How To Work From Home And Make Money Blogging Like Me! $4.9K In Aug’18!

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How To Work From Home And Make Money BloggingIf you ever wanted to learn how to work from home and make money blogging like I do, then this post is a must read for you as I will show you how you could earn like me.

This is partly a blog income report for my August 2018 which I made from my website here at Work Anywhere Now.

Of course, this is hardly to show off as I’m not making anything huge or being a millionaire but it provides me and my family some extra income to enjoy every month.

Blogging can be a very tough road to making money online but so is anything else.

Nothing actually makes you money that quickly on the internet because, like everything else in life, anything worth having takes hard work, time, and consistency.

If you’re willing to put in the hard work and time, you too can build an asset like mine and make you money month after month.

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Blogging is basically about writing article posts and informing people about a particular niche or topic.

In a sense, blogging is very simple and easy to do because from what I do, I just very much type what is on my mind and let the words come out as if I was talking to you on the phone or in person.

The simplicity of blogging is one reason why many people get started with it, and to become a blogger, all it takes is a $15 domain name and a cheap hosting plan, and you’re off!

However, there’s actually a lot of technical aspects of blogging that beginners don’t know about and they wonder why they can’t get any traffic or make any money with their blog.

A lot of people start out very excited and come with a “ready to work” attitude in the beginning of their journey but shortly fizzles out after 3 – 6 months of work when they don’t see any earnings.

If you do blogging right, you could really be making a full time income from home like I do, check out my latest results as of this post:


My August 2018 results
Click Image To See Income Proof


This kind of money earned was not easy and it’s been a lot of hard work leading up to this point.

August 2108 marks the end of my site’s second year and what a second year it’s been!

The way blogging works, if you use the right keywords and the right SEO elements in place, your site will eventually get to a point where it catches the “snowball effect” and your income could really rise from it.

That’s what happened to my website here, my first year of blogging made hardly anything and then the second year is when everything happened, huge rise in traffic and income.

This picture says it all and I really love showing it as this is the true nature of this online business:


I know $19K is not a full time income but, if you look at my recent months, it’s definitely looking like it with my August results at $4.9K.

I only started making a 4 digit online income this past Mar/18, so for my income to rise from $1K to almost $5K in 5 months, I think that’s pretty amazing!

I’m not telling you all this to show off, I’m telling you how blogging works if you know how to build your blog properly from the get-go.

I’m also telling you this so you don’t quit if you don’t make any money in your first year.

This is absolutely why most people will fail when they want to try blogging to make money from home.

They don’t understand how Google works, how keywords work, or how SEO works in general, these are all important aspects of blogging and elements you need to be successful at it.

Why the blogging format works so well is because you could have a dynamic site with fresh content on it as often as you want and this is what search engines love, content.

Another reason is that once you have that search engine love and receive high rankings on their search results, you could have that high ranking position for years sometimes, meaning you could be earning from that one post over and over again, earning you tons of passive income.

Finally, blogging works well because it’s simple to learn and barrier to entry is not that high, also the cost of starting a blog is very manageable for most people.




There are actually 9 ways to monetize a blog but I don’t use them all on this blog, I actually only use about 3: affiliate marketing, display ads, and guest posting/backlinks.

Affiliate marketing is definitely my biggest method of monetizing my site and the second method is my ads.

The third method I use on my blog is guest posting and text backlinks which I don’t actually go after necessarily, these just happen as my blog grow bigger and more authoritative in the space.


Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways for any blog owner to use as a monetization method is using affiliate marketing where you are just adding affiliate links to your text or image, when your readers click it and buy something at the merchant’s site, you make a commission.

When you build a blog website, it’s best to start a blog with helping people in mind.  If you have this mentality, then you will never have to “sell” in affiliate marketing.

It’s almost like a passive way to sell because you’re more recommending products and services to your audience that will help them with some issue they have that they want fixed.

Let’s say the dog niche, lots of dogs have grooming issues, if your site was about dog grooming tools, then you’ll be attracting all those people who are looking for ways to detangle their pet’s hair or people looking for the best scissors to use, etc.

Having a website that explains how to detangle dog hair or how to groom certain dogs, you will provide valuable information to your reader and that builds trust between the two of you.

With trust, they are more likely to click your links to check out what you have to recommend.

That’s why affiliate marketing and blogs work so well together.  I highly recommend you to start using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog wit if you haven’t already.


Display Ads

I know readers get annoyed with ads, I do too, but it’s not annoying to site owners who could make a 4 digit income from these ads.

This is serious business and I have deployed only the “low” version of the amount of ads I could deploy on my site and I’m still able to make that much money from it.

For ads, it all comes down to traffic, the more traffic you have, the more ad dollars you will earn.

Choosing the right ad network to go with can also make a huge difference.  The most common one you may have heard is Google Adsense, it’s been around forever and catered to many levels of sites.

I did start out with Google Adsense but not when my site hit 25,000 sessions.

When I hit 25,000 sessions, I was eligible to apply to a way better ad network called Mediavine and this is where my ads are earning from today.

Mediavine makes me 3 times more than what I was earning at Adsense, and this was an immediate impact you could see right away once you switch over.

All I can say is that I’m so glad I made that switch which I made last week of May and in August it already hit 4 digits!


Guest Posting / Backlinks

This is where you could have others write for you and you promise them a “dofollow” backlink to their website.

What I have done here is that if they could provide me with a post with over 1,500 words, I charge a $27 for it.

If they want to write under 1,500 words, I charge more because longer posts are better for my site so if they are not going to give me the length I want, I will charge them more for having their post on my site.

I have a few that just offered to pay me to have a link to their site anchored by the text of their choosing, this could be an easy $50 a pop.




Do the work that others are not willing to do for a whole year and this is basically how you’ll come out on top in the blogging world.

You really need to be consistent when it comes to blogging, whether you could blog just twice a week or seven days a week, this will all be determined by how competitive your niche is, but whatever your schedule needs to be, stick with it.

Of course I didn’t start out an expert, I started out just like you, not knowing too much about the technical side of blogging, I just knew it could be done and I can just start it.

However, that’s how I failed the first time I tried blogging years ago.

This time, when I started Work Anywhere Now, I wanted to make sure I was going to do it properly so I got educated and got myself a network of support.

Without being educated and helped, there’s no way I would be here telling you all the success I’ve had with my blog.

My keys to success are the following:

  1. Getting proper training on how to build an affiliate marketing business.
  2. Getting help for my journey.
  3. Work hard to build content.
  4. Build even MORE content when traffic & sales are not where they should be (instead of quitting).
  5. Consistently publishing great content, no breaks.

Most people do #3, they don’t prepare for this with #1 & #2 and by #4, they will quit and fail.

I did #5 for 2 years straight and counting.

With #5, what I mean is that your blog must be churning out new content weekly.  I started out 2 posts a week, then 3, then 5, until I was able to keep up a schedule of daily publishing on my blog.

It was daily publishing for almost 9 months straight and now I have switched to a little slower schedule of 5 a week because my site is already earning very well and 2 years old.

Why my site went to daily publishing is because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted after almost a year of doing this so I doubled down and doubled my production to daily publishing.

This decision was made one year ago and the results speaks volumes.  🙂

I must also mention that not all blogs will need to so much content like I have been producing, this all depends on your niche and how competitive it is.

All I know is, if your blog is not earning enough or have enough traffic, you need to increase your content creation.




I know I haven’t given you a lot of “how’s” in this “how-to” post but I wanted to tell you about first what’s possible with blogging and what are the pitfalls of it to give you a better picture of what you’ll be getting yourself into.

All the how’s in your mind right now is answered all in one place, the training platform I personally used that helped me learn everything about blogging, SEO, keywords, affiliate marketing, etc plus they have a community of like-minded people who helped me throughout my journey.

But, you’re in even more in luck today than when I found this training platform because I’m offering you my personal help to you!

If you become a Premium member on this training platform, then I’ll be Your Personal Coach!

You’ll be guided and helped by me personally, which will shortcut your path to success that much faster!

Don’t worry though, there’s a FREE Starter membership you could join with first to check things out and see if I’m real (I’ll be sending you a welcome message on your profile) and so forth.


Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


You could also check out my entire journey on my profile as I have documented how my journey has been throughout the 2 years I’ve been there without even pulling out your wallet.

You’ll be able to see what legitimate training looks like, see how their courses are organized, as well as all the other features like live chat, weekly live webinars, 1,000’s of other resources (tips/tutorials) aside from their main trainings, and business tools to use.

You could check out FULL details and review of this training platform here in my make money online guide.

There’s really no other platform like it for learning how to blog and using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog with.

The skills you’ll learn there will be priceless as you could take these techniques and apply it to as many other niches and blogs you want to build in the future.

If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to work from home and make money blogging or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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