What Is Take Surveys For Cash About & Will I Make $3,500/month?

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You won’t believe what I came across today that I must share with you!  When I saw it, I asked myself, “Okay, what is Take Surveys For Cash about now?” and “Will it really make me $3,500/month?” as that is exactly what I see Jason White claim on the top of his sales page:


Take Surveys for Cash $3500/month

I’m sure you can’t wait to see what this “WEIRD” trick is that makes him that kind of money!  Well, don’t hold your breath.

Any sales page that makes such claims is usually not what it seems to be, there are so many of these types of scams on the internet, I want to show you why you need to stay far away.



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Take Surveys for Cash is owned and operated by Jason White and his website is takesurveysforcash.com which is not really a website but a 2-page sales page with grossly exaggerated claims.

Whenever I see pages like these, a big red flag goes up in my radar as he claims he’s made $274,000 since 2009 from taking paid surveys online.

When you go pass all the hype, you have to provide your name and email to get to sales page #2 where he makes more claims on how he’s helped others like friends and family make a lot of money.  More on this below… it’s pretty funny, keep reading.

At the bottom of this second sales page, you finally get to the product purchase, where you’re basically buying an extensive list of survey sites to sign up at for $39.

These survey sites on his list can also be found readily online for free by the way but I guess this can save you some research time which can be good.




If you don’t know anything about taking surveys online, I can tell you that I’ve tried taking surveys before to make money online and it’s not a big money maker.

You take a lot of time to fill out a form just to pre-qualify, which could take 15 to 30 mins to fill out.

Then after that, the shorter surveys you’ll earn anywhere from pennies to $2/survey for the ones that take up to 15 -30 mins to fill out.

The longer the surveys take, the more you can make but is it going to replace your full time job?  Nope.

Will it put some extra change in your pocket?  Sure.

For Jason White to make claims of $500/survey a day, everyday, I think he’s totally exaggerating because those types of surveys if they exist will take longer than one day to finish.

I know of a survey that will pay $125 but you have to do things everyday for 30 mins – an hour for 4 days.

So if you want to make serious money online, you’re not going to get there by taking surveys.




Here are some red flags I’d like to point out so you can also look for these in the future:

#1)  Hyped Up Claims like these:

Take Surveys for Cash 5 min surveysTake Surveys for Cash Selling Points

Why these claims are so bad:

  • 5 min surveys will make you fractions of a penny only!
  • Taking surveys online is hardly the best way to make money online.
  • Surveys will not make you enough to get out of debt, nor will it make you most money you’ve ever made before.
  • Being resident of a country doesn’t get you special privileges to online surveys.
  • Do you really need step by step instructions to know how to fill out a form?


#2)  Secret Tricks are a Myth, there are no secrets or tricks about surveys.

Take Surveys for Cash Secret

This type of online advertising has been used and popularized by products like these to trick you, so you’re the one being trick, you’re not given the tricks.


#3) Showing Fake Checks:

Take Surveys for Cash $3 to $500 a survey

This is a classic one, the $3 check is probably real but certainly not the $500 one as there’s a disclaimer underneath it saying it’s an invitation for you to make this much.


#4)  Caught Red Handed in a LIE:

This claim screenshot image below was found on another blogger’s site who reviewed this product in 2016.  You will see that the highlighted words “million dollars” will be changed:

Take Surveys for Cash changed wording

The same claim but this screenshot was made for this post in 2017 from their second sales page, the highlighted words have now changed to “lot of money”:

Take Surveys for Cash changed wording

So you can clearly see you cannot trust Jason White and his sales page claims.


#5)  Instant Discounts & Upsells:

The cost of the product is $39, which will be reduced to $27 if you wait around or move your cursor to close your browser.

Take Surveys for Cash Discount

There also seems to be another discount to $12 but I don’t see it as of this post.

When you have instant discounts like this, this is not a valuable product.  Do you see any other products out there of value that will give you discounts so quickly?

Once you purchase, there will be not one, not two but three upsells: $37, $24, $24.

I really think upsells are just another way to make more money for him (owners) and provide no further value to you, I’ve seen this many times over with products like these.




Total ScamIf you want to make pocket change, then try the survey route but Take Surveys For Cash is a scam and his claims are false.

You can take surveys on the internet right now for free without paying for this product so I highly don’t recommend Take Surveys For Cash for you.

Joining survey sites are free and they pay you to fill them out, though very low rates.

If you want something that will make you passive income and a substantial long term business, read on.




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10 thoughts on “What Is Take Surveys For Cash About & Will I Make $3,500/month?”

  1. Hi Grace, thanks for this honest review of Surveys for cash, this is absolutely a scam, surveys can never make you that amount of money!

    I know better alternatives which are Swagbucks and Inboxdollars they are legit but slow earners and that’s exactly what surveys are.

    Thanks for warning others about this obvious scam!


    • Yeah Surveys can be earners with legit sites but not this one, this is not legit and you’re just wasting your money.

      I also suggest Swaybacks, Inboxdollars, as well as Clixsense.

      It’s always a red flag when they make crazy claims too so hope others will be aware of this.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks for this review, now I know most surveys are a complete waste of time trying to earn money. Do you have any survey sites that you recommend using to make some good extra cash?

    This one just seems so sloppy, to lie and not even lie the same way and forget to write the same words. Clearly just trying to rip people off.

    • Thanks for stopping by Kurtis! Yeah, surveys are to big money makers so you should stay away if you want a better, long term solution that you can produce a passive income.

      If you have extra cash, Swagbucks is much better and is a legitimate website with no cost to join. There are many options to earn Swagbuck credits and then you can cash them out using PayPal or gift card of your choice.

      Yeah, I’m so glad I found that lie, so sad really. They obviously couldn’t prove that claim when people asked about so they changed it to just “lot of money”. Stay clear of Take Surveys for Cash.

      Glad you saw this post!

  3. Hi Grace,

    Thanks a lot for this review. I haven’t heard of this “make money by completing surveys” program, but I’ve seen a lot of these kind of scams circulating on the net. I remember that I almost fell for one of them before coming across Wealthy Affiliate, that scam was like this one you’ve talked about, with the difference that it was in Spanish instead of English, but they all use similar tactics to make people fall for them.

    Have a great day,

    • Hi Miren,

      Yes the scams come in all different shapes and sizes unfortunately. Being educated on what to look for and knowing the red flags will help you decide if it’s a good program to join or not.

      With Wealthy Affiliate, they never make such claims because it’s really up to the person building the business to put in the hard work and the long term commitment to it. Their training and tools on the platform is all you need to help you build a business that can make you a full time income but if you don’t use the tools nor know stay committed to your business, then all the training in the world can’t help you.

      I hope this helps put some perspective. 🙂

  4. Thanks for this great post! I have looked into taking surveys to make money as well but have soon realised that it is not worthwhile. The amount of money they pay you, which is usually pennies is not worth the time that needs to be put in to keep answering questions! Then you will soon lose focus and can’t persevere if you have to keep answering questions everyday. Imagine how tiring would that be, which feels like being interrogated!
    Thanks so much for pointing out how to spot scams too! It is very helpful information! I guess many of the scams do look the same!

    • Hi Daniel, yes they sure do look the same. Take Surveys for Cash is not a good site as you should not need to pay to do surveys. There are legitimate survey sites like Swagbucks and Clixsense but ultimately doing surveys to make money online is not the best way.

      I suggest building an online business is a better way to earn a long term passive income. You can learn from the ground up on how to do this with the courses at Wealthy Affiliate, really the best training platform out there.

      I hope you stay away from scams and continue to your online journey at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Take care,

  5. Hi Grace!

    Thanks for this review!! I’m glad you have been able to expose this site for the scam that it is! Hopefully more people will read your review before considering going there! I know that I will be steering clear from it!

    Thanks again!


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