How To Schedule, Reschedule, & Unschedule A Post With WordPress

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I have made a video tutorial to show you how to schedule, reschedule, and unschedule a post with WordPress which will make it easy for you to see how this is done.

This is something anyone can do because it doesn’t take any complicated coding and I promise you shouldn’t have any technical difficulties with this one!  🙂

There are many reasons why you would schedule a post and I will go through some of the reasons why I do it below.


Here’s what you’ll learn here in this post:




I’ve gotten to a position where I can write so much that I can start scheduling out posts.  I really love that I can do this because it allows so much flexibility.

What has helped me get to this point is my writing schedule, another tool that I love to use and it’s been a lifesaver!

It’s helped me so much like:

  • Write more efficiently and productively;
  • Have time to organize what I’ll be writing everyday;
  • Have time for keyword research;
  • Most importantly, have time with my family.

If you want to learn more on how to have writing schedule, take a look at my video tutorial here and you can learn exactly what I do.


There are many reasons to schedule your posts, but to give you an idea you can take a look at my reasons for having scheduled posts:

  • You’ll be able to cover vacation days and still have your blog be publishing posts while away;
  • Keeps your blog consistent so search engines know when to crawl it;
  • Able to prepare ahead of time for something that needs to be posted on a certain date;
  • Relieves me stress of knowing what to write.

I hope you can see some of the great benefits of having scheduled posts.  Now let’s take a look at the different status types of videos on YouTube.




Here is my short video tutorial on how to schedule, reschedule and unschedule a post in WordPress, hope you’ll like this one!

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If you can’t see my video tutorial for any reason, you can see the step-by-step instructions below.  It’s easy to follow and you’ll get it done easily.




1)  Make sure your post is in a ready to publish state.

2)  In the “Publish” box on the top right of your Post Edit screen, find “Publish Immediately” and click on the “Edit” link beside it.

Scheduling Post - Click on Edit


3)  Change the Month, Date, Year, and Time to what you want to schedule the post for and click on the “OK” button.

Scheduling Post - Change date, time, and click OK button


4)  The “Publish” orange button will turn in an orange “Schedule” button, click on that to have your post scheduled.

Scheduling Post - Schedule button


Once you hit that Schedule button, you will see a confirmation up to saying your post has been scheduled and the “Status” in your Publish box will say “Scheduled” instead of “Draft”.

When you have this confirmation, you are done and your post is scheduled.




1)  In the Publish box, click on the “Edit” link after the “Schedule for” date and time.

2)  Once it’s clicked, the Date and Time fields will open for you to edit.  Just edit to the rescheduled date and time you want.

3)  Click on the “Update” orange button when done.

Reschedule Post - Edit and Update



To unschedule a post and post immediately, all you have to do is follow the steps above in the Reschedule A Post section and changed the date and time to your current date and time.

Once you do that, the orange button will say Update or Publish, click it, and your post will show “Status: Published” in the Publish box.



Don’t forget you can still edit any of your scheduled posts as well anytime you wish.  You just have to make your edits and click on the Update button in the Publish box after you’re done editing.

I hope this has been useful to you to have all three types of scheduling, rescheduling and unscheduling a post in WordPress!




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