Is Aspire Today A Scam Or Make $7K With Just 30 Mins A Day?

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Is Aspire Today A ScamHave you seen Aspire Today and wondering if you can really make up to $7K with just 30 minutes a day or is Aspire Today a scam?

I don’t blame you for researching what Aspire Today is about because there are a lot of low quality and scams out there.

I am quite familiar with this program and I can reveal to you what this all means for you if you join.

The problem with sales videos like Aspire Today is that they don’t tell you what’s all involved with the program.

Although I must admit that Aspire Today’s sales video has told you a lot more about what you’ll be doing in their program than most products like this but still, they are not telling the most important part.

My Aspire Today review below will show you the following:



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Aspire Today Logo


Product Name: Aspire Today


Price: $0 – $27,997 (Yup)

Owner: Affiliate of Digital Altitude (Michael Force)

Recommended? No.

The person behind Aspire Today is an affiliate of the training program from Digital Altitude (which I fully reviewed here) that offers an opportunity to make $500 to $7,000 of commissions with as little as 30 minutes of work a day.

Digital Altitude has many products and one of them is called Aspire which is their digital business training system.

So this site “Aspire Today” is probably an affiliate of this program trying to get people to sign up under them.


Aspire Today Sales Page


Let’s take a look at what Aspire is.

Their system sounds very easy as they explain it to be only two steps.

Step one involves teaching you how to find the people who are interested in the products they are selling.

Step two does not even involve you because they give you a personal sales team to take over to close all sales for you.

You basically go through their training and at each step, you must talk to your coach to unlock the next phase.

They say you just need 30 minutes a day to start and their testimonials show you can potentially make tens of thousands a week, quit your job 3 months in, and everything sounds super easy.


Aspire Today 30 minutes a day of work


As the sales video explains, you can make more money in 30 minutes a day than most people in a full time job, “Wow, where do I sign up!”, right?

And I better sign up fast since there’s only limited amount of space available and I just got approved to join (what an approval process too, you qualify by just watching the video to the end).

Not so fast.

There are important parts of their program that they don’t reveal and that’s what I’ll be doing in the next section.




I was offered to join the Aspire program for only $1 but when I try to exit, it gave it to me for free but they still seem to want my credit card info (red flag).

As soon as you sign up, you will get to talk to your personal coach (2nd red flag).

This coach will be there to motivate you, tell you how you can make $1000’s of commissions and really get you pumped up but be careful.


Aspire Today Coach


You will talk to your coach for 30-45 minutes – this is what they meant by you can work as little as 30 minutes a day (3rd red flag – little to no work needed) because they want you on that call.


Aspire Today Coach Strategy


Do they want you on that call because they really want you to make money and get your business started?


Remember how they will so generously give you a “sales team” to close all your sales?  Well, that’s what your “coach” is to the Aspire Today affiliate.

Your coach is Aspire Today’s sales team who will try to get you to buy and spend your money because when you do, then the Aspire Today affiliate will earn a commission and the owner of Digital Altitude also makes money, of course.


Aspire Today Free Sales Team


Let’s take a deep look at how you can make money with this system and why you get a coach.

There are two things you can sell to make commissions on for your business once you sign up: membership levels and high ticket programs, BUT, you must buy them yourself first.

You can also earn commissions from your downline as well, meaning you can earn commissions on the people you bring in plus the commissions on their recruits, up to 3 tiers down, so this is a multi-level marketing company (4th red flag).

The higher membership level you are, the more commission you will make but you cannot make a commission on a level that is higher than where you are.


Aspire Today - Aspire Products


So let’s look at the membership levels and how that would work.

Aspire membership levels:

  1. Walker – $37/month
  2. Hiker – $67/month
  3. Climber – $127/month

If you’re a Walker and your recruit wants to upgrade to Climber, you will not get that commission because you’re only at the Walker level.

So where does that commission go to?  Your sponsor (the Aspire Today affiliate in this example) and if your sponsor is not a Climber either, then it keeps going up the tier until someone is and that person will get the commission from your recruit upgrading.

Your coach’s job is to tell you and convince you to upgrade to Climber level so you don’t miss out on any commissions but dang $127/month is steep!

Then there are  high end products and if you want to sell these, you will have to buy them first as a “right to sell” deal (5th red flag).

These high end products are not cheap but they are one-time payments (yippee!):

  1. Base – $595
  2. Rise – $1,997
  3. Ascend – $9,997
  4. Peak – $16,997
  5. Apex – $27,997


Yes they are expensive and again your coach will convince you to buy these if you want to make the big $7,000 commissions.


Aspire Today Commissions


Your coach will go as far as putting you into debt to make you buy these.

This is how the system really works, you bring in leads so they can bombard them with upsells of the memberships and high end products and you will be one of those leads too that get the same treatment.

As for your own business?  How you’ll get leads and recruits?

They tell you to spend at least $50 a week on advertising.


Aspire Today Spend At Least $50 a week on Advertising


Wow.  Paid traffic.

Using paid traffic for beginners is highly risky because there’s a lot to learn about PPC (pay per click) and how to get your most buck for your advertising dollars.

There are split testing of campaigns to see what ads will work better and figuring out how to get the highest conversion rates.

I’m not even sure they provide that kind of detailed training on how to advertise.  It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds and you can lose a lot of money, in the $1,000’s, if you don’t do it properly.

This is how the Aspire program really works, it’s very expensive and very risky with all the money you need to put into it.

Can you quit your job 3 months in?  No, I really don’t think so unless you already know how to use PPC and have a lot of money ready to invest.

Online business first all of takes time to build, Aspire Today showing you people earning thousands of dollars in their sleep is not as easy as they make it sound.

These types of sales video and sales pages is no doubt provided by the training of Aspire which is kind of deceiving for them to do.




With all the unrealistic claims in their sales video and exaggerated rate of success, I will have to call Aspire Today a scam.

If you join the Aspire program based on what you hear on Aspire Today and don’t know the hidden truth about the huge costs of the Aspire program, that’s a scam to me.

The Aspire program itself I don’t consider a scam because it’s a training program that you can make money with if you learn and apply their methods.

A BIG however though, I also never join affiliate programs that make you pay or buy first before you can promote their products.

Most affiliate programs are FREE to join and free to earn commissions on products you want to promote, this “right to sell” BS is just that, BS.

I also don’t like this Aspire program because their training is geared to promoting their own products which doesn’t allow much room if you wanted to promote things you actually liked or passionate about.

The Aspire program also has a huge failure rate (not surprised with the amount of people going into debt because of it).


Aspire Today Earnings Disclaimer


In their income disclaimer, almost 85% of their active members don’t even make $1000 a month, so why are they telling you so many are making $1,000’s a week in Aspire Today’s sales video when it’s only less than 1% making those kinds of numbers?

For all the reasons explained, I do NOT recommend Aspire.




If you’re willing to learn and put in real work effort (much more than 30 minutes a day), you can build an online business without spending a fortune.

You must realize that making money online is not a fast and quick thing, if you want to create an online business, it takes time to build.

But that time is well spent because what comes out of it is an online business that you’ve built from the ground up in a topic you’d love.

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Yes, free and you won’t even need a credit card.

Stop looking at get rich quick schemes and build a solid online business.  As it takes time to build, you better start today for a brighter future in the long term.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Aspire Today is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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