What Is Affiliate Marketing Training And Where To Get The Best Training?

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If you’re looking to make money online, you may be asking “What is affiliate marketing training?” and you may also wonder where you could get the best affiliate marketing training without breaking the bank!

I know how you feel because I’ve been in your shoes, looking everywhere on the internet and trying this and that program but getting nowhere.

Never finding the right thing to actually build something you’re proud of that can actually make you money online.

Or, maybe you’ve tried affiliate marketing before and didn’t work out and now you want to give it a try again but with training this time.

Whatever took you to this page, I’m glad you’re here because I will tell you about the best affiliate marketing training there is out there!

I will take you through the following:




Cycle of Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing is one of the best online business models to use to make money online.  There’s no doubt the potential for a full time income and much more is not only possible but a reality for many internet marketers and bloggers.

Affiliate marketing is about:

  • Creating a website that offers helpful content to people who search on the internet;
  • Recommending your readers solutions to their problems, thus, promoting other people’s products;
  • Gaining trust from your readers because your content is so helpful;
  • Readers then clicking on your recommended products on your site that is linked with affiliate links to go buy the products;
  • You making a commission because your audience bought the products using your affiliate links!


The commission can be big or small and could be a fixed fee or a percentage of sale.  This commission is determined by each company that offers an affiliate program.

Therefore, you may want to find out what kind of commission you’ll be getting from a particular program before you join it.

There are several benefits of using affiliate marketing and promoting other people’s products, these benefits are:

  • No high cost of investment
  • No inventory to deal with
  • No customer service to deal with
  • No searching for vendors / manufacturers
  • No large overhead to spend on


Using affiliate marketing is probably one of the cheapest businesses you can start and all you would need is a website… which will entail getting a domain name and web hosting.

Then, to get you started properly, that’s where the training comes in which I’ll speak more of in the next section.

Like any other business, keep in mind an affiliate marketing business takes time to build.  Just because the business is cheap to start, doesn’t mean you make money any quicker or faster.

However, as you stay committed and continue building your business, it could be one of the biggest earning businesses you can ever build!!




Start Affiliate Marketing Right & Get TrainingAffiliate marketing training is getting the education you need to build an affiliate marketing online business properly and successfully.

Those that think they can just pick up blogging and see how it goes will start their business on the wrong foot.  I know because I’ve done this years ago and failed miserably.

With the right affiliate marketing training, you will learn how to build this business from the ground up.  With the proper training, you will start your blog on the right foot, know how this blogging thing works, and know what you’ll have to do to reach the goals you want.

You will need the training to gain the knowledge around the whole affiliate marketing business which includes learning how to:

  • choose a niche
  • build a blog website
  • lay down a strong foundation for your website
  • write helpful content for your target audience
  • use keywords and how to find the ones that will get you organic free traffic
  • pick affiliate programs
  • find affiliate products for your niche
  • use affiliate links – how to add them to your blog posts, how many to add, etc.
  • gain audience trust
  • use images and videos on your blog
  • use social media to your advantage


Recommending the right products to your audience is important too.  What is your site about?  You must determine this before you start this business.

With the right training, you’ll be guided to know how to choose a niche for your website.  You can pick something you love, something you’re passionate about.

This is a long term gig, so you will want to find something you want to write and talk about for a good year and more.

All the technicalities of building your affiliate business should be all included in the training platform that you choose.

Hopefully, the training platform that you choose will also have domain registration and web hosting available to you.

But, you’re in luck!  The place I’ll be recommending below will have everything you’ll ever need for your whole affiliate marketing business!




Wealthy Affiliate

The best training for affiliate marketing, hands down, is at Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve looked everywhere and I find Wealthy Affiliate to be really awesome because their platform includes so much training and business tools for you to use.


UPDATE: See My 2018 Results of $40K HERE!


TRAINING – Main Courses

They have two main courses:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification – If you want to pick your own niche, this course has 5 levels, with 10 lessons each.
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp – Of course, Wealthy Affiliate must also have an affiliate program, so this course is to teach you build a site promoting Wealthy Affiliate.  This course has 7 levels with also 10 lessons each.

The two main courses have tasks at the end of each lesson to guide you through to take action on your own site as you learn.

The lessons are also very organized in a way that makes sense on what order you should build your site at.

You will learn the best way to add menus, write your content, use keywords, building a brand, and monetizing your content with affiliate links.


TRAINING – More Training

Besides the two main courses, they also have 11 other Classrooms to learn from.  These are discussions and extra training on various topics that other members have asked and have answers to.

If ever get stuck, these Classrooms will be a lifesaver!

There are also Weekly Live Video Training!  Each Friday, we get to watch and interact a full hour (usually over an hour) with the instructor on the current topic of the webinar.

There are over 200 past webinars to learn from because all live video training can be watched with the instant replay feature, which is usually available 24 hours after the live session.

Members are also allowed to create their own trainings so others can learn little tips about WordPress, affiliate marketing, other ways to make money, etc.

Member trainings are very valuable too as you’ll learn from those who’s been doing this for awhile and is successful already in this field.


Therefore, the training itself already puts this place higher than any other training I’ve reviewed before because they have so much of it.

However, there are even more benefits to this training place that makes it the BEST which I’ll discuss even more below.




There are actually many other features to the Wealthy Affiliate training platform that other training programs don’t have which make Wealthy Affiliate the best to use.

I will go into each feature below:



You will be able to get two free blog websites immediately when you sign up for their Free Starter membership.

The free blogs will be on sub-domains, which free websites usually are, but you get two of them to get things started.

Also, on this platform, you can transfer your free site to your very own domain when you’re ready in a simple couple of clicks.

I show you this whole process in this video called “How to Create a Blog for Free in Less Than a Minute” – you will see how to get a free blog and then transferring it to your own domain:

If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up on the video at YouTube and also please:




This place is really a one-stop shop!  You don’t have to wonder where you’re going to register your domain or where to host your websites as this is available on this training platform which you won’t be finding anywhere else!

If you’re a Premium member, you’ll enjoy these awesome website features:

  • Domain registration with ease (you can see that in my video above).
  • Web hosting is highly secured with many features that are usually extra costs elsewhere like the SSL Certificates, unlimited email accounts, and privacy registration of your domains.
  • Host 25 free domains and 25 custom domains.
  • Automatic backups everyday.
  • Full redundancy.
  • Site builder, easy to use.



You’ll also not only learn how to do keyword research but the platform has a keyword search tool included for you to use.

The tool will show the same metrics taught in the lessons so you can find the best keywords for your content that will get you the best organic traffic which is the most targeted.

This is one of the most important part of blogging and doing on page SEO.  This is a must to learn as most targeted traffic will bring you the money!



Ever get stuck while building your business?  Of course you will, but with Live Chat, you’ll have the ability to just ask a quick question and get answers in less than 2 mins!  Sometimes in seconds.

There are also other ways to get help like “Ask a Question” – I can write about a question I have and have the community chime in on it so you will get different perspectives and answers.  Everyone learns when these are posted.

One-on-one private messaging is also available for private coaching or to get help.  It’s a great way to reach out to me for instance if you ever need help and want a direct connection with someone.

With all these ways to getting help, you won’t be left stuck for long and you’ll be able to continue to move forward with your training and website building.

They have a really great active community of members and everyone there is like minded and ready to help you.

I really love that you get to learn from other members who’s been successful before you and the learning never stops while you’re on the platform!



The training platform at Wealthy Affiliate is always being updated and improved.  Every year they come out with new features and your membership fees never go up either.  Whatever rate you joined at will be the rate forever.

You’ll be sure that you’re training on the most updated and current information, you won’t be learning old and irrelevant methods like some other training platforms I’ve seen.

The owners really care about their members at Wealthy Affiliate and that’s the main reason they are constantly rolling out new features and improvement updates to keep them on top of the best affiliate marketing training list!



You can always learn even more about Wealthy Affiliate’s membership options and success stories with this green button below:

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Button


Or, if you’re ready to sign up, you can start your FREE account now with no credit cards needed:

Sign Up at Wealthy Affiliate Button




Do yourself a favor and stop looking any further as I have looked for you!  I’ve tried so many different things that didn’t work and all roads led be back to affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing can potentially make you a full time income if you want it to.  You just have to commit yourself and build the online business you’ve ever wanted!

With the Wealthy Affiliate training, I’ve been able to build this awesome website and earning even in my early months.

I’m still a member there and have been since September 2016, you can see my profile in there as I’ll be sending a message to you shortly after you’ve signed up.

With the help with such a huge community and access to the owners, Kyle & Carson, you won’t be able to fail!

I hope to see you on the inside!


If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or affiliate marketing, pease do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.  I always answer my readers questions!  🙂



Let’s make money online!

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  1. I’ve been looking for affiliate marketing training and I was torn between Wealthy Affiliate and another one but I see clearly now which one to pick… I’ll see you on the inside soon.


    • Hi Jaseem, so glad you are deciding on Wealthy Affiliate because it’s really the best for you to learn from because they have so much to learn on there! They have their main course, plus all the training that members create, and the Weekly Live webinars as well! I’ve been learning there since Sep 2016!

      I will help you too as soon as you sign up, can’t wait!

  2. You are so awesome! This is what I was looking for in my search about affiliate marketing training. I needed this info to decide what course to take because I really want to build this online business. Thanks so much, Karl.

  3. Great post on what affiliate marketing training is. I was looking for a good course or training in affiliate marketing and didn’t know which is the best one. I will check out Wealthy Affiliate.


    • Hi Angele, I’m so glad you found my post then, I hope you will join Wealthy Affiliate after seeing all the awesome features they have. You also get two free websites to start your online journey! If you need any help, I’m there to help you personally as well as a huge, active community to help you too! 🙂

      I’ll see you on the inside!

  4. This makes so much sense, appreciate you explaining affiliate marketing and then offering a great training platform to learn from. I will definitely check it out.


    • Wonderful to hear Lionel, and appreciate your kind words. I’m happy to help others find their way to starting their own affiliate marketing business and Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn and build your online business at.

      They have the best web hosting with so many features to make sure your site has the fastest site speed, highly secured with SSL certificates, and a spam block that is fool proof!

      Of course their training is top notch and it’s step-by-step in full detail on how to build out your website, how to use WordPress, how to write content that will bring in tons of organic traffic, and then how to use affiliate marketing to monetize your site!

      I’ll see you on the inside then!

  5. Do you know how long I’ve been searching for really good training for affiliate marketing? This is what I’ve been looking for a long time and I’m so glad I got on your post today.

    thanks a lot for the info,

    • Hi Rob, you’re not alone in that search, I felt the same thing when I found Wealthy Affiliate. It’s truly been a life saver and now I’m making a 4 digit online income as you can read here.

      I’m so excited for you as you embark on this new journey and I can’t wait to help you through it on the inside.

      Wishing you much success!


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