Is Fix Monthly Income A Scam Or Can You Make Real Money?

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Is Fix Monthly Income a scam?Seems very easy to earn some money from the Fix Monthly Income website but is Fix Monthly Income a scam really?

It doesn’t seem to take much to earn money as you just have to get people to click on your affiliate link and if someone actually signs up, you make even more money.

How could this be a scam site when it’s pretty simple to do and nothing seems that fishy?

There’s no huge income hypes or ridiculous claims about making $1000’s overnight so is this the real deal?  Could you really trust this Fix Monthly Income site?

In my honest review below and by sharing my personal experience, I will show what’s the underlying scheme is!

My Fix Monthly Income review will go through:



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Fix Monthly Income Logo


Site Name: Fix Monthly Income

Website URL:

Price: Free

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? No.

This Fix Monthly Income site makes earning money online very easy as all you have to do is share your affiliate link to your family, friends, and social media to get people to click on it or sign up with your link.


Fix Monthly Income Home page


This affiliate link takes people to the Fix Monthly Income site and there are two ways to earn.

If people click on it, you will earn $5 for each unique visitor and you will earn $10 if that person that clicked on it signs up on Fix Monthly Income.

You also get a $10 Sign Up Bonus when you create your free account as you can see in my account below:

Fix Monthly Income Member's Area


Sounds all easy and simple right?

Well, this site is the exact same thing as another site I just reviewed the other day called Money Come First and the only difference is the rates but the two works the same scheme.

You will refer people to your affiliate link and it’s actually really easy to get your account earning.  It’s not hard to do as you can literally just tell people to please click this link for you.

I did it with my account and I easily rack up to over $300 using my Twitter account but I didn’t tell my followers to sign up because I don’t want anyone else getting into this scheme.

Fix Monthly Income Passed Payout Limit of $300

This is where the scheme starts once you hit the $300 minimum payout limit and you want to payout.

By the way, $300 as a minimum payout limit is extremely high for this industry.

Let’s take a look at what happens when you want to cash out!




So now that I’ve gone over the $300 cash out limit and earned $345, I wanted to get paid!

Fix Monthly Income How To Cash Out and Get Paid


It says I qualify to cash out but that I have to complete their captcha test which I thought, oh easy right?


They have a FAKE CAPTCHA TEST that’s riddled with their affiliate links to other survey sites and other offers you have to take.


Fix Monthly Income Fake Captcha Test


Each of the links I have to choose to complete this test is an affiliate link and if I click on anything or do anything that these sites tell me to do, the owners of Fix Monthly Income will make money.

This is what they meant when they say they will get paid from their advertisers:

This can’t be real. Are you giving free money?
No, we are not giving away free money. We are paying you in order to generate traffic to our website. We will get paid from our advertisers for the traffic we bring to them.

At first, I didn’t know what advertisers they were talking about because when I logged in I see nothing but that affiliate link as you see above in my screen shot.

So now I know their advertisers are all hidden in this fake captcha test when you try to get paid out.

Going through these survey/offer sites is absolutely ENDLESS and can’t stand these sites!

All they do is try to get your personal information like email, name, address, phone number and get you to sign up for things you don’t want.

There are even offers where you have to PAY to complete.

Just when you think you’re done, the “complete” button takes you to yet another site, to yet another offer or survey to go through, and another, and another, and yet ANOTHER.



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You Passed The Fake Captcha Test & Think You’ll Now Get Paid?

Even if you have the patience to go through it all and sign up for things you don’t want, you will still WON’T GET PAID.

This is because they will pay you by “cheque” (check).

On the home page, they say they pay by cheque, PayPal and MoneyGram but you can see in my account in the image above, there is NO OPTION but to be paid by check.

So this is all a lie:


Fix Monthly Income Lies about Payment Options


They use this option because they will make you think your payment is coming but really there’s no check.

Then when you complain about not receiving your payment, then they will tell you to wait longer because snail mail is never dependable.

They may even make you wait 8-12 weeks before your check is deemed “lost” and will “reissue” a new check which you will probably have to wait another 3-4 weeks to get processed.

Which then will get lost again and the cycle keeps going, you will NEVER see your money.

If you ask about PayPal and MoneyGram as they claim they use, they will just give you some lame excuse why you can’t use it.  There was no explanation inside the member’s area to show why I can’t choose any other payment options.

Besides, sites like this, they won’t have any customer service anyway so good luck even getting a reply from them in the first place.

Just look at this complaint, their email address doesn’t work:

Fix Monthly Income's Rip-Off Report


What About The Personal Info They Collected?

Since they have no Privacy Policy on their site anywhere, you can bet your personal information will not be protected in any way.

They will sell your personal information and you will be bombarded with massive junk mail, spam emails, and sales calls you don’t want.

A site like Fix Monthly Income is certainly NOT legitimate without a Privacy Policy page or a Terms & Conditions page.





You betcha!

Fix Monthly Income is a scam because they have no intention of paying you anything.

In fact, if you sign up for those paying offers through the fake captcha test, you’ll be out of money!

I would not advise anyone using this Fix Monthly Income site or the Money Come First site which I’ve reviewed here as these are totally scam sites who’s sole purpose is to make themselves money and YOU are helping them do that by referring tons of people to their site.

This is certainly a new type of scam that’s surface lately and I’m sure more of these will pop up real soon.

I highly do NOT recommend Fix Monthly Income.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Fix Monthly Income is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



10 thoughts on “Is Fix Monthly Income A Scam Or Can You Make Real Money?”

  1. This is sure an eye opener, can’t believe what tricks they have. I almost went for it. Thanks for your review, I will check out your free guide.


    • Great, I’m glad I can help and show you what Fix Monthly Income really is. It’s a horrible way for them to make money, tricking people into thinking they are making money when they’re not.

      Yes my free guide shows you a real way to make money online with no scams and no upsells.

      Best of luck to you!

    • Hi Gabriel, NO, the Fix Monthly Income is NOT a real thing, you will NEVER get paid, so don’t do it. Read my free guide here instead on how to build an online business which is your best bet on how to make money online. It’s the most reliable way to do it but it will take some time to build and real work effort but WELL worth it!!

      Best of luck!

  2. Hi Grace thank you for letting us know now I got to change my full email address and phone number.. A Friend referred me and now is shocking to read this.

    She convinced me that they pay the money..OMG.

    I got into this but I can get out by changing my information.

    To those who have GMAIL Accounts if you got into this like me delete the gmail and start all over it doesn’t bother any.. but it a way to be safer than sorry.

    Thank You.

    • Hi Adriana, that site is very popular right now because it LOOKS like you’re making a lot of money but you’ll never get a pay out. Why is your friend so convinced they pay out? Has she been paid out yet? I would love to hear her experience.

      Try building a real online business instead of getting scammed by these sites! All the details are in my free guide here, check it out and you’ll never be scammed again!

      Good luck to you,

  3. Yup total scam!!! I had the exact same experience you described. Their email doesn’t exist, no way to choose pay out options, absolutely no owner/operator info, no privacy policy and no terms of usage nothing! waste of time and data and referal contacts = lose of money


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