Top 5 Things Beginners Should Consider Before Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

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Top 5 Things Beginners Should Consider Before Making Money With Affiliate MarketingYou may want to start making money with affiliate marketing and go headfirst as beginners but there are definitely things to consider first that I want to tell you about in my 2 years experience.

I have seen affiliate marketing offer amazing lives to people who use it the right way and build a business using this business model to help others connect to the right products or services they are looking for.

I myself have only started tasting a bit of the power of affiliate marketing and what it could do for me.  My family and I have been able to enjoy so far with my monthly 4 digit online income.

There is so much information out there that need to learn but, for you, why you’re here is because I want to tell you the 10 things to consider first before you start affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission from driving sales for brands and companies by referring people to them.

It’s not a new concept, referrals have been around centuries and I bet you have used this concept before in one way or another.

You tell your friends and family about products and services you like right? I’m sure they trust you and if they like it too then they will buy it.

How you love the latest gadget from or how you loved the latest movie you saw and you tell people you know about it, which makes them also want to go buy that gadget or see that movie too.

These are all examples of how affiliate marketing works except that you get paid for telling people about products and services and it’s online!

Also, instead of friends and family, you’re sharing what you like with potentially billions of people!

That’s one reason why it’s so powerful.  You’ll be able to reach people all around the world, a reach not possible without the internet.

The second reason is that you could truly build a passive income with affiliate marketing especially when you have recurring sales when you promote something like a membership website.

The third reason is that the work you do earns for you over and over again.  Like this post you’re on, you’re not going to be the only one reading it.

I have over 1800 visitors a day on my website here, do you know how many people I could help?  A lot!  I will earn from this post over and over again.




When starting something new and finding out about affiliate marketing, you may already have some expectations of how this is going to go but since you haven’t done it, you may have a false sense of what to expect.

The 10 things below will paint you a more realistic picture of what you should expect and how this business works:

#1)  It’s Not As Easy As You Think

I thought it was easy when I tried this affiliate marketing thing 7 years back and all I had to is grab some links and link it up but nope, didn’t work, didn’t happen.

It is also a cumulative work effort, what you do today does not equal you will get paid today.  There’s much to wait for like getting indexed, getting ranked, and getting that traffic.

Once you get that traffic, then you’ll be on your way to dollars but that road until you see dollars will seem like a super long one.

You will think nothing is working and that you’re not doing this right so most of you will quit after 3 – 6 months, if that.

However, it is at that very moment that you need to ramp up your game even more instead of quitting.

There’s going to be a lot of work and you may not see much money the first half a year, or, even a year is not unusual.

But, if you keep going, then things just might turn around for you.


#2) Take This Seriously

A lot of people going into affiliate marketing will “try it” so they make it a hobby instead of taking it seriously and really learning it.

Because they are just doing it as a hobby, they won’t be as dedicated to it and will be lax on days they don’t feel like working on it.

In order to make this work, everything has to point in the same direction, meaning you have make time for it, you have to schedule this in.

To make affiliate marketing work, you need to make room for it in your life.  If you’re a very busy person, I’m not sure how you would do this.


How to Find the Best Niche#3) Niche Picking

Beginners may think that picking a topic or a niche should be what makes the most money but really it comes down to picking a niche that you’ll want to work at day in and day out.

If you don’t pick something you really like or interested in, you will lose interest pretty quickly and you’ll be  quitting in no time or have to start over.

You also have to remember that picking a niche that is highly competitive will require some extra work, well a lot of extra work.

The best is to find a competitive niche at the high level, but if you narrow it down, there will always be pockets where niches are not filled and are not as competitive.

It all comes down to keyword research.


#4) All Affiliate Programs Are Not Created Equally

When you first get started, you will be applying to all sorts of affiliate programs but I warn you not to join too many at once because it’ll be harder to track but more importantly, you won’t promote it all.

I have joined quite a number of affiliate programs and referral sites in the beginning as well but now I realize it’s better to just concentrate your efforts on a few products to get maximum results from them.

If you have too many your efforts to promote them will be spread very thin and it’s better to have concentrated effort on just a handful of products.

You can of course start with a lot like I did and you will just naturally narrow them down, so realize this when picking affiliate programs and  which ones have the best long term growth.


#5) Sustained Consistency

It is highly important that you stay consistent week after week, month after month, or else your site may suffer if you start to take breaks., especially long breaks.

That is why it’s best to schedule out posts so that you could always stay ahead of the game.

I know this will take some time to work up to but this is something any beginner who’s going into affiliate marking should know, again setting the expectations.

Even when times are slow or when you think you should be more ahead of where you are, that’s not the time to quit, that’s the time to step it up a notch!

That’s what I did last year in Sep/17, one year into blogging and only made $483 in TOTAL.

Second year, big time difference:


My 2 Year Income Results


Our second year just ended at the end of August and I just started 4 figures this past March and climbing fast with $4.9K in August alone.

This is why you need to step it up when you’re not earning enough or you think you are not where you should be.

I’m in a very competitive niche as you may or may not know so it is required to write a lot for this but it is well worth it?

Heck YES!




Like I said earlier, I didn’t know how to do this affiliate marketing thing properly, it’s not as simple as it looks as I found out.

I was able to get my blog website set up but the work is in the content you produce on a ongoing basis and if you don’t know how to use SEO or keywords, then you’re really in the dark.

I had no idea I really had to learn that stuff but information is all over the place and it’s daunting to know where to go learn.

Luckily 2 years ago, I was able to find a training platform that has taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing and the use an evergreen long term strategy that will having you earning far into the future.

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I’ve done pretty well on that training platform as I recently reached Super Affiliate status by making 300 sales in a calendar year!

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the top 5 things beginners should consider before making money with affiliate marketing or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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