Is Wifi Wealth System A Scam Or Make Unlimited $80 Commissions? Must Read Review!

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is Wifi Wealth System a scamHave you come across the Wifi Wealth System and wondering if it’s a scam that will steal all your money or if you can really make unlimited $80 commissions?

My honest review will show you how it all works and what I think about this system so you can make a better educated decision.

There are tons of scams out on the internet so it’s always good to be cautious and find out first what it’s about before you plunge in.

My Wifi Wealth System review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Wifi Wealth System Logo


Program Name: Wifi Wealth System


Price: Free To A Point

Recommended? No

The Wifi Wealth System is a free system that can get you “unlimited” $80 commissions but obviously that is just a marketing ploy.


Wifi Wealth System sales video


Yes you can earn $80 commissions but it’s limited to your ability to earn that, just like anything else really so their “unlimited” usage of the word is silly because you can say that about anything, you can earn unlimited commissions everywhere else too.

So I just wanted to crush that right now.

What you’ll be doing is signing up to 3 different products and services, and then go out to advertise and have others do the same thing.

The Wifi Wealth System is set up so that when you have your 3 paid products/services set up, you’re basically set to collect commissions when others also sign up through you.

This is based on the affiliate marketing business model, all the paid products and services you’ll be signing up for will have affiliate programs with them so that when you get others to sign up too, you will earn commissions through those same programs.

How you will market this system is through buying solo ads where you ask people with huge email lists to send your message to them who are interested in making money online.

The message sent will hav your Wifi Wealth System affiliate link in it so that when these people click on your link to check out the Wifi Wealth System, you will be credited for it and earn $1.50 for each sign up.

The same Wifi Wealth System landing page you got on when you first saw the system but your landing page will be linked with your ID with all your affiliate links in them.

With a system like this, you can make money with it for sure as long as you can get traffic to your landing page but I’m unsure how sustainable it is for the long term and I will give you my reasons why below.

There are other systems similar to this like Funnel X Project and Daily Income Method.




The Wifi Wealth System have you set up an account with just your email and then they will send you a password to log into their system.

Once in, you are guided by videos about how to set up your system by going through the ten steps.

You will basically sign up for three programs/services:

  • Ebates – a cash back site where you can each cash back if you shop through their portal, you can read my review here, but this is legitimate.  They have a referral program here where you can earn $25 when you have others sign up and spend $25 through their site.
  • Motor Club of America (MCA) – an auto membership like AAA but with a higher price tag and an opportunity to earn $80 for each sign ups you get.
  • Aweber – you will sign up here so you can start collecting emails through your landing page and build your email list.  They have an affiliate program to earn 30% of your referral’s subscription.  I use Aweber myself and you can read my review here for it.

Ebates is free, the MCA membership you need is Total Assistance is $19/month (but you have to pay for 2 months), and Aweber starts at $19/month but your first month is free.

So at most this system is about $40 a month, ongoing until you reach 2,000 subscribers then your monthly will go up from there.

Your initial payment for this system will be the $40 initial payment for the two months at MCA and that’s it since Aweber is free first month, every month after your first is about $40 ($19.95 for MCA & $19 for Aweber).

Aweber’s pricing will continue to climb as your list grows bigger but you won’t have to worry about it til you hit 2,000 subscribers.

So once you sign everything up and grabbed all your affiliate links from each program, you will put it in the Wifi Wealth System.

Once all that is set up, you can start buying ads and making money but that’s only if your ads will convert for you.


Why This Is Harder Than It Looks

Getting traffic (visitors) and leads are always the hardest part of any business so be ready to to spend a lot of ads.  If you get more sign ups than what you’re spending, then you’ll make a nice profit.

If the ads don’t convert, then you will lose money so you need to figure out the best places to buy ads from.

The training at Wifi Wealth System is very light on this topic, yet it’s the most crucial part of the system.


Wifi Wealth System One Training Video


You only get one 20 minute video to train you on how to get traffic.  The place I learn from has 20 lessons on this topic alone, but I guess you get what you pay for…. oh wait, you didn’t pay for this system, it’s free.

They suggest to go on Udimi where you can buy traffic to your landing page but as you can see in their training video, there are a lot of dud sources on there that does NOT convert, no sales.

Then she just suggests to look at her case studies and just buy from the vendors she uses but guess what?

Everyone who joins the Wifi Wealth System is also going to do that so that means those email lists will eventually convert way less by the time you go use those vendors because a bunch of others have already gone through those email lists.

Getting traffic this way is definitely more risky because you’ll always have to spend money to find traffic and there’s no end to this and everyone else will also trying to find a paid traffic source that’s not diluted.

Unlike my online business, I didn’t have to pay a dime for you to come on my site today or pay any ads for traffic for the 4 digit online income I earn from my online business.




Thumbs DownNo, Wifi Wealth System is not a scam and you can definitely make money with this system if you know how to advertise.

But their training on paid traffic is super light and I don’t think any beginner will know where else to go to buy solo ads or do other types of advertising.

People spend thousands of dollars a month on ads and if you don’t find good sources, you could be doing the same thing with this system.

The only thing other about this system I don’t like is dependent on someone else.  Your whole online business will be depending on their Wifi Wealth System, if one day Wifi Wealth System goes away, so will your online business.

You have no control over that or your business because you’re depending on their system.

Unlike my online business which I fully own and no one can take it away from me.

It’s definitely up to you if you want to give it a go but I do not recommend Wifi Wealth System because of these five reasons:

  1. It’s just not sustainable in the long run since you don’t own the system.
  2. Not enough training to be successful at this.
  3. Forever paying for traffic.
  4. No choice or freedom to promote things you actually like or want (like I don’t want a MCA membership).
  5. You’re only limited to earn from 3 income streams.




If you’re serious about making money online far into the future, then you really need to build an online presence like I have, an asset no one can take away from you.

If you learn from the method I used to build my 4 digit online income, then you can do the same thing and build yourself an online business that you will fully own and you will be free to choose whatever topic you want your online business to be about.

I started building mine back in Sep/16 and today you have the chance to use the same exact method I used to learn how to build an asset that can generate its own highly targeted free organic traffic on its own.

You can find out what this online business is about and how it all works in my free guide here:

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The business model I use can help you promote as many products as you wish instead of just three like in the Wifi Wealth System.

When you build your own online business, you can earn from as many affiliate/referral programs as you want, you can say unlimited. Lol

Best part: you can also start for FREE!  You will be able to check out the comprehensive step by step training you’ll get, and all its features, to make sure it’s right for you before you pay a dime.

Any real education will cost money and I love this place because you’ll be getting way more than you’re paying for if you decide to upgrade.

Besides the main trainings, you’ll also get weekly live webinars and events to attend to learn about specific topics.

You will also have lots of help with your learning and building your site because you have a whole community of like-minded people to help you and answer your questions.

As well, you will have my personal help and as I’ve been in it for almost 2 years as of this writing.

Stop wasting time on other people’s systems and start building your own asset today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Wifi Wealth System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



8 thoughts on “Is Wifi Wealth System A Scam Or Make Unlimited $80 Commissions? Must Read Review!”

  1. Hi Grace! Thanks for your review of my FREE tool. Yes the training is light because its FREE. Not many others out here are willing to give out this much value for free. Other systems charge $47/month for what I’m GIVING away. I also have advanced training for FREE for those who join me in the income streams or pay for it.

    (Founder of Wifi Wealth)

    P.S. Thanks for valuing my system enough to capitalize on it’s traffic. I’ll be sure to return the favor for your site.

    • Hi Anji,

      Good to see you here on my review. Just because your system is free, it doesn’t mean you can’t offer people more value. If you provide even more value, you will actually get more people to join because they will actually see your genuineness of really wanting to help others out AND having them actually succeed.

      People don’t really care if you make money for yourself while you’re really genuinely helping others SUCCEED with your system but your system makes you look like you just want to make money for yourself and that’s it.

      Free doesn’t mean you have to limit your heart to others.

      As I said in the review, the hardest part of your system is getting those leads, that’s why you built this system in the first place so you can get leads, therefore providing people with ONE 20 minute video on the part of the system that is VITAL to their success is not really helping them.

      But I guess you don’t really need to help people to be successful since you just need them to sign up to get your $80 (not a recurring commission) and you don’t need them to be successful after they sign up since you don’t make more money if they are successful in their business.

      I would love to be able to change my review if you provided people with more help on paid traffic. Let’s face it, your system will only be successful with massive recruiting so paid traffic is what people need to succeed with your system.

      Any free traffic via social media or forums you’ll be showing people is not going to be sustainable in the long run nor will it produce a job-replacing stream of income with that kind of free traffic.

      The only type of free traffic that will allow for such massive reach is what I do, using SEO, but I won’t expect you to train people on that since you may not have experience with it and it’s a different way to make money online.

      Anyway, update me if you do add more training so I can revise my review.

      Thanks for your comment,

  2. If this is so, think I might want my back. I’m just not sure if I can keep putting money into it. I’m about to be in a shelter soon. I’m totally a beginner at this. I’m constantly nervous I’m gonna check the wrong box and screw everything up.

  3. It’s a scam!! This chick goes from island to island and run her scams for as long as she can. She’s not trying to help others, only herself.

  4. Oh sorry, you misunderstood me. My fault I wasn’t clear. I just ment if Angie Long does decide to shut this down which I hope doesn’t happen anytime soon. I would like a chance to make some profit. I don’t think her system is a scam but I do have a very important question to ask her. I just for some reason can’t get ahold of her Facebook. So I’ve been trying to make friends with my fellow wifi wealth followers. Haha. But, yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about everyone’s blogs that are about Angie Long Wifi Wealth. But honestly you can work anywhere and that company or building can shut down and boom, no job. But I do get where your coming from about the business not really being the persons. Because we are suppose to be our own boss. Which we kinda are but we’re screwed if Angie does unplug. But like I said that can happen anywhere you work. Anyways hope that makes better sense. I’m really interested in what you got going on to Grace. There’s this dude I found on YouTube who’s making 7 figures working in MCA. I’m gonna check him out to. I forgot his name but I remember his face. I would also like to thank you Grace for this article/blog (not sure for the proper word) but I’m deeply grateful for it. It’s really cool that Angie replied to it. Makes me feel like I can trust her. Plus I trust what your opinion and even you say she’s not a scam. Grace, you must really know your online stuff if Angie replied back to you. Can’t wait to get into it. 🙂


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