5 SEO Mistakes Affiliates Make

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5 SEO Mistakes Affiliates MakeAffiliate marketing is a powerful thing. No matter what niche you happen to serve, there are sure to be products waiting to be promoted.

Rather than needing to develop your own product from scratch in order to make money, you can simply promote the products and services of others.

With that said, affiliates do need to watch out for some common SEO mistakes.

If you are making any of the five mistakes listed below, you could be suffering where it hurts most – the bottom line.


#1 – Overstuffing Keywords

This is a mistake from an era gone by, but it is still one which is made by plenty of affiliates.

In an effort to move up the search rankings, you might be tempted to stuff the name of a given product into your content as often as possible. Resist this temptation.

Search engines stopped rewarding keyword stuffing long ago – focus instead of high-quality content which serves the needs of your readers. SEO consulting services can help you understand how keywords work on the modern internet.


#2 – Straying Off-Topic

Many affiliates try to produce long pieces of content in order to aid their search efforts.

There is nothing wrong with that idea – but it’s only going to help if you stay on-topic and provide value to the audience.

Simply writing a lot of words without sticking to the topic is not going to help anyone.


#3 – Copy and Paste

It might seem like a harmless idea to simply copy and paste some content from elsewhere on the web for your own purposes.

Not only is that stealing the work of someone else, it is also not going to help you in the pursuit of higher search rankings.

All of the content on your site needs to be unique.

#4 – Clear Linking Strategy

Internal linking is a key component in any SEO strategy, but it’s only going to be beneficial if it makes sense.

Don’t insert random links into content just for the sake of having links.

Instead, think about how you can tie your pages together in a way that is logical and helpful for the audience.

#5 – Ignoring Site Speed

It’s easy to get caught up in things like keywords, content, and meta titles and descriptions, but remember that the speed of your site is going to play a role as well.

If your site is slow, it may be punished by the search engines.

Taking even some basic steps can go a long way toward shortening the load time of your pages and your overall site experience will improve.


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