How To Start An Online Business At Home: What I Used To Make 4 Digits/Month!

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How To Start An Online Business At HomeHave you ever wanted to learn how to make money from home?  You’re in luck, this post will show you how to start an online business at home for beginners.

Being able to work from home is quite nice I must admit, especially because I’m a stay at home mom, it makes my schedule easy to change and makes me available for our girls whenever they need me.

Finding where to start in your new online journey is a very crucial step and I’m glad you’re here first because there are truly so many scams out there that it’s quite scary.

I have reviewed hundreds of products and systems on my website here so I have seen a lot in my time and the only thing that really works for the long term is what I’m doing right now which I’ll go into soon here.

My post is organized in these easy-to-read sections:



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There are certainly so many choices out there that it’s hard to decipher what’s good and what’s not.

You also need to figure out are you starting an online business because you want to make a little side money or an income to replace your job?

What’s funny is that whether you want to make just a little or a lot, it doesn’t matter when it comes to an online business because once an online business starts making money, it can potentially earn a lot more than you expect.

In order for you to have an online business, it’s very important that you realize that building any business will take time to build and results don’t come fast.

You may think it should come fast because it’s online but because Google is smarter than ever these days, you can’t just think you can build your online business today and earn thousands in your first month.

There are many products out there that tell you that you can make thousands of dollars in your first month or week but this is just plainly not true, so I want to set your expectations right from the start.


Girl on laptop



What You’ll Need For An Online Business?

You will definitely need a website.

Having a website is essential because that’s your internet home or hub that people can go to reach you and build trust with.

Many people shun at the thought of building a website but these days, you really don’t need to know any coding and there are software these days that just pretty much creates a website pretty easily in under a minute.

Building it out will be where the work is and where there is much learning you’ll need to be able to build out your website properly.

If this part is not done right, then it’ll be very hard for your online business to make any money.

You’ll also need a computer or laptop to work on because a smart phone or tablet won’t be enough, you will need the website options that are available on desktop versions and not on smart phones or tablets.


Build Yourself or Done-For-You Option?

What I’m teaching you in this post is to build something for the long term, therefore, the best option here will always be building your online business yourself.

Don’t go buying websites or buying any product/system that offers you anything done-for-you.

Done-for-you options are not good for the following reasons:

  • Not customized to YOU and YOUR brand you’re trying to build online.
  • Relying on other people’s “systems” is high risk because if they ever shut down, and a lot of them do, then your entire online business will be gone.  This goes for “free” websites as well.
  • They don’t work for the long term.
  • They are usually not built for search engine optimization.
  • Using someone else’s system won’t teach you a thing about your online business.

You will learn so much more if you built your online business yourself and I have just the training platform for you to learn as well, more on this in a bit.




To start an online business, you’ll need to use a business model that will make you money so if you have a website, how do you make money on it right?

There are a couple of options here:

  • E-Commerce – build an online shop with your website and sell your own products or use drop shipping.
  • Affiliate Marketing – promoting other people’s products and services already available online.

Luckily I have done both and I will tell you in my opinion which one is best and what I recommend.

For e-commerce I have built two online shops that sold handmade products I made myself, and that was a lot of work as I had to wear many different hats because of this exhausting list of things I had to do for them:

  • Jessica Dolls Online ShopBranding
  • Website building
  • Product development
  • Product assembly
  • Product packaging
  • Finding cheapest suppliers/vendors
  • Inventory storing
  • Payment processing
  • Shipping
  • Being PCI Compliant
  • Customer relations
  • Refunds, exchanges
  • Advertising & Promotions

Did I make money with them?  Yes I did but for the amount of work I had to do for them just didn’t justify me continuing, as well as having the shops harder to scale than I thought.

What I hated the most about e-commerce:

  • Constant promotions that’s needed – make sure you have a monthly advertising budget if you go this route.
  • Locked to a physical location

I didn’t want an online business like that anymore, with what I do now which is affiliate marketing, things are a lot easier.

Also, if you go the route of drop shipping (which is using a company to make and ship the products for you), your list will still be shortened by removing the product related items.

You’ll still have to advertise, deal with customers on all levels, collect payments and process refunds and exchanges,  all of which are all still your responsibility as a shop owner.


Why I Like Affiliate Marketing Better

For affiliate marketing, the list of things I had to work on for e-commerce has been shrunk to two things:

  • Branding
  • Website building

That’s right, I don’t even need advertising or need promotional dollars at all for my online business, just like the way you came onto my site today without me having to spend a dime for it.

Of course, if I wanted even more visitors, I surely could spend money for it, but I know my online business will continue to grow so I’m not going to pay anything just yet.

I love the fact that affiliate marketing is very simple which makes it great for beginners like you.

How this works in simple terms:

  • You have a website that talks about dog training, let’s say.
  • You will create content on your website about this very topic.
  • On your website, you will strategically place affiliate links in your content because you’re recommending things to your audience that they will need for dog training.
  • When someone visits your website and clicks these affiliate links, it will take them to the website that sells the products you recommended.
  • When your visitor buys, you earn a commission!

That affiliate link tracks your visitor going from your site to the merchant’s site, and that’s how your commission is tracked back to you.

Affiliate links are unique to you only and you can get these by applying to affiliate programs of companies that you want to promote products from.

There are so many to choose from these days that really sky’s the limit on what you want to promote.

Now, how you build out your site and get content on there is the crucial step you’ll need to learn because that is how you’ll be getting your visitors from, your content.

This is also how you’ll build your online business to attract its very own organic visitors for free, so this is very important.

That is why where you learn how to start an online business at home is so important, you need to know how to do all these intricate steps that will lead to your online business’ success!




Thumbs UpTo build any online business to be successful, you will need to learn from the best.  The best training to learn from for affiliate marketing is hands down the one I have used since Sep/16.

Not only this training platform taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing, it has connected me with some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the space as there are many others all learning the same thing on there.

Their lessons are easy-to-follow, using a hold-you-by-the-hand approach, to help you build your site one lesson at a time.

What’s even better is that they have tasks for you to do at the end of each lesson so you can apply what you learned onto your online business.

This training platform has been in business since 2005, yes, 13 years already and well over a million people have gone through their doors.

I know their training works because I’m living proof of it which you’ll on my profile on that training platform that I made $4.4K last month, you’ll see a screenshot of it here in my free guide here:

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My free guide shows you where this training platform is and I detail out everything you need to know about it in there because there’s just too much info to put it in this post too.

You learn about the lessons, what you’ll learn, the business tools you’ll get to use, and everything about the training platform is in my guide.

The best part of this training platform: Lifetime Free Starter Membership!

So you could literally just get on, create a free account, and start your online business without paying a penny or even take out your credit card because you will get 20% of the lessons free with this membership as well as 2 free websites (that you’ll use as playing ground, you will move it to your own domain later, which is recommended as I spoke about the risk of free websites earlier).

Helping HandIn my guide, you’ll also learn that you will have the chance to have ME as YOUR Personal Coach!

I love helping others succeed online because believe it’s not an easy road to go on, so I want to offer as much help as possible to the people I introduce the training platform to so there’s no extra cost for my coaching services!

You can see that my entire site is about helping people make money online and teach people how to avoid scams so I’m not going steer you wrong.

I will only lead you to the path of success that much faster!




Having an online business is really awesome but there is much work to be done so don’t think it’s an easy ride.

Making money online is really not as easy as people think (a reason why many quit because they don’t think it works, no patience), and those scams sure don’t help.

I know affiliate marketing has given me the freedoms I wanted in an online business and I make way more money now than I did selling handmade products.

Like last month, there’s no way I could made $4.4K from my online shops without spending even more money on hiring 2 more of me to be able to physically make enough products to sell in order to generate $4.4k that I just made by myself with my laptop.

Use the top training platform that I have been using and get your online business started today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to start an online business at home or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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