Is Money Come First A Scam Or Could You “Get The Job”?

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A Job Site Or Is Money Come First a scamI love to review sites like Money Come First because it is full of deception that I want to point out so if you’re wondering is Money Come First a scam and looking for the answer, you’ve come to the right place!

I signed up with an alias name to see what Money Come First is really about and you will not believe what I found out.

With my personal experience, you will see if Money Come First site really offers jobs as it says on its front page or if it’s all a sham.

I will take you through my review as follows:



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Money Come First Logo


Job Site: Money Come First


Price: $0

Recommended? No.

When you first go on Money Come First’s website, you can see on the home page that you are led to believe there will be jobs to be found in there.


Money Come First Home Page


A big “get the job” image center left of the home page is pretty obvious to anyone who surfed on it would think this is a place to find jobs.

Another sign that this is a job site is that they say they are a “internet job site” in their description just under the “get the job” image.

They use the word “job” all over their home page.

So I signed up to see how many and what kind of jobs they had.

After going to the member’s area, I can tell you that there is definitely ZERO “jobs” available or any type of make money opportunities on this site.

Sites like this need to be shut down but the best I can do is to expose them and hopefully more people are aware of sites like this!

In the next section I will go through how this site works and why you won’t find any jobs or any money making opportunities.




This site just makes me furious because they use the word job to mislead people to sign up an account.

How this really works is after you sign up you will get an affiliate link to their site.  Your “job” is to spam that link all over the internet and you’ll get $10 for every unique click on your link.

This is actually called affiliate marketing and not a contract for employment.

Affiliate marketing is actually a legitimate & great way to make money online, Money Come First does not teach you how to use it the right way, however.


Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners On How To Get Started


Money Come First is not an employer and they are not your boss, that’s what jobs consist of.  They can’t “hire” by you just signing up for an account.

Affiliate marketing is a way for companies to have a lot of affiliates promote their product/service for them while paying them for whatever action is deemed the action that will trigger a commission for the affiliate.

In this case, the action that deems to trigger you to earn a commission is the unique clicks of your affiliate link, which will supposedly earn you $10 per unique click.

Employers usually set your schedule and tell how things are to be done, when to be done by, a set rate of how many hours you will work, or piece meal, etc – what jobs entail.

In this case, you are your own boss and you make as much as you want or as little but it’s all up to you to decide.  You are just an affiliate of Money Come First, not an employee.

There are NO other “jobs” or tasks to do on this site in the members area, just one affiliate link.  The whole members area is just this one affiliate link.

This is the member’s area, you can see my affiliate link (URL) in the image below in the blue box:


Money Come First Member's Area


I wanted to see if I can actually make $10 a click with my link so I posted it to to my Twitter account last night to see what would happen.

When I posted the link to my account, I asked my followers to only click for testing purposes and do not sign up to this site as I already knew it was not a good place to be.

After posting the link on my Twitter account (which I’ve since deleted since I don’t want others to get misled), I got a few clicks and sure enough my balance was going higher and higher.

This morning, I got a total of 46 clicks to my link as you can see in my above image and enlarged here:

Money Come First My Total Clicks To My Link

My “Total Earnings” though do not reflect all my clicks.  When you sign up, you get a $25 sign up bonus, and I saw that when I first got in there.

With 46 visits at $10 a visit plus the $25 sign up bonus, my total earnings should be $485.

There is nowhere I can verify if my 46 visits are unique visits or if people were clicking twice… so I will give Money Come First benefit of the doubt that my followers clicked more than once so I only earned $10 on their first click.

So with $355, I was pretty excited this morning to see that I can cash out since I’ve met the payout limit of $300, which is actually extremely high by the way for the industry.  Most payouts are between $10 – $25.

This is another reason this is not a job, real jobs would not have payout limits and any tasks performed must be paid by their payroll schedule whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly.



You can always see the real underlying scheme of a site when you try to payout or cash out.

Like if you are ever on survey sites, this is the time when your account will mysteriously close out or payout function doesn’t work, or some other excuse.

Money Come First is no different, I didn’t have my account shut down or anything but get this, I have to “qualify” by completing their Captcha test.


Fix Monthly Income How To Cash Out and Get Paid


So I was like, okay, that’s easy, I was expecting something like this:

Money Come First Real Captcha


Where all I have to do is check that box and pass the test.

Or I would have gotten something similar like filling out some letters/numbers like this:

Money Come First Real Captcha 2


But not at Money Come First, I got a FAKE CAPTCHA TEST screen instead that’s riddled with affiliate links of their own!!  Look at this:

Fix Monthly Income Fake Captcha Test


This is where they make their money.  Each of those “Gift Cards” or questions to answer are affiliate links that the owners of Money Come First will earn money from.

Any of the links I click on will take me to offers and surveys which if I comply and do what it says, the owners of Money Come First will get a commission on.

I tried to qualify for one of those links but it’s almost impossible because once you think you’re done with one thing, it takes you to another, and another, AND ANOTHER!

God knows how much money they made off of me clicking on those through all those sites and providing my emails (fake of course, I would never give out my real info for sites like these).

One of the things I had to take part in to “complete” my qualification was a part where I even had to sign up for things I had to PAY for.

This is NO job site or a site to make ANY money from, this is a TOTAL SCAM.

I will never see my $355, neither will you, you will never see a dime out of this site and in fact may even lose money if you’re going to sign up.

After collecting all that info from me, they will also SELL it so that’s another way for them to make money.

If I had given them my real info, I would receive all kinds of junk mail, junk email, and endless sales calls.

Not to mention, any legitimate site should have a Privacy Policy and these guys have nothing on their site because your privacy is not protected and your information will be sold.


Even If You Pass Their Fake Captcha Test, You Still Won’t Get Paid:

This is because sites like this only offer one payout option: check (cheque) and they do this on purpose.

Even though their home page clearly says they only have one payment option and that they are working on getting more payment options (liar), they still have “PayPal”, “Payza”, and “Money Gram” in the “Payment Via” area to make you think they have all those options when they don’t!


Money Come First Payment Options


They use the check option because this will give them many excuses to say to you when you ask why you haven’t received your payment.

They can say just wait a little longer since it’s by mail and snail mail is never dependable on time delivery.

They can also say it’s lost in the mail and may even say you have to wait 8 – 12 weeks before they will say the check is lost.

Then, they will “reissue” you a new check which you’ll probably have to wait another 3-4 weeks, which then gets “lost” again.

Good luck with this!





No, more like DEFINITELY YES, Money Come First is a big scam.  Stay away from this site.

You will gain nothing using this site and you’ll just lose money if anything if you go through their BS Captcha test.

The lengths these scammers go to deceive people is unbelievable.  I hope you didn’t join this scam.

Please pass on my review if you hear anyone else wanting to try this Money Come First site and warn them of their evil schemes.

Obviously, I highly do NOT recommend Money Come First.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Money Come First is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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