How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost & Is It Worth It?

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How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost & Is It Worth It?Updated June 4, 2019

Checking out one of the best affiliate marketing training platforms in the industry and wondering how much does Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership cost?

I can tell you right now that it costs hardly anything compared to most and when you see all the features and tools you’ll get, you will agree that it’s so worth it just for what you get.

Now, add in the fact that their training absolutely works as my 2 years+ experience will show you later in the post, you will be able to know whether Wealthy Affiliate is worth it or not.

For me, it has been worth every penny and so much more and I will show you why.  If you’re going to build an affiliate marketing business, then this training is a MUST, as you will need the know-how, which is what Wealthy Affiliate’s training is all about.

Now let’s check out the following sections:



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Even though Wealthy Affiliate’s free Starter membership is a great way for you to test out the training platform, ultimately you will need the Premium membership.

That’s right, there are only two membership options at Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Starter  @ $0 – this is not a free trial, this is free for life.
  2. Premium @ $49/month, $234/6-month, or $359/year – I have the annual membership and it just makes sense.

Here’s a quick video that breaks it all down for you:



It’s not a guarantee but there’s a Black Friday sale each year so far that they offer their annual membership at only $299, so if you’re thinking about this one, you can certainly save up for it.

The great thing about the way you pay there is that you will never over pay because you can upgrade to Premium or the Annual membership any time of the year and the system will prorate it for you.

So if you already have been paying monthly, you can change it to a yearly plan instead at any point and the system will prorate the rate for you if you still have some time left on your monthly.

If you catch the Black Friday deal, you WILL keep that low rate for as long as you want to renew there.


What Do You Get?

I’m going to show you a comparison table below which shows the two membership in detail and what each will offer you.

Although Starter is free for life, you are actually getting a lot more than other free trials that only last a week or something.

The Starter will allow you to try out some Premium features too in your first week, in addition to getting 2 free websites, first 10 lessons free on both main courses, as well as limited use of business tools.

The Premium membership basically opens up the entire training platform to you and you’re going to need the full training.

What Wealthy Affiliate teaches in their training is very powerful and are skills that you can take with you to build as many online businesses as you want in the future.

This is why the complete training is necessary if you really want to learn how to use affiliate marketing to build your online business with.

Here’s the comparison chart:


Are There Other Costs?

Yes, but these will be up to you if you want them or not and I will explain each.

A Custom Domain

When building an online business, you may want to think about getting your own domain so that people can go to your website at “” or else if you use the free websites at Wealthy Affiliate then you’ll have an URL like “” because all free websites sit on the root domain “”.

A new domain can be bought anywhere if you can find a cheaper deal and then just host it at Wealthy Affiliate but you can also buy it on the platform for about $15/year.

This is a minimal cost that I recommend you use earlier than later in your business because having your own domain looks way more professional and your site will rank better with it.

The free domains could be used for testing or used until you figure out what custom domain you want.

Wealthy Affiliate has a super easy way to transfer a free site to your own domain pretty easily.


Email Auto Responder

This is a tool that many people want to use in order to build an email list.  I don’t recommend you using this until you have learned how to get traffic to your website (of course this is what’s taught on Wealthy Affiliate) and/or have a “freebie”.

Once you have traffic (visitors) and/or a freebie to entice your visitors to give you their email address, then I would add this cost to your business.

It took me a year to figure what to give away as a freebie, and this post I wrote here on Wealthy Affiliate explains what happened when I did implement this freebie!

I use Aweber and they have a 30 day trial if you want to check it out and it’s $19/month for your first 500 subscribers and then the costs go up from there as your list grows.

This is similar with other email autoresponders, but Aweber is one of the leaders and is one of the most experienced in the industry.


That’s It!

That’s all the cost that I have used for my online business for the first 2 years so it’s well under $100 a month for the first year if you don’t add the email autoresponder til 1 year in.

Even if you do what I suggest above:

  • Premium Membership at $359/year
  • Custom Domain at $15/year
  • Email Autoresponder $19/month

You’re about $51/month, which is pretty reasonable for a real business and you don’t even need the email autoresponder til you’re at least 6 months in!

The next cost you would think about after two or three years into your business is about outsourcing or building your own product, but those will be added once you start making some good money.


Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here




I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate since 2016 and I can tell you that every penny I have spent has been worth it because their training simply works!

It doesn’t matter what niche or business you want to go into or which affiliate program you want to use like Amazon or something else, the training will apply to any niche!

Here are my 2 year results:

Income vs New Posts Graph


You will see how this online business works with that graph above.

The red line is my work effort and the blue line is my monthly income, they indicate that you must put in the hard work before you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

A lot of people don’t know this about building a blog and how affiliate marketing works, so most people quit in their first 6 months.

They won’t even get past 3 months most of those people.

I know this because I see this every month from people on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, lots of people come and go because they don’t understand this concept.

Here my 2 years+ results are summarized by year:

Sep 2016 - Dec 2018 Wealthy Affiliate results


I mean, who wouldn’t quit right after 16 months and only earning $1,753?!

But then, look what happens if you don’t quit and keep going?  Your website will catch that SEO love from Google and you’ll get tons of traffic like my site did in its second full calendar year.


Sep 2016 - Dec 2018 Wealthy Affiliate results by month


Why I earned so little in my first year is because I’m a slow learner with a very competitive niche which will take even more work and time to build.

Why I was able to reach almost $8K in by Nov/18 is because I’m a hard worker, which just shows that you don’t have to be the smartest one around when you can get a formula down, and just you go at it and don’t stop til you make it!

I started making a 3 digit income by 12 months, 4 digits by 19 months and continued to earn that much since.

I can’t wait to see what else is in store for my 3rd year that I just started not long ago.


So, Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Let’s look at first 16 months:  I paid $19 + $47 + $47 + $299 + $299 = $711

($47/month was Wealthy Affiliate’s old pricing, it’s now at $49/month.  I didn’t go Yearly til fourth month because I had heard about the Black Friday sale, everything is prorated, so it doesn’t matter when you go yearly.)

Earnings 16 months: $1,753

Yes! Wealthy Affiliate is worth it in first year & four months!


Let’s look at 2018: I paid $299

Earnings for 2018: $40,049

Yes! Wealthy Affiliate is worth it in my second full calendar year!


Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


I really don’t have much more expenses than that in my first year and in my second year, my total expense was $1,270.

For both years, I have my own hosting with HostGator because I had been hosting with them already for years and I literally found Wealthy Affiliate just days after I created this website Work Anywhere Now.

I had built it for this purpose to get back into affiliate marketing but this time I wanted to do it right since the last time I tried was a complete fail because I was doing it on my own.

Not this time, I was determined to find something that could help me and I was so happy to have found Wealthy Affiliate in my search.

Anyway, I had my own hosting already before I found Wealthy Affiliate because I was fooling around with other online stuff throughout the years.

Never really getting anywhere like what I have now with this website.

I just stuck with HostGator because they gave me great service, I had started on their Baby Plan for a long time.

I’ve recently upgraded to their Cloud Business and it’s so much faster!

Check out all HostGator plans here and use my discount code “WORKANYWHERENOW” to get 60% OFF!

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is actually much better than HostGator’s and even offer free Domain Private Registration but my website is set up differently than what Wealthy Affiliate likes, so I couldn’t move this site over.

I have all my other past projects I had started and not finish on HostGator so I thought I should just keep it there with them and have all my stuff in one spot.

Anyway, it’s up to you where you want to host your online business.




The community inside Wealthy Affiliate is like no other!

You literally have experts making 6 figures or more at your fingertips and I have gotten the results I got based purely on their community because I didn’t have a personal coach.

But you’re lucky you landed here today!  I will be YOUR Personal Coach if you sign on to Wealthy Affiliate with my links and buttons on this page!

With my help, you may even surpass me in how long it took to break a 4 digit online income!

I know I can guide you and provide you with advice and resources that will keep you on the path of success.

I have been helping many people on Wealthy Affiliate and that has earned me an Ambassador title as well, because I worked hard on my site for 2 years, I was able to achieve the Super Affiliate status too at the end of my 2nd year!

You can verify all this on my Wealthy Affiliate profile once you sign up for FREE on Wealthy Affiliate, just search “littlemama” and you’ll find me.

I will also send you a message on your profile when you sign up so you will be able to find me anyway.


Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how much Wealthy Affiliate costs and if those costs are worth it or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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  1. Thanks for your explanation on how much this really cost, I must admit that is good pricing and then there’s the free starter. Great, thanks.


  2. Amazing. I was with another company and it just didn’t feel right. There were so many things that did’t make sense. A failure to explain things to people correctly even though the “Claims that anyone can do this” the training was substandard the tech team belligerent never a straight answer the community in most aspects would look for some outrageously tech answer instead of a simple one. I relised after a few months that it was really a MLM platform simply because they did not measure up on training and never updated anything you had to rely on tech guys to get an answer and most times they couldn’t provide one.

  3. Hi there, can someone sign up anytime for the 6 month offer at $39/ month, ($234 upfront)? Or is that a special promotion?

    • Hi Stacy, you’re allowed to change your payment plan any time. The pricing above are all the pricing options available today, those are not specials, they are plan options that you can use at any time.

      I hope this helps!


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