How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Blogging? My 2 Years Results!

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How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Blogging?One of the biggest questions I hear when people are just starting out blogging is: “How long does it take to make money with blogging?”

I can tell you that it takes a lot longer than you think and that is why there are so many abandoned blogs out there.

In my 2 years experience, I have been able to reach a 4 digit online income and I will show you how I did it in this post.

It definitely has not been an easy journey and I know there are bloggers out there that earn more than me in less time but I believe what I have done is more realistic than most.

At least, I know I’m able to show you how my online business has worked thus far and I can advise you on what you could expect for the niche you pick.

I will be covering the following topics:



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One thing before I get into my results is that you must remember that this is only one case.

How long it will take for YOU to make money with your blog varies VASTLY based on so many variables that there’s no way to account for it all.

You may get better results than me, earlier than me, or you may take even longer, it depends on so many factors but this will at least give you an idea HOW IT WORKS which is very important to know.

Building an online business using the blogging format is a very smart move, especially if you’re going to use  WordPress as this is so flexible and a great CMS to work with to build your blog website with.

So let’s get into it!



My results that I’ll be showing here is from this website you’re on, Work Anywhere Now, which I started 8/29/16 and I just rounded it to Sep 1, 2016 as my start date.

The niche I’m in is the make money online space, specifically for affiliate marketing.  This is a very competitive niche and thus requires a lot more work before you can see any results.

Most people don’t know how blogs work and how they work with search engines.  There are a lot of SEO and technical aspects of blogging that needs to be learned in order to get the traffic you need.

Even if you know how the SEO stuff works, the time it takes search engines to pick up your site and rank you may still take a few months longer than you think.

Here is my full two years which shows I don’t earn much at all in my first year and my second then starts to explode into 4 digits with the same or even lower work effort:


Income vs New Posts Graph


The red line shows the number of new posts I added to my site each month while the blue line shows how much money I was making during the time.

I love this graph because this really shows what it takes to make money online and how blogging works.

Without traffic though, there will be no money, so let’s see how the traffic grew:


Traffic vs New Posts Graph


As you can see in the above graph here, the traffic must rise first before the income.  The red line is the same as the graph above this one.  The blue line is now the traffic in this second graph.

Just FYI, the chart didn’t display my last stat of 47.9 visitors for the month of August.

You can see that it takes a lot of consistency in content creation to be able to get that traffic and that’s using SEO strategies without using back linking, paid traffic, advertising of any kind, or guest posting.

I do have social media accounts but these days, they account for 1% of my traffic.  Social media is only important in the beginning of your journey when you don’t have much traffic.

Once you have that SEO on your side, it’s absolutely amazing and your site could really catch that “snowball effect” and your income will snowball with it as you can see my income soaring in my last few months.

I only broke 4 digits in income back in March 2018 and by August I’m already almost at $5K.  My site will only grow from here and I can’t wait to see what my 3rd year will bring!




I’m not going to put these in any particular order as I know ALL of these were instrumental and keys to my success.

Training & Education

If you think you could start blogging without learning how to, think again.  I did just that back in 2012 and I FAILED big time just like many others.

When I wanted to do this again in 2016, I wasn’t go to do it alone (again).  I wanted help, I wanted education to do this right, I wanted it to work out this time so I found this training platform right here that helped me do what I did the past two years.

All the SEO technical stuff I learned was on there, you can host your sites there, you can buy your domains there, you can do so many things there.

The most important aspect of this training platform is that I had a community to back me up and that’s absolutely been priceless to me!

I had so much help and literally had experts to ask questions to at the tip of my fingers, and it’s been great meeting so many others who are all doing the same thing.

What a great learning environment!  Check it out here!


Sources Of Income

I used affiliate marketing to monetize my site and the majority of my income comes from it.

This form of monetization is absolutely the best because you are not selling but still selling!

What I mean is that you are more recommending things vs selling things so your readers are more likely to trust you more as you will be helping them with solving their problems.

It’s really the easiest way to sell products without having to create them yourself or store inventory as a shop owner.

I have actually owned two handmade shops before and they don’t compare at all to what an affiliate marketing business could do.

So I really love this business model and the training platform I mentioned above teaches you how to use affiliate marketing with a blog.

The other sources of income come from display ads on my site.

Yes, ads are annoying to visitors, but as a site owner, this makes up a good portion of my income as well.

In August, this makes about 25% of what I earned and it’s all absolutely passive, the best kind of passive income ever!


Patience, Consistency, & Perseverance

Why most blogs fail is because people don’t know how blogging works which takes a lot of time before search engines give you any love.

So you need to be patient with your blog while it’s trying to grow.  You need to make sure you are consistently working on your blog.

If you don’t produce content on your blog, then search engines have nothing to rank you on.  It all comes down to words, the more words you have on your blog the more traffic you’ll get.

Therefore, the more you can blog and stay consistent with such a schedule, that will get you traffic like the way you see above in my graph.

You also need to be able to overcome obstacles in your journey as many of them will come up.  You need to know where to go to get answers, or know how to search for the answers.

This is why having a network of support is so important when building an online business.  Without support, it will be very hard for travel this journey alone and you will most likely fail.

Again, the example of me trying this on my own before totally didn’t work out but once I got my training and a support network, I’m able to succeed!

If you could work hard without being paid for a year (basically), then you can really build a blog that will be earning in the second year.

My experience has proved this:

My 2 Year Income Results


Never give up and continue pressing forward to achieve the blogging goals you want to grab!

I still have more goals I want to reach in my online business so there is much more I can earn and now I need to figure out how to reach the big 5 figures a month!

I can’t wait to see what my 3rd year will unfold for me.




My success has really come from the training platform I used to help me learn how to do this right.

I have been able to achieve Super Affiliate status on this training platform and now I am helping others to do the same thing by offering my coaching services to anyone who signs up to the training platform with me.


Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories - Super Affiliate Announcement


I know I could be of help to you and guide you quickly to the path of success.  Just because it took my 19 months to break 4 digits, it doesn’t mean you will take as long with my help.

I didn’t have a dedicated mentor and I was still able to succeed because of the incredible community that’s inside that training platform.

However, with a dedicated mentor, you will always have someone to give you valuable feedback and offer you direction/solutions to what you want to achieve.

If you want to start earning money from your blog, then you better get started today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the question “How long does it take to make money with blogging?” or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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