How To Create A Blog Post Schedule: My Easy Template

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Easy Blog Post Schedule TemplateHave you ever thought about creating a blog post schedule?  If you haven’t or don’t even know what I’m talking about, I will teach you how to create a blog post schedule from my easy template and tell you all the benefits of having one!

Before having a writing schedule I was all over the place when I tried to work.  I would have to think about a topic to write about which is the biggest time waster, then research about it, then find some keywords, and then get distracted between doing all that with other things I see on the internet.

Not very productive at all and my day would go by so quickly without getting anything really done.  I would also be working all sorts of hours, days, nights, and weekends.

My family would suffer because they don’t get to spend quality time with me but now it’s a whole new world with my writing schedule in place!


Today, I will share with you:




Great Benefits of a Writing ScheduleThere are so many benefits of having a writing schedule, it has really changed my life in many areas:

  • Highly Organized – No more being all over the place, each weekday I’m able to focus on one thing.
  • Very Productive – I get so much more done in less time and I’m not wasting time anymore.
  • Writing Better – Because I’m not all over the place, I’m able to write easier and ideas flow better.  It takes less time to finish my posts now too as well as increase my postings to my blog.
  • Scheduling Out Posts – For the first time, I can finally schedule out posts so that I can go on vacations and getaways without my blog suffering from lack of new posts.
  • Less Stressful – I’m overall less stressed about what to write.  This was one of my biggest stresses when it came to writing but that’s the last thing I need to stress about now because of my schedule!
  • Free Weekends – I used to work all hours of the week, even weekends.  I would actually work more on weekends because my husband was home to help with our girls.

Not anymore, I can actually have quality time with my whole family on the weekends!  This is the most valuable part of having my writing schedule.  I’m so grateful I started one and I will never let this go! 🙂




In this video, I’ll be showing you my easy template to create a writing schedule and show you how it all works.  I really hope you will enjoy this and will incorporate this writing schedule into your blogging life!


The link to my Easy template is HERE.  Just click on that link (make sure you have a Google Account), then under File menu, select “Make a Copy” and make a copy for yourself so you can start editing it to your liking. 🙂




After reviewing my video, I realized there a few more things I want to mention to help you further:

  1. “Done?” Column – This is the fun column!  Lol  I don’t know, for me, when my day is done and accomplish the task for the day, putting a “Y” (for yes) in that column is so satisfying!  So that’s what it’s for, to indicate the task for the day is done and completed.
  2. Fridays – Save hard or big posts for Fridays so that you if you don’t get it finish it in time, you’ll have the weekend to finish it up.
  3. Mondays – On the flip side, you can schedule these big posts on a Monday instead so that you have some time on the weekend to do a little more research on it and take notes.
  4. Keep Weekends Free – You can still keep your weekends free and not do #2 or #3 and just schedule more easy posts next to big posts.  This way, you still have time to finish the big post the next day if not totally done, and still have time to do the simpler, easy post the same day.
  5. Other Things To Do – Once you have scheduled posts further out, you can add other things to do to your schedule so you have days where you can do things like social media, go back to edit posts, networking with other bloggers, comment on other blogs, and other tasks you have for your business.

Writing Schedule on Google SheetsHaving a blog post writing schedule has really improved my blogging and family life.  I hope my easy template has helped you think of how you will create yours!

I don’t think I would ever want to get rid of it because it gives me freedom to do other things!

A schedule like this is flexible and can change if needed, but it’s important to keep it going so you don’t fall behind or get your days all messed up.

Once you incorporate a writing schedule in your life, you will love it!




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Then, one of the lessons called for one and really got me going to create my writing schedule.  I owe it all to the best training platform ever!!  Lol

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16 thoughts on “How To Create A Blog Post Schedule: My Easy Template”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your writing schedule template! This is something I need to start doing. At the moment I am writing whenever I can fit it in and am running out of keywords to write about. Having keyword days will really help me focus and plan for the writing days! I would love to be able to get ahead of myself a little bit so will be trying out this way of doing things and I’ll let you know how I get on.

    • That’s what’s great about having a writing schedule, you can easily plan out all the elements you need and on your writing days, that’s all you’ll do is write and have no wasted time researching this and that.

      I find that most of my stress was figuring out what to write about and then what keywords to use. With the writing schedule, both of these biggest stress inducers are eliminated. 🙂

      I love having my writing schedule and I hope it will work out for you too!

      Best of luck and yes, please let me know how it goes!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. This is something I should look into and start doing. I often find myself getting frustrated when thinking of keywords. Everyday I come up with 5 keywords, but that can sometimes take up a lot of time leaving me with barely any time to research and write my post. Many will benefit from this.

    • Hi Yancey, you’re so welcome and I hope you can incorporate this into your blogging life. 🙂 Yes, then you should definitely have days scheduled just for that and make sure you have enough keywords to schedule them 2 weeks worth of posts you can write. Then, you will schedule another day for keyword research after the two weeks or towards the end of the 2 weeks.

      This will all help you get organized and be efficient with your time.

      Best of luck and let me know how it goes! 🙂

  3. The scheduler is great. I have not found that I am using that yet and looking of r application but my life is not that I am that busy yet!!

    As far as the keywords, thing, I look at that for my title but after that I just write. I am not into looking to find the keywords and think about the relevancy of the article. But with my niche, it is pretty challenging anyways.

    • Thank you Brent for your comments here. 🙂

      You will find you will want to use a writing schedule when you get more busy, it helps organize and use your time very efficiently. I have really loved using mine and will not go without it!

      With keywords, it’ll be best to also add it in your first paragraph, it will help you rank better that way.

      Best wishes,

  4. Oh my gosh where has this been?!? I’ve been struggling with being organized on my posts and I feel like it takes me forever to write them! I will definitely be using this template! Thanks!

    • Yay! I’m so glad you will be using the template for your own writing schedule. I hope you will make great use of it and you will write better and faster because of it. 🙂

      Update me if you can after you’ve used it for a couple of weeks or a month, it has changed my life and I hope it chanages yours too for the better!

      Take care,

  5. You have written a blog which could help even every other writer. Because that is the core problem going on with my routine. I try to sort things out daily and at the end nothing organizes. Thanks friend for such a help.
    I have already signed up as you recommended for Wealthy Affiliate. It has really a perfect decision i made . I suggest others to sign up for WA to get better chances of success.

    • That is so awesome to hear Arooj! I’m very glad you are able to use my writing schedule and use my template. As well, you signed up for Wealthy affiliate as I recommended, wow! You’ve made the best decision and you’re on your path to success!

      If you have any other questions or need help, please do not hesitate to ask me. 🙂

      I’m here and inside WA if you need me!

  6. Hi Grace, Awesome article.I love the idea of writing Schedule, and your template idea is really going to help me a lot.I am a mother of two, and it’s really important for me to schedule everything. Now I am writing whenever I get time or my younger one sleeps.
    I am going to try it.

    I agree with you, Things became easier when we organize them.
    I take one copy of the template. Thanks a lot for sharing.


    • Your blogging life will be easier as your children grows older. I also have two kids and now that they are both in school, I have six solid hours for my business which I can schedule for. Other than that, I squeeze in whatever hours left I can use to do other things for my site.

      For you, it may be hard right now to do a schedule but yes, try to schedule maybe weekends when you have more help from your spouse. Block off time whenever you can to do your own work.

      The more your kids grow up, the more you’ll be able to work on your online business on a more consistent manner and that’s when your schedule will really come in handy!

      Best of luck to you!

  7. Grace,

    I have just one word: Incredible!!!

    This is exactly what I need! Although I currently have a variation of what you suggest, there’s definite room for improvement.

    I thoroughly embrace technology, but I still like to write things down, so I have my own keyword search journal which lists the SEO, traffic, QSR and Article Power ranking.
    I highlight whatever keywords I have already used; I usually block out a specific time for conducting a keyword search, but it’s not consistent.

    Your blog post writing schedule will definitely be a game changer! I especially like the column “tasks” which will allow me to think ahead in terms of what to write. It’s all about being more efficient with our time.

    I think anyone who is seriously considering blogging or is currently doing so, should definitely incorporate a blog post schedule.

    I really appreciate the thought you took to put this together, Grace. Thank you!


    • Thank you Veronica for your thoughts and kind words! Very glad my template will help you be more efficient with your time.

      I know how it is to write things down, sometimes that definitely works better for some people. I’m pretty much paperless and love it. 🙂

      Tasks and notes columns just helps you with your planning so yes, not only do I put the keywords I need for that post in there, I sometimes jot down specific ideas I have at the moment and it helps when I come to that day to write about it.

      Very happy this has helped you and I hope to hear about how it has helped you in a month from now! 😉

      Best of luck!

  8. Grace, thank you for sharing the writing schedule. I somehow got into a habit of working all the time. I need to get a personal life back. I’m thinking the writing schedule will help with that.

    Best wishes as your business continues to grow.

    • Hi Sondra,

      Definitely a writing schedule will help with getting your life back! I’m able to do so as well for myself and spend quality time with my family. It’s been great and flexible as well, as you can always make adjustments to accommodate.

      My schedule also allows me to use my time productively and know exactly what I need to write about on my writing days.

      Hope you will start one soon and let me know how it goes or if you have any questions.

      Thanks for visiting!


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