What Is WordPress About & How It Can Make You Money

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What is wordpress about & how it can make you moneyIf you’re new to the online world and looking to build a website or a blog, then you will need to know what WordPress is about.  I will even let you know how it can make you money too since this is what my website is about, making money online!

WordPress is an online content management system (CMS) – what does that even mean, right?!

Well, to put it simply, WordPress is a tool to use to hold all your website content in an organized manner, very easily, usually without needing to know about any coding.

WordPress is not hard to learn and I will show you everything about it in this post:


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Wordpress logoAs of April 20, 2017, WordPress has been downloaded almost sixty million times!  That’s a lot of people using WordPress for their websites.

WordPress is an easy way to create your website with.  When you buy a domain, you need to build your website, so instead of learning how to code and very complicated geeky stuff, you would install WordPress on your domain so that you can create the website much easier!

With WordPress, you won’t need to know coding unless you want to do complicated things which some coding will come in play but majority of us just want to build something simple or easy without coding so WordPress is your best bet.

So, what’s the difference between a website and WordPress?  WordPress builds and designs your website, and therefore, WordPress can be a type of website.

Why use WordPress when there are other ways to build websites?  Most websites are built with WordPress because of its ease of use plus there are a lot of support for it as in Plugins, which can make your website even more advanced without coding.

Because of its wide use, flexibility and vast amount of extras you can add to WordPress to advance your website further, it makes WordPress one of the most popular CMS to use to build your website with.




There are many things you can do with WordPress and I will touch on the three major ways people use WordPress for:



With each WordPress website, you will need a WordPress theme.  A theme is what gives your website the look and design of your website.

With a theme, you control the colors, the fonts, font size, where things go like titles, logos, menus, search bars, your social media accounts, etc.

There are so many themes out there, I don’t even know the number! LOL  This is because themes can be developed by anyone who knows how to code it to be compatible with WordPress.

Each WordPress installation comes with a default theme so you have something when you start.  There are just so many to choose from free to paid themes and each can give your site different functionalities.

After you pick theme, then you can make pages for your website to give it content.  Your website can just be one page, to a few pages of information or a hundreds/thousands of pages, it’s really up to you what you want on your website.

This can all be done inside the WordPress admin back end area.



How to Build a BlogMost people use WordPress to build a blog where you can write your articles or thoughts through Posts and you will be able to have all your posts contained in your blogroll.

A blogroll will have all your posts in reverse chronological order so your most recent blog post is on the top of your blogroll.

People use blogs to talk about a subject/topic they like and can be for fun/hobby or use it for business.

A blog is part of WordPress already so it’s not something you have to add to WordPress.  When you initially install WordPress, you’ll have a default post on your blog to show you an example.

I have an entire post about blogs and blog posts right here if you’d like to read more on this.



There’s a popular free plugin called WooCommerce that you can install on your WordPress that will allow you to build an online store quite easily without coding.

I’ve used it myself for an online shop I still have and it’s incredibly flexible what kind of shop you want to build.

You must also pick the right theme for an online shop too so some themes are more geared towards the type of website you want to build.

Having an online shop is great if you have your own product to sell or sell products from a manufacturer.  Either way, you can have your own online shop that’s opened 24/7!



There are literally so many types of websites to build with WordPress that I hope you are starting to see why it’s so flexible and darn popular!  🙂

There are plugins that you can use to build a membership site where members pay you a monthly fee or flat fee, whatever you want to do, to have access to your membership site.

If you have good content like a training course, you’ll have a great platform to build it with.

If you have an offline business, like photography, real estate agent, lawyer, consulting, etc, you can just use WordPress to build a business site where your website will just showcase your work and give info to potential clients.




Girl With Laptop and MoneyWith some of the examples I’ve shown you above on what types of sites you can have, you can already have an idea the huge potential on how to make money with WordPress.

The most obvious is having an online shop or some sort of business already so that having a WordPress website will help you find new customers.

However, a blog is not as obvious on how to make money with because it seems like you’re just writing and writing content.

But guess what?  There are many ways to make money from a blog and you can see them all here.

Another way to make money with WordPress is setting up websites for other people!  Once you get good and familiar with setting up blogs, you’ll be able to do it for other people.  You can certainly charge a lot for it too!

It’s great to have an online business because you can do it from anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection!  🙂

Some people also concentrate on just website design so if you like working on themes, you can do that too.

My most favorite way to make money with my WordPress website is using affiliate marketing.  With affiliate marketing you don’t have to create your own products and you can just make money recommending other people’s products.

With the right affiliate marketing training, you’ll be best on your way to making a nice passive income stream!




Wealthy AffiliateHow about TWO WordPress website for free?

Yes, you can get two sites for free at my favorite affiliate marketing training platform, Wealthy Affiliate!

Their FREE Starter membership allows you to create two WordPress websites and you can create one in just less than a minute!  See my video here.

Why I want to tell you this is the best place to get your free sites it’s because they have training right there to show you how to use WordPress with 10 free lessons to get you started!

The lessons are step-by-step and guides you from picking a name to installing your new site to writing your first post.




If you want to keep going, you can upgrade to their Premium membership but it’s not necessary if you don’t want to as you can stay a free member as long as you want.

When starting out, you’d want help right?  This training platform also has a huge community of people waiting to help you as well!  You’ll be able to ask questions when you’re stuck and can learn from those who are more advanced than you.

It’s such a huge perk to have that kind of support when starting out.  I know I’ve really enjoyed the community there and I’ve been a Premium member since September, 2016.

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I will be right there with you to help you along your journey as well!  You’ll be able to find me no problem as I’ll be sending you a message when you sign up as “littlemama”, see my profile here! 🙂


If you have any questions regarding what WordPress is about or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always answer my awesome readers!



Let’s make money online!

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