Where Do I Start A Blog To Make Money Online?

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Where Do I Start A Blog?If you’re wondering where you can start a blog, I have just the place for you that not only will host your blog but also train you how to make it awesome so you can make money online!

By awesome, I mean a place that will give you:

With all these great features, I really don’t know why you would go anywhere else so let’s get to it!




If you want the best quality and secured web hosting, my recommendation will blow all the competition out of the water!

Compared to other hosting services like GoDaddy and HostGator, the amount you pay for comparable plans at this place is in the $99/month (for 10 WordPress sites) to $250/month (for 25 WordPress sites) range while the Premium membership at my recommended place is only $49/month and that’s for 50 WordPress sites!

Also, the competition doesn’t even include the rest of the things I’ll be mentioning in the other sections below.

Here are several things that the other companies don’t even include in their expensive hosting plans:

  • Ability to move your entire site from one domain to another with a flick of a switch.
  • Highly suited and optimized for WordPress sites.
  • Super easy to use interface.
  • Always backed up to the latest minute, 100% full redundancy.
  • Highest quality servers, always.
  • Automatic recovery procedures that can’t be beat.
  • Removal of “rogue” plugins and themes.
  • Comment spam protection that will even prevent you seeing any spam at all.
  • Always updated to the latest and greatest with no increase in your membership fees.
  • Free SSL Certificates that was added early 2017.


Premium members get 50 sites, Starter members get 2 free sites.

And this is just the hosting part, this place is really a one stop shop for your online business needs for your blog, keep reading!




Why do you want to start a blog in the first place?  You want to make money online with affiliate marketing, right?

Well, the training you get at this place will include:

  • Two major courses (Online Entrepreneur Certification & Affiliate Bootcamp)
  • 11 Other Classrooms to learn other topics in more detail
  • Weekly Live Video Training
  • Many other training created by members


What you’ll learn in the training there:

  • How to pick a niche.
  • How to structure your site and build a strong foundation.
  • How to write content on your blog.
  • How to find topics to write about.
  • How to use keywords and learn a specific technique that will bring traffic to your blog just from your content.
  • How to use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog.
  • How to use videos to bring even more traffic.
  • How to use social media to increase your more traffic.
  • How to scale your online business.
  • And so much more!!


You will be able to build an online business you’ve always wanted if you follow the step-by-step instructions and commit to your online business.  Your hard work will be needed, please read here to see what I mean.

No one will do the actual work for you but you (unless you hire someone).

You will have all the tools and resources you’ll need to reach your goals and can potentially make a full time income from your blog.

They even have a free keyword search tool on their platform to find the keywords you’ll need to use.

Everything you’ll need is literally all right there on this awesome training platform.




SupportIf you think you can start this blog business on your own, like I did years ago and failed, then you go for it.

I can tell you right now, having a full community to support you is much easier!!

Not only they have a huge community to lean on, but you’ll learn so much from each other.

Especially from those who’s made it before you, you will learn tips and tricks that you won’t get anywhere else, and certainly not on your own.

They have a Live Chat if you need support quickly, or you can write a question to the community to get several opinions on something.

You even get support from the owners themselves!  There’s really no other platform that you can contact the owners fro help.

With a community like theirs, you’ll never have to feel alone in your journey or get stuck for chunks of time.  It sure beats doing research on your own when you can just ask someone.




Zero DollarAs I mentioned in a section above, there are two membership options:  Starter (Free) or Premium ($49/month or $359/year making it even cheaper).

You’ll be able to test drive the whole platform for free before you upgrade for 7 days and you can stay at the Starter level as long as you want after the 7 days.

If you do that, you can still learn from the first levels of the two major courses and can still join their affiliate program if you choose to promote them and earn commissions.

If you stay at the Starter level, it’ll just take you much longer to achieve a full time income because you won’t have all the tools necessary (especially the rest of the training) to help you succeed.

Remember, just the hosting alone compared to other plans with the same level of service & quality is already way lower in cost, so with the added training and community support, there’s nothing that can beat their pricing and you’re going to have all you need to succeed in your online business!




This wonderful place I’ve been telling you about is none other than Wealthy Affiliate!!

The owners of this platform truly care about their members’ success and are always improving the platform to make it better for us.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is really second to none and I know you will not find any other better training platform for building an affiliate marketing business.

I’ve looked everywhere and was so grateful when I found this great platform.

Thank goodness the timing was perfect too as I had just bought this domain and was about to start my blogging journey!

You can do the same thing if you join Wealthy Affiliate and you won’t have to ask yourself the question of “Where Do I Start a Blog?” ever again!  πŸ™‚


I have even more details about Wealthy Affiliate if you want to click on this button below:

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Button


However, if you’re ready to go and start your test drive today, click this red button below:

Sign Up at Wealthy Affiliate Button


I hope to see you on the inside as I’m an annual member there since September 2016, and I will be personally helping you!

Not only me, there will be a whole community of members to also help you.

You’ll have my full attention when you join me on the inside! πŸ™‚


Let’s make money online!

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14 thoughts on “Where Do I Start A Blog To Make Money Online?”

  1. Hi, Grace, I agree with every single point you mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate is seriously a great place for anyone to get started with blogging.

    Their hosting is really high quality, if you mess up with your site, you will always find a back up automatically saved for you.

    Another thing, when I wanted to change my domain name, I thought I would get into headaches but all I had to do is click two buttons!

    I really recommend WA it’s the best.


    • Hi Anis,

      That’s really amazing how you switched your site to a new domain with just two clicks! I haven’t tried that yet so that’s great to hear if I ever want to.

      Yes their hosting is really high quality and can’t be compared to the cheaper shared plans at HostGator or GoDaddy. So when you compare apples to apples, then you can really tell Wealthy Affiliate has the better plan for such a cheap price!

      Thanks so much for stopping by,

  2. Grace,

    Are there any hidden fees? I know with websites like Godaddy, you go and buy a domain name and it says it costs about $12. Then as you proceed to the checkout it seems like everything you really need for your website costs an extra 10 dollars then $100 and next thing you now that domain safely secured is costing you close to $200 with tax. Does Wealthy Affiliate have hidden fees like this?

    • Hi Kurtis,

      You have great questions there and I can tell you right now, there are no other fees if you have the Premium membership.

      With any platform, if you want your own domain, there’ll always be a domain registration fee, and this is around $14-$18 (depending if it’s a .com or something else) at Wealthy Affiliate, but you can buy it elsewhere and just host at Wealthy Affiliate too.

      But that’s it, your membership fee of $49/month or $359/year plus domain registration if you plan on buying it there. NO upsells, NO extra charges, NO hidden fees of any kind.

      I hope this helps and best of luck in your online adventure!

  3. Joining WA was probably the best decision ever in my life, whatever you have mentioned here sometimes even many already enrolled fail to realize because they don’t have a proper idea about what they are getting for such a less cost.
    SSL encryption, for example, many people don’t have the slightest idea how much difficult and costly it is when you do it outside WA, hosting of that much sites and easy domain transfers, we are actually getting a lot more than what we are paying.
    I am a successful blogger and all my money has come from my online business but when I started back in 2013, I never actually knew that I can also earn money by using my passion, so I am so grateful to WA because whatever I have achieved with my blog is because of them.. Great post!!!

    • This is so true Hari and I think that’s why some people don’t even stay after the first month of being Premium because they don’t see all the features they get.

      I see so much value on that platform and owe it all to the owners, Kyle and Carson, for the way my website has grown.

      I’m glad you agree with all that I’ve mentioned as you’re a success story there so you definitely know what I’m talking about. I wish you to have continued success and I hope I can catch up to you one day!

      Best to you,

  4. I totally agree with you, Grace!
    I have looked around and can’t find a better deal at web hosting than Wealthy Affiliate.
    I was surprised when they added SSL certificates for FREE. At that time, I was browsing around to find a good quality SSL certificate. Man… It is very expensive.

    I have several websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. Once in a cloudy day, I broke my website. The SiteSupport was amazingly fast and my website back online within an hour. They also told me what they did to repair it. I really BROKE my website. LOL.

    • Hi Arief, Glad you can chime in here to have another Wealthy Affiliate member confirm all the awesome features of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      SSL Certificate is a great addition which was just added Jan 2017. They are always improving and adding to the platform and your membership rate never increases once you’ve joined!

      The backup feature and their Site Support is really fantastic! No extra cost and it’s great to have them helping us all. πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much Arief for visiting!

  5. Great platform you mentioned here. A place to learn and thrive. What I liked most is, it is free to start. I feel, Wealthy Affiliate is best for people, who’s just starting on blogging. They can simply learn the ways without spending any thing!

    • Hi Demi, thanks for stopping by. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is free to start learning but after viewing the 1st level of the courses, you really need to decide to upgrade to premium or not. Upgrading to Premium opens the rest of your training that will help you keep building on your website. There are critical content writing techniques taught in the next level up that you will find very helpful and in fact key to getting good rankings on search engines.

      I hope this helps!

  6. Hi Grace,

    I agree Wealthy Affiliate is amazing. It’s like a one-stop shop for learning to build a website from the ground up and make a profit. I’m going to follow you within the site. I’ll see you there.

    Thanks for the info.


    • Thanks so much Greg! It also has a great community and it’s fun to meet so many who are doing the same thing. More importantly, learning from each other in there has been so awesome. See you on the inside then! πŸ™‚

  7. Grace, I have always loved the idea of working from anywhere, and you’re right the internet has a great deal of opportunity and it all starts with your home online. I like that you listed wealthy affiliates. There are a lot of really positive reviews about that community. thanks

    • Hi Wenda,

      I’m glad you feel the same way about being able to work online from home or anywhere that has internet connection with your laptop. I really love the freedom this brings and I’m able to work more frequently because of my laptop lifestyle.

      Yes it’s true, the Wealthy Affiliate community is really awesome! I’m always learning from other members as well as helping people who are new to the blogging world. Anyone beginning this journey should check out this platform as the training is second to none!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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