Tubrr Review: Can I Make $100/Day On The Same Day I Start?

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Tubrr ReviewHere’s a recently released product Tubrr that promises to make you $100/day, even on the same day you get started!  My Tubrr review will show you differ.

I know we all want to make money online and make it fast right?!  Well, the truth is, making money online is no faster than making money offline.

Why do people think making money online is that much faster?  No idea.

But like anything else, you will see that only hard work and persistence will be secret ingredients to any success story.

So Tubrr promising you could make $100/day on the same day you start is a load of crap.  Sorry, I just don’t want you to waste your time!


In my honest review of Tubrr, you will see the following:



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Tubrr LogoProduct Name:  Tubrr

Website:  tubrr.co/live.html

Owners:  Justin Opay, Dan Ashendorf, and Ayan Biswas


Tubrr is a training program that teaches you how to get free traffic from making YouTube video reviews and then sending that traffic to your blog where the CPA  (cost per action) offer is promoted.

They also show you to use Facebook Fan Pages and Reddit to get free traffic as well but those are known places to get banned if you spam there so I don’t advise this at all, the way they teach it anyway.

The training goes into the video creation and how to rank those videos to get number one spot.

However, the methods shown will not work as fast as it claims.




Tubrr ProductsThe owners show you how to make $100/day with these three steps.

STEP 1. Getting CPA Offers

They show you how to apply for high converting affiliate and CPA offers.  They also offer a solution around the approval process to be an affiliate of these programs which really is shady.

Any legitimate CPA network or program will ask you for the necessary information to apply for their program to confirm your identity, how you’ll be promoting their offers, and they usually want to take a look at your website.

Going around this approval process is not going to be good for you in the long term and getting paid from these networks and programs.


STEP 2. Creating Videos

They say creating videos is not hard to do and don’t need any special equipment or program.  They even go to the lengths to show you how to get free videos done for you.

I can tell you right now those are the kind of videos that will not rank because if it’s a free source you’ll have tons of people with the same video and you’ll never stand out.

Original video content will always win.


STEP 3. Upload to YouTube

Now you just have to upload to YouTube using their brand new ranking method and then start making money the same day.

Spoiler Alert: There is no brand new ranking method.  They teach you to use low traffic keywords so you will rank high.

Also, when I looked up the keywords they were using, less than 10 people are searching for these terms!  No kidding you can rank high but also you’ll get hardly any traffic this way.

If you look at their videos, they don’t even have proper SEO in their video descriptions so I’m not sure how their videos are even getting ranked anywhere.


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Price: $11.92 as of this post

Low price = Low quality product… this is true anywhere.


Tubrr Upsells


Cheap products like these always have upsells because their main product is never good enough on their own.  This one comes with not 1, not 2, but 4!

Here they are:

  1. $27 Done For You Shortcut – You will get a bunch of resources that you can use to start you out so you don’t have to search them out yourself to promote your videos at.  You’ll also get over 20 complete products for instant giveaway .
  2. $37 Done For You Package – This is a waste of money package… that’s what this should really be called.  Basically this package provides images and art work for your YouTube Channel and Facebook Page which is easily done on your own.  They also offer a WordPress Theme and royalty free music which are both free on the internet.
  3. $67 Resell Right – This license you to sell the Tubrr product as your own.
  4. $197 Done For You Setup – Sets up a complete working blog for you with 5 articles on it plus Facebook Fan Page set up and linked to the blog.




You may be able to make a few bucks here and there with they’re training but this ultimately will not work for you because the training is rather weak and very thin.

I will talk about six things specifically why this won’t work and how this will actually take you longer than they claim to make you any money.



The training doesn’t go in-depth on how to create a blog which is much needed in this system as the video supposed to link to the blog review of that product you’re promoting in the video.

If you don’t know how to build a website or know how to write or do proper keyword research for your content then how will you make any money using their system?



They want to just teach you shortcuts on video creation but really, you won’t get much traffic from videos that’s done for free or using the open source video content.

They should be teaching you how to produce a quality video that will attract tons of traffic because of its quality and content.

They should teach you what software or apps to use and best way to get it all done quickly but with high quality.

Instead, they just say outsource it or just get done using free resources which is the lowest quality videos you can get.

As videos are a crucial part of their core product, this training was highly disappointing.


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Did you know that getting your video or content ranked on either YouTube or Google is not instant?  This is a big reason why you won’t be making $100/day on your same day you start!

It takes days, even up to 2 weeks, to get ranked on search engines and if you do get ranked, it doesn’t mean you’ll be on number 1.

Sometimes it will take some time, especially for more popular and high traffic keywords.



Facebook Fan Pages are dead.  Unless you spend money on Facebook Ads, your Page posts will be buried and no one will see them.

They suggest using Facebook Live to get engagement but heck, that may work if you have thousands of friends on your Facebook account.

Facebook Live won’t get you much traffic unless you’re a celebrity or someone very popular with tons of followers.



Reddit is popular but if you think you can just go on there and start promoting your links, you’ll be banned so quickly you won’t know what hit you.

This is one of the hardest places to promote because they want people to really contribute to the issues and conversations at hand.  You won’t be able to spam here or post your link unless you’ve been a long time contributor.



Even when you buy the 4th Upsell at $197, you only get support for 15 measly days!  Otherwise, you get zero support and no access to any of the owners.




Please, for the love of God, stop spending money on junk products like Tubrr!

There is an answer to your problem of looking for high quality training to build an affiliate marketing business!

The best training you’ll ever need is at Wealthy Affiliate!

You won’t find any other training more in-depth than on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You will learn all about website creation, building a foundation for it, learn how to write with intent that converts, learn how to make money with it using affiliate products, where to find such products, and how to use affiliate links.

It’s a training platform that’s ALL-IN-ONE because you will also have:

  • High security web hosting
  • Domain registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Full redundancy and everyday backups
  • Keyword research tool included
  • Live Chat for quick help access
  • Weekly Live Webinars with instant replays
  • Many other trainings besides their main 2 courses
  • A huge Community for support
  • Access to Owners!


Once you test drive this platform for FREE, you will see it’s a no brainer to upgrade to a Premium membership.  The value you will receive it’s unbelievable!

You can also stay a FREE member as long as you want, but only the first 7 days will allow you to test out some of the awesome Premium features.

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See the success stories in my review and see what kind of training it entails.  The training classes are super organized and done in a way to properly build your site properly.

Yes, there is video creation training too in there!  The proper way that will help you produce high quality videos.

I’ve been a member myself since Sep 2016 and I will personally greet you when you sign up.  I will also help you along the way if you have any questions.

I hope to see you on the inside!


If you have any questions regarding Tubrr or Wealthy Affiliate, please leave me a comment below and I’ll reply for certain! 🙂



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




4 thoughts on “Tubrr Review: Can I Make $100/Day On The Same Day I Start?”

  1. Wow, glad I found your review first before buying this Tubrr… I have tried a few of these product and doesn’t seem to get anywhere. I hope I can learn a better at Wealthy Affiliate as you recommended. I will sign up and hope you’ll help me.


    • Glad you signed up with Wealthy Affiliate Leo! I’m glad to see you’ve already upgraded to Premium too! Great decision because now you have all the tools and training you’ll need to reach your online goals!

      Just give me a message at Wealthy Affiliate or here if you have any questions or if you get stuck. Wishing you much success with your new online business!

  2. Grace,

    Thank you for providing the helpful review on Tubrr. I’ll follow your advise and stick with the Wealthy Affiliate training.

    • Yeah, Tubrr and a lot of products I review will be like this, not that great and some just plain scams. The best program I have so far is at Wealthy Affiliate, they will never oversell you on anything and their training is top notch!

      Glad you’re doing your training with them!


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