My Online Dream Biz Review: Scam Or A $6,000/Day System?

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Is My Online Dream Biz A Scam?Did you come across My Online Dream Biz and wondering if it is a scam or if you can really make $6000 a day with this system?

There are some bold statements in their sales video about how you much money you can make but is this for real and can you really just copy what he does and make that much money?

All the work needed is so little as well to make this kind of money and you don’t need so many things, sounds great for a beginner right?


In my review of My Online Dream Biz below, you will find the following:



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My Online Dream Biz Logo


Product Name: My Online Dream Biz


Price: $99

Owner: Jason Moore

Recommended? No.

Are you ready to make $3,000 – $6,000/month with the My Online Dream Biz and eventually turn that into making $3,000 – $6,000 per day?

These are sure bold claims this system is making and apparently this is what this product can teach you.


My Online Dream Biz home page


All you have to do is copy what he does and you will be making that kind of money in your spare time.

He claims that you will only need to work 45 minutes a day on this and you won’t need any prior experience, technical skills, a website, or your own products.

You will be using his step-by-step training which will make you start earning this kind of money right away.

You’ll even make $400 just to watch his sales video which sounds like easy money to you right?

Jason says that his system will provide you with the lifestyle you want:

  • No boss to answer to
  • No alarm to wake you in the mornings
  • Take vacations whenever you feel like it
  • Buy whatever makes your heart happy

My Online Dream Biz copy buttonHe’s pulling at all the heart strings to convince you that you need his system to start making that kind of money.

Relating to you with all the things most people want from their work/job, freedom to do the work whenever you want, wherever you want, and how much you want.

For the money you pay $99, you will get:

  • Lifetime access to his members area.
  • Training videos that will teach you how to make money online with 5 proven ways without having your own websites or products.
  • Checklists for each of the five income streams he shows you.
  • Update videos to see you in the loop of current making money methods.

I also have 5 proven ways to make money online here and it’s freaking free, maybe I should be charging $99 too.

Most people are attracted to making money online because of all the freedom it comes with but guess what?  It is not as easy or as quick as he makes it sound.

I will talk about this more in a bit but first let’s look at all the red flags of My Online Dream Biz.




#1 Red Flag – Income Hype

I am always weary of products that claim their system can make crazy amounts of money.  By crazy I mean, $6,000 a day he claims that My Online Dream Biz can make you is a far stretch.

My Online Dream Biz Income Claims of Earning $3000-$6000 a day


He even shows his “results” that show such a claim and even making $7000 on one of his days but these results have no transaction details attached to it and nothing that verifies those amounts are earned from this particular system.

Systems that claim such high incomes while not showing you how to go about to earn that money is a sure sign of a scam.


#2 Red Flag – Fake Actor

Many of these types of products use actors to do their sales video and I have uncovered many of them in previous product reviews.

They usually go to freelancing sites like to hire actors for cheap to make a sales video like this and this one is no differ as I recognize this guy from other sales videos as well that sell similar systems.

Beware of this and know that the owner of these sites always hide themselves and you almost always never get to find out who the real scammers are behind the scenes.

This is not the case when you have legitimate businesses where you can look up the owner, their headquarter office, etc.


#3 Red Flag – Fake $400 To Watch His Video

In the beginning, he hooks you with a $400 bonus for just watching his video and you’re supposed to get it when the time runs down to zero.

My Online Dream Biz Fake $400


Of course, when the time runs dow to zero, you don’t get the $400 yet and you are still to watch even more video to find out that you’re just getting a bogus $400.

He claims his system is actually $499 so you’ll be using your $400 as a discount to his system.  I have seen this done again in other similar products which I feel is totally unethical as these claims are false.


#4 Red Flag – Hides What The System Is

All you know is that you won’t need some important things I feel is needed to make money but he doesn’t tell you what you’ll be doing to earn $1,000s of dollars a day.

You won’t know till you fork over your hard earned money.

A real opportunity will explain upfront what you’ll be getting yourself into and show you details of how things work.


#5 Red Flag – Fast Money & Hardly Any Work

Doing only 45 minutest of work a day will not make you $6000 or $7000 a day, sorry that is not possible.

My Online Dream Biz says Only 45 Minutest of work a day


Also, him saying that you can start earning $3000 – $6000/month right away is also a lie because is no magic buttons to push.

While making money on the internet is very real, you cannot earn like that quickly and without putting in a good amount of work.

My Online Dream Biz Make money right away


Anything that can make you money instantly or very quickly can only earn you pennies to a few dollars by doing surveys online or online tasks.

Trying to make money online without a website especially, makes it extremely hard to make thousands of dollars a month, let alone in a day.




With all the red flags found with My Online Dream Biz, I will have to say this is a scam and also because of their unethical sales tactic and their extremely misleading earnings.

Even if you can make money with their system, I cannot see you making thousands of dollars A DAY while only working 45 minutes/day to earn that.

I know what it takes and the different ways to make money online, the claims My Online Dream Biz shows in their sales video is hardly how the internet works.

There is no such thing as making that kind of money right away also with such little work.

I’m sure you will be able to make some money with the 5 ways he teaches you in his system but I highly doubt it will be in the level of thousands of dollars a day, or even in a month, because without a website, that is nearly impossible.

I’m not sure if you can even make your $99 back with their methods, if you do, it would take you months to earn that.

For all these reasons stated in my review above, I do NOT recommend this My Online Dream Biz.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether My Online Dream Biz is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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