Make $500 A Day Or Is Daily Income Method A Scam?

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is the Daily Income Method A Scam?Does it look like the Daily Income Method a good method to make $500 a day or is it a scam?

I’m glad you are here to read my review and see what I think about this program as there are many scams out there that will steer you the wrong way.

The Daily Income Method sure makes it sound easy to earn a lot of money fast but could this really be true?

I’m in no way affiliated with any of this so I can provide you with an honest and unbiased look at what the Daily Income Method is really about.

Without further time wasted, let’s get to my review:



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Product Name: Daily Income Method


Owner: Mack “Millions” Zidan

Price: $39.95 one time + $19.95 monthly and $47/month

Recommended?  No.

This Daily Income Method has a lot of flashy and shiny things to grab your attention but the heart of the system is that you will use affiliate marketing to make money and this system will provide you with the product to promote plus the system to use to promote it.


Daily Income Method Sales page


While affiliate marketing is a great and legitimate way to make money online, and one I use myself, the way this system teaches you how to use affiliate marketing is what I call always chasing the money which I’ll explain more later.

Mack Zidan also speaks about this automation process which I know well as I use it myself BUT, again, he’s not giving you the full picture here, which I’ll also explain later.

For now, let’s look at what this Daily Income Method provides you if you want to go ahead and buy it.


The First Part Of His System

Mack teaches you to promote a product which in this case is the Motor Club of America (MCA) like a AAA roadside assistance program.

However, MCA is not just a roadside assistance program, it’s also a MLM company that allows you to make money from the people you recruit into the program.


Daily Income Method MCA


So if you promote MCA, you will make $80 for each referral you bring in that buys a MCA membership which is $39.95 for the first month, then $19.95/month thereafter.

If your recruits make sales, you will also make money, $6 for each sales they make.


Daily Income Method MCA is a MLM company


Mack says that you should also buy into this MCA membership because you can then promote it confidently and that others can see that you’re a member of something you’re promoting.

Truth is, he wants your sale so he makes his $80 because you don’t need to be a member yourself to promote MCA but that’s okay, it’s all part of business right?


The Second Part of His System

So that’s the first part of his Daily Income Method, the 2nd part is the automation system that he created that costs thousands of dollars but will give it to you for only $47/month.


Daily Income Method automated marketing system


Mack says his automation system will make money 24/7, while you sleep, while you play video games, while you take vacations, etc.

The automation system is basically giving you pre-done landing pages to collect people’s emails so you can spam them with emails to join MCA.

You will also get a done-for-you site like which will funnel people into buying MCA and his automation system.

So he is selling you the same system he used to get you in the door and is what you’ll use to get others to get in the door.

It all sounds pretty easy the way he’s selling you his automation system but it’s really not so easy and not that automated.


Daily Income Method 24:7 pages working for you




Hey, anything is possible right?

The way he shows you depositing $30K+ weekly checks and some other friend that earns $12K+ a week is a little far fetched and way more than $500/day.

What he doesn’t really explain to you is that the hardest part of this whole system is getting people to your automated marketing system.


Daily Income Method's hardest part not automated


He makes it sound very easy to just get people in front of your website but the websites he provides you are static sites and everyone else must be using the same ones or similar ones.

Therefore, not only these websites/landing pages you’re getting are static (meaning does not publish new content of value to users) and everyone has one the same ones that join, these types of sites will not rank on search engines like Google so they will not show up on search results and therefore, no one will find them.

What does that mean?

You’ll need to advertise.

You’ll need to constantly promote those pages/websites.

You’ll need to always chase the money.

Promoting your site is the NON-automated part which is the most important part of this whole equation to make money.

He’ll show you to use Facebook and even pay advertising on Facebook and other social platforms but spending money on advertising is a very risky way to make money online, especially for beginners who don’t know how this all works.

You better hope that these are high converting sales pages you’ll get from him because if they are not, you’ll be out of pocket from all the advertising spend you’ll be doing.

So, can you make $500/day?  Maybe if you have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to spend on advertising, that’s the only way I see you making that much money a day with this system.

Also, is everyone you advertise to want to become a MCA member?

There are way better things to promote, just look at Amazon, there are millions of products that you can promote on there.

There is definitely a better way to use affiliate marketing and if you want to learn more, click here.




I can say that the Daily Income Method is NOT a scam however, I don’t think Mack is providing you the best way to use affiliate marketing and who wants to promote an auto roadside assistance program anyway?

That’s kind of boring to me. Lol

Also, I just don’t like the way his sales video over exaggerates on the kind of money you can earn.  While affiliate marketing can bring in a full time income, you must use the right method to get there and sure takes more than 1-2 hours a day of work.

The way Mack teaches you, you will have to spend a lot of money to get anywhere and to get to $500 a day, it can take some learning as PPC can be a steep learning curve and losing some money.

Also, you don’t need to buy both things from him.  You can promote MCA on its own and don’t even need to be a member to promote it.

You certainly don’t need his “automation system” that only works with advertising dollars.

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You’ll be offering and promoting what you want to promote and not be stuck with boring auto roadside assistant memberships.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether the Daily Income Method is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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    • On the contrary, I am giving my readers a thorough look at the Daily Income Method system. Everything I’m saying is true and since I know a lot about this business, I can explain to people what the hard parts are and how the program can be more difficult than the sales video makes it sound.

      Sorry you can’t handle my honest review,


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