How To Become A Blogger And Get Paid: My Secret Weapon!

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How To Become A Blogger and Get Paid-My Secret WeaponDo you want to make money online but not sure how to become a blogger and get paid for it?

I’m glad you’re here because I have a secret weapon to share to anyone who’s interested in becoming a blogger and make money from it.

This could be also used for bloggers who’s been in the game but not making any money or not having much success with it.

There will be actionable things you can do with the things I will be suggesting in this post, so I hope you will enjoy this entire post.

I’ve been blogging myself since Sep/16 and broke 4 digits in my online income in Mar/18 so I can offer some insight on how to make your blog successful.

My post will be broken down into digestible sections as follows:



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Blogging is basically being able to write articles or posts on a blog on a particular subject.  Some blogs have a very narrow subject and some other blogs are open reign.

It’s really up to you how you want to structure your blog, but to be successful, there is a blueprint to follow or a formula you would say that most people miss when they first start out blogging.

What makes a website a blog is when you install a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress to it, it organizes your website for easy management of your posts and pages.

The blog format has become a very flexible and easy way to design websites as well so many people use WordPress not just to create blogs but also membership sites, learning tools, and many other things that I probably don’t even know. Lol

It’s actually not very hard to become a blogger, you just need a website which will be your domain name and a place to host it.

There are no other requirements for you to become a blogger, as long as you’re the author behind a blog, you can call yourself a blogger.

The cost of entry to become a blogger is very minimal in that sense because hosting packages these days can be very cheap like a few dollars a month but those cheap plans you have to watch out for because there could be security issues for your website.

My secret weapon below will have the best solution for you in this regard because they use state-of-art servers to host your sites and the utmost security to protect them.

You will also see that my secret weapon offers free SSL certificates as well for your blog to make it extra secure as well as free domain privacy registration so you can keep your personal info private.

There are plenty more to learn about my secret weapon but I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves right now so let’s keep going.




There are so many reasons why blogs fail and people don’t know about these reasons when going into blogging so most blogs will fail from not knowing what to expect or their expectations are too high.

So I will tell you things in this section that will help you manage your expectations so you know kind of how things work and then it will make more sense why people end up failing.


Google’s Trust Is Earned

If you’re trying to build a blog these days, you should not expect to see much results in your first 6 months and this is because Google takes time to trust your site.

Google knows there are a bunch of blogs that will fail so they won’t even pay attention to you until your blog has some age to it and you have created quality content on it.

This is where most people quit because they won’t see much results and they think they have been “working” for six months for nothing.

My traffic (visitors on my site) didn’t really sky rocket until my 14th month and it’s been growing more exponentially from there each month.

Therefore, don’t expect much results from your first year of blogging because you’re not going to get much traffic until the second half of your first year.

Then, your traffic will grow from there and grows at a faster pace after your first 12 months.  I broke my first 10,000 visitors month in my 15th month and I’m at 25,000 visitors a month for my current last 30 days:

My Google Analytics for last 30 days


In April last month which was my 20th month, I actually hit my first 1,000 visitors a day, and I know my stats aren’t the best, I know there are other bloggers who can get much faster results.

Here’s the 20 month trend:

My Google Analytics for my last 20 months

This is my first successful blog, I know I can get much quicker results if I started over again because I have learned so much from this blog.

So don’t think you’re just writing or blogging for nothing those first few months, you’re actually creating a good foundation of content for your site.


Not Making Money Or Enough Money

Another reason most people quit blogging is because they haven’t made enough money or not making money at all after lots of work.

Because of the reason mentioned just above, you won’t have much traffic to your site until much later and without traffic you’re not going to be earning anything, or much anyway.

People’s expectations are skewed by thinking this could be a huge money maker and when it doesn’t happen in the time frame they think should happen, then they quit.

Certainly you can earn a lot of money with a blog, but your money doesn’t really come in that first year, or at least doesn’t come consistently until you hit 8 months to over a year, this all depends on your content.

There are people who can break a 4 digit income within the first year of their blog, this really depends on the niche you’re picking, your keywords usage, how many words in each post, and the quality of your content.

Breaking 4 digits in your first year is not the norm, but very much possible and I definitely hope to build one of these sites one day.

That doesn’t mean you won’t earn anything in your first year by the way.  I’m not trying to scare you like that.

You will earn something here and there in your first year, but most of the time, it won’t be consistent.




To blog successful, you sure do have key ingredients that you’ll need and I’ll list them here and hopefully you can take some of these as action items for your existing blog if you have one already:

  • Content – There is no blog if there is no content.  Quality content is definitely one of the key ingredients and how well you’re engaging your audience in that content.  I would not blog anything under 800 words these days, my posts are usually 1,500 words long and these days, most people would say the longer the better for ranking on search engines.
  • Keywords –  The proper use of keywords is by far one of the most important key elements that will bring traffic to your blog.  This is again because if you don’t have content, you have no blog.  If you have not studied this topic, you must learn about this and how to place them.  You don’t just repeat keywords all over the place, Google is much smarter these days.  You must know how to strategically use them to your advantage to bring that traffic in onto your site.
  • Consistency – You must not only produce keyword rich, quality content but you need to blog consistently.  Whether you do once a week, 7 days a week, or anything in between, you must set a schedule and try very hard to stick with it.  A blog with a long break of no new content will slowly lose traffic, ranking, and money.
  • Monetization – There is not just one way to monetize your blog but there are several.  The main way I use is affiliate marketing which is my bread and butter so far, then I have Google Adsense (but hopefully switching to MediaVine soon which you need 25,000 Sessions, not page views or visitors, to qualify), and a couple of other affiliate networks.
  • Helping vs Selling – When you’re blogging to make money, you don’t really don’t need to sell because what you’re more doing is presenting how you will solve someone’s problem and recommending products that will help with that solution.  You’ll have a much higher conversion if you do it this way of helping others vs “buy this” or “buy that now” – no one will be buying this way.
  • Persistency – You must keep going and keep blogging to see the results you really want to have, even during times when nothing seems to be happening with your blog.  Patience is a big one here, and blogging that first year is very tough when you put in amount of work but your results are not where you want them to be.  This is when most people quit but the avalanche is just around the corner.


Think of it this way, the more content you have on your blog, the more keywords you will be able to rank for, the more traffic you’ll get because of those keywords and then all that traffic will turn into more money.

If you’re blogging 4 times a month and nothing seems to happen then increase your frequency.

Sometimes when you’re in a competitive niche, you have to blog daily or more to get the results you want to see, but you don’t need as much work if you can pick a niche that’s less competitive.

Not sure if you noticed, but I haven’t said anything about backlinks and that’s because you should just let it happen naturally.

I think if you force it too much, again, Google will detect fake backlinks and will penalize your site with bad rankings.

Backlinking is good if you can get them by guest posting or something like that, especially in the beginning of your blog since you won’t see much search traffic.

Never buy them in bulk that’s when you’ll get in trouble with Google, and I also don’t advise on purchasing traffic as well.

Your best bet to high traffic and income from your blog are the key ingredients I listed above but you’ll need my secret weapon to pull it all together.




My secret weapon is actually education and getting trained in this area of how to build a successful blog and make money from it.

You see, everyone jumps into blogging because they think it’s easy, all you’re doing is talking about whatever you want.

It takes no time to learn how to become a blogger but the “and get paid” part is the kicker.

To actually make money from your blog, you’ll need to know much more than that and be more focused in your subject.

For example, the key ingredients above, if you don’t know much about any of them, there’s no way you can create a successful blog.

If you think you do know the key ingredients well, but you’re not making a full time income yet from your blog, then you actual don’t know those key ingredients well.

You also need to organize your blog a certain way to set it up for success, and if you don’t how to get your site SEO ready, then again, you’ll need proper training.

Use the exact training platform I used to build my 4 digit online income, which includes much more than just training, in my free guide here:

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Here’s Your Typical Blog

I had first tried blogging back in 2011/2012 which was a mommy blog. I didn’t know what I was doing and just heard that people were making money with blogging and I wanted to try it.

Not knowing what I’m doing, I went off and started my journey and wrote about baby stuff on my blog as well as other mom related issues.

I even knew how to apply to be an Amazon Associate (their affiliate program), and had affiliate links on the site.

It just seems easy to do and so I just went for it, but it turned out it was a complete flop and quit after 8 months or so.  I don’t even remember now.

That blog never went much anywhere because I didn’t know how to do it properly and never learned how to either.

I knew very little about keywords but knew they were important but I didn’t apply them in my mommy blog.


Why I Came Back To Blogging

After my first blog flopped, I went on to try other online endeavors like creating online shops, this went on for 3 years and although I loved owning my own shop, I didn’t like making the products.

I was very proud of what I had created and my products were actually pretty unique but I also didn’t like the constant promotion of online shops vs this current blog I have which requires no paid promotions as I depend solely on SEO to bring me free organic traffic.

Third thing I didn’t like about having online shops was being stuck at one place.  With blogging, I can do it from anywhere that has wifi and I love that freedom.

So by this time, I knew I wanted to give affiliate marketing and blogging another try because people were still making money from it but this time I knew I wanted to know how to do it right.

This is when I finally found some extensive, comprehensive step by step training that will teach you everything about how to set up your blog, how to blog, what to write, how to use keywords, how to get indexed and ranked, adding videos, and so much more.

Not only that, this training platform is much more than just education and training, you also get two free websites with your FREE membership as well!

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Not only I’m living proof that their training works, there are many others in the community that also have achieve blogging success as well.

You will have plenty of help as well instead of doing this on your own as there are many members that will help you as well as myself.

This training place is really a one stop shop as it takes care of your hosting needs with high secured hosting optimized for WordPress blogs, provides an advanced keyword search tool, as well as many other resources like live weekly webinars to learn about specific topics.

You really get so much value on that platform that you would wonder why the cost is so low.  There will be two membership options: a free Starter and a paid Premium.

Obviously, the serious bloggers will go for Premium, you’ll need the complete training if you’re going to do this right.

But anyone can check out the entire platform and try out Premium features for the first 7 days with the free membership.

Here are a few payments to show you my latest results as of this writing:

Income Proof - Adsense


See my full income results for April here.

Don’t waste anymore time and start building your successful blog today!

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to become a blogger and get paid or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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