5 Steps To Find What To Blog About To Make Money Online

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How to Find the Best NicheAre you a beginner who’s about to embark on this blogging journey and don’t know what to blog about to make money online?  I’ve been in your shoes and even those that have blogged before and failed may be at the same point as you are now.

With the steps I will show you, it won’t be hard to understand how to find a good topic to blog about on your website.

Each blog should be about a particular topic not something broad like “I’ll just blog about whatever is on my mind that day”.  No, you should be blogging about a certain niche.



First, you should understand right off the bat what a niche is.  When trying to find a topic to blog about, you are basically finding a topic for a specific audience, your niche.  

It’s a group of people that has specific needs and will pay good money for solutions to satisfy their need.

So when thinking about what to write about for your blog, you need to be writing to a specific group of people, not writing to everybody.




  1. Analyse your work experience
  2. Analyse your hobbies, passions and interests
  3. Analyse your life experience and where you want to be
  4. Determine your audience needs and pains
  5. Find products that you can recommend

The first 3 steps is to make your lists of potential niches.  Step 4 is to determine what your audience needs and pains are for each of the potential niches on your list.  Step 5 is to determine which niche has the most products to recommend to your audience.

After I’ve explained the 5 steps, you will find your best, most profitable niche to blog about and make money from it!

I’ll also conclude where you can get started for free!




If you’re one like me who started this blog in my 40’s, then you would have had a few jobs that you’ve worked at.  Maybe all in the same area or you could have tried different things.

Use your work experience to your advantage!  The longer you have worked somewhere, the more knowledge you have of that one area.  You may be considered as an expert to some already and this is a great asset to you if this is you.

Whether you’re an accountant, a teacher, a police officer, a pilot, or musician, you all know something about your career.  You can take that knowledge and see if there’s a particular niche you can find.

For example, a pilot – it doesn’t mean you will have to blog about flying a plane, far from it and not a lot of people can relate to you if you did.

But how about knowing how to travel and pack lightly?  Where’s the best place to find the cheapest air tickets?  Which hotels are best in which city?  What’s the best suitcase works for you?

There’s a big group of people that travel by air and if you can offer tips on how to travel and pack for trips, this could be a great blog for you.  You don’t even need to be a pilot, you could someone who works in the travel industry.

If you are younger and going to college, you still have a great variety of things you can blog about as a student.  Student life has many aspects to it like how to set up a cool, dorm room, or what kind of furniture or things you’ll need when you move into a dorm.

Note down some potential niches from your work life.


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This is an area that can lead to an easy blogging life for you.  As in the previous, you may not like your job or your student life, so you may have other interests instead.

One of the best ways to blog is about something your really love and passionate about.

The topics in here could include, but definitely not limited to, sports (baseball, football, basketball, tennis, or golf), fishing, piano playing, pool shark tricks, food, fashion, makeup, robotics, drones, and so much more.

When you think about a topic like food or fashion, this can be very broad, try to narrow that down a bit more.

For example, for food, I would go with either:

  • a cuisine style (Mexican, Chinese, or Italian, etc)
  • vegetarian, vegan or gluten free
  • juicing for people over 50 years of age

The examples above are more like niches, rather than just food.

Use your passion and your love and make a list of things you’re interested in.  Go with topics that you know you will love for a long time as you will be working on your blog for years to come.

Even if you don’t know enough about a topic, if you love it enough and will be excited researching about it, then put it on your list of potential niches.




Everyone loves a good story, your life experience is that story!  People naturally like to connect with others with similar stories or experiences.

So, if you’re a dad, you can blog about what it was like for you to be a partner, a husband, a dad.

Or, all the products you tested out that you liked or didn’t like for your baby and why.  Give other dads-to-be what they can look forward to – the night feedings, the constant waking through the night, how you conquered those first few years of your baby’s life.

You can also blog about where you want to be!  You can build an audience who will go through the journey with you.

Maybe you want to lose 100 lbs, start blogging about that journey, whether you conquer that goal or not, you’ll have a rally of people right behind you and routing for you.

You’ll be able to tell people what you’re going to try, what vitamins to take, and even ask your audience for help.

The journey is the fun part you see, it’s not about reaching your goal of losing 100 lbs.  You’re going to have others trying to lose weight along side you and that kind of connection and bond with your audience is priceless!




Once you have listed out your potential niches based on #1, #2, or #3, then I want you to think about the needs and pains of those topics.

List out what problems you’ve had and how you overcame them.  Each potential niche will have needs and pains that your audience will want to get solved.  The more you can identify the better because then you’ll have more products to recommend.

It could be determining which car seat to buy for your baby as a dad, safety will always be number one factor for parents.  You can think about other safety issues that parents face.

For tennis, how to make that smashing serve to get aces?  What to do when the sun is in your eye when you’re trying to serve?

Identify as many as you can for each topic on your list.



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How To Sell Affiliate Products OnlineThis is the fun part and seeing the potential on what you can earn from your blog!

Step 5 is about finding products that you can recommend to your target audience.  For each potential niche, search on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Google Shopping, or Yahoo! Shopping to see what products can be a recommendation for the needs and pains that you listed in Step 4.

Did you notice I’ve been using the word recommend instead of sell?  You never want to sell when you’re blogging because you can get more conversions when you are recommending.

If they are products that you’ve used, even better because your experience will be the “selling” points, your audience will be more convincing if it’s something you’ve used.

Even if you haven’t owned the product you can research about and recommend it based on your research, and say so in your blog post.  This is still okay because you’ve just cut the research time for your audience!

Of course, the more products you can find the better for your niche and the better you can narrow down to the one niche you want to blog about!




Save Time & MoneyI’m getting to it!  🙂

The products you recommend to your audience are affiliate products – products that are owned by companies who want you to promote their products for them.

When you find affiliate products you want to promote, you’ll get an affiliate link to the product that you add to your blog.  When your audience reads your blog posts, sees your product recommendation and clicks on the link, the link will take them to the company’s product page.

If they buy, YOU make money online!  You will earn a small or big commission, depending on the company/network you’re promoting for, when someone buys through your affiliate link.  This whole process is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs are always free to join.  If they are not, then it’s probably not a good program to join!  Beware of this!

I hope now you are seeing how this all comes together and how you can make money online by blogging about what you love.




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I hope you will get your online business in affiliate marketing started immediately because this business takes time, like all businesses – off or online.  The earlier you start, the earlier you’ll start making money online!

The greatest thing about an affiliate marketing business is that you will be generating passive income… meaning a blog post can make you money over and over and over again.  So can you imagine if you had a 100 of these blog posts?  Or 500?


If you have any questions regarding this post or anything else, please leave a comment below and I will answer you no later than 48 hours!

Hope to see you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate!


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22 thoughts on “5 Steps To Find What To Blog About To Make Money Online”

  1. Hi Grace

    What a great article, very easy to understand.
    It’s a perfect step-by-step guide to start online and to choose the perfect niche.
    I don’t know how it was for you but for me it was difficult in the beginning to choose a niche and this kind of article are always very useful.

    Best Wishes

    • I’m so glad this is helpful to you David. Yes, most people do have a hard time deciding what to write about when they first get started, including myself. 🙂 That’s why I hope this will help others in the future and making the process a little easier for them.

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. You have shown ways to write about life experiences that can be further broken down to find. Pre articles. This approach should keep anyone with surplus of articles..

    • Yes, your life experiences will than connect with others who are in the same situation like you or want to be where you are. It’s important to find that connection with your audience so they can relate to you on a deeper level.

      Thanks for visiting Maurice!

  3. Well, all the info seems to be here in just 1 article to get people going so Kudos to that 🙂
    I’ve been planning to get started for a long time now, but never actually did it. In my planning I was also thinking about selling my own ebook connected to a certain niche. As you are talking about not selling something but instead just recommending stuff, selling your own ebook along the way isn’t the best idea then? Would love to hear from you, thanks!

    • Thanks for your kind words Stijn! I think it’s best to grow an audience first and become an expert or an authoritative voice in your niche first before you sell your own eBook. Selling your own eBook can still be a recommendation as you can offer help for your audience that’s in that eBook. Therefore, you still have room to “recommend” and not just “sell”.

      Start with affiliate marketing then also market your own eBook later when you’ve grown a nice readership. 🙂

      Hope this helps Stijn!

  4. Hi, Grace, you have laid out everything we need to know, it’s a clear map, all we have to do is to fill up the blanks!

    I’m a big fan of step by step guides, you can learn everything that way.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post Grace, keep it up!

  5. Grace,

    Your steps to finding a niche are amazingly well thought out, and simple to follow. The examples are sure to spark valuable introspection and thought!

    I’ve bookmarked your site, and can’t wait to read your next post!


  6. Finding content to write about on your blog is the hardest part of all. Getting visitors or giving them a reason to visit you is the next hardest part.
    I sometimes suffer from writer’s block. What do you think about doing keyword research to find out also what people are searching for?
    All the best, Peter.

    • You can use keyword research to help you narrow down which niche to blog about. If you have several topics that you can’t pick one from, then use keyword research to determine what niche has the most problems people are searching to solve.

      I would use this as a secondary way to narrow down your list though as your initial should come from you, using steps 1-3.

      Hope this helps,

  7. Hi Grace, complete information about choosing a niche. When I get started online, the hardest part was to choose a niche. I would like to know what niche is the best for a stay at home dads. Any suggestion?

    Thank in advance. I will come for more information.

    Wish you every success!

    • Stay at home dads have a wide variety of topics to choose from:
      * How to efficiently run the household – how to schedule things, when to do chores, do you nap when baby naps, how to handle two under 2 years old.
      * Strollers – types of strollers, what each type does, best ones, etc.
      * Cooking for little people – food for babies and toddlers

      There are many aspects of Fatherhood, especially a stay at home, to blog about. I hope these will start you thinking about what you want to pick and blog about. 🙂

      Best of luck to you!

  8. Hi Grace! I really, really like this article. I started my website about 2 months ago and I can’t wait to start making a significant amount of money with it. I’ve had clients here and there but nothing that can help me quit my job, lol. I’m always thinking about how to monetize it faster and I think I need to be more specific with my niche as you suggested. I also have to find points of pain with my audience and offer solutions.

    Thank you for this post! It’s truly helpful!

    • Thanks for your sweet words Amiel! I had the same “can’t wait” feeling when I started 5 months ago too and most people do when they start online. But the truth is, it all takes time. 🙂

      Yes, I would think you should define your audience more so you can pinpoint their problems so you can recommend them solutions.

      I hope this will help you in your online journey!

  9. Excellent information! As someone who searched and searched for information about how to start affiliate marketing, your article has answered all the important questions with information about how to proceed. I think Wealthy Affiliate is a great source to recommend too!

  10. I like that point of yours that even if you don’t have exposure to a particular subject, you can still write on it after doing a good amount of research on it. The same thing has happened with me on blogging. I have never done blogging before. However, two years into it, whatever I have done is on the basis of extensive research and enhancing my knowledge.


    • Hi Barnali,

      Thanks for your comment and glad you agree bout doing research on topics you’re not familiar with. I just think if it’s a topic you love, you will have interest in learning about it research should not be a problem. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting again!

  11. Hey Grace..
    i like your step to step guide on how to identify a niche but myself i feel i still need more interests…
    Am a student

    • Hi Marlyn,

      Glad you liked the post. I think the lessons at Wealthy Affiliate can really help you out with your blog. The training there is geared towards how to make money with a niche you love and it helps you find your interest.

      Check out my free guide to read about how it all works there!

      Best to you,


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