Passive Income Ninja Review: What CRAP! Don’t Buy! See The Truth!

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Passive Income Ninja Review What Crap Don't Buy See the truthYou finally want some real answers to all these pathetic internet marketing products like Passive Income Ninja that come out on a daily basis?

When I searched ‘Passive Income Ninja review’, all I got were a bunch of review websites that just copy and pasted right from the sales page of the product to their own page, just so they can sell it.

The reviewers don’t even write their own reviews anymore and they are certainly not telling you the truth about this product.

Seeing this makes me ill because honest bloggers like myself seems to be rare these days and so I have to keep going to show people like you what’s the truth and what’s not!

The rest of them just wants to make a buck and they don’t even analyze the product.  They just copy and paste from the sales page and they don’t even know what the product is half the time.

I’m here to set the record straight by going through the product like this:



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Product Name: Passive Income Ninja


Price: $37.53 + Upsells

Owners: Fergal Downes & Carlos Parraga

Passive Income Ninja Logo


I’m all about earning a passive income and using affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to create this type of income stream.

This product Passive Income Ninja, however, tries to teach people how to use affiliate marketing to earn a passive income the wrong way.  Their system is a complete “what not to do”.

You will get 14 videos that show you how they do it and as you set up these “stealth ninja passive income machines”, you will earn money by using their free traffic system.

Their free traffic system is nothing you haven’t heard before, but the one traffic they don’t talk about is organic search traffic, which is the most targeted.

Their system is nothing new and it won’t work in many ways which I’ll tell you about below.

If they think you can just set up these “machines”, put it in their curated traffic system, and you will make money weekly – their three step system, you have to really think about how can this be that easy.

The notion of “set it & forget it” is entirely nonsense in affiliate marketing.  If you want to make money from affiliate marketing, there’s way more to their measly 3 steps.


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Passive Income Ninja ProductsPRICE

The cost for the main product is $37.53 as of this post.

(I have to say “as of this post” because products like this like to juggle/change their price whenever they feel like it.  It’s been at various price points already.  Honest products don’t have changing pricing everyday.)

The main product would be the 14 videos that are short and sweet, and don’t have anything in-depth to show you how to build those “machines” properly.



Products like these always have upsells and this one has not 1, not 2, but 3!

Passive Income Ninja Upsells

  1. $37 Done-For-You templates – Their exact method done for you to simply copy and paste.  THIS IS THE WORSE IDEA EVER.
  2. $27 Explode Your List – They will teach you how to build an email list from your traffic so you can sell them more crap like this.
  3. $147 2 Months of Live video coaching from Fergal – Revealing exactly how he became a full time internet marketer.  Sounds exciting but how long is the 2 months of coaching?  Once a month for 15 mins each or what?  They don’t explain before you buy and at $147, why risk it!


I don’t like to be up-sold and I don’t like done for you things because those templates will never rank on Google and you’ll never get free organic search traffic from it.

This product is weak and that’s why they have upsells, which most of these types of products are so you’ll always find some kind of upsell.




Let’s debunk this product a bit more and breakdown the pieces of why this product won’t work.



Just putting up landing pages with some affiliate links on it, as they put it “a machine”, won’t get you any targeted traffic, which is organic search traffic.

This is because search engines likes sites that are authoritative and not just a page or two-page websites.

Your website will never rank and will never get the best targeted traffic there is because it won’t have any fresh content on it and it won’t ever be considered authoritative with such little content on the site.

To get the best traffic, which is organic search traffic, you need to build an authoritative site which they don’t teach you.

They also don’t teach you what kind of content you’ll need to write that will gain trust from your readers.  Without trust, no one is buying anything from you.



This is another false lie.  You’ll need way more than that to build an online business that is long lasting and that will actually earn you consistent money.

Starting an affiliate marketing business takes lots of time and your hard work, it’s not a 15-30min a day chore you do.

Does it even make sense to you?  If you can print money with such little work, wouldn’t everyone be doing it already?

Is there anything in life that can make you LOTS of money by doing such little work?

These are common sense things and there’s really no secret to making money online folks… it takes hard work and long commitment, just like if you want to succeed in anything else in life, it’s the same thing!


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These products never show you the whole picture and they make all these money claims to lure in the beginners.

Their training doesn’t even come close to the training of a real, in-depth affiliate marketing training platform that I know.

If it’s so easy to teach someone to make lots of money with just these few videos, everyone would be doing it right?

Real, complete training takes hours and hours of videos and lessons, that will show you step by step how to build this affiliate marketing business.

This product does not have that, and you’ll be scratching your after viewing their videos and not knowing where to go next.



You’re not baking a roast here where you can set it in the oven and forget it till the bell rings.

Oh no, building an online business takes work everyday and it’s a continual effort if you want to keep earning.

This is because it goes back to building an authoritative site and how search engines like fresh content.  Without fresh content, your site will become stale and your ranking will begin to drop.

Until you’ve built your site to be pretty big, you won’t be able to slow down on fresh content so you can’t just forget it or else you can also forget your passive income as well.



These types of products usually don’t have any support after you buy their product.  You won’t be able to reach anyone or ask anyone any questions if you’re ever stuck.

You’ll be all on your own to deal with your own questions.

You also won’t be able to reach those owners either.  But oh, you can pay $147 to hear some guy talk about his successes.

This is not a good start to your online journey and you should have the right support to get you through the bumps… and there will be bumps.




There’s really a better way to learn how to build this affiliate marketing business!

A place that won’t tell you you will make money instantly and with little to no effort.

A place that is honest and supported by thousands of like minded people who are doing the same thing as you.

A place that has complete in-depth step-by-step training on how to build out your website, how to write your content, and how to use affiliate products to monetize your site.

A place that will take you from zero knowledge to being someone who can build their very own website and make money from it!

With hard work and commitment to your goals, you will be able to make money online with your website using affiliate marketing the right way with proper training.

My number one recommendation and the best way to learn affiliate marketing is the training at Wealthy Affiliate!

You will not see the completeness of training anywhere else as you do at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will have 50 lessons available for their main course, and another course that has 70 lessons.  All step-by-step at your own pace.

They also offer you weekly live webinars to learn current topics and issues to keep you current.  There are already over 200 of these that you can view as instant replays on your own time.

Never have to feel stuck as you can ask for help in several ways and the community in there, plus myself, will be ready to answer all your questions.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate now and get your 2 free websites with your free Starter account:

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I’ve been a member since Sep 2016 and never looked back because they have given me so much support and I have learned so many things!

Oh, and yes, you can contact the owners in there anytime for support and guidance.  🙂  They are genuine, honest people who really care about their members and that’s why they consistently improve their platform throughout the year, every year.

I hope to see you on the inside and help you further your online journey!


If you have questions or thoughts about Passive Income Ninja or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always answer my awesome readers.  🙂



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your great insights on this product. I was looking for a program to help me make some passive income and was thinking about Passive Income Ninja. But after reading this information I think I will save my money and stay away! Thank you! You really helped me a lot. Keep doing this work and updating me please.

    • Thank you Gaurav for your comment! I’m so glad you liked this review and thank goodness it helped you save some money from buying this awfulness. Happy to hear I can help you this way.

      I will continue my hard work for sure! Keep posted.


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