Is Copy My CashFlow A Scam? It Sure Is! Look What I Found Out!

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Is Copy My CashFlow A Scam? It Sure Is! Look What I Found Out!Recently, a new product surfaced called Copy My CashFlow that makes me cringe that products like this are allowed in the internet space.  If saw it and you’re wondering “Is Copy My CashFlow A Scam?”, then I would follow your instincts immediately and turn the other way.

In my detailed honest review of Copy My CashFlow below, you will see why this is a scam and why you should not spend a dime on it.

I will reveal what’s behind all the hype and let you know what to look for next time.

I hope you haven’t spent any money on it yet, as this review will save your wallet!

I will take you through my Copy My CashFlow review like this:



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Copy My CashFlow Logo

Product Name: Copy My CashFlow

Website: Click Here

Owner: Josh??

Price: $37

Recommended? Hell, no.

This product is so ridiculous, I don’t even know where to start.

The premise of Copy My CashFlow is that this Josh guy will copy over to you all his money making websites that generated him $10,000,000 in the last 2 years.

Copy My CashFlow $10000000 in 2 years

Promising people that you can very easily make $1,000/day on the internet and you won’t even have to do any work because he will do it all for you.

Now, does this make any sense?

First, why would anyone hand over websites that has made him $5M a year for only $37.

Second, he will do all the work for me?

Copy My CashFlow No Work

He even said in the video, if this sounds too good to be true… IT PROBABLY IS.

The sales video of this product is full of lies and later on I will show you some of those lies.

For the love of God, please do not believe that making $1,000 days is ‘very easy on the internet’ because it’s totally FALSE.

I have never heard any real success stories telling me that their riches came very easily to them.

Then, he wants you to believe that while you’re watching this video, your account has already been set up and already making $135 in 6 minutes??  This totally does not even make sense!

So what is Copy My CashFlow? Just another product to take your money and then that’s it.

You will not get any of the commissions that were talked about in the video because those testimonials are false, and I’ll prove it below.

There are no websites that he’s giving you and you’re sure not going to make $1,000 days.



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You should stay away from Copy My CashFlow because this product is full of lies, here I will share what I really found:


Oh yes, they are fake alright.  Products like these usually hire actors to play the part and these people have never even touched the product before.

Here is one testimonial actor on Copy My CashFlow who’s also seen in a different product:

Copy My CashFlow Fake Testimonials 1

Copy My CashFlow Fake Testimonials


Here’s another one that I found on Fiverr (a freelance site to hire actors, writers, etc):

Copy My CashFlow Fake Testimonials 3

Copy My CashFlow Fake Testimonials 2


See how you can’t trust any of their testimonials?  These people probably don’t even know what the product they made the testimony for as they never mention the name Copy My CashFlow.



Oh my, when I looked at their Earnings Disclaimer, they say that “This product is not a business opportunity and only provides advice and training about Internet and search engine optimization.”

I have to laugh at this because “training about Internet” is so broad that it’s a joke!  Will I be trained to make $1,000/day?  Nope.

And then you’ll also get training on SEO?!  What a minute, I thought I didn’t need to do any work!  I thought Josh was going to do all the work for me.

Copy My CashFlow Earnings Disclaimer
Click to Zoom.

Oh and look, it even says “This is a new product and system and as such there is no history of earnings from its use.”


So why are all those people making all that money in the video?  Oh because those are LIES.


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No, you don’t need to be invited to buy this crap.  It’s on the internet and you can find it on

There is no exclusivity here, any Joe can buy this product and there’s definitely no one begging to buy it.



Again, he’s trying to seem like you need to be special to get into this program but anyone can buy it for $37.

He wants to make you seem like you’re “committed” by paying this fee, but really, that’s the money he’s making off of you and saying goodbye right after.

You’ll never make that money back and you’re sure not going to gain any knowledge to make any of the money he told you in the video.

Save your $37 and get yourself a nice dinner!




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If you have any questions or thoughts about whether Copy My CashFlow is a scam or how Wealthy Affiliate works, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always reply to my visitors. 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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  1. You have really saved me, thank you for your review. I really thought I can do this but glad I researched it a bit more. Is there anyway to really make money online?


    • Hi Connie, I’m glad you read my review before joining Copy My CashFlow. Yes, there actually is a real way to make money online and I use it everyday.

      Get my free guide here that will explain everything you need to know and I will have the answers for you.

      Best of luck to you!


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