Brendan Mace Coaching Review

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When I started this site, I wanted to find someone who I can learn from so I can kick start my online business right away.  I found Brendan Mace on YouTube initially and because his videos were so informative, I was curious to take his consulting sessions.  Here you will find my review on my sessions with him.



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Brendan MaceBrendan Mace has been in the online business for a few years now and have been making a good amount of money online.

In fact, on his blog, you will see his income reports saying he makes $10K/month.

I actually do believe he makes that much, most of it coming from his consulting services.  I was intrigued to learn from him and wanted to make money online in half the time he took.

My eagerness got the best of me and I jumped at the opportunity.


What’s Supposed To Be Included:

  • 3-4 hours of consulting time via Skype
  • Step-by-step how-to’s on how he built his $10K/month business
  • Price: $397
  • Forever support afterwards


What I Received:

  • $50 discount – I asked for this discount because I was willing to make one payment instead of two.
  • 1st session – 23 mins, 2nd session – 29.5 mins, 3rd session – 1 hour 22 mins = 2 hours 14.5 minutes (early Sep/16)
  • Only email marketing & consulting portions of his business
  • Forever support on his terms


He was supposed to show me his whole system step-by-step and said there would not be much overlap than what I’d already seen in his YouTube videos.

Quickly I find out at the first session that he was only going to show me the portion that makes him the most money which was the email marketing and his consulting service portions.

I wished I could have seen how he did his niche sites which also brought him steady month-to-month income from Amazon affiliate sales.

His blog also brings him income but again was not going to dive into that topic.  I would have liked to know how he did his form that shows on top of his blog and some other features that looked really nice.

His YouTube Channel seems to be very successful and has a lot of great content, his channel makes him a steady income of about $1K/month.

The only information I could get out of him on this topic, and only because I asked, was that it’s pretty straight forward and didn’t offer any tips or tricks about how to get views or subscribers, or what makes a good video which are basic things I would expect to learn about.


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My regret was not asking him for a detailed look at the consulting information he was going to provide me for the amount I paid.  The scary thought is that he is going to jack up his fees even higher for the 3 hours of consulting, but I guess that’s his gimmick.

What lured me was his YouTube Channel that I recommend everyone to check out since it’s free and they are very informative.  It has the same information he talks about in our sessions for the most part.

He doesn’t have a video on the consulting part of his business except to sign up for his consulting.

He also wanted to up-sell me at the end, offering me all the training videos on what we had discussed in the three sessions for $197.  I did not take his offer.

After the third session was finished, I asked him a question on Skype and 7 hours later, I tried to let me him know I just need this one piece so I can get started.

His reply was he doesn’t offer 24/7 support and that he is divorced and on vacation.  That was a weird response because on his blog, he was just engaged in May of this year and was apparently getting married in 2017.

Anyway, he gave me some half answer and I left him alone.  I don’t even feel I want to “bother” him again.




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Do I regret using his consulting services? Yes, because all I learned was to promote crap digital products with no substance to people who really want to make money online.

Am I disappointed? Yes, I wish he showed me his “whole” business step-by-step like he had promised.  I was also disappointed in the methods of how he made money.

Would I recommend him to others? No, you’re not going to learn how to build a real online business that’s ethically sound.  You’ll always be chasing.

This is my honest review of Brendan Mace, I hope you will find this information valuable as I couldn’t find any info on him before I consulted with him.  With my experience, I hope you can make a better informed decision than I did.


If you have any questions about Brendan Mace or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below as I always reply to all my visitors!



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



24 thoughts on “Brendan Mace Coaching Review”

  1. Hello Grace

    Nice article about Brendan Mace coaching, to be honest, it does sound like little for the money he’s asking, and I’m more than sure not many could an even higher price for the 3 hours of consulting.
    But I guess that for those who have the money and want some expert opinion, well, I guess he could add some new perspective about how to set up a successful YouTube channel.


    • Thanks Ruben for stopping by. I would have loved to learn more than what I did and would have given him a better review for him, but was a little disappointed. Lesson learned and just glad I have Wealthy Affiliate to go to now and get all my questions answered by a lot of experts at much less in cost than the price he’s currently charging.

      Appreciate your thoughts!

  2. Have not heard of Brendan Mace before. It seems like his prices are pretty high and doesn’t really stick to his word, when he said he wasn’t available to offer support all the time, even though he said support forever afterwards. The fact that you can get his videos on youtube for free would probably be the best bet. Thanks for the review.

    • Thanks for your comment Summerly! I don’t mind recommending his YouTube channel because there are some stuff worth learning and I hope to build one that has as many subscribers as his. There are some great tips in there for free, so check it out! However, just glad to find Wealthy Affiliate to really excel my learning and education in affiliate marketing!

      Best wishes to you!

  3. And I thought starting out on my own without a coach was a horrible experience! I am so very happy that I didn’t find anything until WA crossed my path. The services and training are just unparalleled. Look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

    • Hi Billie, thanks for your input! I know, you’re lucky you found Wealthy Affiliate right away! The fee I paid for him could have paid for my annual membership at WA, I was so bummed after I realized that when I found WA. Oh well, lesson learned and I hope this helps others in the future to start off on the right foot!

      To much success to you!

  4. I have never heard of Brendan Mace before. It sounds like it might not be totally worth the money especially since you mentioned the price increase. I looked at several other programs before I found WA and was close to purchasing one. Eventually it was the free lesson that got me hooked up with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Thanks Jeremy for your comment! Yeah, I have this review in case others wanted to search him out before taking his coaching, which I tried to do and couldn’t find anything. So if I can help one person, I’ve done my job. 🙂 I’m glad you found Wealthy Affiliate and not wasted money elsewhere like I did!

      To much success to you!

  5. Hi Grace.

    I’ve actually watched a number of Brendan Mace’s Youtube videos and have subscribed to his channel because I feel he offers a lot of quality content on there. I feel I’ve learnt a few things from his channel, so I’m quite surprised and slightly disappointed to hear of your experiences with this coaching program, especially with that price tag!

    I think I’ll just stick to watching his Youtube videos for free as I still find good content on there.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Hi Stephanie, Yes, I like his YouTube channel, it’s so informative and has lots of little tricks you can implement. I really hoped for more in his coaching session but at least I can help others in the future decide to take his coaching or not with my experience.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Hi there Grace and thanks for this review!
    You commented on my Zero Hour Work Days Review so I thought I should reciprocate.
    It seems we have similar experiences with Brendan Mace as I already mentioned in my review. His program – at least the one I reviewed – is legit, but it’s very unlikely a newbie can make $9.000+ per month.
    The catch 22 is what you also identify: he wouldn’t share the key points with his students. There are other legitimate ways to make money online, but one has to be patient and build it slowly.

    Btw, your site looks really nice.

    Sinisa (Mudrem)

    • Thank you Sinisa for stopping by and adding your view point about Brendan Mace.

      I’m glad we have made similar conclusions about this products, no substance!!

      Thanks for your kind words about my site! I really like yours too, could you let us learn how your site is doing and what you find the best way to get traffic for your site?

      Wishing you the best,

  7. Thank you too for the nice opinion. Until a couple of months ago, I’ve been into writing “how to” articles on my site. Then it dawned on me – there are hundreds of thousands of similar articles around the web. Many of those articles were published by major authorities in “money making” niche. It’s almost impossible to compete with them. So I turned to writing product reviews. People interested in making money online always look for reviews before they purchase such products. Some of my reviews ranked on Google’s page 1. And you know what, some of those articles started generating traffic. I reckon that’s the way to go.
    If you want your site to grow, you must provide VALUE to your readers. Otherwise, your site is just going to be one of many that never gets noticed.

    • I was just reading my next assignment in Wealthy Affiliate and it was to make a review post. Whenever the assignment was “write anything you want”, I would do just that, I would post something that came to mind and it usually was a how-to. I too already have a couple of How-to posts which I really enjoy, but if my training tells me to do a review I think I better do it because the training has worked so far, so I need to continue. 🙂

      I hope you are right and that I’ll get traffic to the new review post I’ll be writing about! 🙂 And yes, providing value is my number one priority for my site, I know that giving to my readers is better than anything else!

      I wish you much success Sinisa!

  8. That’s ridiculous!
    But you know, what goes around, comes around!
    Charging that much for something you already offer for free? Come on! I believe you have learned a lot from him, but tell me honestly, did you learn more than you do at the Wealthy Affiliate?

    You know, I made a great decision, and that’s to stick with the Wealthy Affiliate not paying for anything else until I go through the entire Bootcamp and Certification course and all the live training, tutorial and classes lol

    By then I will probably be good enough to become a coach.
    I am so sorry that this guy got divorced before he even got married! Ah!!!

    P.S. He can be successful as much as it is possible but if he is not sharing his experience freely and without ripping off people appreciating his work, that’s not the point, if you know what I mean 🙂

    All the best to Brendan Mace, but he won’t see me unless he sign up for my sessions on ”How to be nice” 🙂

    • Well, that’s just his way of make money, spamming people with useless digital products that offer hyped up earnings. I find his method not inline with my ethics and my way of doing things.

      Yes, I was so mad that I found Wealthy Affiliate AFTER I had the session with him which would have paid for my year membership at Wealthy Affiliate! I’m okay with it, I’ve bought many things in the past, some great, some not so great… but it’s all a learning process for me and that money I spent is tuition! LOL

      Thanks for your visit Sunny!

  9. I came to your Brendan Mace Coaching Review page and I’m so glad I did. I was looking around to see if I can find anything about his consulting since I almost ordered one from him. I will have to be weary of these from now on.

    Thanks for saving me hundreds of dollars!

    • I am so glad I was able to safe you from spending hundreds of dollars! His method of making money online gives me a bad taste but it works for him. Although, many other internet marketing products that are way cheaper than his consulting also teach the same thing.

      Try something new and join Wealthy Affiliate!

  10. I recently had the experience of him too and I feel he doesn’t teach or coach in full details as well. I wish I can get my money back but these kinds of people just take people’s money. I hope others will see this guy is not good.

    • Hi Claire, I’m so sorry to hear this and so sorry you didn’t get to read my review in time to save you money. Maybe you can keep trying to get some money back and explain what you were expected but didn’t get. This is unfortunate because I be you paid him way more than when I did last year. I know his coaching is something ridiculous like $2K from what I reviewed in his latest product!

      I hope others will beware of this and stay away!!

      If you guys really want to learn how to make money, you must try what I’ve been using instead, Wealthy Affiliate – a REAL training platform that teaches you how to use affiliate marketing to make money with your website. My detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate is all here! Please go check it out!

  11. It’s impossible to cancel the subscription! He doesn’t respond to any emails and there are no instructions on how to unsubscribe!

  12. Hi Grace, Brendan just conducted a webinar called Project Profit Academy which cost $1997 in which he guarantee you will earn $24,000 within 3 months and $10,000 every month. Is it possible? I have search the web but there is no bad feedback about him.

    • Hi Edward, If you want to spam people with really bad products, go ahead and try your $2K with Brendan. His business model is building an email list and then sending people emails everyday to spam them with really bad make money online products, some may even be scams, you want to do this to people? Send them low quality products or scams to make your money online?

      I do not condone this type of way to make money, there are better ways to do that.

      $2K is not all you’ll spend and good luck with paid traffic, you’ll be spending a lot more.

      How does he even “guarantee”, could he guarantee you’ll work?? How does he guarantee you’ll do everything exactly as he tells you, what if something doesn’t work.

      All the products I’ve reviewed of Brendan’s are crap, and it’s the same system he sells in all his products, which you’ll be spamming to all the people you’ll be sending them to.

      Fast cash = Scams.

      Best of luck to you,


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