Top 10 Ideas To Start A Blog For Stay At Home Moms

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Are you a stay at home mom looking for ideas to start a blog?  You’ve stopped at the right place because I’m also a stay at home mom and I’m going to give you my Top 10 Ideas for your new blog that you’ll love to work on.

A blog is more successful if your idea for your blog is specific to a target audience, this is called a niche!  You noticed I said “idea”, singular form, because you don’t want to have so many different topics on your blog.

If you can narrow your blog down to a target audience, you will be able convert your readers to sales better and make more money from your blog.

The idea for your blog should also be something you really like to talk about.  Because blogging is about writing content, you want to be able to enjoy doing it for, hopefully, many years to come.

Therefore, picking the ideal topic for your blog should include your passions, things you love, or topic of high interests even though you may not know much about them but willing to do the research.

The ideas I’m about to show you are mom-related because how can one mom not trust another mom right?  Even more targeted this way!



Without further discussion, let’s get right to the Top 10 Ideas:



This is a good one as there are many different types of strollers you can talk about and many moms and moms-to-be will be searching this topic a lot!

The many types of strollers you can organize your site into are as follows:

  • Infant strollers with car seat
  • Jogger strollers
  • Double strollers
  • Lightweight strollers
  • All terrain strollers
  • Pram strollers

Each of these can be a “Category” on your blog and you can easily add all sorts of different articles to them.  Review the ones you’ve used, the likes and dislikes about them, and if you recommend it or not.  A review doesn’t necessary always mean you love it, remember that, and you can still make money from it!

You can also review strollers or products you don’t own, you just have to do your research on them, and then write about them in your own perspective after gathering all the info.

Never copy and paste any blog posts from anywhere, Google knows and will penalize your site if you do.

Then look for what moms’ aches and pains are when using a stroller, like can’t push their stroller through shopping aisles, too wide, too narrow, too heavy, etc.  Then you can recommend the strollers that will help solve those aches and pains.




BreastfeedingIf you’re like me who breastfed, this is a great topic for you because there are so many challenges in this niche that you can help solve for other moms.  My first experience was absolute hell, especially the first two weeks but, by my second baby, I was a pro and so was my second baby, she ate like a champ!

Some of the sub-topics you can use for your blog are:

  • How to schedule breastfeeding and which breast to feed from
  • Breastfeeding monitors
  • Types of breast pumps
  • How to store breast milk
  • What breast pads to use
  • How to deal with breastfeeding when returning to work

Your own experience here will be very convincing for the next mom who needs your advice!  This is a great blog to have and if done right, you can make a very good steady income here.




homemade baby foodThere will be a lot of moms needing advice on how to make your own baby food during the first 2 years of a baby’s life.  This is when the baby is small and need to start slow on solids.

You can even have sections on your blog like this:

  • Organic baby recipes
  • Vegan baby recipes
  • Gluten free baby recipes
  • Easy toddler recipes
  • Healthy snacks

Another interest here is the type of equipment moms will need to make the baby food.  Lots of potential here to earn money by recommending all sorts of kitchen equipment and baby utensils/types of bottles or bowls.

You can also go into how to schedule when to feed the baby solid foods and when to feed the baby milk.  As well, you can offer advice on what to do when baby refuses solid foods.


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Stork Craft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and ChangerOne of the more fun things to do as a mom-to-be is setting up the baby’s room and what can be a better blog than having to recommend products all the time?!

Not only recommend products, you can also offer ideas about trendy color themes, how to set up the pieces of furniture that would ease baby changing, and ideas on how to make the baby sleep comfortably.

The types of items you can recommend are:

  • Cribs
  • Dresser with changing table
  • Baby monitors
  • Feeding chair
  • Feeding pillow
  • Playmats/rugs
  • Nursery decor

There’s a lot of potential here, and in fact, you can probably have a sub-niche blog on just one of those room items like the baby cribs and only talk about cribs on that one blog.




PregnancyIf you loved being pregnant like I did, you can talk about your pregnancy and all the things that you did to help you feel comfortable and to get ready for the baby.

From conception to your 40th week, you can blog about these types of things:

  • What to use to see if you’re pregnant
  • Maternity clothes
  • Body pillows
  • Exercising while pregnant
  • Do’s and Don’ts while pregnant
  • How to get ready for the baby – mentally, emotionally, physically

There is so much you can blog about here and potential for success is high!




β€œSafe Baby Handling Tips”, by Wry Baby founders David Sopp and Kelly Sopp

This will be a great how-to blog about baby proofing your house to keep your baby safe.  When the baby starts crawling and walking, you’re pretty much in a high speed chase if your house is not baby proofed! Lol

Things you can talk about are:

  • Baby gates to use at stairs
  • Electrical outlets
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • TV and stereo systems
  • Table corners and other sharp objects

Safety for the baby is number one priority for any mom so you can offer great advice on how to prevent any dangers from the baby.




Sofie La Giraffe

This idea can actually be broken down much further as baby toys is quite general.  Your blog can be narrowed down to only baby toys for the first 5 years before kindergarten starts.  Or, you can have a niche for toys that stimulate brain development.

There are many ways you can break this topic down by and each of this could be its own blog:

  • Type of toys – i.e. Toys with wheels
  • Toys by age – i.e. Toys for Infants
  • Toys by gender – i.e. Toys for girls

If you can narrow it down like the above, you can have a better blog than just Baby Toys which is still quite general.




Exercise with BabyEvery mom, or almost every mom I guess, would want their pre-pregnancy body back and lose their pregnancy weight.  You can offer various types of exercises that would be the most effective for people who just had a baby.

All around plan for moms in postpartum:

  • Types of exercises
  • How to schedule around your baby
  • How to include your baby in the exercises
  • How to eat healthier since we might have slacked during pregnancy

This can be a fun blog for those who’s into fitness and exercising.  Especially those who’s had success in losing their pregnancy weight within a year, you can share all you did and your story.  Sharing your story is very powerful and the reader can really feel your authenticity.




DIY Crafts

I know I had to go searching for crafts to do with the kids when they weren’t in school yet.  If you’re very crafty and have great ideas with things you’ve done with your kids, this would be the blog for you!

  • Making things with paper
  • Simple projects with dry foods like pasta
  • Using different materials like cork, fabric, etc
  • Sidewalk chalk fun projects

Here you can recommend many supplies needed for the craft ideas and this will help moms keep their babies busy while at home.  πŸ™‚




Mickey Mouse PottyThis is one of the best niche to have because everyone has pains about potty training!  πŸ™‚  If you didn’t, then you’re a super mom!

Getting your child to sit there and wait for pee to come out is one of the hardest part of raising a child at that age.  If you’ve gone through it, you can advise to future moms how to do it!

Here are some tips you can offer:

  • Potty seats
  • Toilet seats
  • Things to keep toddler busy: electronics, toys, books
  • Games
  • Scheduling
  • How to make it fun

There are many solutions you can offer future moms on how to get this potty training done right and quickly.




With all these niche ideas for your blog, where should you go to learn how to build a strong foundation for your blog?  Do you know how to build out this blog properly on your own?  Do you know how to make your blog a traffic generating machine?  Do you know how to make money from it?

If your answer is ‘no’ to all these questions, I would advise you to check out my #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing training: Wealthy Affiliate!

What’s affiliate marketing?  Well, that’s how you’ll be making money with your blog with all the products you’ll be recommending to your audience to solve their problems!  You will attach an affiliate link to the products you recommend, and when they click on our link and purchase, you earn a commission!  It’s that simple!

You can learn all about affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate as well as the following:

  • Build your website in 30 seconds on their platform, see the video HERE!
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  • Build a strong foundation for your blog
  • How to write traffic generating content
  • How to make money with your blog
  • How to scale it and make more money

There’s also a huge, active community in there where you can get help if you’re ever stuck and I’m there too to help YOU!  Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate HERE or if you’re ready to sign up, do it HERE.  I’ll see you on the inside and I can’t wait to help you along the way!


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18 thoughts on “Top 10 Ideas To Start A Blog For Stay At Home Moms”

  1. Great information for stay-at-home moms on how to start a blog. Also some very wonderful ideas! You have done all the brain storming for young moms. Any of these will work wonderful. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work on your website!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. πŸ™‚ So appreciate them!

      Yes sometimes moms don’t know what they want to blog about and have known a few that wanted to start a blog but didn’t know what to write about. Because of my training at Wealthy Affiliate, I can easily come up with niche ideas pretty quickly nowadays.

      I hope this helps many moms out there that want to start a blog!

  2. Hi Grace, I’m really glad I came across this. I know some mums that are interested in blogging and being able to work from home, but don’t know what to blog about. So your post has definitely given me some ideas which I could share with them. Baby proofing sounds like a really good niche too.

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks so much Stephanie! I hope this could help your friends get more ideas on what to blog about. This list is just to start them off so moms can really brainstorm on their own on what niche they really would love to blog about. I hope your friends will start blogging soon and make money online!

      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Grace, blogging becomes an uphill task for working moms. It is hard to strike a balance between work, home and one’s part-time endeavours. This perhaps is the reason for taking up blogging on a part-time basis instead of a full-time option. Great post as usual.

    • Hello Barnali,

      I can see that as well and may just take a little longer than another who doesn’t have a full time job. I have seen others still succeed with a full time job and took them six months to start earning $1,000/month from it. So don’t give up and keep blogging even if it’s an uphill battle. Just remember what your goal is and what you want from your blog! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your visit!

  4. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills as
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  5. What an awesome website, I love all these way cool ideas for young women to learn about. Nice way of letting people know what is out there.

  6. Super-Duper site! I am loving all the ideas on how to start a blog!! Will come back again. I will have to check out the training you recommended. thank you!

  7. You are my inspiration, these ideas are what I needed to hear. I will take your suggestions and see if I can find something I’m comfortable with. Thanks!

  8. Hi grace! first of all are you a filipina? I really admire the way you tackle everything little detail on your blog. You did a wonderful job there. Keep it up so we’ll be able to learn more from you on your future posts. Thank you and i hope we can collaborate someday. By the way i already have a blog but it’s still empty for now. Maybe i need some boost from a pro like you!

    • Hi Pearly,

      No I’m not, I’m Chinese. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your kind words, appreciate you visiting and learning from my blog. The boost you need is what I talked about above, Wealthy Affiliate. You can also read more about the process and what you learn there in my free guide here. If you sign up through my links, I can certainly be your mentor there and guide you through how to make your empty blog into a thriving online business!

      Hope to see you on the inside!

    • Hi Belinda,

      Glad my list has helped you. The best way to start a blog is with proper training. I once try to do it on my own before and it was a disaster because I didn’t know how to use SEO. Without SEO, you will have a dead blog.

      So, you can check out my free guide here that shows you which training platform I’ve been using that has given me a 4 digit online income month after month, $2.9K last month to be more precise. πŸ™‚

      You can check out how I did as well as my journey is fully documented on the training platform.

      I hope you will check it out and join me as you’ll have a chance to have me as your mentor! Your journey will be so much easier than mine if you have someone to guide you through it.

      Best of luck to you whatever you decide to do,


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