Is 12 Day Millionaire A Scam Or Could You Really Be A Millionaire?

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Is 12 Day Millionaire a scam?By the name of this product, you would think, “Wow, I can be a millionaire in less than 2 weeks!”  But then, your alarm bells go off inside asking, “Wait a minute!  Is 12 Day Millionaire a scam??”

Well, I’m glad your alarm bells went off because yes, you will see in my 12 Day Millionaire review below that you will be taken by all the lies and schemes in this product.

When something that sounds too good to be true? Geez, it probably is.

My 12 Day Millionaire review will look at the following:



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Product Name: 12 Day Millionaire


Owner: Josh??

Price $37

Recommended? NO.

This product 12 Day Millionaire is a total replicate of Copy My CashFlow which has gone down since I reviewed it.

If you notice in the 12 Day Millionaire sales video, they do not have any mention of “12 Day Millionaire” by name at all.


12 Day Millionaire Sales Page


The sales video instead talks about “copy my cashflow websites” which is the name of their last product.

That’s what scam products do.

They scam as much as they can with a one page website, then when review sites like mine call them out and expose their scam, they shut it down and then put the site on another domain name.


12 Day Millionaire Is a Replica of Copy My Cashflow scam


If you look at 12 Day Millionaire for what it is on its own, you can see that nothing in the sales video says that you can make a million dollars in 12 days.

It’s not that simple, no way, no how.

This “Josh” says he’s made 8 figures in 24 months with this system but that’s a complete lie because he said the same thing in the other sales video.

There’s also been a trend in these scams to show you that they have created a new site for you from their money make websites and that you are making money while you’re watching that video.

Apparently you can copy over websites in just 3 easy clicks while you’re listening to this video, must be just magic clicks.


12 Day Millionaire 3 clicks to copy websites


I’m sorry but there’s no such websites that can do that.

I kind of know how websites works, I’ve built several in my years of working online, and they don’t work nearly what he portrays in this video.  It actually makes no sense at all.

Other scams like One Day Pay Day does the same thing.

Also for him to say you don’t have to do anything but just make sure you check your account a few times a week to make sure the money is still coming in is a load of crap.


12 Day Millionaire Making money while you watch is a lie


If there were such ways to just copy websites and multiply your earnings like that, why would they give it to you for only $37?

Why wouldn’t they just keep copying their own sites and just make millions for themselves?

I sure hope these money making machines would cost more than $37 if they were real.

But they are not real, and that’s why he charges you a low amount of $37.

He will keep charging until tons of reviews like mine are on the internet exposing them and then they’ll just shut down this 12 Day Millionaire.

Next month, it will be called something else, that’s how these scams work.

Sorry but it’s true.




The lies here are very similar to those on my Copy My CashFlow review because they are virtually the same product.

If you haven’t seen that one, I will show you how this guy lies to you over and over again.

LIE #1) Fake Testimonies

As usual, scam products hire actors for their testimonies and 12 Day Millionaire is no different.  He has hired the same actors that you can find on is a freelancing site were you can pay a small fee in exchange for a video testimony like these.

Here are just a few I found:

12 Day Millionaire Fake Testimonies


One Click Pay Day Fiverr Actor Godfather


12 Day Millionaire Fake Testimonies 3


Online Profits Breakthrough Paid Actor


12 Day Millionaire Fake Testimonies 4


12 Day Millionaire Fake Testimonies 2


There are more but I think you get the picture!


LIE #2) You’re Invited

If you think you’re special to this guy and that he “invited” you, you are drinking his Kool-Aid!

These scam products are usually marketed through email lists and this is how you got the “invite”.  Scams like these are on multiple email lists and they will spam like there’s no tomorrow.


12 Day Millionaire Limited Space


If you buy this product, you will get even more scams in your inbox.

So, no, you are no more special than the other emails this was sent out to, probably by the hundreds, even thousands.

They will try to take as many $37 payments from as many people as possible so you’re always going to be able to go back and buy this.

The only limit is when too many people like me expose his scam, then he’ll shut it down.


LIE #3) You Don’t Have To Do Any Work

You know how in the sales video he said all you have to do is log into your account a few times a week just to make sure your money making sites are still making money for you?

Also, didn’t he say he will do all the work for you as well?

Well, his earnings disclaimer will tell you the opposite!

Just take a look at this:

Copy My CashFlow Earnings Disclaimer


It reads:

This product is not a business opportunity and only provides advice and training about internet and search engine optimization.

So, looks like there’s work to be done after all.  Not so easy as click, click, and click.


LIE #4) Income Results All A Lie

Also in the disclaimer, it says that:

This is a new product and system and as such there is no history of earning from its use.

So where did all those income results come from?  Photoshop, all faked.

This was obvious to me that this “system” was not going to make anyone a millionaire, let alone in 12 days.

Even the old product wouldn’t make you any money and you’ll be losing that $37 pretty quickly.


LIE #5) Making Lots Of Money In A Short Period of Time With No Work

This is the biggest lie of all and it’s a theme with all these scam products.

There is no such thing as quick fast riches on the internet.

There are ways to make money online but you don’t get it quickly or without working for it.

Making money online is really no different than making money offline, so I’m not sure why people keep thinking it’s easier to make money online.




Without a doubt this is a scam, the product is not even 12 Day Millionaire, it’s just a new name for an old scam.  You will definitely NOT become a millionaire in 12 days.

Or become a millionaire at all if you purchase this product.  I mean, does it even make sense for them to charge $37 when your “new website” is already making $137 while you watch the video?


12 Day Millionaire Cost $37 While Account Makes $175 Already


People take years to make a million dollars online.  It’s very possible, but not magical.

If you can remember that, you will be scammed way less.

Other ways of making money online can take faster than others but I find any quick way of making money don’t make you much in the long run.

I’ve always gone with the way the successful people use and I think you should take a look too (see below).

If they have done it, why can’t we?




The way to get away from these scams is to know there are no get rich quick schemes to make money online.

Making money online requires you learn a proven method and put in the work effort it takes to generate an income from it.

The best way to make money online is in my free guide here which I have been using myself since Sep 2016:

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My guide will show you what I use, how it works, why it works, and what the earning potential is for an online business like mine.

Look, nobody wakes up one morning and just know how to make money online.  Everyone learns and starts at zero.

Use your precious time to learn this new skill instead of banging your head from losing money yet again to these scams.

My guide also shows you where you can get everything you need to get started and get started today for FREE too!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether 12 Day Millionaire is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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