training at Wealthy Affiliate | Work Anywhere NowIf that’s still not enough training, then they have over 200 Weekly Live Video Training classes on various topics that you can watch on demand if you missed the live class, each an hour to an hour and a half long.

The Weekly Live Class training videos take place each Friday which you can attend live online, but you can also view them when the replay is available usually about 24 hours after the live broadcast.

With the replay, you can view them again and again on demand, which I love because I can never really make it to the live broadcast.  See samples of the video topics on the image to the right.

Attending the webinars live is great too because you get to interact with the webinar host, Jay, and get your questions asked in the webinar, as well as mingling with your fellow members.




YES, absolutely!  You know why?  The owners are always updating their training to reflect what’s going on in the online business world!

You will not be learning from old techniques or techniques that are squashed from Google updates.  Their training is always evolving and changing with the times so that’s another great reason why I love this platform.

The owners really care about YOUR success and are always making sure you have the most up-to-date training to build your online business with.  They are also adding new features every year to make sure you have the latest and greatest tools to build your websites with.

You will not find another caring group of people at Wealthy Affiliate, from new members to old members to owners, everyone there is willing to help answer any questions you may have.

The support is unbelievable and I wouldn’t be able to do it otherwise if it weren’t for all the help I get there.

Simply, their training works because they know how the internet works and how the process of making money online works.

They show you how to take advantage of of this process and use it to make money for yourself through affiliate marketing.

You won’t find the amount of business tools, the kind of state of art web hosting, and unbelievable support in any other training platform, and they offer a free membership too to check everything out before buying!

You really can’t beat free, and this free membership comes with a LOT if you see below.




This one member, Branton (@bthiel) made almost $9K in December 2016!  He didn’t even do any social media, PPC, or anything else but writing content the way it’s taught at Wealthy Affiliate.  See his full story by clicking on the image below:

A Wealthy Affiliate Member Makes Almost $9K in ONE Month


Here’s another member Dom (@DomW), he accounts his 3 year journey at Wealthy Affiliate in this post he wrote on the platform.

It took him 3 years to get to $10K a month, and he even gives us an account of how this site has grown from the very beginning to the $10K month, click on image below to read his whole story:

DomW's success story at Wealthy Affiliate


This is Josh (@Josh from Oz) who made an astonishing $13,325 last December 2016 from his niche websites using just Amazon Associates affiliate program and he built those websites strictly from learning the techniques taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

In his journey, this is not a short term thing, it took him 4 years to get to this point but only because he had to take some time off from his business here and there, so he really only spent 2+ years to get to this point.

Josh From Oz Earnings for Dec 2016


Another Wealthy Affiliate member, Vitaliy (@VitaliyG) shows us that it’s more than possible to make a full time income with the training there with his earnings report for 2015 (and it only increases year after year!):

VitaliyG's income proof


As you can see, sky’s the limit* if you want it bad enough and the training at Wealthy Affiliate will get you there!

Need more success stories?  There are so many more examples of success stories and how long people have taken to get there on the platform that I’ve compiled a huge list of success stories here if you want to check out more.



This is training to learn how to build your website and your online business from the ground up.  This is NOT a get rich quick scheme and that is why it takes time to build it.

Your hard work and effort is crucial here and that is why I recommend this training only for those who are serious about making money online and will put in the necessary commitment to achieve goals that we see above.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you are training to build a long lasting business that can generate free organic search traffic from your own content and earn passive income for many years to come.

I strongly believe, and trust me I’ve searched high and low, that Wealthy Affiliate have the best training in building this online affiliate marketing business!  And it’s up to YOU to learn the training and take action on your website. πŸ™‚




There are TWO membership options:

Starter Membership | Work Anywhere Now1) Free STARTER Membership (Sign up HERE):

How does FREE sound?  Yes you can test drive this platform and check it all out without paying a penny or submitting your credit card information with the Free Starter membership.

You get to check out the entire Level 1 with 10 lessons each of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp courses.

You will also receive some of the Premium features for the first 7 days like using the Live Chat and 1-on-1 Coaching.

The best thing about the Free Starter membership is that you also receive TWO FREE WEBSITES!

You can start building the foundation of your websites without paying a dime which are hosted right on the Wealthy Affiliate platform so you don’t even have to pay hosting fees like when you have to build a website on your own.

You can stay as a Starter member for as long as you want but not sure how you will achieve your online goals without the rest of the training.

However, you can earn money on the free Starter membership too, it will just take you a lot longer to figure it all out on your own without the rest of the training.


2) PREMIUM Membership (Sign up HERE):

When you’re ready to get serious and want to make money from your websites, you can easily upgrade to a Premium membership and transfer those two free websites to your own domain seamlessly within the platform.

Premium Membership | Work Anywhere NowPremium membership costs $49/month, $234/6-month(works out to $39/month), or $359/year (works out to $29.92/month) but what opens up to you is a wealth of training, classrooms, and all the higher level courses.

Not only that, you’ll be able to make your website more professionally with your own domain with included hosting and learn about how to monetize and get traffic for your website!  You can host up to 50 websites with this membership!

I pretty much upgraded to Premium right away and now enjoying the many lessons that’s opened up to me to learn from!

I will go into the Premium features in more detail now:




  • All levels of the two main courses – if you want to succeed it’s crucial to get access to all levels as there are critical techniques taught in there that will help you get massive traffic to your blog website.
  • Weekly Live Webinars – with instant replays (over 200 past videos to learn from as of this post)
  • All Classrooms – So many discussions are in these classrooms where many questions have been answered before so you can start a new discussion or just learn from past discussions.
  • All Trainings Created by Members – Premium members have the ability to create trainings as well to help members in the community with tips and tricks in the industry.  Some of these trainings are only for Premium members, so you’ll have full access to these.



  • Live Chat – Love the live chat feature.  No other training platform has this feature to get help instantly!  It’s pretty awesome as members are from all around the world so there will always someone around to answer your questions.
  • Easy Site Transfer to New Domain Name – Bought a domain but want to change it?  No problem, the platform can switch your old site from the old domain to the new domain in a few clicks and you’re done!
  • Unlimited Keyword Search Tool – This is crucial to one of the techniques taught in the lessons for keyword research and the metrics taught in the lessons are in this tool as well.
  • Private one-on-one messaging – You can get private coaching from the many members on the platform as well as contacting the owners Kyle & Carson directly.  Many other training programs charge hundreds of dollars for this kind of access!
  • Personal Blog – You will have the ability to blog on the Wealthy Affiliate platform if you wish.  This is a great way for members to learn about each other, get to know one another, and discuss successes & strategies.
  • Ability to Earn Money on the Platform in Different Ways – As a Premium member, you’ll have more ways to earn on platform, not just being an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.



Premium membership also includes high quality hosting for your sites too!

Their highly secured servers will have your websites protected and running fast.  Your websites will also be backed up everyday with full redundancy.

You will be able to enjoy extra features at NO EXTRA COST like:

  • 25 Free SiteRubix & 25 Custom Domain Sites – Your sites will be hosted on WordPress optimized servers which will be ready for your blogs!
  • Private Registration – No one will be able to look up your personal information when they look up your domain.
  • SSL Certificates – Having your domain with a https:// in the beginning will signal to everyone that it’s a more secured site and will rank better on search engines.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts – Having custom email address on your domain will help gain trust from your readers and keep you looking professional.

These web hosting features are usually extra costs in other web hosting plans which will put you way over the Premium membership fees.  See full details of their hosting services and comparisons here.

Their Site Support department is quick and so responsive that any problems you’ll have with your site can be taken care of very fast.

With the amount of features and training available, the Premium membership price is way less than if these courses were available elsewhere and certainly other training platforms will not have everything that Wealthy Affiliate has.


*BONUS PACKAGE: for Action Takers who upgrade to Premium!*

See “Closing Thoughts” below for details.


Here’s a quick comparison of the two membership options:

It’s really a no-brainer to upgrade if you’re serious about making money online!  This is a place where you can truly learn how to do that, at your own pace, with easy to follow lessons and tasks.

You won’t find this information anywhere else where it’s logically organized, step-by-step how to build out your website, and learn in-depth strategies to get your website to start making money!

Just a reminder: there’s a small fee to buy your own domain, and this is true regardless where you go as domain registrations are always separate.  Domain registrations can be done on their platform or elsewhere and still host at Wealthy Affiliate.

Besides getting your own domain name, there’s no other costs or upsells but the Premium membership cost.  Save a bundle and go annual like I did!





A frank conversation you don’t want to miss with me,
the only FEMALE Super Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.




  • You won’t have to feel alone
  • Doing what you love
  • Success is yours


You Won’t Have to Feel Alone

Support | Work Anywhere NowOne of the biggest benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is their very active community.  You have beginners, experts and everyone in between at your fingertips and you’ll be surrounded with like minded people!  This kind of environment is so awesome because you will feel supported and know that you never have to get stuck in your process.

You also learn so much from other members which is a benefit not always considered in programs.  I’ve literally learn tricks and tips from members every time I’m in there, it’s really incredible to experience!

Need blog comments?  No problem, there are tons of people waiting to help you out!

While in this community, you’ll feel motivated, encouraged, and most of all confident that you’ll reach your goals.  This is the best support in a learning environment I’ve ever experienced, everyone is happy for you when you succeed and everyone is helpful when you’ve hit bumps in the road.

I’ve also done this alone before in 2011 and didn’t quite work out, but now I’m on a path that is one way to success!


Doing What You Love

Do What You Love | Work Anywhere NowIsn’t this what life is about?  If this is what you truly want to do and want to make money online, don’t you owe it to yourself to check out this incredible opportunity?

You can build ANY website on topics that you are passionate about.  You can turn a hobby or a topic you love, into a full blown online business!  This platform will help you do that.

I really want the laptop lifestyle and create passive income so I can have free time with my family and enjoy my life!  What do you really want?  Write it down and Wealthy Affiliate can help you get there!


Success Is Yours

Success Is YOURS | Work Anywhere NowThat’s correct, success is yours if you want it!  With all the support and training at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have the best chance to build a successful online business.  But, remember one thing, you’re the only one that can take action in your road to success.

So if you follow the courses laid out in this awesome platform, you can build your own online business!  If you ask questions when you’re stuck and take action on the tasks after each lesson, you will get answers and continue building the online business you want!

The success stories* I’ve shown you above can be your story.  You just have to want it bad enough to give it your all and learn what you need to do to make money online.

If you’re on this website and want to be successful at making money online, then you must check out Wealthy Affiliate!




Do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to others?

A strong YES.  You will not find any comparable platform anywhere else on the internet.  I only wished I found this years ago!

Remember I’ve been there since Sep ’16 and I have the experience to help you through your journey with my personal attention.

You will be able to make an online living like me from home or anywhere you wish to work by following the training at Wealthy Affiliate.


Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

A strong NO.  This platform is furthest from a scam!

You will receive so many training lessons, a lot of classrooms to learn from, live webinars, best website hosting, and a vast community ready to help you, this is what you’re paying for.

You can start your online venture for free so you can be sure you have the time to check out all the bells and whistles before you commit to any payment plan.


Where do you sign up?

Start your new life right here:

Sign Up at Wealthy Affiliate Button

I’ll be there to help you every step of the way!  You’ll have my attention and access to me anytime, you will not be alone.

You’ll also have the support of a vast community who are just like you who want a better life for themselves!

BONUS PACKAGE: Once you’ve opened a free Starter account, I will be delivering to you your bonus package!  This package will be available for action takers only and will help you take your online business to the next level!  See you on the inside! πŸ™‚



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




50 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It in 2019? $40K Results!”

  1. Hey, there Grace

    I have to congratulate you on your hard work. You present Wealthy Affiliate as it really is, amazing. When I took the liberty and sign- up I became a Premium Member after a couple of months.

    I have not regretted my decision since that day. I always remind myself that if I work hard I will earn what I deserve. So should everyone. There are is no fast money here.

    Thank you for the great information. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for your kind words! So appreciate you stopping by! I totally agree with you that it takes hard work to be successful and that there really no such thing as fast money in honest business. I wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate much earlier in my online experience but it’s definitely better late than never. πŸ™‚ I wish you much success in your online ventures!

      Take care,

      • Hi Mary, at Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn to build a website like mine but on any topic you want to make money from using affiliate marketing which is the process of earning a commission from generating new sales for promoting other people’s products.

        Please let me know what else you’re confused about if you have more questions. πŸ™‚

  2. HI Grace

    Thank you for your review on Wealthy Affiliate. I like your writing approach with clear information on what it is all about. What an amazing community they have there.

    It was a pleasure to read.

    All the best.


    • Hi Jo,

      Thank you for giving us your thoughts and for your wonderful words! It is an amazing community and everyone is always very helpful. I love that there are also so many experts around to ask questions to. I hope you are having fun there as well! Wishing you all the best in your online business!

      Keep in touch,

  3. I like your sense of humor. I agree with you on everything in this blog. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 4 months and I am having fun learning the how-tos. I like your positive energy, it is the same at WA, the community is so light and friendly. With some work and a positive attitude, there is no limit.

    Nice to meet you, Grace.


    • Thank you Angela, your sweet words are so appreciated! I just can’t help myself when talking about things I love! πŸ™‚ It’s just easy and flows out of me. There’s definitely work to be done, and if you’re consistent with it, you’ll reap the rewards! It’s very nice to meet you too Angela… I wish you much success in yours!

      Take care,

  4. Hi Grace,

    A great congratulations! You did such a good job =)
    You explained very well what’s Wealthy Affiliate and the benefits of being a member! I’m glad to be at Wealthy Affiliate because I’ve learned a lot and everybody is kind and caring!

    Best wishes,

    • Thanks Miren! Appreciate your comment! I’m glad my message came through and that you agree since you’re a member! πŸ˜‰ That’s awesome we are all supporting each other, I love it at Wealthy Affiliate!

      Best of luck to you too!

  5. Grace,

    You nailed it. I became a premium member just a couple of months ago and your review is spot on. I really enjoyed the entire post. You reminded me of how easy it is to promote the Wealthy Affiliate, and thats because of all of the great things WA has to offer. It truly is a no- brainer once you have experienced it. Great job.

    See You Around,


    • Hi Brady, thank you for your kind words! Yes it was not hard to write this post at all because there are just so many great things to talk about and so many good aspects to share! I hope my readers will love this platform as much as I do and learn how to make money online themselves. Thanks for sharing your personal Wealthy Affiliate experience too!


  6. I have been interested in affiliate marketing for years and I’ve purchased training programs in the past and each time was only shown one little piece of the puzzle. It’s nice to know there is one place to learn all of it, the whole puzzle.
    Looking at the success stories you shared with us is so encouraging to see the potential this business has.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Barb, Yes that’s what’s really nice about Wealthy Affiliate, it’s all in one place! Their teachings work as you can see from all the success stories (and much more on their site, just search it). I hope you will have the same success there!

      Thanks for your comment!

  7. Grace, I have to tell you again that you were born for writing. Your content is so simple and easy to follow. I am so glad that I have met you at the Wealthy Affiliate and got a chance to learn from you.

    Beside that, if I wasn’t a Wealthy Affiliate member already I would definitely sign up!!! You are so honest and I claim that you are truthful because I know that you are (as I said, my experience with the Wealthy Affiliate is the same like yours) BUT even if it was my first time reading about the WA I would believe you!

    Keep up a good work and See You In Vegas!
    P.S. That’s my new greeting just so you know πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for backing me up Sunny! I appreciate another Wealthy Affiliate member to vouch for me and can verify that all I’m saying is true! πŸ™‚ Thank you for your kind words about my writing! I’m glad my words are easy to read and straight forward. I have also learned from you too and I’m very grateful for that. May we continue to learn together and build our online empires side by side! πŸ™‚

      Take care & Yes, see you in Vegas! πŸ˜‰

  8. A training on Affiliate marketing is long overdue. I will surely be going for it in details when my son’s winter vacation will start. By the way, an excellent write up.

    • You will love the training there Barnali! There’s so much to learn and the community is great. I’ve learned from other members just as much as the training itself. There are so many videos you can watch as well on there. It’s a pretty amazing platform and have so many tools to use.

      Let me know when you’ve joined so I can help you along the way! πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Grace,

    I like this a lot!!! There appears to be so many positive things happening at Wealthy Affiliate, that it would be wrong not to try it. I love the idea of the support from the community and the ongoing training is priceless. The success stories say everything really.

    Thank you this information


    • Hi Sean, yes, this is a great online platform that you can learn how to build your site and make money from it. You can test drive the whole system for 7 days too for free, so it’s a great way to check it out. The lessons there are so valuable, I don’t know how they charge such a low price for all the info on that site!

      Hope you’ll check it out!

  10. This looks like a great program!! I have been looking for a community that provides training, support and like-minded people to motivate and encourage in my online business, without paying over the odds.
    Wealthy Affiliate looks promising. I like the idea that I can do what I love most and accomplish my goals through training, sheer motivation, support and encouragement.
    It also goes a step further in how to make money from your business. Seems too hard to believe. Your write-up and the testimonies says it all. Now to sign-up for the 7-day free trial.

    Thanks Grace!!

    • Hi Jackie, so glad you found my article about Wealthy Affiliate! You will not regret it as you’ll find out soon enough, there is so much to learn in affiliate marketing and how to build a website that will generate tons of free traffic for you! Their methods work to this day because it’s constantly updated with the changing times of the online world.

      The community is really the best as we all help each other and can learn from those who’s been successful with the training already. We all come from various backgrounds and it’s great to see the diversity in the community too. Some are better in one area than others so this way can help you on many online topics.

      The training is really the best in the industry! Can’t wait to see you on the inside!

  11. WOW…all I can say is WOW!
    Grace, your review left no stone unturned! You answered all my questions and curious thoughts. You are right, at the place where you are now, it might not be a LOT of money, but you what – it is YOUR money and more importantly – it is a START in the right direction. I am very impressed with your review, statistics, and information. I love the fact that this company offers a great pricing plan – a must have sometimes when one has a budget to adhere to.
    Thanks so much for the information and who knows, maybe I will see you on the inside.
    Much success to you and your business.

    • Thanks so much Michelle! Thanks for visiting my website. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you are able to get a lot of your questions and thoughts answered. The community in there is super awesome too! You can learn from those who have more experience than you and the Live Chat is a savior if you need answers very quickly. The members there all help each other out in all areas of our businesses. It’s really an added perk that other platforms don’t have.

      I hope to see you on the inside too!

  12. Well presented. You didn’t try to keep me reading by promising huge profits now. That is exactly why I kept reading. Thank you for honestly showing real results, from real people. You article has prompted me to look at Wealthy Affiliates more closely. Thank you for your efforts in providing quality information that was very easy to follow.

    • Hi Joe, this is certainly not a get rich quick scheme, so there are no profits to boast about like make $3K in 30 days. Even the success stories above have taken time to get there if you keep reading their other blogs.

      Websites take time to rank and it takes time to write all the content necessary to build an authority site. Wealthy Affiliate is a great training platform where you can learn how to build your site with a strong foundation, how to pick the right keywords that will generate tons of traffic to you, and how to monetize your site. The community in there is so helpful so you don’t have to feel alone or get stuck. πŸ™‚

      I hope you will give it a go!

  13. Wow, what a great platform! I think for newbie’s like me, training is very important. Sometimes, there’s so many things out there offering training but it’s really expensive and not really ongoing – at least in my experience. If I can have 24/7 support and actually learn how to build a website and the monthly price is so affordable! I mean, some websites ask for 1,000’s up front. With price and support, I think this is what I’m looking for!

    Oh by the way, what does it mean when you are a top 50 member? Appreciate your reply! Thanks!

    • Hi Cindy, I’m so glad you found my post about Wealthy Affiliate then. There are a lot of other programs that don’t even come close to the training available in Wealthy Affiliate. The community is there 24/7 to help one another as there are members from all over the world! The price is really reasonable for the education you’re receiving in there, as well, you get to learn from other members. The video library alone is amazing and has so much training! πŸ™‚

      Being a Top 50 member means I’m a really active member on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. There are over 800,000 members and being ranked Top 50, you have to be on the platform everyday doing lessons, helping others, creating training for others, and/or blogging about revelations you’ve found that may be helpful to others. So that means, I’m a very active member on the platform and so you can get help from me anytime and access to me. You’re not going to be alone when you sign up with me! πŸ™‚

      I hope this helps!

  14. Grace, I have to be honest. I’m already a Wealthy Affiliate member. I was pleased to see that you are also. I agree with all that you said. For me, the monthly fee would be worth the membership even if I was only using Wealthy Affiliate as a web hosting service. The keyword research tool is great. The education and training programs are excellent. I also agree with your comment that the community is awesome. I’m not sure that you can put a price tag on the value of the community feedback, support and the motivation that it provides.

    I LOVED how you gave the examples of some real people that have achieved success using what they learned from Wealthy Affiliate. I had not met any of them yet.

    I also like how the people in the success stories stressed the amount of work and time that it took to achieve their level of success. An online marketing business is like any other business. They take time to become profitable.

    So, for anyone that reads this – I agree with Grace. Wealthy Affiliate is a great affiliate training program, website hosting service and a community to belong to.

    • That’s so awesome Sondra that you’re also a Wealthy Affiliate member, I’ll have to look you up in there! πŸ™‚

      So happy that you also agree too with my points I have laid out in my review. Yes, the examples show that results do not happen overnight like so many scams out there claim. There’s so much to learn to make money online and Wealthy Affiliate’s training will get you there if you dedicate yourself to your business. They always say that you will not fail, you can only quit.

      I haven’t even taken advantage of their hosting option yet because I only found Wealthy Affiliate a week after I started this site. When I’m ready for another site, I will use their hosting services too as it comes with SSL certification, privacy registration, and has quick response support!

      Thanks Sondra for confirming my claims here!

  15. Really great review thanks for sharing. You really caught my attention.I feel energised from reading this, I can tell you are passionate about this business. I can see that there is so much available. Makes a nice change to read something that you can tell is a great business instead of second guessing yourself while you read. I like the idea of the free sign up but I have always wanted to do this sort of thing and spent years searching. If it is as good as you say I can imagine it won’t be long before I switch to premium. Looking forward to seeing what this bonus package is. I think I will be definitely taking a look. Is the support really as good as you say it is? It’s just that this has been my biggest let down with everything I have tried so far! Thanks again for sharing this with me.

    • Hi Graham, I’m so glad you can feel my passion from this post! I sure love this business and love the training I’m receiving from Wealthy Affiliate. πŸ™‚

      You will want to switch to Premium quickly if you want the initial savings, but you don’t have to. Switching to Premium will open up so much more training for you and you’ll be on your way to building a great website that will generate its own traffic.

      The support is really good!! They have a separate support in place for their hosting services and the training is supported by the 800,000 members in there! If you have a question, you can just ask in Live Chat and someone is ususally in there to help within minutes if not seconds. πŸ˜‰ You can also post a “Ask as question” post and the community will start answering you very quickly. I have never seen a better supported community than this one!

      Yes the bonus is a good one so sign up to find out what you’ll get! πŸ™‚

      See you on the inside!

  16. Hi Grace
    What a great review!
    It sounds to me as though Wealthy Affiliate really is the place to learn how to create an Online business, and your results in such a short time are proof of this.
    I really like the clear way you have set out all the information in such an honest way, without any exaggerated claims as are so often seen online.
    And if you can really join initially for free, it seems crazy not to give it a go, so I think that I will!! I have tried so many other ways to learn which proved to be purely moneymaking schemes, but which proved to be a total waste of money for me. But you have given me hope that Wealthy Affiliate is genuine, and definitely worth a try!
    Very many thanks
    Chrissie πŸ™‚

    • Hi Chrissie,

      You’re so welcome! I hope with Wealthy Affiliate you will stop getting scammed! I don’t like those programs that give you all this hype about making $100/day or $300/week in 30 days or some crap like that. That’s not reality and if it is, it’s not a long term solution for anyone starting out in the online business world. Those claims are usually done by experts in the field and you can do the same with years of experience.

      If you’re just starting out and/or want to learn about how to build a long term online business that will create passive income to you on its own, you need to join Wealthy Affiliate so they can train you how to do it! The owners are the nicest people who really care about their members because they consistently update their trainings and we can have access to them to ask questions any time.

      I’ve also been scammed many times before… I’m so glad I finally found Wealthy Affiliate that has not only amazing training, but the community there is so awesome as well. Everyone is helpful and like minded, you’ll never have to feel alone or get stuck when you have questions. I really love it and I hope you will give it a try! You have seven days to try out all the Premium features and if you don’t upgrade, you can stay as a free member as long as you and still make money from their affiliate program. You don’t have to join their program by the way, you can build your business based on any niche you love!

      I hope this gives you an even better idea of what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and how they can really help you build your future!

      If you have more questions, please do no hesitate to ask! πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Grace,

    I continued looking at stuff on your site and found this. What a great review! Since I started looking for options on how to make money on internet I have come across a lot of those get rich quick schemes, but when you check them up most people experience the “get rid of your money fast” programs as a total lack of truth.

    I notice that you mention following training at your own pace. That’s a good thing, but most trainings I’ve seen you have to be there to really get the great answers. How does it work here, are all the trainings in replay? Hope to hear from you πŸ™‚

    • Hello Odd, glad you’ve been looking around and saw my #1 recommendation!

      Yes I’ve gotten scammed several times myself before I found Wealthy Affiliate. Every since I found Wealthy Affiliate, it’s like wow, it’s been what I’ve been looking for, for so long! All the training are there for you to go through at your own speed. There are weekly live training videos as well which have instant replays the next day. If you ever have questions about the training, you just have to ask the community and you’ll get answers right away. It’s a very active community in there, so you can ask questions in Live Chat if you need immediate answers, or do a “Ask a Question” post so you can get opinions from different members. You can also have personal assistant from the owners through private messaging!

      When you sign up with me, of course, you will have access to me as well as I’m ranked Top 50 in there out of 800,000 members which means I’m a very active, helpful member in the community. You can check out my profile HERE. πŸ™‚

      I hope I’ll see you on the inside!

  18. Hi grace and thanks for this great review.
    they are also teach us how to find a pruduct to sell? it is as a drop shipping mathod? if not, then how does it work?
    and if i have a website allready on shopify (just started there) its pretty much the same?
    im really want to make my incme online and very encorege to do so and learn it all.

    im from israel and my english isnt thet good. how does it inflect on the proccess?

    Thnaks alot.

    • Hi Sol,

      Thanks for your comment and questions.

      Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t teach you how to sell physical products that you own. They teach you how to promote other people’s products and when people buy from your affiliate link (the link you use to recommend your readers to other people’s products), then you earn a commission.

      So this is not about drop shipping (although this training coming to the platform soon) or selling directly to your readers.

      What they teach is called affiliate marketing (click to read more on that), where companies offer you the ability to promote their products (affiliate program) with affiliate links. You use those links in your blog.

      You write about things that will help your audience. Find solutions for them, and when you find solutions for them, that usually means you’re also recommending a product. When they click on your affiliate link, it takes them to the company’s website who’s product it is, so they can go buy it there. When they buy it, you earn a commission.

      This is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do… how to build a blog like mine, and how to write in a way that will make people buy from you, and make money. Also, they teach you how to write so that your site gets organic traffic on its own.

      If your English is not good, you can use programs like Grammarly to help you with writing English. Because the internet is worldwide, and you can make money from anywhere, having an English site is best to capture the widest audience, therefore, writing good English will help your site.

      Hope this helps, if you need even more info, please go ahead and ask away! πŸ™‚

  19. This is good info here because I’m never sure if the programs are scams. So can I build this on any topic I want?

    Would like to check this out if I can.


    • Hi Alfonzo, Yes you can build your online business with any topic you’d like and there’s training on how to choose your topic as you don’t want a niche that’s too broad nor do you want one that’s too narrow. You’ll really have everything you need to build your online business on there as you can see there is the site builder, hosting, keyword tool, live chat, etc.

      So I’ll be able to help you after you sign up as well as a huge community if you ever get stuck!

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  20. hello,

    Great post here about Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t realize there’s so much to offer there. I will check it out to see what I can learn.

    I’ve been wanting to build a website but didn’t know how or where to go, this place looks like they have an easy website builder.

    The web hosting is a bonus because I know it can be expensive with all the extras you gotta buy but Wealthy Affiliate makes it affordable and includes all the extras. Very nice.

    Thanks for your info,

    • Thanks for visiting Bob! Appreciate you coming around and getting to know Wealthy Affiliate a little better. Don’t forget they have a huge community of members for support as well. It’s certainly nice to be around a bunch of people who are working towards a common goal: making money online with their website!

      Don’t forget you can start your membership for free and you get 2 free websites to get your feet wet to see how you like it. Those websites can later transfer to your own domain in a couple clicks! See how it all works here where I show you the whole process in a video.

      I’ll see you on the inside!

    • Hi Donald, you can let me know what you’re not sure about yet and I can address your concerns. It’s free to try it out so you’re not going to lose anything. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up! πŸ™‚ Just set up your FREE account here and see how you like the platform.

      I’ll be there to also answer your questions on the Wealthy Affiliate platform as well.

      See you on the inside!

  21. Your review has really confirmed what I was trying to find out about Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for your thorough analysis and showing me everything I needed to know.

    I think I’ll give it a try.

    • That’s great Lauren and I’m so happy to hear this. I see you have signed up already so I’ll talk to you there but you have made the right decision and I will help you any way I can.

      This is really the best course out there, and you won’t be disappointed!

      Touch base on the inside!

  22. Thanks for this post about Wealthy Affiliate, I always wanted to learn affiliate marketing and how to build this kind of business, I’m so glad I came on your site today.



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