Instagram Shuts Down Instagress But Here’s A Better Alternative

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The highly popular bot service Instagress was shut down this morning, April 20th, by the request of Instagram:

Sad news to all of you who fell in love with Instagress: by request of Instagram we were forced to close our web-service that helped you so much in your Instagram journey.

That was the message you were greeted with if you went to their website this morning to login.


Instagram shuts down Instagress

They also instructed people to request for refunds as there is nothing they can do about this shut down.

When The Verve reached out to Instagram about this news, they were just directed to Instagram’s legal section of their site and gave them no comments.





Instagress was never that great anyway and I never used it because it didn’t do the job as precisely as another software I know which is way more powerful than Instagress.

Maybe it was because Instagress was cheaper to use but you get what you pay for and just their name Instagress alone is a violation of Instagram’s terms as you’re not allowed to use any part of their name.

If you don’t know what Instagress bot service did, it allowed for account owners to grow their accounts automatically because the bot service would go and like, comment, follow, and unfollow other accounts on their behalf.

When people see your engagement, they might return the favor to follow back, like and comment as well.

Therefore you are growing with real Instagram users and there are no bot or fake accounts being created.

This is a popular method used to grow social media accounts not just on Instagram, but others as well.  However, Instagress only serviced the Instagram platform.

So now that Instagress is gone, all those people who were using it is now left high and dry.  They must run to the best thing.

So, what’s next?  Here’s the best alternative to Instagress: Mass Planner!








Mass Planner is a 100 times more powerful than Instagress because you can run multiple platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and LinkedIn, plus do different tasks for Facebook like join/unjoin groups and sharing posts to groups.

It does the same thing as Instagress but SO MUCH MORE.

The precision you can set to how to like, comment and follow/unfollow is incredibly smart and your settings can be increased day by day automatically as you grow your accounts.

It’s so powerful you need to install the software on a PC or on a virtual server if you’re on a Mac, so it’s not web based like Instagress was.

I grew my Disney niche account from 200 followers to 62K+ followers in under a year!




My video shows you the high number of options you’ll get to choose to set your like, follow, unfollow, etc tools with, and all the analytics it comes with.

I will be producing more videos on how to specifically set up certain things so look out for more tutorials very soon by subscribing to my channel!  Please give me a thumbs up if you liked the video!





I have all the details of what Mass Planner is and their pricing in my full review, click here:

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In my review, you will see what the software can do for you for each social media platform in much detail.

I have been using Mass Planner since June 2016 and have not looked back.  I could also add multiple accounts for each social platform as well so you can grow several accounts at once!

If you want to get a 5 Day Trial of Mass Planner, click this button here:

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If you buy Mass Planner through the red button above, I personally will teach you how to set it up and do a Skype session together to get things rolling.

I will also provide help to you whenever you have any questions.

So sign up!  Get back to growing our accounts today!


Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions!  I always reply to my awesome readers. 🙂



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26 thoughts on “Instagram Shuts Down Instagress But Here’s A Better Alternative”

  1. This post is really on time.

    Love your offer on the personal tutorial on MP.

    Can I schedule Instagram posts through MP?

    Does MP allow one post sync to multiple social media platforms like instagram, facebook, twitter, etc?

    What’s MP’s pricing? Can’t find it in them on their page.


    • Hi Eve, If you click on the red button above, all you have to do is click on the Green Start Free Trial button on their page and you’ll see their pricing. You can also see them on my review here too.

      Yes, you can push one post onto multiple platforms and onto Instagram as well. However, the Instagram publishing module is extra and not included in the Standard package.

      I’m glad you saw my post! 🙂 I’m sure there are a lot of you trying to find an alternative so that’s why I did this post quickly last night.

      I hope this helps you, and if you sign up, please let me know if you need help from me.


  2. Yes, Instragress was a good service, which coped well with its task. For me it was a great surprise that the Instagram administration still forced them to stop work I think it was pretty rude of them

    In any case, they will not be able to close all the services for automatic promotion. But on the other hand for other developers – it’s an excellent opportunity to find customers for their products.

    But all the same, I sympathize with people who have lost such a large and high-quality project. As a businessman, I can understand how much is a big loss for them.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Egor, I totally agree with you that Instagram shouldn’t have shut them down but I guess they were sticking out like a sore thumb because they use “Insta” in their name and that’s a big no, no.

      I believe that’s part of the reason why the shut down, as well, yeah, they don’t like these types of bot services. But without these services, people still do the same technique manually so Instagram will never be able to stop this kind of strategy for account growth.

      Automation allows for freedom to concentrate on other marketing efforts and not spend all day on Instagram to grow an account.

      We use automation with many other tasks we do in life so why not growing accounts? It’s the same reason why we use dishwashers, washers and dryers, we don’t want to do these chores by hand!

      Try Mass Planner it’s the best!

      Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Thanks for your input Lucy. Like I said above, none of these services you recommended can do more than growing accounts on Instagram. Mass Planner grows your accounts not only on Instagram, but also Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, etc.. Facebook also has different functionalities as well!

      None of the tools you suggested can perform the like, follow, unfollow tasks like Mass Planner does. Mass Planner has way more options to pin point precisely how you want to follow, unfollow, and like.

      Mass Planner is uniquely way more powerful than all five on your list, and way cheaper than #2, 4, & 5!! Hope you will give Mass Planner a try here!

  3. I agree,

    Mass Planner is hands down the best tool we’ve used for our page. Due to the fact that you can change the settings however you like.
    We’ve been using it for 4 months and jumped from 6K to 16K, first month we gained 1k followers, 2nd month we got 1.5k, on 3rd month we gathered almost 2k followers while in the last month, we got 4.5k followers, it’s just crazy what you can do, if you set it right.

    I recommend this tool 100%.

    • Appreciate you agreeing with me and glad you have posted some results here for all to see as well! It’s been an amazing software for me as I’ve been using it since June of 2016… I grew one of my accounts from 200 followers to over 62K in less than one year!! I will re-edit my post to show you all.

      Thanks for reminding to post my own results on this post too! LOL. I do have results in my full Mass Planner review as well people!!

      Thanks Mr & Mrs Stoica for your visit & comment! I would have left your URL link but it was broken.. 404… Sorry. 🙂


  4. I couldn’t believe when I found out Instagress shut down. I was bummed because I didn’t know of any other app to grow my accounts but now I can grow many accounts with Mass Planner instead of just one social media platform! Amazing.


    • Good, I’m so glad you found my page then to learn about Mass Planner! Yes you can grow all your social media accounts with Mass Planner, not just Instagram. This software is really powerful for all the little options it offers for each action taken. Please let me know if you need any help!


  5. Great list. I love your suggestions. All these instagram bots being shut down really sucks, but there are still legit alternatives. About 6 months ago I started working with (deleted).com and they have done an amazing job with my account. Thats my recomendation outside of your list.

  6. Hi. Thanks for your share.
    You may try Instavast as an Instagress alternative.
    It has many features like Post scheduler, Smart Hashtag Generator, Searchable Instagram Banned hashtags to prevent shadowban, Automated activities, and a great support.
    Also, I don’t think Instagram would be able to shut down all services, as many of them are not hosted in the US or European countries, So they are not subjected to CopyWrite complains from Instagram.


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