What Is A Blog Post And How Does It Work To Make Money?

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What is a blog post and how does it work to make moneyYou’re looking at it!  🙂  You are looking at what a blog post is but how does it work to make money you ask?  I’ll explain how more about blog posts and how to make money from them below.

You will first need a website to house your blog sort of speak and you need a CMS (content management system) like the most popular one around, WordPress, to build your blog with.

It’s so not hard to do and nowadays building a blog is pretty easy as there’s no coding involved and it’s all what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG – “wi-see-wig”).


I’ll go through my explanation by breaking it down like this:


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Wordpress logoOVERVIEW

As I lightly mentioned earlier, you will need certain things to get a blog post going.

First you’ll need a website to install WordPress on.  This is needed to create your blog.

A blog is then basically your website but a website alone can’t be a blog.

Hope that’ll makes sense more sense as I keep explaining. 🙂

A blog is a way for you to write articles (blog posts) on a website that is organized in a reversed chronological order so your newest blog posts will always show up first on what is called a blogroll.

So your blogroll is what stores all your blog posts.

No worries about how to get a website and install WordPress, I’ll show you where you can do all this so very easily and quickly!



I want to also quickly mention to you about the theme you need to have for your blog before I move on to the blog post itself.

A blog theme is what gives the look of your blog, your website design if you want to call it.

A theme allows you to give your website a certain look and you can design it how you like it.  There are literally thousands of WordPress theme to choose from but from the start, you can just choose a simple free theme.

There are paid themes too which give you more functionality and other options, but success of a blog never hinged on a paid theme so starting with a free theme is fine and there are plenty.



There are two ways to write on a blog, you can either use Pages or Posts.

Only Posts go on your blogroll and Pages are more evergreen information about your website like an About Me page, FAQ page, Privacy Policy, and Contact page for example.

Pages don’t go on your blogroll and the only way your Pages are seen is when you add them to your menu or side bar widget.

You can see more differences between Posts and Pages in this post here as I’ve outlined every aspect of them there.

Therefore, most often, you will write blog posts using Posts on the left side menu of your WordPress admin dashboard as seen here:

Posts on WordPress menu



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To write a blog post, you will click on Posts and then Add New:

Add New Post on WordPress menu


Then in this screen below, this is where you’ll write a blog post.  You’ll have a title for your post, a toolbar to format your text further, and the big white area would be where you write your content of your blog post.

I used this post as an example so you can see where I typed in all my content for this post.

Post Edit Screen Elements WordPress


After you are done writing, you can organize your blog posts into Categories so people can find your posts in a certain order if you wish.

For example, if you have a food blog, you may want Categories like Vegetarian Recipes, Meat Lovers Recipes, Bakers’ Corner, etc.

Categories are on the right of your WordPress post edit screen; right of the screen I showed you above.

When your post is all done, you are ready to press the “Publish” button!

Publish Button WordPress


Pushing that “Publish” button will make your blog post go live on your blog website!

You can also click on “Save Draft” as you’re writing but it does save automatically as well.  You can click on “Preview” to view your post on your website before you click the “Publish” button too to make sure all looks well.

There you have it, that’s what a blog post is.  Your content could be anything and I’ll explain more on that in the next section.

The more you write, the better for your blog as search engines love fresh content and you will get better rankings and more traffic to your site if you keep writing lots of content. 🙂



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Before you start a blog, you may want to consider these things:

  • What will your blog be about?
  • Will it be for fun or a business?



Your blog should be targeted to a certain group of audience called a niche.  This is the best way to get traffic to your blog.

When you write whatever you please and go in different directions, you will find that your blog will have a hard time getting traffic because the search engines don’t really know what your blog is really about.

Try not to have a topic too broad like ‘fashion’ but be more specific like ‘couture fashion’ or ‘kids fashion’.  From there, there are still many aspects you can write about for each of those more zoned in topics.

If you want to read more about selecting a niche, I have a blog post here that talks more intensive about it.

Also, if you’re a mama or parent, I have these niche ideas for you here.



A lot of people start a blog for the wrong reasons and you should really think about it before you start.  Having the right mindset could make or break your blog!

If it’s for fun, then you just go with whatever niche and write about anything you want.  You won’t need to monetize it or feel pressured to get traffic to your site.

If it’s for business, then you need to pick your niche and where to have your blog more carefully because then you’ll be blogging with the goal of making money.

You’ll also have lots to learn about keyword research, getting organic traffic and getting ranked in search engines.

Don’t go half in if you want to make money from your blog because this takes time to build and a lot of people will want to quit before they even make any money.

This is because their mentality is thinking blogging is easy and it should be easy to earn money too.  Well, it is easy but it does also take time.

It takes time because search engines take time to gain trust in your blog.  They have to let your site age, make sure you’re keeping up with fresh content, and see if you’ll be a dead blog in six months.

So if you want to make money from your blog, be persistent and make sure you’re in it for the long haul.

Hey, I’m not saying you won’t see a dime in the first six months, you will, but you won’t get a significant amount til much later.  There’s more here for your to read on this topic.

Keep reading below to see how much you can really make with your blog!




Once your blog gets going and start to get traffic, you’ll be able make money from it in several ways.

The ways you can make money are:

  • Putting Ads On Your Blog – there are many ad networks like Google Adsense that you can apply for and have contextual ads automatically display on your site.  The ads will be related to what your site is about or related to where your readers have been visiting online.  You earn money when people click on these ads.
  • Sell Your Own Product Like An eBook or Craft – digital products are great because you just have to create the product one time and then sell it over and over again.  Making your own craft product will entail a lot more work & money because when physical products are involved you’ll have lots of costs for inventory, branding, packaging, and further marketing.
  • Sponsored Posts – These are posts that are sponsored by a company where you’ll write about their product(s) in your  honest opinion and you get compensated either by free products or a fee.
  • Guest Posting On Your Blog – If your blog gets really popular and high in rankings, people will actually pay you to be able to write a post for your blog in exchange to allow them to put their website link on your blog.
  • Promoting Other People’s Products = Affiliate Marketing = biggest money maker – Best way to make money online, especially for a blog.  Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission when someone buys a product from the links on your blog.  Your blog will recommend products to solve your audience’s problems, and when you do that, you’ll have an affiliate link to that product.  When your readers click on those links, they will take them to the shopping sites where they can buy the products you recommended and you’ll make a commission.


The biggest bloggers out there use affiliate marketing to make not just a full time income but a six figure income per month.

The potential for a great passive income from building an affiliate marketing business is certainly a very viable way to make money online.

The greatest part is of this business is that you don’t have to make or create anything, and it’s low cost.

Your biggest investment is your time, commitment, and dedication.

If you want this business, I have the best place for you to start your blog!  Keep reading…



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Let’s make money online!

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  1. Grace this is a fab primer for building a successful WordPress blog from the ground up. Well done.I am huge on blogging for fun as this detaches you from making money, somewhat.That’s a great space for building up your profits because when you focus on giving, a bunch, the getting of traffic and money and cool friends is easier and easier. Big-time shift that top bloggers seem to make early in their careers.


    • Hi Ryan, I’m so happy to have received this awesome comment this morning! You’ve made my day already. 🙂

      I’m very glad you agree as well. I think many people start a blog for the wrong reasons and they end up not going through with it because they don’t realize what it takes to get the traffic which is to give first and foremost.

      We need to always think of our readers’ needs first and help them before thinking about how we can get a buck from them. It’s just the law of attraction, the more you give the more you get back many folds.

      It’s also like planting seeds everywhere, one day, you’ll have a huge garden or even a forest.

      Have an awesome week!


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