Is My Flex Job A Scam? My Review Shows It’s The Biggest Scam!

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Is My Flex Job A Scam? My review shows it's the biggest scamAre you looking for an online job that will allow you to work from home? You probably went on the site My Flex Job in your research and want to give it a try, however, before you try it, your gut is asking “Is My Flex Job a scam?”

Your gut is right and I will show you in my review below how this My Flex Job is one of the biggest scams around on the internet.

I’ve seen bad internet marketing products out there but this one takes the cake as it’s very malicious and deceitful.

Without further talk, let’s get into these topics:



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My Flex Job logoProduct Name: My Flex Job


Owner: Unknown

Price: $25 + other items

Recommended? NO.

Upon going on My Flex job’s website, it looks very promising as it offers jobs you can do from home by just filling out surveys and/or doing email verification.


My Flex Job - Fortune 500 Companies claim


The first thing you see on their website is that “Fortune 500 companies need flex workers” but you can see from the language just below it that they “connect individuals looking for Flex Jobs to hundreds of companies every day” and they have left out “Fortune 500 companies”.

Subtle but I picked up on that so you can’t say they actually have any jobs from Fortune 500 companies.  So if you’re just quickly scanning the site, it seems you’ll be working with Fortune 500 companies but this is not so when you actually go in.

The site promises you can make $12.33 – $27.90 per hour and saying how their workers are making up to $371.25+ per week.

All you have to do is create a profile, pick your jobs, and complete assignments.  This is their simple 3 step process, or so it seems.




Once you sign up, you’ll be asked to buy a computer backup software that’s apparently needed before you start any jobs.

The backup software is $25 and they will give you 25,000 credits in return so it seems you are not out of pocket as 1,000 credit equals $1.

Even though the software may allow you to have a free trial first, My Flex Job insists that you pick a plan with them and you will get the 25,000 credits after you pick a plan.

After you do all this and install the computer backup software, you’d think that you will get to the jobs that you’re so eager to get to.

You will instead find “offers” from companies that will pay you to try a product or service but each of these offers will require you to have some sort of payment to them.

Yes, so if it’s a free product to try, they will make you pay for shipping.

If it’s a casino type company, the offer is giving you a certain amount of money to play with but you have to deposit a minimum amount first, making you no money.

If it’s a free membership trial, you’ll be charged after 30 days a certain amount monthly.

With every offer, you can earn but you will also have to pay, so you’re either not making any money at all or very little.



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#1) The truth is that there are no jobs at My Flex Job

Jobs do not require You to PAY. (period)  Jobs pay you for work you do by the requirements set by the companies that pay you.

Legitimate jobs don’t make you pay for anything, they pay you for performing what is required for the job.  Just because it’s online, the job definition doesn’t change.

This is why the My Flex Job website is truly deceiving for using the word “job” as there are no legitimate jobs offered on the site.


#2) The truth is it’ll be very hard to redeem your 25,000 credit

By signing up for that computer backup software, you will get 25,000 credit in return that equals the same amount you paid for the software, $25.

However, you are not allowed to cash out your credits until you hit 50,000 credits which will equal $50 when redeemed, but you will find it very hard to earn another 25,000 credits.

Therefore, it will take you a very long time to get your money back for the software which is not even required or needed to complete any of the offer opportunities.

This step is just so the owners of My Flex Job can make money off of you because they get money from the computer backup software company for every sign ups they get.  They will get a small payment for free trial sign ups, and then even more commission when you sign up for one of the plans.

This is truly scamming you because this is not required or needed for any of the offers you want to complete.


#3) The truth is that the computer backup software is malware

This part is truly malicious on both My Flex Job and the computer backup software company.  My Flex Job is making you install this on your computer but many people have found this is malware!

This means that the software will install threats on your computer files and will threaten to delete your files if you don’t pay more money to them.

Not only that, the malware can get your personal information on your computer such as banking info, credit care numbers, and even social security number if you have stored it on your computer.

You must be very careful about installing softwares like this on your computer or laptop and if you have, you should get a legitimate virus protection to scan your computer and remove all those threats and malware.


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#4) The truth is that none of the offers are from any Fortune 500 companies

Well this one was not a surprise.

They have already written carefully on their home page that they don’t connect you with any Fortune 500 companies but you may think so because they have the first statement saying those types of companies need flex workers.

Very creative to deceive you.


#5) The truth is you won’t be making the amount of money claimed on their website

Because you have to pay something on every offer you complete, you won’t end up making much money and not close to what they claim anyway.

If you earn $5 to try a product, but have to pay $3.99 for shipping, so you’re only earning a dollar.

You will have to take on a lot of offers and payout a lot of money before you can make what they claim on their home page of over $300 a week.

As this is supposed to be jobs, it’s obscured you have to pay these companies anything, but as truth #1 revealed, there are no jobs on My Flex Job.




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    • Hi Luigi, I’m glad you read this post before signing up with them because there are a lot of scams on the internet and I want to save people from them.

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