How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners With My Personal Help!

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How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners With My HelpSometimes it’s hard to know how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners because the info is just everywhere and it’s not likely you will find the information in a nice organized manner for you to understand.

This is why it’s so important that beginners to go through proper training like I did, if you are serious about building this affiliate marketing business.

I have been working with affiliate marketing since 2016 and I can tell you that it’s not as easy as you may think but the hard work that you put you pays you back big time!

In this post below, I will show you how you could use affiliate marketing to make a full time income, where you could use the exact same training I used, and what this kind of business could bring you.

I have detailed everything out in the following sections:



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Affiliate marketing is absolutely one of the best ways to make money online because, when used properly, you could be making a passive income regularly and provide you with a lifestyle that most could only dream of.


How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners-Beach Life Earned


However, the time and the work it takes to get there is what deters most people from succeeding in it or even get started with affiliate marketing.

I’ve also seen affiliate marketing being abused by unethical internet marketers by telling people they can make tons of money really quickly when the truth is quite the opposite.

If you want to do affiliate marketing in the long run, then you should really take this seriously and build a platform where you could be an influencer in the topic that you pick.

Being an “influencer” is not anything to be intimidated about, I just mean that you will build a platform where you will help people in a certain group.

As more and more people will see you being helpful in your niche, then you will more and more seen as an “influencer” or “authority” in your niche.

The easiest way to build a platform is actually starting a blog website and you’re going to be using affiliate marketing to monetize it, to get your blog to make money.

Blogging has been around for years and there are thousands amongst thousands of blogs out there today, but not everyone of them are making money.

Actually, probably only a small percentage are because it actually takes a long time to build a blog up and make money from one, as well, most people who start a blog don’t know HOW to use affiliate marketing or any other means to monetize it.

This is where getting help and getting proper training is crucial to your success in this business.




The best training for beginners in affiliate marketing is hands down, Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been there since 2016 and their training has giving me a 4 digit online income that I get to enjoy with my family on a monthly basis.

Their training takes you from the very beginning of picking a topic/niche, to building the foundation, to adding content, to using keywords and SEO strategies to attract traffic to your blog, to making money with affiliate programs.

They have two main courses:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) is for ANY niche you want to go into, 5 Levels, 10 Lessons in each with tasks to help you take action and build your blog along the training.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp (AB) is for promoting their training platform, since they teach it, they of course have an affiliate program too.

The latter is what I chose, because I’ve always wanted to work online and help others do it as well, but I have done both courses which basically have the same principles and evergreen strategies to help you grow your online business for the long term.

You’ll be learning strategies like building your online business so it attracts tons of visitors to your site without paying anything for advertising.

The training is working right now because you’re on here reading my post.  That’s what you’ll be learning too if you join Wealthy Affiliate.

You will have the option to use either their Starter FREE (for life) or Premium ($49/month or $359/year) memberships and I suggest that you use the free one so you can check things out.

You could check out features like Live Chat, Live Weekly Webinars, and a lot of other resources that are on Wealthy Affiliate.

You could also check my income proof on my profile for free before even pulling out your wallet to make sure I’m real and how I’ve been inspiring the community inside with my success:


My August 2018 results


Their training is simple, easy to fellow, and I can’t see why you can’t learn it if you’re able to understand my post today.

I’m a stay at home mom who just wanted to contribute to my family financially and I have done it with Wealthy Affiliate!  YOU can do this too!

I owe it all to to them and that’s why I’m going to be creating a series of training inside Wealthy Affiliate to teach members how I did and became a Super Affiliate on their platform.


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How To Earn Money Online - Community SupportWhen I was on my online journey before Wealthy Affiliate, it was a lonely place to be.  It was hard to figure out things on my own or know what to believe from one website to another.

Why Wealthy Affiliate really stands out from other training platforms is this affiliate marketing industry is because they have a very active and engaged community on their platform that have SAVED me again and again throughout my journey.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate is just as engaged and very involved on the platform as well, they also offer advice to their members which is very nice perk to speak with the owners Kyle & Carson.

Because I have reached Super Affiliate status on there, I will be attending their private Super Affiliate conference next January which is an all expenses paid trip!

It’s a 4 day conference where you will meet the owners and other Super Affiliates to exchange ideas and see what’s to come in the new year.  I’m very excited about this trip and only a small group get to attend.

Anyway, I digressed a bit there, my point is that if it weren’t for the community inside Wealthy Affiliate, I would not be writing this post today.

You have members ranging from brand new to experts, all at your fingertips to ask questions to or get help on.

This community feature of Wealthy Affiliate is by far the most priceless aspect of the platform that I could not stress enough.

You absolutely learn so much from other members and we are encouraged to share our progress on the platform so other could learn from your experience.

The community has a very “pay-it-forward” attitude and that’s why it works so well!




I am a very active and involved member of this community which makes me an Ambassador since I rank really high on Wealthy Affiliate’s ranking system:

Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors List


To be considered a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador, you have to be Rank 25 and above, and I have been up there for over 200 days and counting.

Not everyone on the list of Ambassador makes money like I do, only 7 of the Top 25 members (as of this post) is also a Super Affiliate.

I’m not telling all this to you to brag, but I want you to know that I want to help YOU!

If you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate through any of the links or buttons on my website or this like here, you will be eligible to become my mentee!

I will be able to coach you and guide you through the lessons while offering you extra tutorials or tips to make you advance faster and avoid any pitfalls I see you may be going into.

With my help, I know I can get you on the right path to success and help you build the online business you have always wanted!

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If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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