Is Freedom Cash System A Scam? Can I Really Make $379/Day?

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Freedom Cash System Scam

Have you seen Freedom Cash System on the internet and you’re wondering “Is Freedom Cash System a scam?”  

Your gut is definitely warning you and you should listen to it!  In my Freedom Cash System review below, I will show you why this is not a good product to buy into so you can save your money!

There is a category of scams that aim at telling people they can do “link posting” from home to make money online but these scams are dangerous because they lead you down the wrong path!

I will reveal why that is below and you will see for yourself how these scams work.  Please don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

Here’s a real look at Freedom Cash System:



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Freedom Cash System Logo

Product Name:  Freedom Cash System


Owner: Karen Evans?

Price: $97

Recommended?  NO.

This product Freedom Cash System is full of lies and deceit, that’s the first thing I can say about it and I don’t usually start off my reviews like this!

Freedom Cash System fake news

There are similar programs out there so if you spot the same, please be warned as this will be the truth about these types of scams.

Yes, I will tell you now this is a total scam.  Don’t buy into and I will show you why it’s a scam in the next section but let’s see what this is.

Freedom Cash System offers you an attractive opportunity to post links on the internet from the comfort of your own home.

Karen Evans goes on to tell you that she can provide you with an:

easy proven and guaranteed way to make $379 a day


People who throw around guarantees about how much you can make a day is total BS because really nothing is guaranteed because I can show you how to fish and I can catch a bunch of fishes using this one method.

Does it mean you’ll also have the same result?  Is it guaranteed?

Hell no!

It may depend on where you fish, what rod you use, weather conditions, and so many variables.

Another thing this program claims is that you can make $15 per link and that is furthest from the truth because I’m pretty familiar about link posting and there is such a wide range of how much you can make from a link that you can’t even give an average like that.

Oh, and you get to receive $500 if you claim your spot right NOW!  Sounds great right?

And oh boy, now only 3 spots left, I better jump on this!

Freedom Cash System Limited Availibility

Haha.. no, you better not, and I’ll tell you why in the next section.



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There are so many reasons why Freedom Cash System won’t work you that I don’t know where to start so I’ll just be spitting them all out in no particular order and will call all of these Red Flags – which you can use in the future to spot similar scams like this.

Get comfy because it’s going to be a long ride!  Here we go!



Sure the news video look legit and all, but do you notice they don’t once say the product name of Freedom Cash System?

This is because that video has nothing to do with this program and nobody is talking about them on the news circuit.


RED FLAG #2 – $500 BAIT

Sounds awesome to get $500 just to sign up right?  Wrong.  You’ll never see it… Why?

Freedom Cash System $500 fake

Because I’ve seen this bait before in at least two other products I’ve reviewed so far.

Although this site has no Terms and Conditions on their site (big red flag by the way), you’ll never see that $500 because usually they will have some clause or claim that will allow them to get out of it and disqualify you.



The owner Karen Evans is not the real owner because the picture of Karen on this website can be found on Google as stock image on Getty Images and can also be found on other websites.  See below:

Freedom Cash System Karen Evans is Fake


Gosh, look at how many page results are there for her image!

Freedom Cash System Karen Evans is Fake 2



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Like I was saying in the beginning, these scams claim that you can post links all over the internet and you’ll get to make money from it.

While you can make money from these “links”, the tactic they teach you on how to use them is totally wrong and I know this because that’s how I make money on this website by using these “links”.

You see, “link posting” is really affiliate marketing which is the process of promoting products of companies who offer an affiliate program.

Once you join their affiliate program, they will give you a specific link that tracks back to you only.  You can use that link to promote their products and if anyone buys the products you are promoting, you will earn a commission.

The way they teach you how to promote it is totally wrong because you can’t just post links everywhere you want.  Here are the reasons why:

  • This is spamming, any reputable company would not want you to use their name to spam other websites.
  • If you spam, you will get banned from the sites you are posting to.
  • There are very little sites you can spam on, and if you do find one, no one will be on them to click on your links because they know those are not good sites to go on.
  • By just posting a link and a few words, no one is going to trust you or know who you are and so they won’t touch your link.  No clicks, no sale, no money.
  • You’ll always be chasing the money this ways instead of the money coming to you.

So, if you really want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to properly build an online business around it, the best legitimate training is here and you can get started for FREE with them.



Oh man, I almost fell off my chair because I was laughing so hard when I saw their Step #2 on how to do this link posting thing!

Freedom Cash System Step 2 Is So Wrong

First of all, no one can get links for you.

Each individual company offers their own affiliate program which you must join yourself before you can get their affiliate links.

They sometimes need to approve you first based on the info that is required to submit.

What’s even MORE funny is that Google and Netflix don’t even have affiliate programs!!

Check here for Google’s Affiliate Network on Wikipedia, it was shut down 4 years ago!

And Netflix, I asked them today just to make sure and their response is also no, “we don’t have an affiliate program” currently:

Freedom Cash System Netflix does not have an affiliate program

So, I’m not even sure the people behind this website even knows what affiliate marketing is or what this business is all about.

I would not trust this website or this product at all!



In affiliate marketing, you are actually building a business, no one is giving you a “position” or a “job”.  You are on your own.

If a company like Apple wants to offer an affiliate program to have people promote their products, why would they only limit 15 people from each city?!

Freedom Cash System Limited Availability

Why wouldn’t they offer it to as many people as possible?

There’s really NO limit.  I’ve never seen an affiliate program that limits how many people they will take on.

They also always have the same number of positions left, no matter when you go back to the website.

This is a scarcity sales tactic that many of these scam products use.  If you see a legitimate company, they would not use sales pressures like that, they don’t have to.



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So typical of sites like this to have fake testimonials.  They have these Facebook comments that supposedly claim how much could be made and how you should join this program:

Freedom Cash System Fake Testimonial

Freedom Cash System Fake Testimonial 2


But, if you go on their Freedom Cash System (with an “s” at the end System of all of a sudden) Facebook fan page, there’s nothing on it but a profile picture and no other activity on there, certainly NO comments:

Freedom Cash System FB page


This is because this is not even their fan page!  These guys are so deceitful, really!




I know you must be tired of all these scams, I know I am.  It’s very disheartening to see all these awful programs out there just to scam people their money.

But don’t despair, I have an answer for you.

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The BEST part?  You can start for FREE and stay free as long as you want to, and you don’t even need a credit card to sign up.

You will even get 2 free websites and first 10 lessons with your free account, and also test drive some awesome Premium features in your first 7 days.

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If you really want to learn how to make money online, this is your answer.  I know because I’ve searched far and wide, and also scammed myself so I want to help others find the right path.

I’ve been a Premium member there since Sep, 2016, and I hope to help you on the inside with your journey!


If you have any questions on whether Freedom Cash System is a scam or how Wealthy Affiliate works, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.  I always reply to all my visitors!  🙂



Let’s make money online!

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