How To Find The Best Niche & My Secret Keyword Finder!

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How to Find the Best Niche | Work Anywhere NowYou’re ready to start your new website but you’re wondering how to find the best niche for my new blog?

You want to make money from your blog, right?  Then you’ll need to choose your niche carefully and here are some tips you can use in your niche selection:

  • Your Passion
  • Broad vs Sub-Categories
  • Keyword Research
  • Tools You’ll Need





VIDEO Walk-Through of How To Choose A Profitable Niche

Choosing the right niche for your new blog is sure exciting and could be confusing too since there is literally so many topics you can go into.

Here’s a video walk-through of the process I use every time I start a new blog and I hope you can use the same method to find the best niche for you.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video:


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Your Passion

Do What You Love | Work Anywhere NowThere’s really nothing more easy than to pick a niche you’re passionate about.

If you want to make money online from your website, you need to be able to talk about something that you love and want to write about.

Why?  Because people can feel your passion and excitement through your words, which will result in money later on.

If you are not passionate about your topic, you will not come across to your audience as convincing nor exciting frankly.  Who wants to read a boring piece of text?  No one.


If you’re passionate about what you’re writing about, here are three benefits you will have:

1) Ease – You will find that your writing will come easier to you.  Content is king, if you remember that’s one of the 4 things to consider before you start a blog to make money, and if you can’t write on a topic you love, then you’ll end up abandoning your blog because you’ll either run out of things to say or it’ll get old and boring for you.


2) Connection – Like attracts like so when you write passionately about your niche, you’ll attract the right kind of people to your blog.  Your passion will draw others who are also passionate about your niche.

You will connect with your audience so much easier and create a community of like minded people around your blog.


3) Authority – When you write with passion, you’ll be convincing in your words so you’ll build an authoritative voice in your niche!

People will come to your blog because you’ve got great things to say about your niche and people will be learning from you, believe it or not!  😉

When people start visiting your blog to get tips or to see what you have to say next, then you’ll be able to start to make some real money!



Broad vs Sub-Categories

Babies | Work Anywhere NowA niche by definition is “a specialized but profitable corner of the market” so does that mean your niche should be a broad topic like babies?  Nope.

Babies is so broad topic, there are a million things you can write about which is great for content but it doesn’t so much corner a market.

But if you pick one of those million topics like say strollers, then you’ve narrowed it down to a specialty.

If you want to go one even further, say you’re a mom jogger, you may want to blog about jogging strollers specifically, that’s even better.

 You don’t have to go that narrow, but just an example to show you how narrow you can go.


Strollers | Work Anywhere NowThe more specific and the more you can write about that topic to solve problems for your audience, the better it is for you.

If you are finding solutions to your audience’s problems, you’ll be so much ahead of everyone else that just talks about why they like something.

For example, if there’s a stroller that has a cool feature, tell them about how that cool feature works and how it solves a mom problem.

Therefore, narrowing down your niche to a sub-category, your blog will do so much better because you can specifically help a certain group of people!



Keyword Research

After you’ve found a niche you are passionate about and it’s a sub-category, next you want to find out what keywords are available for you to use and if they will be good ones for your blog.

How do you know if a keyword is a profitable one?  First, when I say profitable, I mean, a low competition keyword but high in article power, which I’ll explain more below, while also getting enough monthly searches for it.

Let’s look at an example:

Keyword Tool | Work Anywhere Now
Click on image to zoom in.


I typed in “best jogging stroller” in my keyword tool and got the above keywords as results, I’ve sorted them by Article Power.

This was a long list but I can only screen print this much of it.  What you want to see in this example is the amount of keywords available to write about that are high quality for your blog.

High quality factors are measured as: Search, Competition, and Article Power.

You want to look for more than 50 Searches (previous month’s searches on, Competition of below 200, and Article Power of 8 and higher.

Even just 50 searches a month is a great keyword because you want to start getting traffic to your new blog, and this is the easiest way to get your website to start ranking on search engines.

The Competition column is awesome – you can’t find this anywhere else!  Not in Google keyword search, not anywhere else, I’ll tell you where to find this keyword tool in the next section, but first, Competition means how many websites out are talking about or using that keyword and it’s also known as QSR (Quoted Search Results).  So if you can find keywords with a QSR of under 100, even better!

Article Power means how well this keyword is for article marketing (SEO essentially) and it’s based on traffic, keyword competition, and some other factors.  If they keyword is 8 or higher, then it’s great!


From the above search results, I clicked on Competition for “best jogging stroller” (last keyword in the image above) and saw this result:

Keyword Tool | Work Anywhere Now


That’s not a great keyword then because it’s over 200 in Competition, Article Power of less than 8 but decent amount of traffic.  It would be harder to rank your site if you used this keyword.

But taking a look at the other keywords above that one, you have a slew of keywords with much better scores that have a QSR of below 200.  You can even find gems like “best jogging stroller travel system” that’s only has a QSR of 33!

Keyword Tool | Work Anywhere Now


I did a few more searches and found these awesome keywords too:

Keyword Tool | Work Anywhere Now Keyword Tool | Work Anywhere Now Keyword Tool | Work Anywhere Now


Whether you go with “baby strollers” or “jogging strollers“, finding profitable keywords is another important aspect in picking which niche to go into.

If you narrow it down to jogging strollers and want to write to the mom joggers market, you can talk about other aspects like what they need to take with them while jogging with their babies, what to wear, and lots more which can all be searched in the keyword tool to see what’s a great topic to blog about.



Tools You’ll Need

Jaaxy Keyword Tool | Work Anywhere NowIn order for you to start your blog in the right direction, you need the right tools.  The first keyword search tool I recommend is!

Jaaxy uses the same elements as discussed above but it dives much deeper which is made by the guys at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can get 30 free searches initially to check it out and learn about their other features like Site Rank, to see how your site ranks on Google for your keywords, and Alphabet Soup search where you go through the alphabet to find more keywords in your niche.  Check out my full Jaaxy review HERE!

Give it a test drive here:


Wealthy Affiliate | Work Anywhere Now


If you want even more tools, you should really consider joining Wealthy Affiliate because not only do they have a keyword tool inside that platform that performs like Jaaxy, they have loads and loads of training on how to build a website to make money from affiliate marketing!

Step by step training courses to help you build the perfect niche blog so you can find financial freedom to work from anywhere you want with your laptop.

They offer you two FREE websites if you don’t want your own domain, and if you want your own domain, you can register for one there as well, and guess what?  They host your sites on there too so that cost is included!

Another great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the community!  You want to be able to ask questions when you’re building your blog and trust me, you don’t want to do this alone.

I’ve tried blogging before by myself and it was a disaster!  Learn from my mistakes and education yourself on how to build a website that generates organic traffic on its own and make money online!

You can join HERE for free or if you want more info, you can go HERE to learn more details about Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m inside there too, see my profile HERE!


I hope this has helped you in your search on how to find the best niche!  Stay tuned for more How-To’s!


Let’s make money online!

Grace | Work Anywhere Now




24 thoughts on “How To Find The Best Niche & My Secret Keyword Finder!”

  1. I keep thinking of new niches to write about because I really love building websites and writing about the things that I love! Make sure not to choose a niche that is too narrow though! I picked one and then found out that it was a micro niche! Then there isn’t enough to write about!

    • Hi Emma, thanks so much for your input! I so appreciate you bringing up that point of the micro niche! Yes, getting into too narrow of a niche would block yourself not only on enough content but also enough affiliate products to choose from to promote so that’s a great point I didn’t mention in my post.

      Appreciate your thoughts!

  2. I must reiterate that it is important to choose a niche that you are passionate about. At times I have felt a struggle to continue. So if I had chosen something I didn’t like then I would most surely have quit by now. It does take time though to build up a website so this needs to be beared in mind.

    Thank you for explaining Article Power. I had not considered this before, but will do so now.

    • Hi Owain,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I’m glad you agree about choosing a niche you’re passionate about. It’s important because when you hit those days where you think you have nothing to write, you want to be able to dig deep and find that passion within to be creative to find more topics to write about in your niche.

      Yes for sure building a website takes time and nothing to be rushed into, I believe I wrote about this in 4 Things To Consider Before You Start A Blog To Make Money.

      Glad you were able to learn about Article Power!

      Wish you much success on your site!

    • Hi Furkan,

      You can be more authoritative by doing lots of research and submerging yourself in your niche. There’s really no other way than by getting all the information on your niche as much as possible. Knowledge is power, so if you can research and learn on every aspect of your niche, then you become the authority voice of your niche because you’ll be able to teach others what you’ve learned. Once someone can learn from you, you are the authority. 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Grace, This is a very informative and well laid out post for anyone looking for a niche to start an online business. Your info on sub categories and how to find keywords
    to optimise your SEO is very valuable to people just starting out. Great job!

    • Thanks Sharon, Appreciate your comment here and your kind words about my post. I hope what I write is valuable to others and that people can learn from it. This whole site is built to help others and I hope people benefit from it. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi,

    I couldn’t agree more, when trying to find the best niche, your passions are always the best place to start.

    My passion has always been being able to create being able to create a powerful/ influential speaking voice and as part of that I went very sub category and decided to focus purely on voice deepening initially.

    I also use Jaaxy and was able to find some great keywords to help me create my niche site, some great advice here!

    • Hi Nate,

      I’m so happy to hear you agree as well. How fun to to find such a niche you have picked! That is a definitely sub-category.

      Isn’t Jaaxy great?! I love the things you can do with it, much more than just keywords.

      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Hi Grace, you sure are good at simplifying what can be so confusing! Great article.
    I think your comment about picking a niche that you’re passionate about is both absolutely true, and absolutely difficult, if you’re like me and aren’t really super passionate or obsessed with anything in particular. It’s hard to think of a topic that I’d be happy almost dreaming about 24/7 for the next months and years! 🙂

    • Hi Marlaine,

      That is a tough one if you don’t have have any particular topic that you’re passionate about. You can always still pick a niche that you like and feel comfortable with (you will still have likes and dislikes on certain topics) and use the keyword research tool to figure out which niche has better Article Power, less competition to blog about. With the combined elements of choosing your niche, you can still zone in on a particular and be successful with it.

      Hope this helps you!

  6. Grace, this is another amazing post you have made!

    Picking a niche is very important and yes, as you said, in order to create an interactive content you have to love your niche.
    You definitely love yours and you love your site too! I can feel that whenever I open your blog 🙂
    And I know the feeling of loving what you do and create since I love mine too 🙂

    Wealthy Affiliate is a JACKPOT!!! Nothing more is needed than that for successful online marketing business 🙂

    • Thank you Sunny for stopping by again!

      That’s great news that you can feel my love for my niche and website! I sure do! I’m glad you’re able to do the same!

      Definitely following the teachings of Wealthy Affiliate will take you far along in making money online with your website!

      Take care,

  7. Hi Grace. My niche is natural childbirth. I hope that’s specific enough? Your post has helped me rethink my focus on article topics though. Sometimes I branch out into general motherhood and pregnancy ideas that aren’t as specific. But now I’m going to redirect and change things up a bit. Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your thoughts! Your niche natural childbirth is a very good niche. If you can stick to your niche when writing content, it would be best for your audience because that’s why they would visit your site, to get info on having a natural childbirth. If your content is majority this topic, then you’re be fine. It’s okay to branch out as long as you can bring the article back to relating to natural childbirth in some way, then it’ll be best. In addition, in order to have a natural childbirth, you have to be pregnant first, so anything to do with pregnancy as it relates to the preparation to the natural childbirth would also work for your blog.

      Glad you stopped by!

  8. Hi Grace! This is great information. I created a website about Pit Bull dogs because creating a positive image and good dog ownership mean a lot to me. There is a lot of information out there about this topic and now I am thinking of ways to really narrow it down. I guess I didn’t realize how broad a topic it was until I started working on it. Again, great info, thank you!

    • Thank you Jennifer for your comment. I’m so glad to hear my post has been of help to you! Yes, if you can find a lot of information about pit bull dogs out there already and able to find sub-niches, then it may be a good idea to narrow it down some more. You want your audience to specifically go to your website for a particular purpose, and not just because it’s a pit bull website. Having said that, you also don’t want to narrow it down too small. It’s a fine balance to ensure you have enough to write about as well as not too broad.

      Thanks for stopping by & good luck with your site!

  9. Hi Grace,
    I think that if anyone followed the sequence you have outlined here that they will find a niche that they really enjoy working with. You have gone into a lot of detail here and come up with a real step by step process. Well done!

    • Thank you Calen! Appreciate that you find it helpful on how to select the best niche. I do hope to help others narrow down what they want to build a website on. It’s a process but doesn’t have too be too long and difficult one if you just follow my simple steps.

      Best wishes to you,

  10. Hi grace I would really love to try affiliate marketing for free but I found out that the free membership is not available in my country. I don’t want to start on as a premium member just yet so do you have other recommendation for me?

    • Hi Eden,

      I’m sorry to hear this, I do know there are a few countries that Wealthy Affiliate is not available for free. However, there’s a huge opportunity cost attached to free websites. I can suggest to you to build your site at or something but you won’t have the training available at Wealthy Affiliate. That’s really what you’re paying for, the top notch training and the help of its community. There’s no better way to succeed than to have this kind of training by your side while building this business.

      If you’re serious about building this business, please read my 4 Things to Consider Before You Start a Blog to Make Money post. There is a cost to every business. If you use free, you’ll soon regret it because you’ll want to move away from that free platform, I guarantee this.

      If this training was taken at a real college or university, you’ll be paying thousands per course. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the top training platforms in the industry and my site proves it.

      Please reconsider and join Wealthy Affiliate… if you try other things, it will not work and you may end up back at Wealthy Affiliate anyway but what have you lost, time that you can’t get back.

      Let me know if you have further questions!

      Best of luck!

  11. I really like this and what you’ve wrote here. I didn’t know there was so much into finding out how to pick a niche. I love that your keyword finder is so easy to use like that with the indicators. I will give it a try.


    • Hi Gillian,

      So glad you got to read this post and learned how to pick a niche better. 🙂 You will really like Jaaxy and I hope you will sign up as they have a free trial anyway.

      Please let me know if there’s any questions I can answer for you!

      Thanks for visiting,


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