The Best Free Keyword Tool: Jaaxy Rocks My World!

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Jaaxy Keyword ToolIf you want free traffic to your website, the first step is using the best free keyword tool Jaaxy!  In this review, I’ll show you why Jaaxy is the best and how to find the best keywords using this awesome Jaaxy tool to generate free traffic to your website!

What’s great about Jaaxy is that it’s an online web tool so you don’t have to download anything or install any software.

I’m also writing this review because it’s on my Best Tools page and I only recommend tools I personally use (and love)!


I will be breaking down this analysis like this:



WHO CREATED JAAXY? was created by the owners, Kyle and Carson, of the best online training platform for building an online business using the affiliate marketing business model, Wealthy Affiliate.  They use their 14 years of online experience to build this very powerful and quick keyword search tool that anyone has seen to date!

They bring their teachings from Wealthy Affiliate into this keyword tool as well, using the techniques taught there, Jaaxy incorporates the parameters that is essential in determining which keywords have the best potential.

Because Jaaxy is tied with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll know that this product is nothing but top notch and is always being updated to ensure this tool stays on top and be the best keyword tool to use.




The key parameter that Jaaxy uses to determine which keyword is best to use is Quoted Search Results (QSR).

What QSR gives you is your competition:  how many web pages on the internet uses that particular keyword?  Therefore, when I speak of competition, I’m not talking about how competitive it is to bid on that keyword, or how much it is to pay-per-click or anything to do with paid advertising for that keyword.

QSR shows you how many web pages are already using that particular keyword, your competitors.

So you can see this is a great parameter to use to find excellent keywords which a lot of other keyword tools don’t use.  Other keyword tools usually use pay-per-click for keyword competition.

Other parameters Jaaxy uses, besides QSR, are as follows:

  • AVG – Average number of searches a keyword receives per month.
  • TRAFFIC – Visits to your website if you achieve Page 1 rankings in the search engines.
  • KPI – Keyword quality indicator – which takes into account AVG, Traffic, and QSR.
  • SEO – The higher the score, the more likely you are to rank first page on search engines.




Let’s look at how to find the best keywords with an example.  I’ve searched the keyword phrase “baking bread” and this is the result in Jaaxy:

Jaaxy Keyword Tool - Example


Jaaxy makes it easy and right away you can tell from the KQI (which takes into account the first three columns Avg, Traffic, and QSR) which keywords will be best to use by indicating a GREEN dot.

Yellow dot is getting somewhat competitive and will be hard to get onto Page 1.  Red dot, forget about it because it’s super hard to rank for first page with those keywords.

For all the green dotted keywords, I’ve labeled them with letters to explain to you which ones I would definitely use first.

For example, the “A” labeled keywords are the “Low Hanging Fruit” keywords and these are the ones which are the best keywords from the whole list.

I may even use the “B” labeled ones as well because they are just outside of the parameters of the “A” labeled ones.

The “C” & “D” ones are okay to use too but I find that either their search is too low or the competition is creeping up.

What makes “Low Hanging Fruit” keywords the best to use?  See below.



The quickest way to get ranked and get loads of free traffic to your content is by using “Low Hanging Fruit” keywords!


What makes a keyword “Low Hanging Fruit”?

  • AVG over 50


  • QSR under 50


If you have a bunch of these “low hanging fruit” keywords on your blog, your website will be receiving a steady flow of free traffic every month as they’ll have the best chances of ranking on the first page of search engines!

For more training on low hanging fruit keywords, check out this training at Wealthy Affiliate HERE!




There are four other main features of this Jaaxy keyword search tool I want to point out:



From the example above, I can click on all the green keywords or just the “A” and “B” keywords and save them to a list so I can search other keywords in the same niche and add to that list.  You can start a new list when search another niche and want to save those keywords.



This is a search technique where you can do a search like [baking bread + “a”], [baking bread + “b”], etc, and go through the alphabet.  You can do this manually in Google or you can use Jaaxy and it’ll DO IT FOR YOU:

Jaaxy Keyword Tool - Example



Another great feature I’ll point out is the Site Rank: you can simply type in the keywords you have used in your blog posts and you can find out where you rank in the search engine for it.  Here’s my website for example and enter keywords “work anywhere now” (which has a QSR of 251 by the way), and you can use that my site is ranked #3 on Page 1:

Jaaxy Keyword Tool - Site Rank


If you’re searching for a blog post, you do the same thing but in the “URL” box, you can paste the whole blog post link there to check where that post ranks at.


#4) Domains Available

Jaaxy Keyword Tool - Domains AvailableYou can easily check if domains are available for the keywords you searched out in .com, .net, and .org!!

This is great feature for anyone wanting a domain URL with the exact keyword that you want to use!

Many people use this as a strategy to get even better ranking and, with this tool, you can see right away what’s available.




If you want to start Jaaxy for FREE without entering any credit card info, you can start HERE!  The free account offers you most of everything I showed you above and some features have limits on how many searches you’ll get.

If you want unlimited searches plus even more added functionalities, you can upgrade to their Pro or Enterprise Plans HERE!


For a look at all three plans, check out this comparison chart!

Jaaxy Keyword Tool - Pricing Plans

The Pro Plan is really the way to go if you are serious about building your online business and want to rank well in the search engines.  This is your ticket to free traffic, especially using the low hanging fruit keywords as discussed above.




Take it for a spin and start your search:


If you have any questions regarding Jaaxy or anything else discussed here, please enter your question or comment below!  I always reply to my readers and love hearing from you all!


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now





6 thoughts on “The Best Free Keyword Tool: Jaaxy Rocks My World!”

  1. Great review! I have the free version, but after I became a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, I just started using the keyword tool on the WA site. Do you think Jaaxy is better? If so, why? I have been using the low hanging fruit strategy, but my keywords are still not ranking well and I am not sure why! Maybe I will give Jaaxy another try.

    • Hi Salina,

      Jaaxy beats out the keyword tool available in Wealthy Affiliate because it dives deeper into the keyword searches for you, even more results. It also has the “More Functionalities and Features” that the keyword tool in WA doesn’t have. Jaaxy has KPI as well and the WA keyword tool doesn’t. Jaaxy is a more powerful keyword tool overall and can do more for you.

      If your keywords are not ranking, it may be it just needs more time. You should see improvements every month though and if you don’t see it every month, it could be your content. Your content may be too short, not high quality, or too many affiliate links? A lot of variables but I would just give it more time and see if it improves each month.

      I hope this helps, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Grace, you’ve done a really great job with your Jaaxy review. I think you’ve mentioned all the great features it has. I am currently a pro member, and it’s definitely worth the upgrade in my opinion. Jaaxy is more than just a tool to find keywords. I like that you can check your site rank and even find affiliate programs from your niche. It feels like everything you need for keyword research is in one place.

    I’ve been using Jaaxy for a few months now and I’ve seen much of my content getting 1st page rankings. It’s so exciting being able to see your site in the number 1 spot, and I owe it to Jaaxy.

    Thanks again for sharing your Jaaxy review, I’m glad to see it’s helping others like it’s helping me.

    • Thanks for your awesome testimonial for others to see Stephanie! I’m glad you mentioned the part about finding affiliate programs for your niche, that is a great feature too and makes all your search in one place, as you said!

      I do love the Site Rank feature too and seeing your rank moving up higher and higher is even better. 🙂 That’s awesome your site is doing so well from your use of Jaaxy!

      To much more success to you!

  3. Thanks for posting this great review.

    I’ve had a website for a while now that has gone nowhere as far as traffic. I only recently found out about keywords and got interested in trying to use them. You’re post gave me not only information about this Jaaxy program but also about keyword usage in general.

    I think I might have to give Jaaxy a try and see if I can find any of this low hanging fruit you were talking about! 🙂

    • Hi Christian, I’m so glad you found my post then! Jaaxy will sure give you the boost you need if you take advantage of the low hanging fruit keywords. It will bring you free traffic consistently as it will allow you to rank easier since there’s less competition. 🙂

      Give Jaaxy a try since it’s free anyway to sign up. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my site!


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