How To Add A Link On WordPress: Easy To Follow Video!

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In my video below, I will show you how to add a link on WordPress here so that your readers can click on links on your website to easily go to different places.

You also don’t want to just type out an URL for your readers to copy and paste because, in this day and age, that’s way too much work for anyone! LOL

Therefore, having convenient links on your pages will be so helpful to your readers and they will thank you for the convenience and they kind of expect it!


Here’s what you will learn:


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There are two types of linking you can do:

  1. Internal Links – These are links that will take your readers to another page on your own website.  This is a great way to help increase your bounce rate, leading your readers to read more on your site.
  2. External Links – You will use external links to bring your readers to another website for the purpose of showing them information or, in affiliate marketing‘s case, taking them to the website to purchase a product you recommended.

Every post you write in your blog should have both kinds of links in it.  This is so that you can increase the value of your posts.

What I mean is that if Google sees your post linking to a high ranking source, that’s current and has trending news, it tell Google that your post is about something current which can increase your rankings.

If you have internal links, you will encourage your readers to stay on your website longer as you give them more related posts and information that they can learn from.

Having your readers stay longer on your site will lower your bounce rate which Google likes to see.  Google will then know your website is of value because people are staying longer on your site as well as going to more than one page.




Here’s my video to show you how to add a link in your WordPress post, I hope you will enjoy it!

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I always like to include the same instructions as the video in my posts so that you can still learn in case you can’t play the video for some reason.




Have your external URL ready that you want to link to, either just copy it first so that it’s ready to paste with your computer/laptop or have the URL memorized so you can type it in.



Highlight the words you want to link to, and click on the “Insert/Edit Link” button on your WordPress tool bar.

WordPress ToolBar - Link:Edit Link button
Click to enlarge image.



Paste the destination URL in the box provided or type it in.  After you’re done you can click on the blue arrow “Apply” button and you’re done.

WordPress ToolBar - Blue Apply Button
Click to enlarge.


However, if you want your readers to go to a new tab when they click on that link, you need to press the little tool icon on the right for Link Options.

WordPress Tools - Link Option button
Click to enlarge.


Once there, you can click on the “Open in a new tab” box.  After you’re done, you can click on the “Add Link” button on bottom right to finish adding the link.

WordPress - Link Options - Open in New Tab
Click to enlarge.





Highlight the words you want to link to, and click on the “Insert/Edit Link” button on your WordPress tool bar (same as Step 2 above).



Click on the tool icon for Link Options (same tool icon you’ve seen in Step 3 above).  When the Link Options box opens up, you’ll see all your blog posts and pages there.

All you have to do is select the one you want and then click on the “Add Link” button on the bottom right when you’re done.



Adding a link to an image, whether it’s an internal or external link, the steps are the same as above, but you will just click on the image first before you click on the Insert/Edit Link button.

Readers do like to click on images, so if you have an affiliate link for the product in the image shown, then you could make an affiliate sale from it if they buy it.




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