List of the Top Affiliate Products to Promote and Earn From (2019)

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List of the Top Affiliate Products to Promote and Earn From (2019)Are you looking for top affiliate products to promote?

Good news for you! That’s what we’ll discuss today!

Affiliate marketing is one of the proven money making gigs one could take on these days. But first, the hard truth for the situation of things:

Spending usually goes down at the beginning of each year.

The bright side is, the market for popular products and services is rarely without hope.

Let me take you through several ways you can go about using affiliate marketing to really start your online business:


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Affiliate marketing is a partnership between the manufacturer or seller of a brand and you that allows you to promote for your favorite products or services.

When you sign up with affiliate programs, you will then get affiliate links to promote and sell the products or services on your website or whatever method you want to choose. Once you generate new sales for the brands, you will earn a commission so the sales profit will then be split between the parties involved.

Even though I said that you could make money through affiliate marketing, it’s not for everyone. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to build up trust with your audience before people buy from you.

But, if you are committed, willing to learn, then you’ll be able to make full time income like I do with affiliate marketing.

I have been making a 4 digit income since March 2018, with a record month in Nov at $7.9K, but I didn’t get there by myself.

I had to get trained because like everyone else that starts this business, I didn’t know anything about building a blog website, or know what I was doing.

There were also a lot of technical things I didn’t know but easy to learn once I had the instructions as they are all point and click.

Anyway, if you’re interested in learning the proper way to build your affiliate marketing business, please check my money making guide here!




Here I will share with you the hottest niches to get into and the products that will help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

Some of the top affiliate products to product:

1. Virtual Reality

Because of the development of virtual reality (VR), companies offering these types of products now enjoy better public interests.

Even though many people believe that VR is more advanced for the scope of recent technologies, it looks like 2019 is where they will finally take off.

It’s hard to deny the potential of VR, which is why the market for these products and services will eventually rise.

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook would launch a new VR headset that would likely go on board next year.

He made it clear that even though it’s late for the holiday season, there’s a great chance it would still be ahead of its rivals.


2. Drones

We’ve all seen how drones are so famous today. Even though there are several restrictions of operating one, it’s market hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down next year.

Today, drones aren’t only used for amusement. They are also used for commercial and business purposes, like in professional photography.

You can really market in different ways from beginners to professionals or focus for using drones for a particular purpose.

If you close in on a sub-niche, you may even get more targeted audience and will be able to convert that way.

What’s more, there are many drone manufacturers and numerous affiliate programs in this industry.


3. Phone Accessories

No, I’m not referring to cheap plastic protective cases!

Phone accessories continue to be in demand due to the different smartphones being released constantly.

But, don’t waste your time and money on terrible imitations, you should partner with well-known phone accessory manufacturers.

Ideal phone accessories to sell are Bluetooth-based products like speakers, no-brand earbuds, and LED-supported phone cases.


4. Surveillance and Security Equipment

Due to the uncertainty and inadequate security in various countries, the demand for surveillance and security systems is going up.

We’re living in an era what we must worry about porch pirates.

People want their homes protected from thieves and burglars so having an alarm system or some sort of camera equipped system to protect their homes from the outside and inside is becoming a necessity these days.

As a result, the market for these products is booming. This is a lucrative chance for active marketers in the security and safety business.


5. Home Automation

The home automation business has significantly grown over the last five years. This is mainly the result of important innovations, such as smart TVs, smart thermostats, and smart speakers.

Because of this, these products have a significant consumer following which directly converts into a profitable market for the affiliate marketers.

From refrigerators to little devices you can just put on your counter, you can ask your new home automation buddy to do things for you, look things up, and even buying stuff for you.

Interested sellers can get in touch with manufacturers of home devices to get these products on discounted prices, so they can promote them and earn better commissions.

Home automation products usually experience a spike mid-year. However, you can opt to sub-niche and make your own target market by promoting specific products.


6. Hoverboards / Electric Scooters

Hoverboards have become a favorite hobby to many. The demand for these products continues to rise at a rapid rate.

These are fun from teenagers and up, and electric scooters are all over the place this past few months, so they are growing in popularity for sure.

They are high priced products as well so even at a low percentage of commission you can make a decent amount of money with little sales.

To begin, affiliate marketers can apply to affiliate programs of top hoverboard or electric scooter manufacturers, or apply to shopping sites like Amazon.


The products listed above are among the most in-demand, physical products that can help you earn money. However, physical products are only the beginning and there are a lot more types of products to promote which I’ll get into next.




So, yes, physical products, products you can hold in your hand, are just one of many types of things you can promote in affiliate marketing.

Almost every niche you type into Google and add “+ affiliate program” something will turn up.

But, with so many affiliate programs which ones should you hone in on?

Well, physical products are not going to be the highest commissions you could earn (1 – 20% usually, and usually below 10%) because physical products have low product margins generally so companies can’t afford to give affiliates a large percentage for commissions.

Therefore, if you’re going to promote physical products, make sure you pick high priced ones, or else you will not be able to make that much from your marketing efforts.

Promoting a $5o is the same effort as promoting a $500 item.


Two Best Types:

The two best types of affiliate products I’d like to promote are digital products and membership sites.  The commissions for digital and membership sites range in 20% – 100% so a lot more than physical products.

  1. Digital products have very high commission percentages because there is not a lot of costs to make digital products, it’s more about man hours.  What is great about digital products is that you just have to create them once and you can earn from it over and over again.

Some examples of digital products are guides, a course, a e-book, etc., basically products you can’t touch but has tons of value in it that people want to buy.

A prime place where you can find digital products to sell are on Clickbank, digital courses like on Udemy, or any individuals or companies that are selling digital products privately and not through another platform.

Just beware of Clickbank, there’s a lot of bad products on there, don’t be promoting stuff that don’t work or that’s based on misleading advertising, see 11 ways to spot a scam.

2. Membership sites are lucrative to promote as well, they are “digital” in one respect since most memberships are on a website, so your commission % will be higher but also you’ll be earning “recurring” commissions as long as they stay a paying member.

Recurring commissions is what is truly passive although all affiliate commissions are passive since you will be earning not when you’re working necessarily.

You get to promote a membership site, get a sale from that effort, but also get more money for months after.  That’s called: AWESOME!




There are two affiliate programs that I love promoting and I want to share them with you:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate <— Free Starter Membership Link (free for life)
  2. Builderall <— 7 Day Free Trial Link

Wealthy Affiliate

My current 4 digit income comes mostly from Wealthy Affiliate and I love promoting this training platform because this is where my affiliate marketing journey really started.

I had tried once on my own a few years before I started with Wealthy Affiliate but it was a huge bomb.

Wealthy Affiliate made all the difference because they are the leader in teaching people how to build an affiliate marketing business.

Once I got onto their training, I knew this was what I needed.  Their training is top class, comprehensive and takes you step by step to build your online business with.

They teach you how to pick a niche, how to build your website out, how to attract visitors, and how to make money with your site through monetization of affiliate marketing.

They are a membership site because you’ll need their resources to learn it all and it will take some months to do it.

There are two ways you can go about making money with Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Pick your own niche – anything basically.
  2. Promote Wealthy Affiliate – affiliate marketing niche or make money online niche.

That’s what I do, #2.

The site you’re on now, Work Anywhere Now, is a product of their training.

They have 2 main courses for the two ways you want to go about making money with Wealthy Affiliate.

I took both of them but the one I concentrated on was Affiliate Bootcamp as that’s the course for promoting Wealthy Affiliate, they teach how to do it effectively.  I was so good at it, I achieved Super Affiliate status on their platform in Aug/18.

It took me almost 2 years to achieve that title, but hey, I did it and making a full time income with it now, so I think it’s quite well worth it and I took 1.5 years to hit 4 digit monthly income with this program.

Nuts ‘n Bolts:

Wealthy Affiliate membership costs:

  • Starter membership – Free
  • Premium membership – $49/month, $234/6-month, $359/year – With This Link, you could get $19 for your first month!

Commissions to Promote Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Starter member – $4 for First Discounted Month, $11.75 for Monthly, $54 for 6 month membership, and $87.50 for Yearly.
  • Premium member – $8 for First Discounted Month, $23.50 for Monthly, $108 for 6 month membership, and $175 for Yearly memberships you sell.

Basically Starters can earn, half of what Premiums get, but it’ll be very hard if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Remember you have to learn before you earn, and patience is a big factor here as you will have to put in a lot of work before seeing results like mine.



I’ve been playing with this platform this month and I can’t believe the value they are delivering with this product and it’s sooo cheap for what’s on there.

One of the greatest things to promote is one that has high value.

This is one affiliate program I will be blasting through in 2019 and I hope this will help me get to 5 figures a month that I want to reach in the new year.

Builderall is a digital marketing tools platform that comprises of several things you’d usually pay for separately.

Think Clickfunnels, Aweber, and Wix but all on one platform, you’ll get Builderall plus A LOT more like webinar capabilities, app creator, script generator for such a cheap price.

This is a no-brainer platform to promote and I wish I came across this sooner, but just wait til you hear about their affiliate program.

Read my full review here for the rest of the details like their unlimited email autoresponder but this is about their affiliate program so let me dive in and get to the details which is incredible.

Nuts ‘N Bolts:

Builderall Plans:

  • Web Presence – $9.90/month – NO affiliate program
  • Digital Marketing – $29.90/month – NO affiliate program
  • Builderall Business –  $49.90/month – WITH affiliate program – WITH THIS LINK, you’ll get a 7 day free trial.

Commissions to Promote Builderall:

  • 100% on all new sales (each membership you sell the first month will be 100% commission)
  • 30% on all recurring sale directly under you – Tier 1
  • 30% on all recurring sale directly under your Tier 1 = Your Tier 2!!


YES, you see it right.  You will earn not only earn 100% commissions on the first month, 30% recurring commissions as long as they stay on, but also on the plans your referrals sell which you’ll get another 30% commissions on!

This 2-tiered leveraged affiliate system makes your recurring monthly income go up insane amounts with no extra work!


There’s More – Car Allowance:

When you hit 100 active leads (paying members), you will get on top of what you earn a bonus of $500/month to put towards a new car!!

When you hit 200 active leads, this bonus increases to $1,000 PER MONTH for your new car!

That amount covers a Tesla, I checked.

There you go, you can have a goal to get yourself your dream car with this affiliate program but tell you the truth, by the time you have 200 active leads, you can probably buy one of these luxury cars yourself because you’ll be earning so much with this two tiered leveraged affiliate system.


Either of these two programs: Wealthy Affiliate – Create Your Free Account Here or Builderall – Click Here To Start Your 7 Day Free Trial could really build yourself a full time income without having to break the bank.

I offer you FREE COACHING with either programs as well as a TOP AFFILIATE TRAINING COURSE for each program to show you specifically how to promote each one and a private Facebook group for further help, so pick one and go for it!

I will be focusing on both of these in 2019, I hope you will join me (use sign up links above)!


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the list of top affiliate products to promote in 2019 or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



8 thoughts on “List of the Top Affiliate Products to Promote and Earn From (2019)”

  1. Sorry Grace, the two organisations you promoted do not tally. If one already has a WordPress Website, (on Wealthy Affiliate), you cannot use Builderall, unless you are willing to change. I read through their reviews on Trust Pilot, (real users) and not that impressed. There’s a professional developer. who is introduced loads of customers to Builderall, and they refused him Affiliate Commission. They decide on how to treat each affiliate which is means they do not have any standard. They can always argue against you. They seem greedy to me, and that is why they want to dance on every digital platform.

    • That’s not true Lanu, I’m using a WP website and I’m able to use Builderall to build my new sales funnel with. You just have to learn how to and they have TONS of tutorials inside to help you do whatever you need to do. The capabilities in Builderall is unmatched with any other digital marketing platforms out there, especially the number of functions you can do on there. Have you used it?

      I don’t know about that story, but all I know is every business will have negative reviews out there, unless you have tried it, then you really don’t know how it will work for you.

      I am using Builderall and quite excited about their opportunity.

      Wish you the best in 2019,

  2. Grace –Thank you for all the helpful advice. I am brand new as far as Affiliate Marketing and fairly new to computer use and using the Internet. You make it seem possible to make money on line. So I am looking forward to GOING FORWARD! Daniel J.
    aka > ( BoomerJ)

    PS. —I realize by your name LittleMama, you are a Mom probably and there is a Papa – I respect that so — this is not a flirt But I have to be honest, You look very nice and seeing a pretty woman like you, makes life more enjoyable.

    • Hi Daniel,

      You’re very welcome and thanks for reading my post and checking out affiliate marketing. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to get training to build this business properly.

      You can find out what I use in my free guide which has made me a 4 digit online income, it’s where I learned myself and still there. I also offer free coaching on that training platform.

      I appreciate your kind words about me, but yes, I’m happily married to a wonderful, supportive man. 🙂 I’m truly lucky!

      I look forward to working with you if you will follow my path.

      Best of luck in your journey!

  3. Hey Grace,
    I’ve been toying around with click bank and it has gotten me nowhere. I’ve seen reviews that it was the best but im looking for high quality products with high commission. I am also new to affiliate marketing and have room to learn about promoting a product and driving traffic to my wix site. Thanks in advance and I look forward to getting your help!


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