My 1st Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference 2019: Amazeballs!

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Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference Vegas 2019I just came back from Las Vegas for the Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Super Affiliate Conference and I must say it was an incredible experience.

There were a lot of amazing food, luxury “Executive” accommodations, and priceless conversations that I will remember for a long time to come.

It was 3 days, 4 nights, and all expense paid for by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Have you ever heard of an affiliate program that does this?  Take their Super Affiliates to a high class location to talk business and see how they can improve the platform for us?

I don’t think so.

I’ve been going for this Vegas goal since I started with Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 and I finally achieved it in 2018.

The Super Affiliate conference takes place near end of January to beginning of February, so you would qualify for it the year before.

You see, as an affiliate, you need to sell 300 new Premium memberships in a calendar year to get an invitation to the conference.  Last year I sold 300 Premiums by August 23, 2018 so I got to go last week to the Super Affiliate conference!

It was really fun to be able to hangout with not only the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle & Carson, but also, the other Super Affiliates.

Super Affiliates that I’ve been looking up to in my two year journey, it was truly so awesome! 

This experience is going to be one of my life memories I’ll never forget and will always have a smile on my face thinking about it.

I have all the low down on what happened at the conference here:


My First Vegas Experience at Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference 2019


Yes that’s all the Wealthy Affiliate swag we all received plus $200 to gamble with, which I used quite quickly I’m afraid. Lol

Well, it was all good fun and I was not worried about it.

See my video reel of my whole trip down below!




If you’re curious what Wealthy Affiliate is, it is an affiliate marketing training program and it’s the leading training platform in the industry as they have an incredibly active and engaged community inside.

You get to learn how to build an online business that using affiliate marketing to make money with your online business.

You are taking through a comprehensive, step-by-step course that covers everything from the very beginning of knowing nothing to learning how to:

  • pick a niche
  • build a website
  • attract of traffic for free
  • make money

Pick a niche means you can build your online business based on anything you want so it could be a hobby you like or something you’ve always been interested in.

Wealthy Affiliates strategies and techniques are evergreen and for the long term, so you can’t expect to have any quick riches here.

But, the online skills you learn is powerful because you’ll learn how to build your website so it attracts its own visitors!

YES!  Look at my visitors for Jan/19 per Google Analytics:

Work Anywhere Now Jan19 Traffic


You’ll learn how to write content in a way that will attract this kind of traffic.  This is the best traffic you can get which is from search engines as they are the most targeted visitors you can get.

This is because they are searching for YOUR information that you have on your website and if you can get ranked high in the search engines, then you’ll get traffic like this, all for FREE.

In my 2.5 years of doing affiliate marketing, I haven’t had to use any paid advertising or promotions.

I will get into paid traffic this year though in 2019 so I can scale my business to six figures!

As I was saying above, you can learn to build an online business like mine but in a topic you wish so you have a choice.

With Wealthy Affiliate’s training, you’re either going to go in your own niche or promote Wealthy Affiliate, I went with promoting with Wealthy Affiliate.

Why I want to promote Wealthy Affiliate is because I love the making money online niche but more importantly, it’s because I just love the training platform so much since it’s really changed my life as a stay at home mom, and our family.

So the rest of this article will be concentrating on how you can become a Super Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to check out the Wealthy Affiliate training, sign up for FREE here:

Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


They actually only have two membership options: Free Starter or Premium.

Starter is free for life, you will get limited use of the platform of course so you can check it out to see if it’s something you want to do.  This is not for anyone who’s serious about this business.

Premium membership opens up the entire platform and has the following payment options:

  • Monthly – $49/month
  • 6-Months – $234/6-months ($39/month)
  • Yearly – $359/year ($29.92/month)

As I mentioned before, it took me 2 years to make Super Affiliate, but it took me 1.5 years to start making 4 figures a month so it makes the most sense to get the yearly membership for Premium to save the most money.




If you’re wanting to get to Vegas next year for Vegas 2020 or 2021, then this is the time to start!

There is a lot of work involved so start fast and start soon, no time to waste.

Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program is open to all, meaning both free members and paid members have the ability to promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn.

Just that Starters only make half of what Premiums do.

So, what does Premiums make?

Here’s the breakdown, as you’ve seen the costs above, here are the commissions that Premium affiliates can earn on those payment options:

  • Monthly – $23.50
  • 6-month – $108
  • Annual – $175

Remember that this is a membership site, so this is all recurring, as long as they stay.

When people sign up to Wealthy Affiliate with my link, you’ll get your first month discounted to $19 and I would earn $8.

So the amounts you can earn are $8, $23.50, $108, and $175!  Even with just the $8 & $23.50, you can really build a 4 figure a month business but getting those 3 digit commissions are super nice!

It’s a no-brainer to take this deal first at $19 for your first month and then upgrade to 6-month or Yearly anytime, your change of plan will be prorated if you have any days left for the month you paid.

So, doesn’t matter what payment plans your referrals use, as long as it’s a new sale, it will be counted as one.

You will need 300 new sales like that to make it to Super Affiliate status.

The Training You’ll Need

If you’re going to be promoting Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll need to use the Affiliate Bootcamp course which has the same principles and strategies as the other Online Entrepreneur Certification course but the examples in Bootcamp are more specific to Wealthy Affiliate.

The Affiliate Bootcamp course is the exact training I used to build my affiliate marketing business so yes, of course it works! 

You’ll need to make sure you go through everything of Affiliate Bootcamp closely and then, you’ll be able to use my training that I have created after I reached Super Affiliate status:


Littlemama's Road To Vegas Training Series


You’ll also have my help if you go Premium with me as well as the community, which was what I used in the first year of my WA life.

There will be nothing like having a Super Affiliate by your side!







So, I’m going to leave you with this.

It’s not going to be easy getting 300 new sales but it’s totally achievable if you put in the hard work it requires.

It took me two years to achieve but with my help and my training above (as I tell you EXACTLY what to do), I bet you can do it quicker!

In this online business, if you want to see massive results, you need to put in massive action.

Do you know how to persevere?  Meaning, do you let bumps in the road make you fall and give up or do you get through these bumps by finding out how to get over them?

This is very important and can stump so many people, they give up very easily because of bumps in the road.

Not seeing results, are you willing to work for no money until your business makes money?  Many people who start this business go into it with an employee mentality and that’s just not going to work.

This is a business you’re building and the WAY it works, you won’t start seeing results til about 3-6 months into it, the more you work, the more you’ll get results faster.

All I know is that if you follow the training set out at Wealthy Affiliate you can be earning online for a very long time to come… but that first year to two years is where most fail.

So, if you have what it takes, then do it and sign up to a 6 month or Yearly membership if you can do it because you’ll need it.

My free coaching services on the Wealthy Affiliate platform is available to you if you want my help, but my help is for Premiums only so tell me you’re serious and pick up a long term membership!

But, Start FREE HERE First!




Grace @ Work Anywhere Now

8 thoughts on “My 1st Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference 2019: Amazeballs!”

  1. Amazing post and video, Grace! Congrats for making it to Vegas

    Iā€™m getting results from your training and your advice and I cant wait to see you there in 2020.

  2. You are a true inspiration to many (you’re like my sister Grace!) and I have nothing but respect for you.

    You’re a great example of what can be achieved when you are willing to set a goal and take MASSIVE ACTION to make it happen!

    • Hi Simon, thank you so much for your kind words! I feel very lucky to be in this position to share with many people and be able to help them keep motivated, moving forward with their online business.

      It’s absolutely possible for anyone to join us at the Vegas 2020 if you are going to be taking massive action this year. It’s worth every pain, sweat and tear! (Pain as in bumps in the road you must overcome.)

      By the time you reach Vegas, you are making a consistent 4 digit passive income online and it’s only going to grow if you continue working on your site.

      It’s a very exciting time to be able to build businesses online like this and be able to support yourself this way.

      I know you are well on your way Simon, I truly cannot wait to meet you and all the newbies next year!!

      MASSIVE ACTION, Super Affiliate!


  3. Congratulations Grace, may you have many more Super Affiliate days in the years to come! You truly are an inspiration for anyone and everyone who wants to make it big making money online. Many thanks for all that you have done for the so many of us.

  4. Lucky you. I have been trying to make an income with WA for the longest time without success. Not one person I could get. Can you share how you did this?

    • Yes I’m very grateful for my success, I also worked like crazy for it so it was nice to celebrate it with that free trip! šŸ™‚

      Yes, I do share EXACTLY how I did it as I open up my entire business for the first two years to you which is all in a 6 video set training series. However, this special training series is only available to those signed up with THIS LINK and upgrade to Premium at some point to receive this course.

      For those who don’t have a Wealthy Affiliate account, just sign up using the links above.

      If you already have an account, I don’t recommend abandoning that account unless you don’t have a Premium Coach other than Kyle & Carson who are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

      You see this under the left menu on your dashboard, Help Center.If you have no Premium Coach, then sure, use the links above to create a new account! (You will need to use a new email.)

      Best to you,


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