9 Tips On How To Become SUPER Successful With Affiliate Marketing

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9 Tips on How To Become Successful With Affiliate MarketingWhether you are just starting in affiliate marketing or have been doing it for awhile and not sure how to become successful with affiliate marketing, then you’ve landed at the right place!

I’ve been able to achieve Super Affiliate status within a community I’m in and I can tell you how I have learned to be successful at this affiliate marketing game.

I am just actually still at the tip of the iceberg here myself since there is so much potential in this space and I have so much room to grow.

There are definitely key stepping stones that must be followed in order to find success with affiliate marketing.

The following are the 9 Tips that will help you find success using affiliate marketing:

  1. Start With A WordPress Website
  2. Picking A Niche & Building Your Brand
  3. Using Appropriate Keywords
  4. Write Valuable Content
  5. Are You Helping People?
  6. Do You Know The Products You’re Promoting?
  7. Consistency
  8. Support Network
  9. Proper Training & Education

I will also add a bit more of my story and what it takes in the Conclusion of this post.



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It is essential to use the right platform to build your affiliate marketing business with and one way to do this is by creating your business with a WordPress website.

WordPress is a content management system that creates a blog on a website.

Using the blog format on a website is the best way to go as you will be able to produce content easily in such a format that search engines also love.

It’s also simple to use, fast, and anyone can learn how to use WordPress.

You also have a lot to choose from if you want to add more functionalities to your website because there are many developers out there who create plugins for WordPress so adding something to your site is very easy to do.

WordPress also houses half of the blogs out there and it’s one that is most trusted.  I have been using WordPress myself for years now so if you have any issues, you can ask me in the comments below.

Having a website could give you an online presence that’s bigger than any other platform you could think of because, if you build it right, you could become an authority in your niche or topic.

No social media or forum or email list alone could give you the reach you could get with a blog website.

My website gets anywhere from 1,300 – almost 2,000 visits a day these days and all for free without paying a dime in advertising.

There’s no way I could have the same reach with my social media accounts, unless you do paid traffic I guess but that’s a dangerous game because you can waste a lot of money doing that if you don’t know what you’re doing.




Picking your niche for your website is very important in this affiliate marketing business.

You will be building a website that bridges the people who are searching for things to the products and services they are looking for.

You are providing a service that will help people find and fix things easier so you should be picking a topic or niche that is easy for you to either know about, talk about, or research about.

As long as you like the niche you’re in, this will be very important because if you go for the “money” first, you often have a higher chance of failure.

If you talk about a subject you like or love, it makes a world of difference in the work you do whether it will just come to you naturally or if you pick something you don’t really like, you’ll end up hating it and it will be very hard for you to work and can end up quitting because of it.

So picking a niche for success should be something you really like.

Building a brand is important to establish trust and authority which means that your website should be simple, clean, and easy to navigate.

You should have a logo for your brand that people could recognize and remember.

Make sure your social media accounts are also branded the same way which gives your brand credibility as you reach out using various platforms.

You could use free tools for this as well like using Canva.com or use a low cost logo creating service at freelance places like Fiverr.com where you could get a logo done as little as $5.

Building your brand also includes using certain colors for your website to provide a certain tone you want to set.

From here on out, once you determine your brand, make sure your brand is consistent throughout your website as well as off site marketing or promotions.




If you don’t know what keywords are, you will really need to learn how to use them well.

It used to be that you could use keywords with exact match, but these days the search engines are so smart now that your page could come up on first page without exact match.

Search engines are able to determine what your blog post is about and will show it in its results if it thinks it matches the intention of the keyword searcher at hand.

So using keywords these days are a little tricky but they are still what brings traffic to a website and if you have a lot of keywords on your website, you will get tons of traffic.

Your keyword should be included in the title (thus your URL link for the post), in the first or sentence paragraph, and another time near the bottom of the post.

You don’t need to stuff keywords these days anymore and in fact it’s highly discouraged as you could be penalized for it.

I have learned to use the keyword tool Jaaxy which gives you a very easy way to find great keywords as I only have to look at two parameters:  AVG > 50 & QSR < 50 – as long as a keyword has this criteria, then I will use it.

That’s what has helped me achieve having over 47,000 users on my site last month!




Don’t write content for the heck of writing, you need to ensure that everything a reader goes through will provide the with some good information they could use.

You always want to offer more before you asking them to buy something.

You would want to always provide value first, establishing trust, and then let them know to check this or that product or service.

Your posts these days should be 1,000 words long and I have a free training here that you could check out that teaches you: how to easily write 1,000 words.

Many people have benefited from this training already and I know it can help you.  Sometimes you just have to see it from a different perspective and break things down into manageable chunks.

Content is key to getting traffic to your affiliate marketing business and without it you won’t be having much business.

After you write this content, do you know how to SEO your posts so that it could get indexed and ranked faster?

Making your site SEO ready is just as important as this will help your site be found in the search engines.

Whenever you finish a new post, you should get it indexed right away through your Google Search Console (if you don’t know how, check here).

To check your rankings, I have the best tool here to check your rankings and also tracking it for long periods of time to see how you grow for your keywords.




This tip is absolutely one of the big ones that will separate you from others, are you helping people with your affiliate marketing business?

The more people you could help, the more you will get back in terms of traffic and sales.

The affiliate marketing business is more about recommending things to your audience versus selling things to them.

Nobody wants to be sold to.

There are several ways you could help your audience out in your niche in the following:

  • Help prevent something from happening (how to stop my dog from barking)
  • Help with doing or fixing something (how to train my dog to rollover)
  • Help with providing them resources for even more help (free guide or information they could download)

When you provide help this way, it is very easy to say something like “This is a tool you may want to use to help stop your dog from barking because of this tool can…” rather than to just say how great that tool is.

If you can tell them the benefits and features of such tool and how it solves their problem at hand, you could really gain their trust and thus they will click on that link to go check out that tool.

This is why a blog format works best with an affiliate marketing business because blogs are casual and you could make it fun for your audience to learn.




It is important to know the products you are promoting because your authenticity could really stand out here if you have actually used it.

If you have used the products you promote, you can share your stories about them, how they have helped you, and provide personal photos instead of generic ones.

There’s definitely no better conviction about how great a product is when you have used it yourself.

So using the product yourself  is really the best way to promote products through affiliate marketing but there are tons of people with product review sites that just go on and on about so many products, have those people bought all those products and used them all?

Probably not, not most of them I bet.  This is because you can do product reviews or tell people about things that you have not owned or used yourself.

If you haven’t used it, you could do the research for your audience.

Just like when you start searching around before you buy something, well, this is something you could do for others.

You would do thorough researched through various other sites that talk about this product, then try to find real testimonials about the product and pick out what works for people and what hasn’t.

Once you have gathered all this information about a product or service, you could write up a product review like that based on your findings and what you’ve learned about it.

This type of product review still would provide your audience with value because you’re saving them time in research and you have done it for them.




There is a very factor that a lot of affiliate marketer should know if they are taking this blogging route like I have.

You must stay consistent in your content creation or else your site could lose rankings and traffic if you let it be static and not produce new content for it.

One thing that helped my website to reach a 4 digit online income is by making sure I have enough posts to cover periods of time when I’m away from my business for vacation, family events, etc.

You’re able to schedule posts in WordPress pretty easily (see that link for my instructions) so if you can sit down one weekend and write out several posts you could schedule out, it would really help your website stay current.

Earlier in your blogging life, you will find that you may not get the results you think you should have by the time six months has past or even one year.

If your website is not bringing in the traffic or money by then, then you need to step up your game and find out what’s wrong.

You need to persevere through these difficult times and once you do, you would have learned something new and your site another step for the better and towards the right direction.

Being able to persevere through stormy days or nights could be the factor between failing your business and pushing it to the next level.

You will succeed if you keep pushing forward and keep adding valuable content to your website.  I know this has worked because I have DONE it!




Your network of support is extremely important because those are the influences in your life.

It is wise to join a network of some sort where you feel comfortable in asking questions at because you’re going to have tons of questions and obstacles to overcome.

Having people to go to has definitely been a huge part of my success in being able to make money from affiliate marketing.

With a network of support, I’m able to get past any problems or get answers very quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

Look around you and figure out who you should allow in who will support you and maybe spend less time with those who don’t.

Who you are has a lot to do with your influences so be around those who have the same goals as you or those who already are where you want to be.




Thumbs UpAt the end of the day, there’s no way I could include ALL the technical aspects of this affiliate marketing business.

I have only touched upon the big picture items and I haven’t even discussed the actual use of the affiliate programs and that’s on purpose.

Getting affiliate links is not that hard and it’s free, what’s more important for your affiliate marketing business to succeed are the points I have discussed above.

But, really, to do this right, you need the full comprehensive training to build this properly as that is what I did and I could tell you that it is night & day, the results.

I have tried blogging using affiliate marketing years ago without any training and guess what?  I quit, I didn’t know what I was doing.

If that’s you as well, then get proper training and educate yourself.  If you want to really be a success in affiliate marketing than you cannot go without educating yourself on the real how-to’s of this business.

I have written about my 2 year journey with the training platform I used right here and you will find out where I took my training and the success I have had with it.

You will also learn that it will come with a huge community inside where you could be helped by thousands of members as well as myself.

I’ve been there 2 years already and continue to be a very active, helpful member on the platform and I coach a lot of people on there as well.

If you want to be coached by a Super Affiliate, then read this post here!




The website you’re on right now, Work Anywhere Now, is a product of their training and the income earned has also been a result of their well organized lessons.

This business is not as easy as most going into it think it is.  It requires a lot more hard work than anyone would expect and so most times people quit because they simply didn’t last long enough.

If you could be consistent with your work, master content generation with right keywords, then you could really have a thriving, successful affiliate marketing business like me!

The training platform I use is second to none, the community is incredible and has saved me time and time again.

I will also be there on the platform helping YOU out if you need it but not everyone will get my help unless you go through the links on my page here.

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If you finally want to succeed with affiliate marketing, then do it right from the start and get yourself set up for success!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the 9 tips on how to become successful with affiliate marketing or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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  1. Great article! Thanks! I started learning about blogs a week ago and i’m trying to build one right now. As i can see many people make money with blogging. I recently found out an article that is telling about a way that you can build up a blog, using it as an affiliate in under 5 minutes, but i don’t know if that is true, in the other hand seems very honest. If you can check it out and give me your opinion i will be thankful!! [Link Removed]
    I will start following your advises right now. Thanks again!

  2. This post helped me sooo much i got to learn sooo much new knowledge from this…. it sounds like I have a lot more to learn than I thought about affiliate marketing…. god bless you keep going thank you….

  3. Your last tip killed it! That is what most new affiliates shy away from, ignorantly to them they are hurting themselves. Lovely piece, thanks for sharing.

    • You’re so welcome and thank you for your kind words.

      I think they think it’s easy to just write a blog post but there is so much more than that. Most blogs are abandoned in their first 6 months for this very reason, most of those probably abandoned by 3 months.

      This is because they lack the education to really see how this works, why blogs take time to grow, how you connect with your readers so they actually click your links, and know how to use specific SEO techniques that are essential to the success of their blogs.

      That is why using the same training platform that I used myself (and avidly still use) to build my blog to a monthly 4 digit online income will give you a much better chance of success.

      Thanks for stopping by Daps!

  4. Affiliate marketing is one of the marketing techniques where you need to pay after getting the result so it is good for new affiliate marketers who want to make a career in affiliate marketing.after all there is no any financial risk all depends on your sales skills. really helpful article for me thanx for sharing.


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