5 Tips On How To Write A Smashing Blog Article And Make Money!

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Today, I’m going to tell you how to write a blog article that will not only attract the right audience but also how to make money from it.

There are certain elements you should include when you write a good blog post that will make you money!

Here are the 5 Tips I will share on how to write blogs for money:

  1. Start with an intriguing headline
  2. Describe a problem your audience may have
  3. Buyer Keywords to use
  4. Recommend a solution
  5. Make even more money


Then I’ll have my Final Thoughts at the closing of this post. 🙂




Your post title is very important and not one to ignore.  You must not only provide a title that conveys what your post is about but also laced with intrigue that makes your audience want to click on it.

To bring intrigue into a title, asking a question in your title works very well.

People will read your title, see your question, and will do one of two things:

  1. They don’t know the answer and will click on your post to find out.
  2. They know your answer but since your question has a twist, they’ll click anyway to find out what your post is about.

Either way, you’ll have more chances of having your post clicked on if you have a curious question in your title.


Another way to add intrigue to your headline is an outstanding claim.

If you can make a truthful claim like “How to Stop Your Dog from Barking on One Easy Command!” – people will most likely click on your link to learn how to do this.

Never make a claim that is not true because the reader can see right through it and you will leave a bad taste in their mouth about your authenticity.  You can lose readership if you’re not an honest writer.




If your blog is about fly fishing, figure out your niche’s most dire problems that your readers can relate to.  Do they have problems with the equipment, technique, tools, finding places to fly fish, etc?

Each of these could be a blog post and even more posts if you really dive into the problems with different tools and equipment.  Or why one place is better for fly fishing than the another place.

Relating to your readers is one of the best way to build a relationship especially if you’ve experienced that problem yourself.  Sharing your story will connect you closer to your audience and they will gain much trust in you.




Keywords are words that people use to enter into search engines to look up information and you want to use these same keywords in your blog posts so that your posts can show up when they search those words.

Now buyer keywords are important to use because they trigger the need to solve something or satisfy a want, they are ready to buy.

Buyer keywords include:

  • the exact name of products
  • how to’s
  • prevent
  • reviews

Plus many more, I have a list of over 50 buyer keywords that you can have for FREE, click here to get it!

In general, keywords are important and knowing how to search which keywords to use in your blog articles is crucial to the success of your blog.  Using the right keywords will bring you free organic search traffic which is the best kind of traffic to have as they are highly targeted and free.

There’s a great free keyword tool and research technique I talk about in this post here that would be a great read for you if you want to learn more about keyword research.  This information can really make or break your blog!




Once you have explain the problems in your post, you will then offer solutions to your audience.

When you recommend the solution, this solution will be an affiliate product or an affiliate service, meaning you’re promoting this product on behalf of the company who’s actually selling it.

You don’t own this product or service, you just simply refer people to it, by linking your text to that affiliate product or service.  When people click on your affiliate link and buy that product or service, you make a commission!

This is called affiliate marketing  and it’s one of the best online business models to make money with for blogs.

Make sure your explanation of the product you’re recommending is in great detail including benefits and any quirks about it.  People always like to read pros and cons of products as no product is perfect, you should list anything negative as well.

Remember you’re not selling to your audience, you’re recommending them a solution to their problem, this is one of the keys to getting affiliate sales. 😉

If you need more info on types of affiliate programs out there, read this post here.




Dog Leash Ad Example - Commission SumoYou can add contextual ads to your text and make even more money from your blog.  What this means is that you can link certain words in your blog and when someone’s mouse hovers over that linked word, it’ll have a mini lightbox pops up and shows an affiliate product.

I have a great plugin for this called Commission Sumo and once you set it up, it applies to your entire blog.  You don’t even have to worry about new posts or new pages as it’ll apply to those too as long as the keywords you have set up are also on these pages.

This plugin can do more than just affiliate products, it can show videos, a call to action button, social sharing, or customize your own lightbox.

You can read more about Commission Sumo here.




As a blogger, you want to write in your own voice and point of view.  Do not copy and paste other’s work because first, it’s not ethical, secondly it doesn’t do you any good because search engines can tell and won’t rank your blog if you do it.

As you write, you will come up with your own style and format which will differentiate you from all the other blogs out there.


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Let’s make money online!

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  1. Thanks for getting us started! This looks like a great company to learn with, not a scam! Many of us have experienced at least one scam in this digital age. It’s a jungle out here!

    How do we make sure that the company that we are linking to gives us credit? I guess I would learn this in Wealthy Affiliates.

    Looking at the classroom in WA, sure looks like great fun! I see there is even a chat room, with fabulous features, like adding new friends! Love it!


    • Hello Lynne,

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn about how to build a successful affiliate marketing business and have many awesome features like the Live Chat, an active community, and great affiliate program. You will get your commission linked to you through your affiliate link. Everything is tracked if you use the affiliate link they provide you.

      The training there is top notch and I highly recommend it!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Grace, these are some great tips to write an article that actually makes money.

    I think an attractive headline is the most important yet underestimated thing.

    If your headline sucks nobody will click on your content and your competitors will out rank you!

    Thanks for another great post Grace!

    • I learned that recently that your title is so important, you are right! Not only do you need your keywords in there, it needs to convey a provoking thought so people will click on it.

      Sounds like you know what you’re doing and hope your blog is doing great!

      Take care Anis,


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